Who Would Have Thunk It!

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I was hungry, and what was about to happen I never thought would happen in a million years, and in a McDonald’s no less! I probably had made over a hundred trips to my mother’s house in Dayton since moving to Indianapolis; and I’d even stopped at this very McDonald’s in Greenfield a dozen times or more for something to eat. But this time I was alone, my wife stayed home because, well, we’d had a fight and she was pissed at me…big-time! What made this even more amazing is that normally I would have taken my Big Mac “to go.” But I had a new car and you know how guys are with their new cars. I didn’t want any of that “special sauce, lettuce, cheese, yada/yada/yada” saucifying my new upholstery. Hell no!

So there I was, sitting in the restaurant eating my fries first and reading USA Today. A young girl in her McDonald’s uniform walked in trailed by an older woman. She stopped ten feet inside the door and turned to the older one, “Mom, you and Daddy need to get me here on time!”

I didn’t hear the reply but when the daughter took off for the front counter, the mother paused in the open doorway. I wouldn’t have thought much of that except for one thing; the breeze coming through carried the woman’s scent right to my nostrils, Estee Lauder, Oh, my god! My first girlfriend (who I lost my virginity to) wore that and I only need to smell it to remember, and get HARD!

Again, I don’t know why I did it, but turning to her I said, “Estee Lauder.”

She was going to leave, but paused, “Excuse me?”

“Estee Lauder, you’re wearing it.”

She smiled a half smile, “Yes, I’ve worn it for forty years.” She was looking at me, but while she said it, her eyes drifted toward the daughter.

“Don’t worry,” I offered, “she’s young and in a year or two she’ll come to appreciate how many times you hauled her ass around the city!”

Her smile widened and she looked at me again, “You have experience in this?”

“Yup, two kids, and they spent the better part of their teen years dreaming up ways to smart off to their mother and me. But they’re in their late 20’s now and our relationship has never been better!”

She looked wistful, “Yes…so there’s hope….” her voice tailed off.

I was going to get back to my fries and newspaper again, but thirty seconds later she was still standing there; at least the door was shut and my erection was subsiding! As she wasn’t looking at me, and I could size her up a bit. She wasn’t too tall, maybe around 5’6, a brunette with a shorter style which favored her face. She was probably twenty pounds overweight, which I think is perfect because I like my sex a little rough and skinny women feel like I’m gonna break ’em in half at any moment. She was pretty busty and I was about to start thinking illicit thoughts about her tits when she turned and headed for the door.

As she put her hand on it, I’m thinking to myself, “Oh God, here comes that breeze again!” But she stopped and looked a little perplexed. So I said, “You okay?”

“I don’t know; I thought I came in with my purse.”

“I’m sure it’s in the car. You need it?”

She hesitated again, “I was just trying to decide how hungry I was.”

I have no idea why I said this, “Maybe you’ll let me buy you some lunch? I haven’t even touched my sandwich yet; want to join me? My name’s George, by-the-way.”

Turning to look at me, one of her eyebrows went up. Holding up her left hand she showed me the fourth finger and whispered loudly for effect, “George, I’m married!”

I chuckled and whispered back just as loudly, “Is it a secret?”

She laughed out loud and turned to face me fully. “This would be difficult to explain to my daughter (and then my husband) why I was in a MickeyD’s sitting with a strange man.”

“I’m not strange,” I said grinning, “just perverted!”

She burst out laughing again with this really cute laugh, and it was several seconds before she replied, “A pervert huh? Will I be eating a hamburger made from a cow that you fondled?”

This time it was my turn to laugh out loud, “You got me on that one, but I was referring to the fact that I’m married too!”

Her eyebrows were so expressive. “So why do you want to buy me lunch?”

“You’re hungry, and you don’t have your purse!”

“Ohhh, it doesn’t have anything to do with your perversions then?”

“Nah,” I chuckled, “I’m harmless; I was just on my way to visit my eighty year-old mommy. The one who taught me not to be a smart ass to my elders.”

I could see in her face that she was debating with herself over my proposal. Her eyes were searching mine and for thirty seconds she said nothing out loud. Finally she said, “Okay, where will we sit with the food?”

“We could go a block down to Veteran’s Park and sit in the pavilion?”

She searched my eyes again, but I’m sure she only saw the mischievous me. “Okay, I’ll meet you there; ten minutes?”

“Big Mac? Like mine?”

“I’m rather watching my waistline,” she said, kind of giggle-like.

“Salad then?”

“No, the Big Mac batıkent escort was fine…and fries too…with a Coke!” I’m sure that her laugh right then was due to the look on my face!

When I pulled into the parking lot at Veteran’s, she was waiting at one of the tables in a nearby gazebo which overlooked the pond of a local golf course. I put the bag down and said, “This is a beautiful spot here, good job!”

She smiled again, a little bigger this time and the thought that came to me was twofold; one, what am I doing here?, and damn, this woman is sexy! We started small talking and once we began it was amazing how quickly she emerged from her shell. Her name was Judy and we soon discovered all there was to know about our families, jobs and day-to-day interests. Somehow I had a woman who was my equal in making the everyday life seem entertaining in a chat.

But Judy was very attractive and it was inevitable that the conversation take the turn that it did; I had to ask, “So Judy, that WAS your daughter you dropped off at MickeyD’s?”

“Yes, that’s Kirsti.”

“A very attractive young lady,” I continued, “almost as attractive as you!”

Judy rolled her eyes and looked down as if surveying her extra twenty pounds. She looked at me and giggled, “You think I’m more attractive than Erin? Did someone spike your diet Coke?”

I could only laugh at the way she said it, “Hell no, I mean it! What…you don’t think you’re attractive? What does your husband say?”

“I don’t know what he says,” she snorted in a humorous sort of way, “I can’t think of when the last time was that he complimented me.”

It was my turn to snort, “You’re kidding right? A woman like you gets no compliments? Well, at least he jumps your bones every night then?”

She laughed out loud at that one, “Uhhh, well…no!”

“WHAT? Is he a two or three times a week kind of guy maybe?”

Judy seemed to find this really funny; she laughed and said, “Ray is a ‘no-times a week’ kind of guy!”

“Shut up…you say!” After that I could only stare at her dumbfounded for several seconds.

She saw the look on my face and asked, “Surprise you?”

“No, shocks me!” I chuckled, “Is the man blind? Maybe HIS diet Coke is spiked?” We both laughed loud and long about that one, and when we finally stopped, the silence lingered for a full minute. I had to say the “S” word, “You never have sex anymore?”

“Oh, we still have sex,” Judy’s eyes twinkled but her body language seemed sad, “and pretty regularly too.”

“Uh-huh, I thought you said he was a ‘no-times a week’ guy?”

Judy was shaking her head when she said, “You just misunderstood, that’s all; he’s very regular…” she paused for the effect, “once every six months!”

Even though I’m a guy, I still laughed so hard at this quip that I almost peed my shorts; a person just had to see her face when she said it! Clearly, Judy was loving the way she made me laugh, and when I finally got control of myself long enough to talk again, I offered, “Isn’t that a little like offering a person who’s dying of thirst one teaspoon of water?” Judy just smiled knowingly, so I continued; “Okay, so tell me, attractive lady, when is your cute ass due for another dose of dick?”

We both laughed again and as she did, Judy leaned forward and put her fingertips on my knee. “Umm, next October, I think!” When we finished laughing this time, Judy said, “Oh god! I peed my pants!” We were both wet!

You know how it is, eventually you just can’t laugh anymore. I was there now, so I just looked at her and shook my head. “Judy, I’m not sure what I would do if my wife said she was gonna let me fuck her twice a year like that.”

“I’m quite used to it; but I’m certainly not happy about it.” Judy dropped her eyes and stared at her shoes.

Watching her slumped over like that, I just wanted to encourage her. “Judy…if it matters to you, I think you’re sexy as hell and a ton of guys would honored to fuck you good and proper!” Judy didn’t lift her head much, but her eyes shifted up at me. I smiled and she blushed profusely, covering her face with both hands. When she didn’t say anything I continued, “Did I embarrass you, babe?”

“No,” she offered, dropping her hands and picking up my eyes; “but I’m not really used to all the compliments.”

I smiled at her again, “Well then, fate must have sent me because I have a lot of compliments for you…and you need them!” I put my hand on Judy’s knee. She hesitated and then covered it softly with hers.

We looked at each other, not sure whom should speak next; she did. “George… what’s going on here?”

Fuck it! I decided to go for it. “I don’t know, damn it! But I want your ass! You need to be fucked and I want you!”

Judy glanced at her watch, her countenance pained. “Oh my God!” she exclaimed, “I have to pick up Erin from work in an hour and a half!” When I chuckled she relaxed a bit and asked, “What’s so funny?”

I chuckled even more, “Shit babe…I’m thinking ‘one-night beşevler escort stand?’ Hell, I’d take an 1-1/2 hour stand with you!”

Judy laughed again (the tension was broken) and she looked into the parking lot at her van. Our two vehicles were alone there and I know what she was thinking. I said it for her, “The van is better than nothing; but to be polite, sexy lady, I’ll just be on my way and maybe we can meet up some other time?”

She grinned at me. Her left hand slid into my lap, just grazing my raging hard-on; and she laid her right hand on my chest drawing her middle finger across my nipple. Leaning into my ear she whispered, “I can’t wait for October!”

“Ha!” I grabbed her hand and pulled her to her feet, “C’mere you, gimme a tour of the back of your van! I take it the windows are dark tinted?”

“Yes, and I think we’ll fog them up too!” Judy was giggling and blushing all at the same time.

We opened the back door and crawled inside. Judy had one of those custom vans that had a lot of room between the back two rows of seats. I threw myself onto one and turned to her smiling, but she had sat down across from me. “Ohhh, no you don’t!” I admonished, “no more small talk, you sexy thing!” I held out my hand and she took it. “My dick is about as hard as a dick can get; think you can handle it?” I pulled her over and she straddled my legs facing me, sitting down on my lap.

I had my hands on her hips and she had hers on my shoulders. For a long ten seconds our eyes locked. Hers were smoldering and I know mine were sending the message of how much I wanted to fuck her! Judy’s pussy was almost imperceptibly squirming on my cock. I started running my hands around her, caressing the small of her back, my forefingers slipping inside the back of her shorts, teasing her ass crack. She squirmed a little more and when I strengthened my touch and slid them up her spine to her shoulder blades, her breathing clearly changed.

I pulled her to me with a trembling hug and buried my face in the crook of her neck. She tilted her head back a little, hoping that I would kiss her throat. I did; very gently, my lips working their way up to her ear lobe. She started moaning softly then, her hands clutching at the back of my head pulling my face into her cheek. I sucked on her right lobe and felt her chill bumps start.

“You better like kissing,” I whispered, “you better like my mouth on your body. You better like my lips and tongue working your pussy and you better like my mouth sucking your asshole!” She moaned at that and I nibbled her ear some more and kept it up. “You better like cumming, you fucking hot little bitch!” Judy groaned then and I grabbed the hair on the back of her head and pulled her lips to mine for the first time. Our mouths were almost frozen open with desire and our first kiss was so damn hungry. It was urgent and hot but there wasn’t much movement; her hands held my cheeks to her as if they were fused.

Perhaps fifteen seconds after the kiss started, our tongues touched and when they did, we both went completely crazy! I can’t remember the last time kissing was that physical. Our mouths were everywhere, devouring each other’s lips and tongue, sucking, tonguing, biting…it was so aggressive our teeth bumped a couple times! Judy was pushing against me so hard my head was laid back against the top of the seat. My hips slid forward and she sat on my hard-on right through our clothing. I could feel her working her camel toe against my shaft, sliding her pussy hard against my erection. The kissing never stopped, but damn…was she ever good at multi-tasking, Hehe!

Then I rolled her off me and laid her down, still kissing without missing a beat. I knelt on the floor and thrust my tongue down her throat as far as it would go (or did she suck it down there?) When I finally had to come up for air, I said, “Oh fuck, that’s good kissing! You need more?” She answered by pulling my mouth to hers for another fuckingly hot kiss!

My left arm was cradling her head but with the other hand I reached for her breasts. When I cupped the left one through her clothing, Judy murmured something unintelligible in her throat. With our mouths furiously working the kiss, I pushed at her tit with my palm and my thumb and forefinger pinched her nipple. Judy yelped with delight. I remember thinking, “Oh, my God…if she reacts like that to my fingers, what will she do when I suck her tits?”

And, Oh God, could this woman kiss! Each second that passed saw the kissing get more heated, more demanding, more urgent. I slowly worked my hand under her t-shirt. Judy’s chest was heaving with passion, and her hips were kind of bouncing off the seat in anticipation. I worked her bra covered boobs, unwilling to give in to a desire to rip the bra off…Ha! At some point though, I had to feel her tit-flesh, so reaching inside the left cup, I pulled a tit over the shelf of her bra.

Her nipple was straining rigid and I let my finger flick at it. “Ohhh Fuck, ankara escort yes!!” Judy choked out the words right into my mouth. I almost laughed at how excited she got from my touch and I grabbed the teat firmly and started tugging her nipple hard, shaking the tittie. Judy hands pulled my head and mashed my mouth into hers ferociously. We kissed that way for at least a minute, then I started to hope I could breath again!

Finally we let up; I grinned at her, “You fucking hottie! I bet we could kiss for hours!”

Judy was completely flushed. I don’t think she could talk because she just nodded, her eyes completely on fire and mine were too! Reaching for the bottom of her shirt together, we pulled it up over her tits and then she pulled her other breast out of the right cup. Her nipples were spectacular; big areola and eraser nips just begging to be sucked! I went face in to her neck again, knowing I wouldn’t stay there long; and sucking down the soft skin there, I slowly kissed and licked past her collarbone and down through the cleavage.

After circling the right nipple three or four times with my tongue, I think I surprised her when I quickly slurped the teat into my mouth. Judy groaned deep in her throat and I pushed her tits together and started licking figure-eight-like around the hard points. THAT made her gasp and she whispered hoarsely, “Fuck yessss! Oh my goddd!” She didn’t know how much I enjoyed hearing the dirty, passionate words; but when I bit at and nibbled her hard teat next, she half screamed again, “FUCKKK YESSS…Ohhh SHIT!!!”

I just had to get this hot little bitch off at this point; I was determined to make her cum enough times to last at least til Christmas, Ha! I pulled the leg opening of her shorts aside and reached for her pussy. Her panties were soaked and the crotch of them was pasted up into her slit. I fingernailed her pussy lips, all the while beginning a firm tit-sucking. Judy was groaning non-stop and I started rubbing her slit and clit for real, right through the panties. Her hips were bucking and I swear it wasn’t even 45 or 50 seconds before she shook hard and exploded a cum!

“Ohhh Babyy,” I cooed in her face, “you needed that so bad, didn’t you?” Her eyes were watering a bit and she only nodded, trying to slow her breathing. “That’s only the first one, Babe! You’re gonna love this!”

Her eyes shone through the wet and she purred at me softly, “I can’t wait til you fuck me!”

“All in good time, sexy, we’ve still got an hour and I need some pussy to eat and some cock-sucking before we get to putting a dick in your hot cunt! Will an hour be enough?” Her answer was to kiss me deeply.

Eating pussy is an incredible turn-on for me. I almost cum myself when I feel a woman orgasm and maybe even squirt a bit in my mouth. The seat of the van was positioned perfectly for something I wanted to do. “Go with me here, Babe; let me take your legs.” I was shaking with anticipation as I peeled off her shorts and and panties and then, taking her ankles, I pulled her legs up over the back of the seat and positioned her head to hang off the front of the seat. Judy half giggled from this upside down angle and when I pulled off my own shorts and briefs, she immediately grabbed at my hard-on and began jacking it slowly.

I leaned over her tits and tummy (kind of a 69 position on the seat) and grabbed her ass, pulling her hips into my face. Her pussy was right there and she spread her legs more for my mouth to get in there. I started licking the creases between her thighs and pussy and Judy groaned, “Oh my god, Oh my God!”

“Get ready, Baby,” I said, “this is gonna be so hot!” I licked her labia with just the tip of my tongue, teasing her pussy lips apart and exposing her clit. Her pussy was dripping into her ass crack and I licked her juices up and flat-tongued her fuck hole! She yelped with pleasure and I drove my tongue deeply into her vagina, deliberately letting my chin pressure her clit.

I would have tongue-fucked her hard that way for real, but all of a sudden I felt her warm mouth suck my cock all the way down, her hand cupping my balls. Now it was my turn to cry out! “Ohhh Fuuuuckkkk, Babe, Yeah!! Mmmm…yesss….suck my fuckin’ dick, Babyyy!”

I was frozen in this position for a minute as Judy went wild over my hard cock. It took all I could do to get back to the business at hand and this time I licked her clit to give her what she was giving me. There was no way that I wanted to cum right then; I definitely wanted to get her off at least three or four times before I shot a load anywhere. So to distract myself I went back at her pussy and started licking her whole slit from clit to asshole. God, did she taste good! I let my right hand slide around and under her ass cheek and then pushed my forefinger into her ass while my tongue slid hard through her slit.

Judy had a hand wrapped around my shaft and I felt one of her fingers poking at my asshole too. Fuck! She was getting me so close to cumming. Just as I thought I was going to, her hands dropped my dick and gripped my ass. Her butt tightened hard and I heard her say, “Ohhh George, FUCK…I’m go..I’m gonna cum again…Oh Goddd… I’m gonna cuu…” I sucked her clit sharply and she went off, her whole body seemed to buck and spasm as the orgasm wracked her!

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