Wickedest Slam

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Larissa was single, thirty years old and a contract lawyer. She drove a Bimmer and lived in Jamaica Estates. She had not been laid in months. After the fourth month and still no bedroom action she began to put in more hours at her law firm just to keep her mind off sex.

Larissa felt her sex life was non-existent because she had not found anyone whom she felt a strong physical attraction to. In the past, she would get her groove on just to say she had a sex life. But she never felt a strong connection with any of her past lovers. Each time, after the intimacy was over, Larissa felt unfulfilled. So she would move on to a new paramour, hoping for a more pleasing sexual experience. But she would still run into the same problem. Her sexual appetite would remain insatiable after the penetration had ended. So she decided to let her body choose its next lover. Only her body would truly know what it craved and only then would she truly be satisfied.


It was Thursday. Larissa sat in her office and tried to read over a contract for a closing on an investment property she had recommended to one of her clients. But the sound of birds chirping, children laughing and the warm summer breeze coming through her open window kept invading her concentration. She could not remember the last time she had left work and the sun was still shining.

So she decided today would be the day she would leave work early and enjoy the weather. Picking up a few movie rentals on the way home wasn’t a bad idea either, she thought. It was another thing that she had not done in awhile: cuddle up on the couch with a bag of popcorn and watch a movie. It was one of her favorite things to do.

Larissa dialed her boss’s extension. When her boss picked up the phone she informed him that she would be leaving early to go meet with clients. After she hung up she felt a bit guilty for lying. But she quickly forgave herself and remembered that she was a lawyer. She made a living from lying a little bit. Grabbing her briefcase, she left her office.

When she walked into the video store she heard a man say in a West Indian accent, “Welcome to Video Mania.” Her eyes followed the voice. Once she matched the voice with the only person standing behind the counter, she said, “Thank you.” She had never seen him before. He must be new, she thought. After spending close to an hour in the store, Larissa headed for the counter. With no one else in line she went to the man who had greeted her when she first walked in. She placed her movie selections on the counter.

“Yuh find whey yuh a look fa?” the man asked.

She looked at his name tag.

“Yes. Thank you for asking, Donovan.” Her eyes went back to his face. He had a honey color complexion, green eyes and kissable lips. After Larissa was done looking him over she decided, he had it going on.

“Mi caan get yuh membaship card?”

“Oh, yes of course.”

She retrieved her card from her wallet and handed it over to him. Donovan took a quick look at each of her movies.

“Mi see all a de movies ‘ere ‘ave ‘R’ rating. Let mi see yuh ID?”

“You’re kidding, right?”

“Mi serious.”

While Larissa retrieved her ID from her wallet, Donovan gazed at her with interest on his face. When Larissa looked up he pretended he was looking at something on his computer. He had a serious look on his face.

“Here you are,” Larissa said, handing over her ID. She was a bit annoyed.

Donovan took her driver’s license, looked it over and then said, “Larissa Browne. T’irty. Yuh young but mi caan mek an exception.”

The doorbell chimed. Larissa and Donovan looked in the direction of the sound. “Welcome to Video Mania,” Donovan said. The woman entering smiled. Donovan gave Larissa’s driver’s license back to her. Then he scanned her membership card and her movies.

“That was very clever, young man.” Larissa said, stressing the word “young.”

“But mi mature in oddah areas.”

“Is it in your job description to use such language with customers? I’m sure your boss wouldn’t be very happy to know about this.”

“Mi sorry,” he said.

“Mi neva mean fi upset yuh. Enjoy de movies.” He handed her video rentals over to her.

“How old are you, anyway?”


“Wow! It must be nice to finally be able to interact with the adults. Have a nice day!”


A few days later, Larissa returned her movies. It was after kızılay escort six o’clock when she pulled into the parking lot. While parking her car she noticed Donovan standing at the bus stop. After returning the rentals she pulled up to where he stood, put on her hazardous lights, pressed the window control and the window on the passenger’s side rolled down. She leaned across the passenger’s seat to speak to him. Donovan recognized her. He stopped listening to his music and removed his ear plugs.

“No car,” she said. “What a shame! The weather man did say it was going to be pretty hot today. Try not to pass out.” She smiled.

“Mi different from you. Mi caan ‘andle de ‘eat. Mi bet yuh nuh sweat in a while.”

Larissa stopped smiling. Two girls approached Donovan.

“Excuse me. Do you have the time?” one of the girls asked him.

He glanced at his watch. “Six t’irty,” he said.

“Thank you cutie,” the other girl said. The two girls walked away giggling.

Larissa rolled her eyes at the two girls. Turning her attention back to Donovan she said, “I can give you a lift.”

“Mi good, mon. Mi nuh waan fi inconvient yuh. Den again mi nuh waan

nuh ride from nuh stranga.”

“Oh! I didn’t know I was still a stranger. Not after you got to know my name and age, very well, the other day.” Larissa pressed the window control. The window on the passenger’s side went up. She turned off her hazardous lights.

When Donovan saw this he walked over and tapped on the window. He was sweating profusely.

Larissa partially lowered the passenger’s window.

“Yuh kno’ w’at? Mi t’ink mi will tek yuh up on de ride.”

“Too late. The offer has expired. So you stay cool, now, you hear? I know I will.” Larissa raised the passenger’s window and she drove away. She didn’t notice the rusty nail in the street. She drove over it. “What the hell was that?” she yelled, and then she pulled over to the curb and got out of the car to check her tires. The right front tire was going flat. She began to curse.

“Mi t’ink yuh ago sweat after all.”

Larissa was startled by the voice. She turned away from the flat tire and met Donovan’s eyes. She said, “Can you change the tire for me? I have a spare in the trunk.”

Donovan looked away. “Mi bus a cum. Mi will see yuh.” He began to walk in the direction of the bus stop.

“I’ll give you a ride,” she said.

He stopped walking away and turned back to her. “W’en yuh seh dat. ‘Ow caan mi seh no?”

“You are too many things.”

“Yeah mon!”

After Donovan changed the tire Larissa drove him home. While driving, she said, “So how is it that an intelligent person like you ends up working at Video Mania?”

“‘Ow yuh know say mi smart?”

“I don’t. I just thought I would give you the benefit of the doubt.”

Donovan burst out laughing. Larissa joined him. When their laughter subsided, Donovan said, “Fi real. Mi jus’ graduate from college, an’ mi cyaan find a job wid mi degree whey mi ‘ave. Dem tell mi, say, mi nuh ‘ave any work experience. So w’en mi kno’ w’at mi ago do, mi will leave dere.”

Touching his hand, Larissa said, “Don’t worry you’ll find your way.”

“Dats w’at mi parents did a tell me.”

“You live with your parents?”

“Yeah mon. But mi cyann tek it.”

Their conversation continued several minutes longer before Larissa stopped in front of his house. Once they arrived she pulled her hand away.

“T’ank yuh fi de ride.”

“The pleasure was all mine.”

Donovan reached in his pocket and took out his keys. “Mi caan call yuh

sum time?”

“Call me?”

“Yeah mon!”

Larissa took a moment to think. He was too young for her. He lived at home with his parents. He didn’t have a car; and how could she ever get pass the criticism from her best friend, Tiffany? She took a deep breath and said to him, “My number is…”


It was late in the evening the following day as Larissa sat behind the desk in her study and reviewed some contracts. She was distracted when she heard the phone ring that sat near her paperwork.


“Good night. Mi waan fi talk wid Larissa?”

“Hi Donovan. What’s going on?”

“Nuttin. Yuh t’ink we could link up?”

“Well, I’m busy right now.”

“Mi mek it wort’ yuh time.”

“Don’t make promises you can’t keep.”

“Mi mek promises an’ mi always keep dem.”

Larissa kolej escort became aroused. “I’ll come and pick you up,” she said. “And bring you back to my place.”

“Dat good. Yuh nuh haffi pick me up. Mi a big mon. Mi caan find de yard by miself. Gimme de address.”

An hour later, Donovan appeared at her doorstep. When she opened the door he held a bouquet of roses. Larissa smiled. He handed the flowers to her. She smelled the flowers and said, “Thank you. Come in.”

When he entered the house he stood in the living room looking around. He saw a red plush carpet, a large flat screen television, a futon, Buddha statues, a bookshelf, a bar and a square shaped coffee table. “Make yourself at home,” Larissa said. “I’m going to put these in water. I’ll be right back.”

While looking around, Donovan noticed a book on Larissa’s bookshelf. In bold letters it read: SEX POSITIONS. So he walked to the bookcase and removed the book. There were neon green post-its sticking to some of the pages. Donovan only had time to look at a few marked pages before he heard footsteps approaching. He returned the book and quickly took a seat on the couch.

Seconds later Larissa returned. “Sorry to keep you waiting.”

“Nuh problem. Yuh yard look good.”

“I’m happy you like my place. Do you drink?”

“Yeah mon!”

“What’s your poison?”

“Scotch if yuh ‘ave it.”

Larissa’s phone rang. She didn’t bother to answer it. Instead, she walked over to the bar and began to make his drink.

Donovan couldn’t help but notice how scrumptious her breasts looked in her

tube top with the imprint of her nipples peeking through or how her plump ass stuck out in her hot pants just begging to be loved. He adjusted himself.

Larissa brought his drink to him and set hers on the coffee table. Standing with the coffee table between them Larissa asked, “Would you like to watch a movie?”

“Only if yuh a star inna it.”

“Very funny.”

“Mi nuh joke.” He took a sip of his drink.

“Maybe I will be the star in your movie. But only if you’re my co-star.”

“Yeah mon!” he said. “Cum closa. So mi caan see whey mi a wo’k wid.”

As soon as Larissa was next to him he set his drink on the coffee table and stood up. Larissa’s breasts heaved. Standing in between the couch and coffee table, Donovan grabbed Larissa and with one hand pulled her hair back. He then kissed her fervently.

After a few minutes passed, Donovan released his grip on her hair and unlocked his tongue from hers, slightly pushing her away from him. He pulled down her tube top and caressed her breasts with his lips. He bit her nipples with his teeth just hard enough to get a reaction from her. She gasped and held on to his shirt. When he was done punishing her nipples with his teeth he offered them pleasure from his tongue. Her body ached with longing. She quickly began to remove his clothes.

She completely undressed him and was mesmerized by his naked body. He had a firm and hairless chest with broad shoulders. His arms and legs were well defined. And when she looked at his dick her eyes dilated and her mouth opened. He had the biggest cock she had ever seen. What have I gotten myself into, she thought.

Donovan removed her hot pants. She wore no panties. Looking at her shaved pussy, he moved his thumb in a circular motion against her clit over and over again. Larissa couldn’t keep from whimpering. Within seconds her passion rewarded him with wetness. He had her sit on the edge of the couch and lean back. He got on his knees and placed her legs on his shoulders. “Mi ago mek yuh feel real nice,” he said, prolonging the word “real.” Then he submerged his dick within her center. A loud moan escaped Larissa’s mouth and her body jerked back. Donovan pulled her lower body back to the edge of the couch and he clasped his arms around her legs holding them captive. “Yuh a big gyal,” he said. “Yuh caan deal wid it.” His words made Larissa’s pussy steamy hot.

He gave her slow and hard thrusts. Each one was delivered a bit harder than the last one. Larissa panted and called out his name. As his confidence engulfed her he stared at her with lust and determination. Larissa focused on his face. His young face, a boyish looking one, led her to believe she was being fucked by a kid. The thought sent a wave of panic through her. But at the same time his dick caused her pussy ankara escort to erupt with love juice. He removed her legs from his shoulders. She lay spent and smiling.

“That was great,” she said.

“Mi jus’ a start,” he replied.

His knees were hurting from being on the carpet too long. So he got up, stretched his legs and started to remove their drinks from the coffee table. He set the drinks on the floor by the side of the couch. He told her to straddle the table as if she was riding a horse and to lay forward on the table with her sweet ass hanging off the edge. Lying across the coffee table Larissa recalled the position she was in as being the same one she had marked in her book called Sex positions. Donovan bent down and licked the side of her face. It surprised her. No man had ever done that before but she liked it.

After licking her face, he walked behind her and squatted down just low enough to enter her paradise. He held on to her shoulders to keep his balance. Larissa was elated as her fantasy was being played out. Donovan began to fuck her in the doggie style position. He worked her with speed and vigor. Larissa propped her arms up on the coffee table and began to glide her womanhood back and forth on his pool stick. The sound of her ass slapping against him could be heard. Then she began to slowly move her waist in a circular motion. Donovan groaned and removed his hands from her shoulders. He rested his hands at her waist. After a few minutes passed, he took both her arms and put them behind her back. His dick pounded her punany so good that tears stained her cheeks and she started to take in short and quick breaths. “I can’t breathe,” she managed to say through her pleasure. Donovan removed himself from inside the sweetness of her candy land. He walked over to the side of the couch and gave her the Mojito she had made for herself. She drank it all.

“Yuh a go live?”

“Yes,” she said smiling, after catching her breath.

“Good. ‘Cause mi nuh dun wid yuh yet.”

Larissa giggled and once again assumed the position on top of the coffee table.

“Mi dun wid de position,” he said. “Mi ‘ave oddah one in mind dat mi kno’ yuh like.” He grinned.


Two days later, Larissa met her best friend, Tiffany after work. They took a stroll in Central Park.

“I called you the other day,” Tiffany said. “But I didn’t get an answer. What have you been up to?”

“Oh, nothing.”

“It must be something ’cause you are glowing.”

“I am not,” Larissa said, blushing.

“What’s going on?” Tiffany asked.


“Don’t make me hurt you.”

“All right. You don’t have to be so hostile.”

“Let’s sit down first,” Tiffany said. “My feet are killing me.”

When they were seated on a bench, Larissa confessed, “I met someone.”

“Do tell.”

“Well, his name is Donovan, he’s college educated, built like a football player-“

“Yeah yeah yeah,” Tiffany said. “So how’s the sex?”

“Let’s just say he is the undisputed heavyweight champion in that department.”

“Listen to this slut.”

Waving her hand at Tiffany, Larissa said, “Shut up girl.”

“Sounds like someone is sprung if you ask me.”

Larissa just smiled.

“What does he do for a living?”

“That’s not important,” Larissa said.

“Oh yes, the hell it is,” Tiffany said. “Girl, don’t tell me he doesn’t have a job.”

“He works at Video Mania.”

“He’s the manager, right?”

“He’s a sales associate.”

“Oh hell no,” Tiffany cried.

A couple on a nearby bench stopped kissing and gave Tiffany a nasty look. She noticed them looking at her and said, “Whatever. Get a room.” Then she asked Larissa, “How old is he?”

“Old enough.”

Tiffany gave her a don’t-make-me-kick-your-ass type of look.

Larissa said, “He’s twenty-one.”

“TWENTY-ONE,” Tiffany yelled.

“Lower your voice,” Larissa replied.

“What is the world coming to?” Tiffany asked. “My girl has robbed the cradle and run off with a similac baby. I’m gonna have to hide my little brotha from you.”

“You ain’t right,” Larissa said through her laughter.

A moment later, the two of them sat in silence. Tiffany watched the joggers go by, picnics taking place, and children playing.

But Larissa was lost in her own world. All she could think about was Tiffany’s opinions which made her feel guilty for being with Donovan.


The next day, Larissa found herself, letting Donovan take her body on another bumpy ride. He worked her until their eyes became a slave owned by sleep. And her last thought before dozing off was, Tiffany can go to hell because Donovan is the wickedest slam of all.

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