While I was gone on my trip

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While I was gone on my tripAt work I won a trip for two to Florida. A weekend away. I got home and told Linda about it. She was excited the found out about the dates they fell on. She couldn’t go, she had a big meeting at work that weekend.Linda told me to go ahead and go to on that trip. She told me to take a friend with me.I fucked Linda on the day I left for the airport. After I left, Linda relax some. She had the apartment to herself for the first time. The whole weekend. First thing she did was, she got butt naked. She got some wine and turned on a movie. She had a little to much to drink. She had the blinds open and it was night time. The lights were on in the apartment. She stumbled around and got too close to the window. Some people that was hanging outside looked up and saw Linda’s tits and noticed she was naked. One of the people outside was our neighbor, Mike he saw Linda naked in the window and noticed she stumble some. Mike went back in and went to the door and knocked. Linda opened the door, she said hi to Mike. Mike came in and closed the door. Mike helped her to the bedroom. He told Linda she had a bit to much to drink. Then he asked where I was. She said, “Down in that state, down there.” He had no clue what she tried to tell him. So Mike said, “So Marc isn’t home and he is in a different state?” Linda nod her head yes. Mike stood there, looking at my wife naked on our bed. He thought to himself, “I never fucked a big woman before. I wonder if she canlı bahis feels different from the normal skinny girls I fuck.”Mike took his clothes off and made love to my wife. He put his cock inside her. He said, “Damn, you feel good Linda.” Mike started to fuck Linda. Linda moaned and started to moan louder. He thought she was a good piece of meat. Mike bang her for 40 minutes, he pulled out and came on her stomach. Linda passed out. Mike grabbed his clothes and left.Next morning, Linda woke up. She was wondering how she got to the bedroom and why was she in bed sideways. She went to the bathroom, she peed. She scratch her stomach and wonder what was dried on her. She jumped in the shower and got ready for that meeting at work. She headed in for it.The meeting was long but at the end they announced that Linda got a promotion to a manager. Linda was excited. Some of the other people at the meeting said there throwing a party and wanted to know if she could go. Linda said, “Sure, I’m not in a rush to get home.” There were a few woman there, more men tho. They kept giving the ladies a drink after drink. Two of the guys, Mitch and Brad helped Linda to the car. They drove her home. Helped her up the steps. They got her keys out and opened the door. They helped Linda to bed. Mitch was about to leave till Brad said, “What’s the rush, her husband isn’t home and she’s, you know.” Mitch replied, “She’s drunk Brad. We should take advantage of this. Plus, she’s our new manager.” bahis siteleri Brad- “Don’t be a pussy, she probably don’t know what is what right now.” Mitch- “Thats **** and I don’t want to **** someone.” Brad- “Its not ****, she didn’t say no.”Brad walked in the bedroom and started to help Linda to take her clothes off. He got her naked. Brad spread Linda’s leg open. He pointed at her pussy and asked Mitch, “Tell me you don’t want to hit that.” Mitch said, “I do, but….” Brad interrupt, “Then take off your clothes and get some while its still hot.” Brad put his dick right in her and fucked her first. Mitch stood there watching Brad fucking there soon to be boss. Brad- “Fuck, you should feel how good her pussy is. Its not tight, or to loose. Its nice and warm, perfect fit for my cock. Mitch stop being a bitch and take your clothes off and fuck her.” Mitch finally took his clothes off. Brad got off and let Mitch take his turn. Mitch had a crush on Linda, but he knew she was married. Mitch and Linda talked at work. Mitch would go home and masturbate thinking about Linda. Mitch went up to Linda, got between her legs. The head of his cock was touching her pussy. He slowly put it in. By that time Linda had passed out. She was letting out moans still. They both took turns fucking her pussy. Then Brad got an idea. Brad slapped Linda some, enough to wake her up some. Once she was moving, Brad laid down and had Linda get on top of him. He fucked her pussy for a bit then bahis şirketleri told Mitch to fuck her ass. Mitch got behind Linda and he put his cock into her ass. She let out a loud scream of pain. Brad cover her mouth up and told Mitch to hurry up and get his cock all the way in her ass. He shoved his cock in her more, she screamed more. Mitch started to pump her ass. Brad removed his hand from her mouth. Brad shoved his cock in and out of her as well. Linda moaned. She started to recognize who she was on top. Linda- “Brad, is that you, what the fuck are you doing.” Brad- “Shhhh, just enjoy it baby.”They both pump her hard. She moaned, and had a few small orgasms. Mitch came in her ass. He pulled out, he saw his cum leak out some. Linda rode Brad. Brad told Linda he was about to cum, so Brad had Linda get off and she laid down. She was still out of it. Brad went to her face, stroke his cock right next to her and came on her face. Linda passed back out. Brad and Mitch grabbed there clothes and left.Sunday came around. I got home from my get away trip. I walked in the bedroom and saw Linda naked on the bed. I woke Linda up and asked her what happened. She told me the last thing she remember was the party after the meeting. She can’t remember how she got home. I asked what was on her face. She got up, she went to the mirror. There was white crust on her face, a spot on her glasses. Linda said, “I have no clue what’s on my face.” Then she told me, “I got a promotion at work, I’m now a manager.” She ran over to me and gave me a big kiss. Me- “I would still like to know why you are naked with white crust on your face.” Linda- “I don’t know honey.” I gave her a kiss and told her congrats.

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