Who Took My Virginity – Part 1

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Who Took My Virginity – Part 1…My name is Ameena bint Ahmad. As a girl of a very fundamental family, I was always barred from searching for logical reasons and was forced to accept the illogical religious logics. Otherwise, I was hurt, physically and mentally, though not sexually.I was engaged to a man when I was 19 years old. He was much older than me. No! I cannot do this!I decided to run away from home. Since I was allowed to dress freely at home, I got dressed like a local Buddhist girl, with my Burka inside a bag, and escaped from home. Why I dressed as a Buddhist girl was otherwise, if someone saw a small girl running away, it would become news in no time, I would be caught, retaken home, married to that bastard and enslaved forever. I could never risk that. Though I knew town people could be dangerous, I told myself“This is not a secular country so I will be safe. Also, anywhere is better than home”After moving to city, the main business city here, I could find a job in a business firm, as a short hand typist, which was a common job among girls who studies commerce subject stream for advanced level, like me. Here, I returned back to my Islamic identity, started wearing hijab again and started working in the office. I found a place to stay where some other colleagues of me were also staying.I turned towards some fancy hijabi item, because of my colleague friends. They said I look very beautiful like that way.How I look is, I am about 5 ft 4 in tall, dark white skin, 36 24 32, pointed but not to long nose, somewhat thin lips…you now know how it is!One day, I was late to work as I missed the 1st bus. The boss was waiting for me.“Good morning miss ameena. Take a seat”he very politely explained me the fault in getting late to office but his message was no less of a threatening.“…You know miss, if we cannot manage to complete all the work we are supposed to by the end of this month, surely that will cause a downfall upon our profits and to keep the company running, probably we will have to sack some workers so…never let it be yourself!”He smiled again. His smile could wash away all my sorrow but I knew that when he said, he meant it.I decided to work hard. But, still, the work load left for me was somewhat complicated as well. It took me more time than expected. Gosh! It was the end of the month and I still had more work than I could finish by the end of the month.These times, I got to know a Buddhist guy working in there. His name was akmal, 21 years old, about 6 ft tall, well built with a mustache, tough looking, smells good as well…I mean his perfume. He always keeps himself clean, and very friendly with all. He was more than a friend. He was like a brother…how wrong was that thought of me!It was the last day of the month. There were four of us working in the office, till night. We had to finish all work by the end of the day. canlı bahis While all of us were struggling, Akmal was enjoying work. Looked like he had no trouble with them after all.After sometime, my friend Neha left. Now I was alone with these two guys here. Honestly, though they were good friends, I felt kinda scared at this point. They are friends, they are good, they are Buddhist…I know. But still they are men!The other guy here was amal, 20 years old, not very tall, skinny and he actually seemed harmless to me, unlike akmal, who seemed strong enough to do anything to me.After a while, amal said he was finished and gonna leave. I was looking at him hopefully, like asking “please do not leave me!” But he left anyway. Now I was alone with akmal. I had never been alone with an unknown man before and I was trembling. It was so cold around as well.Now, akmal was silent all the time, totally concentrated on his work. I decided to talk to him.“Akmal”“Mm…?” He looked at me. I smiled. He smiled back.“So…why are you so silent today?”“Well…I do not know, ameena. I am feeling somewhat strange right now”What did he exactly mean by that?“Strange?”“Well…maybe because this is the 1st time I am alone with a female…I know it sounds odd to you but that is the truth”“Ah! Of course that sounds odd…especially for a guy from a secular family like you”“We are not secular. We are Buddhist”“Are Buddhists not seculars?”I knew I was going too far. But I thought I was safe because he was kind.“Are you people secular?”“You know akmal, why I came here. I wish they were but, they were not”“Whatever…how about your work? Will you lemme have a look?”I was waiting for this. I happily handed him over the documents. He said,“Keep them there. I guess I should check them and teach you a while about them” then he came around to me. Suddenly……He slipped on the floor! He tried to keep balance but slipped again for a 2nd time and baam…he was on the floor. His head hit hard on the floor.I bent towards him and never hesitated to take his head in my hand.“Ya Allah! What happened akmal?” Tears started dropping outta my eyes.Then, I still dunno why, I slowly put his head against my breast, to console him. It is something common among love couples but we were nothing like that!I was holding his head like that and looking at far distance. Then, little by little, I felt his hands gripping my waist. I left his head at once but he was gripping me harder and harder and pressing his face against my breast more and more. This is not good!“Akmal! Leave me alone” I said trying to pull away his head. But I soon realized that my strength is no match against his.He rubbed his face against my breast for a while, and started kissing me all the way up to my lips, still gripping me. I still held his head, trying to push him.“Akmal…ah! What are you doing! Leave me alone!” I said, trying bahis siteleri to move my face away, as he was kissing me all over my face and neck.He then held my face tight, and started sucking my lips. I kept trying to pull him away. His suction was so powerful that I could not even speak.After a while he left my lips, and started kissing my neck, pressing his face against my neck. I said, trying to push him away,“Akmal…stop! I cannot have sex with you!”He stopped for a while, looked into my eyes, and said,“Ameena, you came here looking for a new life, a better one. Here, lemme offer it to you. Your reason was the same reason why I joined here…” He again started kissing me, now removing my hijab.For some reason, I liked this as well. But no! Do I have any idea how far this will go? How will I end up because of him?I still protested. I pleaded, tried to push him away…nothing worked.Now he had removed my hijab removing my bra as well. Oh god! This is going too far!“No! No akmal!” I said, as he put his mouth on my left nipple and started tasting it. Wow! I was in heaven in no time. I wanted to push him away but I held his head and pulled him against me instead.At first I was afraid that he would hurt me or even I would bleed because he had teeth and he could have done that. It was all alone around and my screams will be just added to the thin air.But by the time, I started liking it. He exposed the bitch inside me, I thought.“Oh god…please forgive me! I cannot hold it back any further” I thought myself, among the tears flowing outta my eyes.While he was sucking that nipple, he was groping the other boob as well. After a while, the nipple started hurting so I said,“Akmal, that hurts”He stopped in no time, kissed my lips once, said,“Oh I never meant to, sweetheart. Sorry” and moved to the other nipple, while groping the left boob.He alternated between my boobs like that for a while. Then, he stood up, lifting me up as well. I was wearing only my denim and shoes then. My hijab and bra was on the floor. He took them and put on a table.“I should be fair with you” he said, taking over his shirt and west as well. Wow!His chest did not have very long and think bunch of hair. Actually, there were hair but they were not that thickly. When he exposed his upper body, his perfume fragrance started penetrating through my nose better than earlier.He hugged me and pressed my head against his chest. No turning back now!After a while, he looked into my eyes and asked,“Shall we kiss for a while?”“Mh…but I dunno how to kiss”“Lemme show you”While I was staying idle, he started passionately kissing my lips, moving his tongue inside my mouth and sucking my lower lip. After a while, I also started kissing him back the same way, holding his neck. I felt his hands on my lower back and then my ass, groping it. He never hurt me in that.He then got me pressed bahis şirketleri against him, putting one of his hands against my upper back, while still groping my lower back with his other hand.After a while, he broke the kiss. He was looking very happy. I saw something in his eyes beyond lust. It was love. Yes, then he wiped off my tears.“Do not cry please…” He then held my thighs, lifted me up, put my legs around his waist saying,“Hold me tight” and started kissing me again. While kissing me, he took me away to a near table, laid me on it, repeatedly kissed me down to my cleavage and started playing with my boobs, groping, kneading, pulling, pressing, squeezing against each other….he was totally crazy. I loved it. I also was outta my mind. I closed my eyes to feel the sensation. I felt my strength being washed away, as I felt him taking over my denim and my panty at the same time, while sucking my right nipple. Oh! What a feeling! At this point I was totally forgetting my religious restrictions as well.After a while, I felt his mouth getting off my nipple. Then, I felt his fingers rubbing against my pussy.I was cumming like nothing. He later put his mouth on my pussy and drank away most of my juice.“Do they taste good?” I asked an emotional yet stupid question.“Hell…nothing tastes better” he smiled and started sucking me again.The more he sucked, the more I came, the more lifeless I felt. Later I felt something different is hitting against my pussy. I looked at it. It was his cock, now much enlarged. His penis top was like a mortar!Oh no! He was gonna deflower me. I wanted to scream “no!” But I was too weak to do anything. I tried to say “no” but it did not work. I was that lifeless.He did not penetrate me at once. He told me,“Well…I think it will hurt both of us a little but believe me…it is only the 1st time…I also have never done this before”He was a virgin too?Little by little, I felt my vaginal walls expanding to let his cock in. It was a little pain but I soon started loving it and also, the pleasure was overwhelming the pain, soon.“Wow! Looks like your pussy is just made for me….went in very easily…” Then he laid on me.“…It was my dream to sleep with you…a beautiful one like you…I feel my life complete now”After a while, I feel his hot sperm burning inside my vagina. It was over. He stood up, got back dressed and started working on my files. I was so weak I slept on the spot.When I woke up, I saw that he had left. I checked my files and he had completed all of them.I looked at my pussy…uh! There were some blood. Tears started dripping outta my eyes without me even trying. I was sure about one thing. I can no longer marry a man from my religion.As soon as I was able to stand up, I got dressed, prepared my equipment and went back to my apartment. That night, I cried until I could no longer make tears. I cursed myself. Is this what I came here looking for? I prayed to god.“Oh god! Please forgive me…please! I will never disobey you again”I fell asleep. Good the other day was a Sunday, the office holiday…It is not over guys. Wait for part 2. Bye!

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