White wife cheating with BBC again in the woods


White wife cheating with BBC again in the woodsBBC Again!I was at the same gas station a couple of weeks after my encounter with Joseph and his buddy’s, when I saw him pulling in. I waved at him and he waved back and walked over to my pump. We said hi and began talking. He asked me if I enjoyed our last meeting and I said I did very much. Joseph reached into his pocket and pulled out a phone and handed it to me. I asked what it was and he said he had bought a pay per phone for me to get in touch with him when I wanted to, so hubby would not find out about us. I said thanks that will help, I have been worried about hubby looking at the phone bills. We kept talking and I asked Joseph who his friends were? He said they were just a couple of friends, and have been asking about me ever since that night. Their names are Troy and Bill. He said he had programmed their numbers along with his number in the phone. I said “ok thanks, am I supposed to call them?” He said he gave both of them my number and they would probably call me. Joseph then asked what I had planned for the rest of the day. I told him hubby was at out of town again for work and I had no plans. Joseph then said “I will call you in a little bit” and he left.On the way home I was rubbing my pussy and getting wet, thinking about what might happen later today. I got home and went straight to the bathroom, I wanted to make sure my pussy was shaved as close as I could get it! While I was washing and shaving, I started to daydream about being fucked by a group of BBC’s in the woods. It made me so wet, I reached up and grabbed a bottle of shampoo and began pushing it into my pussy while I was pinching my nipples! I have never used a bottle before, it took a minute or two to get it into my slippery hole but when it went in I leaned back and gasped a little. My gosh the bottle felt so good, it did not take long for me to cum all over it! It was warm out, so I put on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt (of course no bra or panties) and sat on the couch and began folding some clothes. My new phone rang and I looked to see, it was Joseph, so I answered it. He said he was working over in the area by my house and asked if I wanted to meet at an oilfield location. I quickly said “yes” and asked where it was. He gave me directions and told me to be there in 30 minutes. It was about 10 miles down a county road to turn to the location road, then about 5 miles down to the location (in the middle of nowhere). I was there in 25 minutes, canlı bahis I waited until I saw Joseph coming down the rock road. He pulled up and came to my window. He asked what I had been doing and I said “not much”. I the told him I had been dreaming about the fantasy I was thinking about earlier in the bath. He liked as he listened to what I told him. As I was telling him what I was fantasizing about, Joseph stopped me and told me to get in his truck. I did, then I continued telling about being gang fucked by a group of BBC’s in the woods. He then started his truck and pulled off of the location pad onto a road into the woods. I asked what he was doing and he explained that not only did he tend to the gas wells on this property but was friends with the landowner and had this 660 acres for a deer lease. I asked who else was on it with him and he said that Troy and Bill were on the deer lease also. So we rode down this little road and Joseph told me to take my t-shirt off, so I did. He slid one hand over to gently start rubbing my tits, I slid down in the seat and flashed him my pussy. He smiled and told me we were going to the “camp house”. Then he slipped his big black hand in my shorts and got a little wetness and licked his finger! I could not stand it, I moved over to unzip his pants and pulled his huge black cock out and started sucking it. We rode for a little while then he pulled up to a large cabin and stopped. Joseph got out and told me to take my shorts off, in a stern voice. Not sure about being completely naked in the woods with “my black cock” I complied, then he led me to the cabin door which had a huge lock on the door and he unlocked it. Joseph pushed me into the cabin and said “if you want a BBC gangbang I can help, but I am going to fuck you first”! I said ok I want you too! After getting in the cabin, he led me down a hallway to another locked door. After opening it, it was dark inside and he pushed me inside. When Joseph turned the lights on I was scared as hell! It looked like a man cave with all kinds of handcuffs tied to the wall and a swing hanging from the ceiling. I have to tell you I was scared but wet as hell too. Joseph then told me to stay there and he left to go back outside, he came back with my phone and told me to text Troy and Bill and say “meet at the camp house”, so I did knowing I was getting my gangbang!Then Joseph stripped out of his clothes and walked to me, I immediately started sucking him. Then he led me to the bahis siteleri swing hanging in the ceiling and lifted me up and put my ass in it. It had some kind of handcuffs on the hand and leg parts, he latched them on my legs and hands and started licking my slick pussy with his talented tongue. My gosh I was in heaven all the while he was licking my wet gash, his tongue was nearly as long as his dick! It only took a minute for me to cum and flood his face with my cum! Then he moved between my spread legs and slid his big black cock into me again! He pumped for a while and I tried to squeeze it as hard as I could, finally he shot his cum deep inside my waiting pussy! He pulled out and brought his limp dick to my waiting mouth to clean up which I did eagerly.I had told Joseph that my fantasy was about fucking in the woods not in a cabin, and he said he would still help. He went outside and got my shorts and t-shirt so I could dress. After unhandcuffing me I dressed and we sat on a couch and talked for a while and I heard a vehicle pull up outside. He said “the boys are here are you ready? I said I am not sure, only if you take care of me and he agreed that nothing would happen if I said to stop. I said thank you and hugged him. Troy and Bill came inside and I after some small talk, then Joseph told them about my fantasy! The boys said that would be fun so Joseph told me to come with him. We walked down a path behind the camp house to a clearing where there was a picnic table. He told me the “boys” and he had another white slut that they used to fuck and had done this before. He told me in about 10 minutes the boys would be here to fuck me silly. I was so wet thinking about what they were going to do. I sat down at the table and chugged a beer that Joseph gave me, and waited. Then Joseph told me to lay on the table so he could get me ready for the fun! I laid on the table as he tied my hands and feet and put a blindfold over my eyes, my gosh my slick pussy was wet again. Just then I heard noises coming down the trail and knew I was fixing to get fucked! Listening I heard more than 2 voices talking, it sounded like 3 or 4? I laid there in my jogging shorts (with no panties and my t-shirt with no bra) waiting to get fucked by 2 black cocks and I hear more than that coming down the path! I heard voices, but could not make out what they were saying, but I waited not knowing what was fixing to happen. Then I felt hands feeling of my tits, it felt like 2 pair one on güvenilir bahis each tit under my t-shirt. Just as I felt the hands on my tits I felt two pair of hands rubbing my legs and moving towards my wet pussy! They rubbed all over me for a minute then I felt someone cut my clothes off with a knife! So now I was naked tied to a picnic table and had hands rubbing all over me! I felt a dick being put to my mouth and started sucking it. Someone had my nipples in their mouth sucking so hard it hurt. Then another dick came over to my mouth I sucked both of them alternating between the two. Then I felt the hands at my shorts cutting them off as well, just as they got them off lips started licking my slick cunt! I was having so much fun sucking dicks and having my pussy licked I did not what to do! Then it happened again I felt a huge dick pushing against my pussy lips and it slipped in. The dick pumped for a couple of minutes when I felt him pull out and cum hit my belly. Before I could think I felt another hard cock slide in my pussy and pumped until it filled me with cum. The two that I was sucking were hard as rocks and the one on my left groaned and shot his load all over my face and tits (glad I had a blindfold on). I felt the one on my right move down to my soaking pussy, I thought I was getting another load, but I felt the big head pushing against my asshole! I have never had anal sex before and was not sure about it, but I was tied up and loving all of this cum! So I let him play around and whoever it was he slipped his dick into my ass ever so gently and slowly started pumping it. My gosh it felt so good , then I felt a couple of fingers slip into my pussy and start fingering me. I was on fire and started pushing against them until we both came, my ass was now full of cum along with my pussy. I was exhausted and just laid there and drifted off to sleep. When I awoke, someone was taking off the blindfold and untying my hands, it was Joseph. I sat up and no one was around, I asked Joseph where they went and he said they had their fun and were done. He helped me of the table and we walked back to the cabin where to my surprise he had a new pair of shorts and t-shirt for me. As I dressed he said the “boys” left something for me and handed me a paper sack. I opened it and there was a 10 inch black dildo and $400 in it!!!!!!!!!He said the “boys” liked the fun and treat their white sluts well. I was so sore and told Joseph I wanted to suck his dick before I left. He slipped it out and I went down on him and sucked like never before! He moaned and shot his thick warm load down my throat. We rode back to my truck and I kissed him and went home to rest.To be continued I hope!!!!!!!

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