Whoa There!!


Whoa There!!Anna and William are neighbors of ours. They come over or we go over there at least once a month. William is one of those guys that is very cautious and stays in his zone, keeps to his routine. I have to say he is boring but I tolerate him as he is a neighbor and probably has few friends. Anna is nothing to get excited about either. Her hair is just straight and short, I think she gets out of the shower and combs it and forgets about it. Very little to no makeup. Bla clothes, perky “b” cup tits but she very rarely shows them off. Anna is about five foot two and one hundred thirty pounds. She has a little round face and a little round butt to go with it. These two will come over and hang out, sometimes we all get into the hot tub and drink. But that is it. But for some reason, Anna sets off my “dick-o-meter”! I mean I really want to fuck the this woman silly. The way I figure it is that William really has never hit this pussy, or any one else for that matter. You know what I mean, this pussy gets out on Sunday to church and back, never over twelve hundred RPM. Bla Bla Bla. I feel that every pussy should every so often be taken to the limits, rode hard, for the woman’s over all health. I know I am much happier after I just had my clock rung by some horny woman. türbanlı bayburt escort So now my challenge has been laid before me, I had to figure out how to nail Anna without William finding out. I knew Anna would come over and use the hot tub every now and then when my wife and I were at work. This would be a great time for me to make the move on her. My wife told me Anna would use the hot tube the next day and that my wife would be working late. William has been out of town for a week and would not be back for another week. I left work early in order to catch Anna alone at the hot tub which I did. She was wearing a one piece boring swim suit. I got some wine out and poured both of us a large glass. And we sat in the tub together drinking and flirting. Yes, Anna was flirting back with me. This may be easier than I thought. After several glasses and lots of flirting I convinced Anna she needed a massage and I could do that for her as I had had lessions in College. So we went to the basmement and she got on my table, but wait Anna, you need to be naked with this towel around you. Anna went to bathroom and came out with just the towel and laid on the table. My cock was already hard as shit as I lit some candles and put on türbanlı bayburt escort bayan some music. By the way this is something the wife and I do alot so thats why I have all this shit ready. I start harmless enough rubbing Anna’s shoulders but then work my way down. I have most of the towel off and then move the last piece covering her ass. Don’t worry Anna, I am a professional about this is what I say. She seems relaxed as I work her legs sneaking a peak at her peach, it is hairy as shit just as I figured but showing some pink, so I am having the right effect. As I work her legs and upper thighs, I brush against her twat and she moans just a little. So I brush against it some more, then acting like I found a knot, I work right next to her cooch so that my hand is brushing it non stop. Anna starts breathing hard and I can tell she is getting turned on. I stop and tell Anna to roll over and let me work the front of her legs. Much to my surprise, Anna just rolls over with out covering up. Her perky little tits pointing to the sky and her dark hairy snatch on disply showing lots of wet pink. Anna is turned on and ready for me to move in and make the kill. I bury my face in her bush and start to eat her out. Anna türbanlı escort bayburt goes ape shit over this, she screams that no one has ever done this to her before as she hits a massive orgasim soaking my face with her juice. I waste no time geting on the table and mounting Anna. I push my rock hard cock easily up her wet pipe. Her cunt feels wonderful, maybe a little loose, as I start to pile drive her. I am determined to blow the cobwebs and dust out of this cunt and show Anna what real sex is. Anna is rolling one orgasim after another as my cock works its magic. I have Anna’s legs tucked up to her chest as I shot the first rope deep into her womb, then another and another. I blow a huge load deep inside Anna painting her walls with my DNA. We both collaspe on the table. Anna is speechless and I am happy having filled Anna’s twat to the top with my nut sauce. I ask Anna if she would like a cool drink and we head to the kitchen and get some water. My pecker get hard again so I push Anna against the counter and take her standing up, my cock sliding easily into her cum soaked snatch. I pound her till she starts to orgasim again, her knees giving way. I have to hold Anna up as I continue the assault on her pussy. Finally I push in as deep as I can and drain my balls a second time flooding her womb with my seed. I pull my limp cock from her and view her cum covered bush. Anna states that this is the best fucking she has ever had. She claims she never knew sex could be so good. Then she goes on to state that she wants me to fuck her whenever I want. BINGO! Now I have a new woman added to my stable and I bang Anna every chance I get.

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