Who Needs An Alarm Clock?

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I woke up to kisses on the back of my neck, which elicited a simultaneous mixture of pleasure and chills, making me curl my toes and moan. My response was what he was looking for, and I felt his teeth sink into my neck. The boy certainly knew how to start my engine. I moaned louder and he put his hand on my shoulder, rolling me over to face him.

“I love you so much, Steve.” I looked deep into his eyes. I could gaze into them for hours.

“I love you more than anything.” Steve smiled and made a move for my neck again, I rolled my head to the side to give him easier access. He alternated between kissing and biting, causing my hips to start rocking in pleasure. Steve moved over me, never taking his mouth from my neck. I wrapped my arms around him as he rubbed against me, teasing me as much as he could, a very mean trick he liked to pull (though it definitely made the end result that much better).

I attempted to position myself to allow him to sink into me, but he was aware of this trick. “Not yet, love.” He whispered the words and began working on my ear with his tongue, causing me to squirm in reflex. I had never told him about these hot spots of mine, he had discovered them himself. He was the best lover I had ever had.

“You are bahçelievler escort such a tease.” I whispered back between gasps.

“You know you love it.” He smiled at me and I nodded. I did like the way he teased. I knew he would never tease without rewarding me for it. His lips met mine and our tongues intertwined. His hands roamed over me, one coming to rest over my chest where he pinched my nipples and generally molested me. He moved over slightly and slid his other hand between my legs, wasting no time sinking two fingers deep into me.

“So wet already…” he moaned, moving his fingers in and out.

“Always ready for you, dear.” I smiled at him and pulled him close again to resume making out. He ground against my thigh as he slid his fingers back and forth. I wanted him now. I had to have him now.

“Please fuck me.” I had never been very comfortable talking dirty, though I was trying to make an effort because he liked it so much. His eyes lit up.

“What did you say?” he smiled.

I knew he had heard, he just liked to make me repeat myself when I talked dirty. I usually tried to make it sound even dirtier the second time.

“I want to feel your huge cock inside my pussy. Can’t you feel balgat escort how wet I am for you, baby? I know you’re hard. Let’s fuck.” I gave him my best seductive look.

“I want to fuck your brains out.” With that he moved himself over me once more and in one glorious thrust was deep inside me. We both shuddered and moaned. Even though we had sex nearly every day (sometimes twice!) it was always better than the last. He pulled out nearly all the way, and sank back in again, causing us both to moan louder.

“I think we were made for each other,” I gasped as he started working up a nice rhythm.

“I know we were.” He brushed my hair aside and attacked my neck again, causing me to orgasm immediately. I didn’t know I could orgasm multiple times until Steve came along. Usually he made me orgasm during foreplay, once or twice during intercourse, and sometimes, as a special treat, a final time after he was done. And it’s not like he had to work to hard to provoke any of them. I was a lucky girl indeed.

As I came down off the peak, he smiled at me. “You are so fucking gorgeous when you cum. Of course, you’re gorgeous always.”

I blushed slightly. I had never had a boyfriend compliment me the way he did, and ankara escort even though we had been together for over a year, I still wasn’t quite used to it.

He worked me up to another orgasm, and would have made me have a third but I told him it was his turn. As he got close, I had an idea.

“I want to finish you myself.” Let me get this out there… I love giving head. I’ve been told I’m good at it. Probably because I actually enjoy it, and work hard at it. Don’t get me wrong, my favorite finish is to have him cum deep inside me, and stay there for a while, with us talking or napping or whatever we need to do to recuperate. But sometimes I just need to taste him.

He slowed down and gave me a few more thrusts, then rolled off. I moved between his legs and took him into my mouth. Steve was very fortunate in the cock department (I guess I was, too). He literally hurt my jaw but I still enjoyed it. I began working on him, feeling him twitch as he drew ever closer to orgasm. When he grunted I knew I had succeeded. I swallowed as much as I could, savoring it. I licked him clean as I looked deep into his eyes.

He pulled me up and did the sexiest thing I’ve ever had a guy do… he kissed me deeply, tasting the mixture of us on my lips and tongue. Seriously, that is so fucking sexy. I moaned just from that. I never had told him how sexy I found that. I should probably make a note to do so someday.

With his arms wrapped around me, I fell asleep in his arms. Something about a brief nap after a good fuck does a body good.

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