Wicked step-mother – part 8


Wicked step-mother – part 8In that company and with everyone wearing skimpy nightwear and the girls kinky boots only one outcome was plausible that is to say an orgy. The only thing that interrupted the debauchery was when Ella decided they needed more booze.On returning she found that Linda who had lost her husband to Sal temporarily was busy having her evil way with Crispin. That having been said this wasn’t difficult. Crispin had clearly decided that being reticent was pointless and stupid. If a pretty girl wearing nothing but transparent silk baby doll and very kinky boots sits on your lap a gentleman has just got to oblige her. Ella didn’t get fussed by the usurpation of her boyfriend but having refilled her glass, took a sip, put it back down and went over to Stancia, Crispins mother. Stancia had natural large breast which Ella started fondling, whilst she was lying down with Chris screwing her. As for the other three girls they were playing with each other and Mark, the remaining man in the group. Mark was the centre of attention with the girls as he lay back and they took it in turns to present their pussies for him to pleasure.These groups were pretty much how it stayed other than Alex ended up in bed with Linda and Crispin The next morning having left Stancia and Mark still asleep Ella walked in to Alex and Linda’s room to find her boyfriend awake with the other two gone presumably to see to the horses. Ella climber in the bed beside him.“How as it spending the night with a trans girl and her wife.”“Fun and really rather naughty we double penetrated Linda with me on top. My hands were mashed between both sets of boobs.”“It looks as though its not just your Mum who is fitting in fine with us. I am glad because I really like you but I didn’t want to give up our decadent lifestyle because it’s not only exciting bet somehow rather comforting and friendly.”“I wouldn’t have believed you before this happened as I would have assumed it was all very dark and evil sex but its not. Is it? Sort of us against the world and bizarre though it is my mother being included makes it more comforting”“None of us into the dominance and sado stuff. Fine for those who are but we are kinky as hell but kind and loving with it. Ooh yes that is just right.” The last was because having climbed in beside her Crispin had decided to gently fuck her.. “But what about your mother.”“I know she has spent the first forty-five years of her life being as straight and normal as you could imagine then she meets you and goes happily off the rails. Those boots are so bad but then you all had them. I didn’t think I was turned on by boots and leather but that was so erotic. I must be really weird seeing it was Mum and then you and Sal.” That it excited him was beyond doubt as he was thrusting into Ella with increasing enthusiasm and they lost interest in chatting at this point.Sal was nowhere to be seen and neither was Mark so at a guess they were working in the office as countering the Russian backs opps funding scheme. Nicola and Margaret had in her absence decided to make breakfast. Not as would have been expected with two top of the range caterers some fancy and beautiful confection but a good old British fry up but what a fry up. Fried eggs, smoked back bacon, Lincolnshire sausages, black pudding, fresh tomatoes mushroom that had just been picked from beneath the the apple trees in the garden and tea and toast. Even though both Sal and Ella were coffee addicts this was a time for tea. Earl Grey or Darjeeling according to personal taste. Mark and Sal quickly abandoned the computers when they knew what was on offer. Ella was not at all surprised that Sal was still starkers other than those boots. It was a slightly bizarre sight to see the big boobed blind tucking into a plate of eggs bacon etc whilst totally naked. The others had some level of clothing for instance Stancia was wearing her nightdress but with the addition of a thong and was bare foot. However seeing Sal she disappeared off and came back wearing her boots as well. The boots in question had been bought the previous day after Ella, Sal and Stancia had gone on shopping trip supposedly to provide Stancia with a more sexy wardrobe. The result amongst other things was for all seven of the girls to now own outrageous crutch high leather boots. Linda and Alex who had been mucking out were wearing jodhpurs and tee-shirt having left their wellies at the kitchen door. They slipped off and returned minus the tee-shirts but with the crutch boots. The other three girls not to be outdone retrieved their boots and put them back on.“You lot really like those boots don’t you.” said Mark.“They are so totally kinky and fuck me now.” said Margaret “I just love them and they are so comfortable. I didn’t canlı bahis think that heels that high could even be anything other than painful.”“That’s what you pay for with the top designers. They provide support that makes them manageable. Apparently they are made to given design in Kazakhstan. I am impressed because they have a history of leather work but are sufficiently cheep to make things viable.” explained Sal finishing off her black pudding. “I am an a southern girl but I do like black pudding.”. .It was decided after breakfast when Margaret and Nicola had gone off home that it made sense for Stancia to stay the night as she wanted to view the house for sale at the end of the lane. If Stancia was staying then Crispin wasn’t going to miss the chance of a night with Ella but he needed a suit for work so Ella offered to drive him home to pick one up. This offer had nothing to do with having passed her driving test last week and having a brand new Audi to play with thanks to Sal.When they returned the house was quiet as Mark and Sal were clearly working still. The young couple found Stancia sitting in the lounge reading. By now she was dressed but still had those boots on. “Get used to the darling. I rather like the idea of wearing a perfectly respectable dress that come below the knees and these boots underneath it and nobody but us will know”“That an idea. Do you know Stancia despite the difference in our ages we are quite similar. Where as Sal is a professional lady who claims to be a bimbo from Basildon we are a couple of tarts who look respectable and middle class. Can we go out to lunch some time dressed in the boots and a nice gentile dress.”“That is a very nice image though when we have finished I may take you home and fuck your brains out.”“Mother the idea of you ‘fucking my girlfriends brains out’ whilst one I have no objection too I would prefer not to think about.”“Am I embarrassing my little boy then.”“Oh no she has also found a sense of humour. What are you reading.”“Tacitus. Sal needs to be careful it totally dispels the Basildon Bimbo image to have classical historians on the bookshelf.”“You can be certain she has read it what surprises me is that its the translation.”“Oh it isn’t and I must admit to struggling, my Latin is rusty. Fun trying though.”“Come on Crispin lets rustle up lunch before your mother finds a new way to tease you.”They only got cheese, artisan bread and pickles for lunch as they had a big breakfast quite late. Whilst they were alone Ella put her arms around Crispin and quite deliberately hugged him so he breasts pushed in to him.“There is something I wanted to ask you now we have agreed that we are an item. What do you think of the idea of me having bigger boobs?”“I like them as they are but I will admit that I do like big boobs why.”“Because I have Sal envy. I want them bigger despite all the downsides. I was going to go as big as Sal but I think I will settle for about the same size as your Mum.”“OK that is a new level of kinky my girlfriend copying my mothers breasts.”“I didn’t mean that just a similar size seems about right now I have seen them..”.“I wouldn’t dream of telling you what to do with your own body but I quite like the idea. When were you planning for.”“Next Wednesday. I would have cancelled if you had hated it but I am glad you don’t. Since Sal has to work your mother has agreed to come with me. I am slightly nervous.”They all sat down around the kitchen table to eat. Mark looked like that cat that had got the cream and Sal was equally smug.“Crispin could you get in touch with your god-father I think we have everything cracked. I have located where they have the money and how they move it around. I don’t; want to leave it a moment longer than necessary in-case they shift it. They clearly do so on a regular basis presumably for security purposes.”Crispin got on the phone that had an encryption programme that rendered the digital signals undecipherable without the appropriate key. Crisp explained succinctly. Ella listened seeing the calm professional takeover from her shy and nervous boyfriend.“Quentin asks if he can come here today but not to wait.”The big flaw with the way their enemies had carried out their plans with a trojan network was that if someone like Mark compromised it to the extent that he had then you handed the compromiser total control. Sal sat down with him and described what she wanted to do and in which order. Absconding with the money would do damage but by the time Sal had finished any competent investigation would point very firmly at the programmers who had created the trojan.Mark discovered than Crispin was pretty savvy with computers for a solicitor. Any tracking of the IP address would trace things back to Serbian fishing vessel bahis siteleri in the Adriatic. They are not the only ones that can use Trojans. We bribed a crew member, actually we have bribed quite a few crew members of different nationalities to access the computerised communications system of their vessel and plant the virus.“You have heard of burner phones well these are burner computer. They use the ships comms to do what we want once and we don’t use them again. Try tracing that back to us at best they are going to get the corrupt crew member.. He doesn’t know who bribed him or why he was doing it. A few hundred for a low risk job and no questions. If they take the advice given they change ships but if not so what.”Quentin arrived and was succinctly briefed by Sal. “Do it.” he responded and Mark pressed the confirm. A couple of minutes later and one hindered and seventy million pound approximately was sitting in Sal’s hijacked account, another couple of hours and the trojan network was disabled .permanently and if you wee very persistent you could trace the instructions back to the programmers in Rostov.“This is an absolutely splendid day. Our enemies are going to be running around in little circles and hitting out at all the right people from our view point. I think we should celebrate.”“I anticipated that, I liked the Krug I got for Alex and Linda’s wedding so much I got some more. A couple of magnums are currently residing in the fridge in Sal’s bedroom.”They all retired to the master bedroom with its huge half-tester bed. “Can we celebrate in the normal style of the household particularly as I am led to believe that Constance has been hiding a thing for me. Your a silly girl if I had the slightest idea you fancied me I would have corrupted you within a week of your idiot husband leaving.”“Oh I think you will find it was worth waiting for the new improved me.” Stancia stood up and slowly lifted the hem of her pullover dress and lifted it up revealing first to Quentin that her boots went above her knees. Everyone else who knew was watching intently. The dress rode higher and Quentin didn’t say a word but was watching intently. The dress now revealed the top of her legs and the full height of the boots and a lack of underwear..When eventually the dress was fully removed Quentin let out a breath showing that he had being holding his breath.“Oh my goodness you are magnificent in all my very bad life I have not seen anything so erotic . Are you two the same. Sal and Ella quickly stripped to show that yes they were. The men didn’t need any further hint and all six of them lay on the bed which was quite sufficient for the entire party they drank their champagne in between kisses and caresses. Quentin lay Stancia gently back and opened her legs kissing her groin and slowly moving up her body. The other two couples followed suit with the girls lying either side of Stancia. When he had kissed up high enough Quentin gently entered the very damp Stancia. In return she wrapped her leather covered legs around him. The others followed suit so any observer would have seen three male backsides with black high heeled boots wrapped around them.After a while what Quentin later termed Stancia’s synchronised bonking team moved on top until multiple orgasms they collapsed in a heap with even the august solicitor giggling.“I haven’t,” gasp, “had so much fun,” gasp “in ages. Believe me Constance you are every bit as enjoyable as I had imagined.The next day being Monday, was a bit bizarre after the dramatic weekend. Stancia contacted the agent and was able to visit the house at the end of the road which met her satisfaction even if the price made her wince. Everyone went to their normal jobs and the world turned as it had always done. Ella talked on the phone to Crispin. “I suggest you come back here as your mother hasn’t gone home. I suspect she is going to expand her repertoire by a night with Sal. They have been giggling like a couple of five year olds. There both still wearing those blooming boots.”“Mummy is really turning into a very naughty girl not that your much better. Oh shit I’ve been overheard. Got to go.”When he arrived back Ella picked him up which gave them a chance to chat. “One of my colleagues Karen came in to borrow a legal book. I was so engrossed I didn’t hear her behind me. Karen was fascinated by my end of the conversation. That means two of them know since she is married to Owen. In exchange for more details I got her to keep quiet but not from Owen. So they are both going to know a fair amount. What was weird was she seemed impressed. Anyway the easiest way out was to agree for the four of us to go out for a meal. Can you manage next Friday?”“OK this could get interesting. Just what sort of people are this bahis şirketleri couple?”“I get on with them pretty well. They are fairly conventional I think but don’t seem prissy. Mind you how they would react to the full info particularly as its Quentin who is their line manager I would,’t want to predict.”By this item they had arrived back at thee house. They went in to find everyone was dressed like normal people. Over dinner Stancia explained about the house and how she had really liked it though the cost was more than she wanted. “Even with the best price I would have to add to it. Also I will probably need a bridging loan.”“I have an idea Mum. Lets buy it together you and me. Even on a solicitors salary affording somewhere nice is a challenge. If I agree with you that its the right place I will go halves using the inheritance from my father.”“Your fathers dead then?” Ella hadn’t really wanted to ask about Crispin’s despised father. “Yes the silly bastard was driving too fast and wrapped him and the floozy around a large tree, the tree won. The floozy was killed outright and he died in hospital before I even had a chance to do my filial duty. I have difficulty being sorry and it is convenient that probate is just about sorted out. Being a solicitor has it uses. For that matter we can fast track all the legal stuff on this new place.”Come Friday Ella went up to London and met Crispin outside Covent Garden tube station with him was not just a couple but to young men. One she knew about as Ian had been included at Karen’s request because he was a workaholic and she wanted him to stop and enjoy himself.“Hello I am sorry that there is yet another addition to our party but I came across Stuart rather upset because our bastard of a an office manager had been having a go at him because he can. I thought he needed cheering up.”“I can’t disagree Ella with the exception of Quentin most of the senior people could do with a personality transplant. I suspect Ian wouldn’t work so hard if he thought he was safe from the thought police.”“I’m still not sure I can spare the time.”“Their lawyers quote the working time directive at them. Quentin will back you up.”It was early so accommodating another person wasn’t a problem. Once they had ordered Karen proceeded to interrogate them with an efficiency that any barrister would have been proud of. Admitting they were an item was not a problem and yes they did have a sex life.”“But from what I over heard it is quite interesting or do you have a very boring idea of naughty.”“None of your business Karen, though I will admit to enjoying more than vanilla sex” was Crispin’s response“Well, well so Crisp is not quite as innocent as we thought. How did you meet?”“At a party. We both know Quentin arranged it but we really hit it off.” said Ella “I am curious as to all this interest. You do seem very persistent.”“Ella has a point I suggest you explain.” added Owen. “Your not going to get anywhere unless you explain why.”So Karen going very red in the face explained that it had started with the pair of them being determined to do something about the lack of girlfriends about their young colleagues. They had started with Ian but couldn’t get him to go out on a foursome in the end with Owen’ full agreement Karen has seduced him. A Similar thing had happened with Stuart who they had found feeling very low.“We would have liked to do the same for you but the problem is even without jealousy three blokes one girl. Adding a fourth whilst fun for me was a trifle impractical. The lads are all straight so that limits things.”“So what role was I to have in al this.”“I didn’t know but the fact that Crispin was clearly adventurous seemed to be a starting point.”“If only you knew. As it happens you are right we probably can help but I will have to have a chat with people. Also just how broad-minded are you lot. Would a trans girl bother you.”“Is she pretty and how much as she transformed.” said Stuart taking a part in the conversation for the first time.“I think she is fairly pretty and she has gone through the entire process. You wouldn’t know seeing her naked she was ever a man.”“I think I would want to sleep with a woman who had a cock. Not that anything is wrong with it its just not me personally..”“Oh we have a friend like that but she only sleeps with her wife or sometimes our female friends.”“I was right that you were the people to talk to” said Karen with a broad grin.“Let me talk to my step-mother and get her ideas.” It turned out that most of them were present and Sal said she would have a chat and ring back soon. As they were having coffee Ella’s mobile rang and Sal invited them all to a formal dinner the following evening. “What should I wear.” said Karen panicking.”“What you want basically but I am going for a dress that would be rather adventurous in any other circumstances. Don’t plan on going home tomorrow night I don’t know all that is planned but you can bet it will be fun because my step-mother is wicked..

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