While walking my dog


While walking my dogWhile walking my dog.I deleted this story a while ago, so this is a repost.My husband and I have not been getting on lately, he is always having a go at me, and I think he is getting a little frustrated with me, mainly in the bedroom if you know what I mean.I think mainly Oral and my refusal to suck his dirty cock.I am in my late 40s so I think I am going through the change, I have slowed down with anything to do with sex but I do still get horny at least once a month, but when I do, I get very aroused, just don’t show it to my ass of a husband.I have a dog, sorry, my husband has a dog he keeps reminding me, that I take for walks while my husband is at work. One rule he did tell me was never to go to the big park near ours as gangs of pot heads are always hanging around there and them bastards are cruel to a****ls so he ordered me to stay away.After another tide of abuse and insults from my husband I was really down, so after he left I did a little tidying and then invited my friend round for a chat, told her all about how my life felt, had a Gin to calm me down, and a second, then after my friend left I finished the little that was left, not like me to have a drink during the day so felt a little tipsy.Time to take the dog for a walk I thought, but as I got to the little field close to our home I saw a man with a big nasty dog running free, so thought better of it. Then I thought, sod you husband you ass hole I will take him to the big park. When I got there I checked it out, was very quiet and the realized that I did not have on decent footwear for the muddy park so I stayed to the footpath.In the middle of this park there are some public toilets, I walked past them still without seeing anyone, I got to the other side of the park, then it was time to walk pendik escort back, but as I got to the public toilets area, I saw a gang of lads, 5, all about 19 or 20. The dog was off the lead , then one of the lads shouted at me, “ what the fuck you looking at “ You fat fucking slag, go on, fuck off “I was in shock as no one had ever talked to like that, not even my husband. I just stood there, I think I was still light headed after the Gin as I normally would have given them a mouth full back but I was just frozen to the spot. Just then my husbands dog walked over to them, before I could call him away one of the lads picked him up and walked into the toilets with him, I started to move, walk over to them asking to please be nice and give the dog back and not to hurt him, another lad said they would not hurt him, we are not as bad as people make out and ushered me into the toilets to find the dog. With the effects of the Gin I was not thinking straight and just walked in as all the others followed.The dog was okay and I just bent over and crouched down to make sure, it was then that I realized that they all could see down my top and most of my breasts were on show, immediately I felt a tingle, a thrill a shock go through my body, as I was crouched down looking up I could see the 5 of them all around me, all thoughts started to go through my head, I had no control over these thoughts, I started to feel as if I was getting a little aroused as these lads started talking a little nicer. I tried to get up, swayed a little as two lads took hold of me, I felt one hand under one breast as another lad seem to be more bold and had his hand cooping the other, sorry he said, are you okay, they could smell the alcohol on my breath and said so. Then a lad spoke up saying it was one of the lads escort pendik birthdays, and that I should give him a treat. I said I do not have anything, one piped in, yes you do, let him feel you’re tits, no I said, another one said, give him a blow job, he has never had one. I said “no “ numerous times but felt my knees giving way as I was lowered onto my knees on this stinking dirty floor I started to feel really aroused now, when one lad said “ its okay Mrs, you’re husband if you have one will never know. That did it for me I think, I had thoughts about my ass of a husband, always trying to get me to give him a blow job, and here I was, kneeling down in front of 5 lads and the thought of me actually sucking the cock of a lad old enough to be my son , sent me over. Being asked again and again, I stopped saying “ no “ and just knelt there, a cheer went up as a lad got his cock out, only the second cock I had seen. It was not that big, and was thin with hardly any hair on his balls but looked so clean.I did not move as some of them held my head still and this cock came towards my face, my mouth.It touched my lips and with my eyes still open wide his cock slid into my mouth with cheers from the other lads. It felt really arousing to me feeling this warm cock in my mouth and was not smelly or taste strange like I thought it would. My head being held was rocked back and forth up and down his cock, I noticed the other lads crouch down and started pulling my top open, looking at then groping my breasts really roughly.Without my pussy being touch I felt that I was going to have an orgasm as all strange tingling feelings ran through my body just by having this cock in my mouth. They had stopped holding my head and now I was just sliding my mouth up and down his cock.Without warning pendik escort bayan the lad held my head and came in my mouth, I coughed and chocked a little and spat it out of course.I was just getting my breath back when another cock was presented to me, I just let it into my mouth and started all over again, then a third and fourth and I was still getting such a sense of overwhelming pleasure, arousal from sucking cock that I sucked off all 6.After it was over, they were saying nice things like “ wow lady, you are a great cocksucker “And thanks lady, then as they had zipped up, they changed again and started being nasty, telling to get the fuck out of their toilets and calling me a fat ugly cock sucking slag, go on piss off.As they handed me my husbands dog they started to push me out of the toilets with lots of cum still on my face and top, I wiped what I could with my sleeve but you could still see lots of cum on my clothes. As I walked away I could hear them laughing with one saying to come back any time I want to suck and fuck.I was soon home and I new my husband would soon be home so I quickly changed my top, I was just about to have a wash as I thought back to what had just happened and thought about my husband, in a way blaming him. Then I thought better of cleaning my face and lips of cum and waited for my husband. As he walked in I gave him a kiss as I always did knowing all these lads cum had just been there and again I got a little thrill wondering if he could smell their cum on me as I had taken so much of it on my face and hair.I think back to it often and masturbate to it. But the most shocking thing is, I have been back to the park, knowing or maybe hoping it would happen again. No thoughts about fucking, just me sucking. I have looked at my husbands cock and think, should I give him a suck, but I always change my mind with a feeling of getting my own back at him, but still have this overwhelming urge to suck cock.This was all just a dream I had and thought I would share it with you.

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