Wicked step-mother – part 10


Wicked step-mother – part 10However Ella had planned to spend the night ending up in a foursome that included one of her old school friend and her former art teacher would not have been an option. That they were as liberal sexually as herself was a pleasant surprise. At one point Lazlo had been fucking her whilst eating Meghan (her former teacher) pussy. Olivia meantime was having her pussy eaten by Meghan and the two girls on top were having an enthusiastic snog.It was with some reluctance that she parted from them but she really had to get home as her boyfriend Crispin had been involved with what sound like some rather nasty office politics.On arrival she found not just Crispin but his god father Quentin who was a senior partner in the firm of London solicitors that Crisp was a solicitor at. Quentin looked remarkably happy.“Hello did you work things out last night.”“Not in the way you would have thought I have been bought out of my partnership. However my former partners couldn’t get any kind of agreement not to poach clients and staff. As of this morning I have a new firm, Crispin is a junior partner and I have poached all those nice young people you were corrupting last weekend. What is more I have the clients that I want including a merchant bank whose management are as dodgy as us, Add to that Callow Associates and Lotus Island Resort. I suspect that I will acquire some more clients from our colleagues in our little counter terrorism operation not just Geoff Callow. The wonderful thing is that so many people need our level of discretion and deniability . It is surprising that there are things that are both legal and ethical but many solicitors balk at them whilst doing others tasks that skirt the edge of the legality and ethics”“It Geoffrey’s daughter amongst others I spent the night with last night. They are every bit as naughty as us.”“Yes that sums them up. That gives me an idea I need Crispin to go over to Lotus Island to firm up our position with them it occurs to me that I could probably get you to go too particularly if you know young Olivia.”Ella noticed that he didn’t bother to enquire whether she would like that. As it happened this idea was very convenient as they could fly back with Livi, Lazlo and Meg on the Lotus Island company jet The next couple of days were somewhat manic and Ella didn’t see much of Crispin. Sal was busy as well working on proving that some financial shenanigans were in fact fraud. Ella was enjoying a swim with Alex and Linda, all of them nude as was the norm. Ella thought how different her world was. It was less than six months since she had been a timid and unloved schoolgirl. Now she and a family who lived her not just physically but emotionally as well. What is more she had a boyfriend who she was becoming very close too.Somehow they got everything together and drove off to the airport. They were flying from Biggin Hill Intentional, not a huge airport with scheduled flights but one that catered to private flights. They went through a far more personal version of the normal formalities before getting on a quite large private jet. It was interesting that when they got into international air space every one got rid of there clothes including the flight crew. So stark bollock naked they drank various gins that had met Lazlo’s approval. Crispin fucked Olivia whilst Livi and Meg shared Lazlo’s cock all taking the odd sip of G&T whilst doing so. Meg then produced a double dildo and had Ella on one end and herself on the other.“If they could only seem me at school now. I am totally bi but now I have fucked two of my ex-pupils.” said Meg smirking evilly.“I wonder if we could get a reunion of all your favourite students over to Lotus and we could systematically corrupt them.”“Now that’s an idea there are some who you probably wont remember because they are older. A couple who I was covering for after I discovered them making out. At the time all I did was warn them against getting caught. But I like the idea of seeing them again and how shall we say, getting to know them better.”“Perhaps you can explain Crispin canlı bahis how so many nice well brought up English girls are so totally bad.” asked Lazlo.“I suspect it is because they are trained to be good and the best and brightest rebel but do so in a way that isn’t obvious in public. My mother for instance, once she realised that she had friends who would happily do really decadent things turned form prim middle aged, middle class lady to total tart overnight.”“I think you have got it Livi’s mother and grandmother did pretty much the same.”“Stop talking and fuck us some more.” said Livi. Of course being gentlemen they obliged the ladies. Being on a plane a position where they would not get thrown about by any turbulence was sensible so they were all lying on there sides. Meg was in the middle being sucked, kissed and caressed by her former pupils. Olivia and Ella in their turn were being fucked by each others boyfriends. The fun bit for the men in this girl sandwich was that they could fondle three girls at the same timeEven young fit people cannot keep up fucking for the whole of a transatlantic flight but they did spend the entire time eating and drinking a fair amount but mainly chatting and indulging in intimate playfulness“That is something I am beginning to appreciate sex can be intense and hot but it can also be relaxed and just fun. You have a very nice arse Livi.”“Thank you and you are the coolest solicitor I have met. Talking of cool imagine now that all the cool girls at school are growing up to be respectable middle class women where as us shy girls are total tarts and enjoying every minute. Ooh I like this one have you tried it you two.”“I have heard the phrase the quiet ones are the worst in my opinion that should be best. Incidentally this gin uses hibiscus as one of the botanicals. It makes for a pretty colour rather the same colour as your pussy lips.”“Lazlo that’s gross.”“Tastes different though.” that comment got him a whack around the ear.When they landed Lazlo looked out the window. “Your honoured, the boss is here in person. If you want to please her Ella wear kinky boots she is really into them and likes the girls around her to wear them”“Damn I do have some really tall boots but I left them at home.”“Don’t worry dear we can go shopping at our resident fashion store Vickie’s taste sets the fashion here. Well she is a genuine aristo.The boss was Lady Victoria Mc Allister and ageing but very elegant Scottish aristocrat who was dressed in a revealing floaty garment and thigh high boots. Vicky had decided that they would stay with her in the sumptuous villa rather than in guest accommodation.“I’m just being cheap skate despite it still being hurricane season we are satisfactorily full. In any case I gather that you two are just my kind of people.They had dinner with Lady V, her directors and the Callow family, Ella was glad that she had taken Livi up on going shopping and had low heeled red boots that were half way up her thigh. All the other women had some variation on kinky high boots. The food was something else again. Ella used to Margaret and Nicola’s cooking was totally blown away by the quality of the food. All of it paired with top quality wine chosen to compliment the food.“I have to say Lady Vicky your pushing the boat out for us.”“To be honest dear, not that much as all that, we really do eat this well normally. Luc is a master of the culinary art and gets a similarly high standard from his staff. When you get him and Lazlo working together this is the result.” “It helps that you let me pay them more than those idiots in Europe who try and cut costs on paying their artists. I would like to meet your friends Margaret and Nicola they are worrying some of those same idiots and I here about it even thousands of miles away.”“If or I suspect when you are next in London we will have to see if they can provide you with an adequate meal.”“I will find an excuse if only to see you again, my dear.”Ella was pleased that her friends were gaining such a reputation. They put a lot of effort into both taste and presentation bahis siteleri but they were new and needed to acquire this kind of reputation.The post meal orgy made her feel so at home. They had the same relaxed attitude to sex with consent the only rule. Luc was not only a culinary artist but of the sexual arts as well. Crispin was enjoying the attentions of two of the directors Chrissy and Elizabeth a pair of busty red-heads who were apparently unrelated.Crispin finished his discussions in a couple of days but at Vickie’s invitation stayed a few days more Ella hadn’t been to the Caribbean before and enjoyed swimming in the crystal clear waters protected by a reef. Also wandering along the white sandy beach hand in hand with Crispin as the sun dropped below the horizon then making love in the shallows.Ella and Crispin got to know Olivia’s family as well particularly Geoffrey, her father. It was clear that he was another of those people who managed their semi-official intelligence agency. His security firm Callow Associates was already very significant in the area of private sector security operating at the highest level and wandering over into assisting NATO on a frequent basis. .Livi’s parents and grandmother were every bit as enthusiastic about multiple lovers as their daughter. Ella spent one evening with Geoffrey and Suzanne paying great attention to all her erogenous ones. At the same time Meghan and Livi’s grandmother were taking great pleasure in doing the same for Crispin.They flew home by scheduled airline from Jamaica, first class but still a step down from private jet.“I think that Quentin is going to be pleased as not only did I get agreements to serve Callow Associates and Lotus Island with a watching brief going beyond purely legal work but some of their clients want us to be their British legal representatives. The kind of companies that are mostly US operations but are willing to pay a retainer for having a London firm looking after their interests. The kind of people who visit Lotus Island like having the same kind of people representing them.”“I can imagine.” she giggled thinking of some the cases they might get involved in.“Its not just the strict legal work but watching out for their interests in the UK.. If we can find some like minded lawyers in Europe then we could achieve more in that sort of area.”Sal and Stancia picked them up from the airport having had that girls lunch they had promised each other. The one that involved being respectably dressed other than having the wearing the very kinky crutch length boots under the normal skirts. As a result they were feeling very naughty. They drove down to Stancia and Crispins respectable middle class home.Once inside the two older women within seconds of shutting the door were stripping each other. Ella and Crispin shrugged looking at each other and then decided to do the same. Sal and Stancia were making out on the sofa completely oblivious to the other two who sat in an arm chair playing with each other whilst watching the unbridled passion on the sofa.Ella whispered in his ear. “Well there’s no doubt your mum’s gone over to the dark side.”“I should say and it says how depraved I am that watching Mum being bad is very erotic. Now for goodness sake let me fuck you.” they might not have displayed the heights of lust visible on the sofa they were enjoying themselves. Ella arched her back in ecstasy as Crisps cock rubbed her just right.A bit later when they had all recovered somewhat Stancia told them how she was very pleased at the speed the house purchase was going through. The were close to exchange of contracts within a few days something that was unheard of.”“You can thank my colleague Karen and the fact the other side are being quick. All the searches that normally take ages are being rushed through by being given more time than a solicitor will normally devote.”The next evening Ella went up to London so she could go out for a meal with Crispin and Quentin to discuss Lotus Island. somewhat intrigued that she was specifically invited Quentin was indeed very pleased bahis şirketleri with what they had achieved including Ella who had just made friends with a lot of people and ended up sleeping with most. Ella realised that she was now a total slut and couldn’t care less.“Ella dearest what you did was the kind of networking that is the elephant in the room nobody talks about it but it makes a connection that is valuable. Its not fashionable but sex can be affectionate without being possessive. That is what works so well for us we have created a culture of openness that is more than just sex. The permanent residents of Lotus Island have done the same.”Ella realised that Quentin had an agenda totally separate from that of defending NATO from her enemies black ops. The way they lived was not just pleasure for him but about freedom of expression. If she had discussed the matter with Crispin she would have known that Quentin passionately despised both extremes of the political spectrum and authoritarianism. Using strength to protect the weak from harm at the hands of those who would coerce them yes but it was to protect others freedoms not to control them.They got back to more mundane matters. I have taken on some more staff and have several offices we can look at in London. Two of the people I have got might raise some eyebrows a para-legal and an administrator who were sacked after they were caught in bed with a female climate.“Both of them together. No question of the client being vulnerable I presume.”“Certainty not it was at least an equal choice if not some persuasion on the part of the client since she was older and very worldly wise. For goodness sake she is CEO of a company will probably be floated in the next year or so.”“Sound like our kind of people.”“Oh they are quite pretty too. I can see what Alice Brown saw in them. The other person is my secretary wants to stay with me. Could be interesting because even though she is in her thirties she looks like an old maid. I admit I didn’t want to refuse her she is both very efficient and some how I feel protective of her.”“Not nearly as protective as Jennifer is of you. For a mild mannered women she can be quite draconic. I reckon she has a thing for you Quentin.”“Don’t be ridiculous she just takes her job very seriously.”They moved on to more a significant subject. Quentin had managed to get a person close to one of their targets. The girl called Anna was one off a pair of twins, half Latvian and half Russian. They were born in Riga but taken back to Russia by their father when six years old. Their mother had not come and the twins had no contact with her. The ting was that Anna’s twin Pyotr was gay and Russia was distinctly hostile. As a result even though she hardly remembered it Anna preferred to think of herself as Latvian not Russian and was willing to help the West.What she had to do was simple as she was a cleaner in the targets home. Very simple she changed the waster paper bins. The only thing was that the bins had a very shallow and light false bottom with some very clever electronics that eavesdropped. To avoid being picked up on bug scans they were utterly passive and only someone knowing exactly where to look could find them. The downside of this was that they had to be physically removed by Anna. Then Anna in her janitorial cupboard would release the false bottom and remove the wafer thin pcb and replace it with a new one. The pcb was designed to slip into a secret pocket in her phone case. “Our problem is that the opposition realise they have been compromised. Anna hasn’t been found out but possibly could be. Even if I put aside humanitarianism aside which I don’t. I wouldn’t want her interrogated. Anna doesn’t know much but it could be a lead.” Ella followed the logic so far but wondered as to her involvement.“Pyotr has already been got out of Russia so now all we need to do is extract Anna. The cunning plan is that we have got Anna a perfectly genuine Latvian passport, So all she has to do is takes the passport, her handbag and nothing else wanders along to St Pancras and gets on the Eurostar to Avignon. Sitting next to her will be you my dear and you will start a conversation. Just for god measure Anna will mention Camellias and as for you the code phrase is of course Wicked Step-mother”

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