White Shirt Surprise Pt. 01

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My girlfriend is highly sexed, and I enjoy giving her an occasional extracurricular adventure. This story is written to her, but I’m sharing it with you.


Last night was fabulous. A most amazing Friday evening. I had a pretty good day at work; it was just busy enough to give me something to do, but not so overwhelming that I was worn out by it. Good thing, too!

I start work at 7:00, so I’m off at 3:30, and home by about 4:00. I texted you that I was on my way before I left the parking lot, and you sent me back a quick response: “I have a treat for you!”

The traffic gods were feeling benevolent, and I parked in our driveway 30 minutes later. I got my first surprise of the night as soon as I stepped through the front door. You were standing on the far side of the room, wearing one of my white dress shirts and a pair of black pumps. The sleeves of the shirt were rolled up high, and the front was held together by just one central button. It’s one of my favorite outfits. Simple and incredibly sexy.

You smiled at me, then unfastened the button, allowing the shirt to fall open. My eyes traveled down the exposed stretch of skin, from your neck to the small patch of hair above your pussy, and beyond. The heels did a good job of showing off your legs.

You gave me a few seconds to emek escort drink it all in, then reached two fingers between your legs to pet your sex. Then I watched as you brought your fingertips to your mouth, gently licking each. Next, you strolled across the room toward me, letting the air pull the shirt wide and exposing your breasts. Your hard nipples told me you were already excited.

You stopped at arm’s length in front of me, then again reached between your legs. This time, three fingers went to MY mouth, and I eagerly sucked them in, enjoying the taste of your essence. You let me clean each finger, then pushed them all deep down the back of my throat, and ran them in and out a few times. It’s something that turns both of us on.

As you stepped up to me, you reached behind me to close the still-open door, and kissed me deep and hard, tongue penetrating between my lips. My hands went under the shirt, to your naked butt, squeezed and pulled you close against my cock, which was growing hard quickly. You moaned when your clit pressed against my body.

We spent a minute or so tongue-wrestling and smashing our crotches together. It was plenty of time for my dick to stiffen completely. You raised one leg high, wrapping it around my hip. The position brought your clit more eryaman escort in front of your body, making it easier to press against, and it also gave me access to your pussy from beneath your ass. I wasted no time bringing my fingers to your already wet slit, and I ran the tips back and forth along your lips, occasionally dipping one or two inside.

You quickly went from dom to sub, wrapping your arms around my neck, panting and moaning into my mouth. When I felt you stop trying to thrust against me, in favor of letting my hands work on you, I knew it was my turn to direct.

The wall opposite the front door is fully mirrored, and I spun you around to face it. We both watched my hands pull your shirt wide, then move to your breasts. I gently squeezed them, rolling the nipples between thumbs and forefingers. I know that you love nipple play, so I took my time, and your breathing began to get heavy.

But I wanted to tease, not satisfy you. Something told me that you were ready for an intense experience. So, I released the twins, running my hands slowly down the front of your body, over your stomach to your crotch.

With my palms flat against your skin, I moved my fingers down each side of the landing strip over your clit. You were freshly waxed, and the smoothness ankara escort was hot. I could JUST reach your clit, and I began to play with it, using both hands.

Your own hands joined mine, one adding to the attention being given your love button, the other exploring further below, fingers disappearing inside. Together, we brought you close to orgasm, but when you began to have difficulty standing, I gently removed my hands and stepped back.

You stopped, as well, but I told you to continue, then moved to a spot on the couch, directly in front of you. As I began to remove my clothes, you got back to business, now with more of an intention to provide a show.

You’re well aware that it turns me on to see you finger yourself, so you did just that, stuffing two, then three inside, and pumping them back and forth. It’s not what really gets you off, but you like it well enough, and it heats me up.

I got naked as you played, and I watched your fingers get very wet. I knew you were more turned on than usual. Our eyes met, and you smiled at me. You knew I was enjoying the show, and you again brought your fingers to my mouth. When they were clean, I asked, “This is very sexy, Baby. What made you decide to do this tonight?”

“Ruby said it would be fun,” you replied.

I was confused. “Ruby? Who’s Ruby?”

A voice answered from the bedroom around the corner. “I’m Ruby.” I looked to my right, and a tall red-haired woman stepped into view, wearing the same white shirt and black heels outfit you had on. She smiled at me. “Pleased to meet you.”

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