why i love adult booths

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why i love adult boothsi am a guy who is young, white, chubby, and have a nice round ass. i also like wearing panties and tight pants mostly leggings.one late evening i got on a black t shirt and my pink panties and dark grey leggings. i went out to my local adult store and i went in to the booth area. i walked around for a bit looking for a open booth. there were a lot of guys in there mostly older men. as i was walking by them most of them looked at my ass or just felt it some of them would even grab it. this one guy, older white, once grabbed my ass and started to jerk off his cock right there in the middle of the place. so i moved in closer to him and we went into a booth and rubbed his cock on my ass and kept jerkin it off. i even got on my knees to suck it but as i got down to suck it he shot a load right into my mouth his cum was salty and sour and a little on the thin side. most of his cum when right into my mouth so i swallowed it. he put his penis away and left. i got up and went back out into the hallway and wonder a bit more. another guy ,older Mexican, pulled his cock out and started to rub it on my ass. he asked me to go in a booth with him. he followed me into a booth with cock out in the open and rubbing my ass with his hands. as soon as i closed the curtain he put a condom on his cock and asked to fuck my ass. so i pulled down my leggings and pushed my panties to the side to let him in. he lubed up his cock and thrust it right in. he fucked my ass for about a couple mins then stopped. he pulled out his penis and the condom was filled with cum. so i took his condom off for him and cleaned his cock. after i was done he asked me to drink his cum for him because it was a fetish of his to see a young boy like me taste his cum. i took the open end of the condom into my mouth and pinched the the other end and squeezed his cum into my mouth. it was sour and musky and was a little on the thick side other then that it tasted pretty good. i swished around in my mouth for a little bursa escort bit then swallowed it all down. he smiled and left. shortly after middle aged man walks into the booth and sits down next to me. he ask me to get up and stand in front of him. i got up and went in front of him facing him, he turned me around and starts playing with my ass even stick his face in it and licks it. i looked down at his crotch and could see him getting hard. so i pulled down my leggings and panties a little bit to expose my asshole and he pulls out his cock and starts jerkin off while licking my ass. he put a condom on and i start sitting down onto his cock. he lined it up with my ass as i went down and i felt his cock go in my ass. i got all the way down and started moving up and down on his cock for a bit. he then grabbed my hips and moved me up and down himself. after a few mins he stopped and i sat down all the way. i could feel his cock pulsing in my ass. i slowly got up and his cock came out limped and condom was full of cum. i pulled my pants up and sat down next to him. he pulled off the condom and i leaned in to clean his cock. after i was down i asked him for the condom because i wanted to taste the cum of every guy i fucked today. he gave it to me and i sucked all the cum out of it and put the used condom and put with the other one from earlier next to me. his cum tasted sour and bitter and a little thick. i smiled at him and swallowed his cum. he got up and left.as the guy left another man came in he was older black guy. he pulled his cock right out and i grabbed my head and pulled me to his cock. i opened my mouth and he shoved his cock right in and forced it down my throat and fucked my mouth for a bit. his cock started to pulse and he started cumming. his cum tasted bitter and musky and was very thick and there was a lot of it. after he finished cumming he put his cock away and left. another black man came in he was younger about my age maybe younger. he pulled his cock out and shoved bursa escort bayan it in my face saying suck bitch suck it. so i took his penis in my mouth and sucked on for i while it was limp at first but i felt it get harder in my mouth. after he was fully hard he said i want to fuck that tight white ass of yours. so i got up and bent over and pulled down my pants pushed my panties to the side. he didn’t even put a condom on before just thrusting his cock in. i looked back at him and ask why and he said he didn’t have one and he was clean. he fucked me for what felt like a hour. he started cumming in my ass and he pulled put quickly and grabbed me by the head and pulled me down to his cock he shoved his cock in my mouth while he was cumming. some of it got on my pants and on my shirt. i pulled my pants up as i was sucking his cock. his cum tasted very salty and bitter and was thin. he fucked my mouth until he was done with me he pulled out his cock and left. as i sat there with cum in my ass and five different guy’s cum i drank i was almost full i felt like i need one more cock. i winked at the group of guys out in the hallway and two of them saw me and walked in the booth both of them were white young guy maybe a little older then me. they both smiled at each other and pulled down there pants and both their penis were in my face so i grabbed both in each had and started jerking them off. after they were hard enough i sucked on the one in my left hand first and after a bit i switched to the other guy and sucked on his for a bit. the guy on my left was getting greedy and started to shove his cock into my mouth with the other guy’s cock. i was hard to suck on them both but i got the hang of it the right guy pulled his cock out first and started cumming on me his cum landed on my cheek then on my shirt. the other guy started cumming as well in my mouth. his cum tasted sour and musky and was thin. and as he pulled his cock out his cum landed on my pants and shirt. after they were done escort bursa the both left and i wiped the cum off my cheek and put it in my mouth. it tasted salty and musky and was also thin.i thought i was finished but i wanted one more guy to fuck my ass and creampie me too. so i looked out into the hallway and saw this middle age black man standing there so look at him and waved him over. he came in and sat down next to me and asked me if i was having fun and i replied yes and started to feel his crotch. he put his hand on my back and moved down to my butt and gave it a good garb. i got up and started twerking my ass in his face as he felt me up and i lowered it down onto his lap. i could feel his cock getting hard as i rubbed my ass on his crotch. after he was hard enough i asked him if he was clean and he said yes so i turned around and started lick his crotch area. he unzipped his jeans and his cock bulged put under his underwear so i unbutton his jeans and pulled his cock out and wend down on him. sucked on his cock until it was good and wet. i got up an bent over in front of him and he got up an pushed his cock right in i felt the tip go in first then he thrust really hard in i felt his balls slap me. after a good hour of fucking i could feel his cock pulsing in my ass. he gave a couple of good hard thrust then stopped balls deep in me. he slowly removed his cock from my ass and i pulled my pants up so not to lose any of his cum. and i turned around and started sucking on his cock again. he got hard again in my mouth and i sucked on his cock for about a good few mins before he started cumming in my mouth and as he pulled his cock out his cum kept shooting it landed on my shirt in my hair on my face. his cum tasted salty and musky and was very thick. it tasted so good i looked at him and swallowed his load and gave his cock a kiss. he pulled his pants up and left and i got up and walked out of the booth. some of the guys were looking at the cum stains on me and some of them were grabbing and feeling my wet ass from the cum leaking out. some of them were also jerking off in there pants it made me feel so good. i had tasted 8 guys cum this night and and fucked 5 of them two of them cum inside of me

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