Who Cares if I’m Asleep?

Big Dicks

A fantasy…

I thought about you coming into my bedroom at night and seeing me fast asleep on my stomach, barely covered with a sheet except for my thick ass and wide hips.

You stand there and watch me for a minute, wondering if you should just leave, but then I make a small sound, sort of like a sighing moan or a moaning sigh, and your cock twitches. You rub yourself through your pants and lean over to grab one edge of the sheet and slowly start to pull it off me, slow enough to tease you and make sure I don’t wake up before you want me to.

Now I’m fully naked on the bed facedown with one knee pulled up and to the side and looking at my body like this, so vulnerable and exposed to you, gets you rock hard. You take off your shirt, then your pants and underwear and stand there at the edge of my bed, looking at the soft womanly curves of my body, thinking about what you’re going to do first.

You reach down and start to slowly stroke your cock and almost groan when I slightly wiggle my ass in my sleep. What a slut, it’s like I can just sense when that perfect cock is near me and instantly become so needy for it! You smile because you’re wondering what I could be dreaming about that’s making me sigh and wiggle in my sleep, but also because I have no idea what’s coming.

You gently climb onto the bed to kneel between my legs. Now you can get a better look at my thick thighs, my wide grabbable hips, my big ass….and my pretty little holes, all yours. You keep stroking with your right hand and put your left on my ass, gently spreading eryaman genç escort my cheeks so my asshole and pussy are exposed.

Instinctively in my sleep, I slightly arch my back and lift my ass. I must be having a sex dream, or maybe I came before bed?, because my pussy is dripping juices, my pussy hair is all matted and my inner thighs are covered with it. I’m so ready to take every inch of you, but somehow I’m still asleep.

You lightly run your thumb over my wet pussy until it’s shining and when you get to the entrance of my cunt and feel how impossibly warm and wet I am, you can’t help but groan and swear under your breath.

You didn’t mean for it to go this far but now I’m starting to wake up and you can’t stop yourself.

My breathing changes and you can tell that you don’t have much longer before I open my eyes. You suddenly lay on top of me, pinning me down firmly with your weight, and push my hair back so you can lick and nibble up my neck.

It takes me a second to wake and realize what’s happening and you whisper in my ear not to move, that you’re going to make me feel so good if I behave for you. You reach down underneath you and start to rub my clit, moving your fingers up and down and in slow circles, changing up the pressure and pace and keeping me on edge. I’m so horny and you’re so good with your fingers….

It’s not long before you notice that I’ve managed to spread my legs wider and arch my back higher. My body knows what it wants and you want to give it to me. You move your fingers from my clit and ankara escort bayan almost laugh when I let out a disappointed sigh and relax my hips back down to the mattress, but instead you slap my ass and tell me to raise my ass again.

You get kneel between my legs again and I look back at you, my big brown eyes nervous and excited at the same time. You give your throbbing cock a few long strokes while you smell me on your fingers and I smell so fucking good that your cock begins to leak precum.

You rub it all over your head and ask if I want a taste. Instead of waiting for an answer, you lean forward over me again, pull my head back by my hair, and put your fingers in my mouth. You taste so sexy and sweet, I’m sucking and licking hungrily on your fingers and I can feel the tip of your cock rubbing between my wet slit. I’m so busy pretending your fingers are your dick and listening to your heavy breathing, it surprises me when I feel your head pressing against my hole. I tense up like I’ve changed my mind but it doesn’t matter now, we both know my body is yours tonight.

You begin to push into my pussy, taking your time and going soooo slowly, paying attention to how my body seems to melt with every inch. Every so often, you pull back and thrust back into me with a firmness that makes me gasp. It feels like forever, but finally you’re deep inside me, your pelvis against my ass and your balls on my clit. You give me a few deep short thrusts like that and we both moan when my pussy clenches.

You start to pick up speed sincan escort now, faster and harder until you’re fucking me good and deep, the way sluts like me need it. I raise my ass even higher so you can get deep inside, so your cock head is close to my cervix.

At this angle, you’re making me feel so full and hitting my gspot perfectly, I know it won’t be long before I have a screaming orgasm. I get my fingers wet with saliva and reach back to rub my asshole while I watch you watching me. Your eyes are wild and I can feel your cock throb inside me and when you spit onto my tight asshole, it’s too much for me and I start to cum hard, my pussy clenching tight around you like a fist.

The bed is soaked with my juices and I barely have a chance to catch my breath before you’re fucking me faster now and intently, like you’re on a mission. You’re still heavy on top of me and I can’t do anything but give in to the feeling. Pumping that dick in and out of my pussy like I’m your fucktoy, ignoring me when I say you’re making it feel too good.

I can feel my eyes rolling back and can’t believe I’m about to cum again. I can tell you’re getting close too – you’re starting to get quiet while you pound me and I can feel you get even bigger inside me.

I want you to fill me with your cum until I’m overflowing so I can finger myself and eat it through the day. I look back at you and tell you I want us to cum together. I want every drop of your seed. Those seem like the magic words and I suddenly feel you pulsing next to my womb, washing it with your hot cum, and it pushes me over too. We’re both cumming hard and grabbing onto each other like we might float away and it seems to last forever.

Finally, we’re both exhausted and you collapse on top of me while still inside me, both of us loving the intimacy.

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