White Sucks Black – Reparations Ch. 02


If stories about dominant Black men turning straight white men and their families into cocksucking sex slaves offend you, then try reading some other story. If you are looking for loving relationships between men, try the gay romance section; this story isn’t it. If you don’t like bisexuality, father-son incest, lots of facial cum or the occasional golden shower, this is not the story for you. If degrading sex and over-the-top racial stereotypes offend you, stop reading now. All characters are over 18.

This is all pure fantasy, none of this is real; do not attempt this at home. Interracial sex between consenting adults is great. Non-consent is not great. In real life, everyone should be treated with dignity and respect. And of course, in real life, always practice safe sex (or better yet, maybe just jerk off to these stories and nobody gets hurt.)

White Sucks Black, Black Fucks White (Club Reparations) Part 2

Later that day at the office, the only thing different was that two of my co-workers, the two I had definitely seen being used by Black men at Club Reparations, exchanged brief knowing glances. It was as if to say that they knew that I knew that they knew that we were all slaves to Black men. But, no one actually said anything. We just went on that way for the next week as if absolutely nothing had happened.

The one thing that was different was that I was constantly trying to ward off a hard-on, usually unsuccessfully, as I was bombarded by images of Black cocks. I hadn’t noticed it before, because I never made a habit of looking at men’s crotches, but my co-workers seemed to have the same condition, all five of them. I had a hard time concentrating at work, because I kept replaying in my mind all the Black cocks I had sucked and all the Black men who had fucked me that night with Mr. Big and Club Reparations. I was constantly thinking about all the black cocks that had shot cum on my face. I couldn’t explain it, but I was starting to have the desire to have my face covered in cum, and to wear it like I was supposed to, so that the whole world could see that I sucked Black cock.

Worst of all, the rape fantasies that I had suppressed since I was in college started coming back. I lied before about never having the thought of sucking a cock, Black or otherwise, cross my mind. I’d had fantasies about being raped by Black men. Many times I had fantasized about being gang raped by Black men. But my fantasies were always about being raped, I guess so that I would have no guilt that I had these desires to suck and be fucked by Black men. Once I had gotten married, I had pretty much been able to banish those kind of thoughts and live a perfectly normal straight life.

Now I was actually feeling deep guilt. I had willingly sucked Black cock. Sure, I was desperate to keep my job so I could pay my family’s bills, but nobody had ever told me I had to suck to do it. Dozens of Black men had shoved their cocks in my mouth and ass without so much as asking, but I hadn’t really resisted.

All those Black men clearly felt they were entitled to fuck me and any other white man they wanted, and I felt obligated to let them fuck me. It only seemed fair after everything whites have done to Blacks over the centuries. In a sense, I deserved to get fucked. Perhaps these Black men were right, it is the natural state of whites to submit to Blacks. Enslavement of Blacks by whites was a heinous crime, but enslavement of whites by Blacks, or any other race, is perfectly acceptable. I tried to convince myself not to feel guilty about what I had done, with only limited success.

Then after about a week, my secretary said that the boss lady wanted to see me. I was hoping she would be able to confirm that I had landed the Mr. Big account, and that my job, and my family, were secure. When I knocked on her closed office door, she told me to enter. When I did, I got a stunning shock. On her desk was a manila envelope, and from that envelope a number of pictures were laying on her desk in plain view. All of them were of me. Everyone of them showed me in a sex act with Black men, sucking cock, being fucked, sucking cock and being fucked at the same time, eating ass, and a bunch of me with different loads of cum on my face.

Mrs. Boss Lady handed two of the photos (blown up to 8×10 size) to me. One was a photo of me on my hands and knees, completely naked, with one Black guy fucking my ass and another fucking my mouth, on the main stage at the Reparations Club. Another was a close up of my face covered in cum from multiple men. I was barely recognizable with all the cum on my face, but Mrs. Boss Lady clearly knew it was me.

“So, what’s your explanation?”

“Uh,…” I was at loss for words.

“That’s what I figured.”

What do you possibly say to your female boss who has obviously looked through dozens of photos of you in an intensely degrading situation?

“I told you to do what it takes to land Mr. Big’s contract. Nobody told you to suck his cock.” yalova escort Her words were jarring coming from such an attractive and normally refined businesswoman. But I was puzzled by the incoherence of her statement; I was supposed to do “anything” but I wasn’t supposed to suck cock? The fact of the matter was the Mr. Big made it completely obvious that he expected me to suck for the contract.

“And Jesus Christ. No one told you to suck and fuck every Black man in the Tri-State area. What the hell were you thinking?”

“But did we get the contract?”

“What the hell? I’m looking a photos of you getting fucked in every hole in your body, and you’re asking about the contract? You should be asking about your job! Mr. Big is still thinking about it. He wants to meet with you in Mr. Blackboss’ office in 15 minutes. So get your cocksucking ass out of my office.”

As I turned to go out of her office she said, “Oh, one more thing. Does your wife know you take cum in your face?”

“No, ma’am,” I said.

“Yet,” she responded.

I also noted that Mrs. Boss Lady kept all the photos.

Fifteen minutes later, I went to Mr. Blackboss’ office. His receptionist buzzed me in. When I went in, I saw Mr. Blackboss sitting behind his huge desk in a very large office that had large picture windows looking out over the city and other office buildings. Mr. Big was sitting on an expensive-looking sofa.

“Naked. Now,” was all Mr. Blackboss said. I quickly stripped off my clothes, and stood nude, and hard, before the two powerful Black men. I also wondered whether anyone in the nearest office building could see in to this office. Given that Mr. Blackboss had been the one to hire me, and he was the one who had assigned me to Mr. Big, I figured it was best to do whatever he said without question.

For what seemed like a long time, the two Black men looked over my naked body standing before them. Just then the receptionist walked in along with another black man, by his uniform one of the janitors, and who happened to work on my floor. The receptionist acted as if seeing a naked white man in a room with three Black men was a perfectly normal everyday occurrence. I would later learn that that wasn’t far from the truth. Mr. Blackboss used his power to fuck every white man in the company at some point.

Mr. Blackboss said to the janitor, “Would you like to do the honors. Mr. C. needs a good ass-fucking.”

“With pleasure, Sir,” answered the janitor. Mr. Janitor led me over to the picture window and made me put my hands on the glass over my head, and made me spread my legs while still standing. Then he spread something oily on my ass, pulled out his cock and started fucking me up against the glass.

I was being fucked in front of the entire city. A million people could have seen me being fucked if they were looking in the right direction and had binoculars, except for the closest office building. They would not have needed a telescope, because I could plainly see people in their building, although I didn’t see anyone obviously looking in my direction, as the Black janitor pounded my ass, lifting me clear off my feet on many of his thrusts.

I was trying hard not to cum, as Mr. Janitor gave me a vigorous buttfucking. I figured Mr. Blackboss would be none too happy if I shot cum all over his picture window. Finally, Mr. Janitor grunted and unloaded a giant wad of his sperm into my ass.

As I stood there panting, still up against the picture window for the world to see, Mr. Janitor asked, “Will that be all, sir?”

“For now. You did a great job fucking him. I’ll send him down to you and your crew later on.”

“Yes, boss.” And then Mr. Janitor was gone.

“Don’t you dare get any cum on my floor,” barked Mr. Blackboss. I clutched my sphincter as tight as I could to keep any of the huge load of cum in my ass from leaking.

“Now get under the desk, white boy.”

I did as ordered and crawled under Mr. Blackboss’ desk. Kneeling under the desk, I could feel that my toes were sticking out under the “modesty panel” but otherwise I was hidden from view, nor could I see anything either, except Mr. Blackboss’ cock when he unzipped his fly. Naturally, Mr. Blackboss’ cock was huge. By now I knew I was just expected to suck, despite what Mrs. Boss Lady had said. So I commenced sucking after first struggling to get that monster in my mouth.

While kneeling naked under the desk sucking black cock, I heard the door open and Mrs. Receptionist say, “Mr. Blackboss, Mrs. C. is here to see you now.”

I about gagged on the cock in my mouth as my wife was ushered into the room. My urge to panic was quelled as there was nothing I could do in my present condition except remain silent and keep sucking, quietly.

I heard my wife sit down in a chair in front of the desk. I assumed she knew someone was under the desk, because my feet were sticking out, but she gave no outward reaction.

My wife, Mr. Blackboss, and Mr. Big engaged in some basic yalova escort bayan pleasantries and preliminary small talk, while I was under the desk trying to suck cock as quietly as I could.

“Well, Mrs. C., you are probably wondering about why we asked you to come here today.”

“Well, yes, I was wondering that. I was kind of expecting to see my husband here. Do you know where he is?”

“Your husband is performing a very important job at the moment. I’m sorry you aren’t able to see him right now.”

I certainly wasn’t sorry she couldn’t see me sucking the cock of the same man who was talking to her.

Mr. Blackboss continued, “Actually, however, our business today is with you. And it concerns your husband’s job performance,” as I was giving him a blow job. Mr. Blackboss went on to explain that her husband (me) was very capable, and was learning fast and trying very hard and although her husband had landed a number of contracts, he had so far been unsuccessful in renewing the contract for the company’s biggest client. At this point he explained that Mr. Big was the biggest client. Mr. Blackboss went on to explain that with the economy being what it is and all, the company was probably going to have to do some serious downsizing, especially if Mr. Big didn’t renew.

“I’d hate to see your husband lose his job, because I really like him, but as the most recent hire, he is in the most vulnerable position.”

Vulnerable indeed. Under his desk, completely naked, sucking his cock while he explained to my wife that they might have to let me go.

“I know very well how important this job is to your husband, and to your family’s financial security. With your son and daughter in college and your youngest son headed that way…congratulations on his acceptance to EPU (Extremely Prestigious University) by the way…I’m sure your husband’s job is very important to you too. I would really hate to let him go, and put your family in financial straits again.”

“Yes, we really do need this job. But why have you called me in to tell me this. Is it normal for companies to give performance reviews on employees to their wives?”

“Well, we try to be as transparent as possible, because we consider the spouses and their family a very important part of our business model.” Fortunately for me the desk wasn’t transparent or my wife would have seen me still sucking Mr. Blackboss’ big Black cock.

“What can I do about it?” my wife asked.

“See, there is the critical question, because there is something you can do about it.”

“And what would that be?” my wife asked. From the sincere tone of her voice I don’t think she had completely grasped what was about to happen.

“Well, you can take off all your clothes.”

“I beg your pardon?”

“Strip naked now.”

“You’ve got to be fucking kidding. I’ll file a complaint and sue your ass.”

“With what money when your husband is out of work again? We’ve got an army of lawyers. You’ll be destitute before you can ever win a case. Especially since it’s our word against yours.”

My wife was silent.

“Look, there are two ways this can go down. You can do as we say, and there is chance your husband keeps his job. Or you can not do what we say, and we fire your husband in a way that he will almost certainly never be able work in his field again, and certainly not in this city. Besides you’re a very attractive white woman and we are Black men, so we know that like all white women, deep down inside you want to strip naked and show yourself to Black men.”

“How could you possibly know that?”

“Well, for starts, we’ve both fucked a lot of white women in our day, and still do. I almost never meet a white woman who won’t strip if I ask. And, your nipples are about to burst out of your bra, the area below your neck is blushing red, which means your panties are getting soaked as you think about how much you want to get naked for us.”

Then Mr. Big, spoke, “So what’s it going to be?”

“I just have to get naked, right?”



“Everything, except your wedding band. Keep that on.”

“But can people see in here?” said my wife, obviously concerned about the picture windows.

“Look bitch. Either strip now or get the fuck out, and your husband gets a pink slip as soon as he’s through with the job he’s on. Your call, cunt!”

And, so my wife started to strip. The two Black men made admiring but vulgar comments about her various body parts as they came into view. I’m sure my wife had never experienced being treated like a piece of meat before. She’d often made disparaging comments about strippers, whores, and women who slept their way up in business. She often complained about how such women made it so much more difficult for well-educated and refined women to get ahead in the business and academic world. Now she was standing naked in front of two Black men with the power to determine the course of the rest of her life and of her children.

“What escort yalova a beautiful white bitch,” said Mr. Big.

“Earning your Ph.D. was definitely worth it, wouldn’t you say?”

“As an educated, married white woman, how does it feel to be standing naked in front of Black men?”

“Look, I’ve done what you asked. I’d like to go now,” said my completely naked wife.

“Cunt wants to leave.”

“I bet she’s a feminist. Probably never used the C-word in her life, isn’t that right? Cunt.”

“It doesn’t matter who you are, how much you’ve accomplished, whether you’re a good wife and mother, to Black men, all white women are just cunts. You’re just a cunt too.

Their derisive talk about my wife, the woman I had loved more than anything for 25 years, made me extremely angry. But there wasn’t much I could do with my mouth full of cock.

“You’re not taking pictures with that thing, are you?” exclaimed my wife with a tone of embarrassment and fear in her voice.”

“You have a really hot body. You should be proud to show it. I’m live-streaming it on the internet.”

“Shit, let me go now. What more do you want?”

“We want you to climb up on the desk and dance naked for us.”

“No fucking way. You just said I had to strip.”

As I continued to suck his cock, I heard Mr. Blackboss over an intercom tell Mrs. Receptionist to come in and bring the pink slip paperwork for me.

“OK, OK,” said my wife before I heard her climb up on the desk. Gangsta rap started playing over a speaker.

“Dance, bitch!” I had to admit, that I wished I could see my prim and proper wife, the mother of my children, dancing naked to rap music on my boss’s desk, for an audience of two Black men, an untold number more over the internet, not to mention the entire city out the picture window. And the receptionist. No one had told her not to bring the paperwork to fire me.

“Hey, well since you’re here, Mrs. C. could use a little help with her dance routine. Why don’t you join her?”

Mrs. Receptionist apparently knew the drill, so she quickly stripped and climbed on desk. Now there were two naked married women dancing right over my head as I continued sucking.

After about ten minutes of dancing, Mr. Big announced, “I want to see some bitch-on-bitch action.”

I couldn’t see, but I imagined the more experienced Mrs. Receptionist taking charge, French kissing my wife and running her hands all over my wife’s naked swaying body, to the obscene lyrics of the rap music. Then I heard my wife moan as it sounded like Mrs. Receptionist dropped to her knees on the desk, apparently licking my wife’s pussy.

“That’s it. Eat her out. Get her nice and wet for us.”

“Now both of you. Mrs. C., get on your back. Mrs. Receptionist, get on top of her and 69 her.”

“That’s it. Eat out each other’s cunts, like good white bitches.”

“Look at those two married white cunts going to town. Put on a good show for all the Black brothers on the internet.”

I could plainly hear both women slurping each other’s pussies. I couldn’t believe my loving wife was eating the cunt of another woman. Of course my wife wouldn’t believe (I hoped) that her loving husband, and father of her children, was right underneath her, still sucking the cock of a Black man enjoying her lesbian show.

At that point, all I could see were my wife’s legs dangling over the desk on each side of Mr. Blackboss. I could tell by her shoes. Mr. Blackboss was no doubt getting a good view of both my wife’s cunt being eaten out by the naked receptionist, while at the same time he could see me bobbing up and down with his cock in my mouth, still trying to hold the janitor’s load of cum in my ass. He must have been getting a thrill with a white husband sucking cock while his wife ate pussy only inches apart but unbeknownst to each other. So far. God knows what these Black guys had in store.

Mr. Blackboss could also plainly see that my white dick was as hard as a rock, but was it because of thinking about my wife in a naked 69 with another woman just over my head, or was it because of the large Black cock in my mouth and the prospect of many more?

And then I heard a moan from Mrs. Receptionist. The unmistakable moan of a married white woman who had just had a huge Black cock sunk into her pussy. Since the women were still in a 69 with Mrs. Receptionist on top, that meant that Mr. Big’s huge Black cock had to be sliding in and out of Mrs. Receptionist’s pussy just a few inches above my wife’s face. The naked receptionist’s moans increased as Mr. Big pounded the married white woman harder and harder. Then suddenly it stopped.

“Suck it,” said Mr. Big.

“I can’t. I’m married. I love my husband. Today’s our 25th anniversary.”

Shit, I’d forgotten to get a card, my mouth still stuffed with cock. I better pick up something on the way home.

“Suck it because you love your husband. Suck it to save your husband’s job, and your fine house, and your kid’s education. Suck it because you’re a white woman and you want to suck Black cock. Most of all, suck it because I told you to. It wasn’t a request. From now on, when a Black man tells you to do something, you do it without question.”

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