Wife Alone

Wife AloneStan had been gone for three weeks and I was missing him very much, especially at night as I lay in bed needing to make love and no one to turn to. At 41 years of age, I still had those sexual desires that needed attention. Yes Stan had been in the Air National Guard for all these years and now his detachment had been deployed to the Middle East for a year. Gee I missed him so much already! How was I going to manage for a year?Saturday morning Jan came over as usual for coffee and the subject of me missing Stan came up. Jan smiled and said, “Molly, I think it is not Stan that you are missing but sex. Don’t confuse them sweetie.” I giggled and mumbled something about her having a naughty mind.”Well,” Jan continued, “After my divorce last year, I thought the same thing about missing my husband but I soon realized it was not him but sex that I missed.” “And,” as I looked at Jan smiling, “What did you do about that little problem?””I did some thinking about the situation. I knew that I was not interested in a serious relationship, and decided to find someone who needed some attention like myself but without any strings attached. Now who would fit into that category? It seemed to me that a young man who was away from his fiancé or girl friend would need some attention but would not want a serious relationship so I started looking at young college guys that I came in contact with in my work. (Jan worked at the local university in the student aid office).Well I found that if I wore some nice clothes, stockings, and heels, a flimsy blouse with some cleavage showing, I could read the guys really well. I found one that was nice looking and pleasant and that I seemed to have made a bit uncomfortable. At the end of our meeting, I casually asked him if he liked movies. He replied that he did, so I asked if he had seen the latest “Big Heist” movie just out on CD and he said no but sure wanted to see it. I told him that I planned to buy it Saturday and if he wanted to, could watch it with me. I told him that I thought he was a long way from home and needed to relax some. Of course I had already determined that he was from Alabama and was very low on funds. That’s my job you know! My plan was working so far.”Darn it all, Jan you are one devious woman! You are pure evil and I love it. So tell me the rest of the story.”Leroy showed up Saturday night and I had some snacks, good wine, and the movie. Well before the movie was half over, Leroy and I were holding hands. By the end of the movie he had put his arm around me and was holding me tight, hummmm, well we had a lovely evening with Leroy getting into this white divorcees panties,” as she laughed.I am sure I looked shocked as I puzzled over her statement about the “White Divorcee’s panties.”Jan continued, “Yes, Molly, he was black. Are you shocked?””Well, I just… well… uh… I am originally from Georgia and that just does not happen in Georgia. I bet he never thought of doing that in Alabama either.” “Yes, I know,” Jan, continued. “I hope you are not prejudice against blacks. I have found him to be quite good in bed.” “Oh no but my husband would kill me if I had a black lover.””Molly, sweetie, you are not going to tell your husband are you? You are not against having a black lover yourself are you?””Oh no,” I blurted out. “It sounds exciting to me. I think I would like that very much. Do you think black guys would like me?””Oh Molly, you have so much to learn. Black guys dream of getting into a white woman’s panties and they really get excited if the white gal is also married. It is one of the things that black guys want to do. kaçak iddaa It works for me and keeps me happy. I am happy with Leroy and he with me. We both know the score and understand that we are there for each other’s needs and that is all.””Jan, I know it is cheating but am willing to try it. Do you think you can find me a handsome young black guy who wants to get a taste of some white man’s honey? I am really getting horny thinking about all this.””Molly, what are friends for? I will be happy to find one for you. I think Leroy’s roommate might be interested. They were high school buddies and it might work out. Is Saturday night too soon?””Saturday night is great. I will be ready.”I spent the whole week planning for and getting ready for my new lover, as planned with Jan doing the hard work of finding me one. Jan informed me the date was on for Saturday night with Leroy’s friend, Andy. It was like being a teenager again and knowing I was going on a date to loose my cherry. I cleaned house, bought red silk sheets and shopped for some new sexy undies to wear to wrap this white wife in for a black man to inspect. I wanted Andy to be pleased with his date not only in bed but to please his eyes. I knew that I was good in bed. I was going to give him the best time he had ever had. And the thought of his black body next to me pounding me with his black rod pumping his black seed deep into my waiting womb was driving me into a state of almost constant arousal. Please let Saturday hurry up and come! As Andy did not have a car, I drove to his dormitory and waited in the visitor’s slot until I saw a young good looking dark skinned black guy smiling and carrying something wrapped like a bouquet walking toward my car. I rolled down the passenger side window and as he leaned in, he said, “I am Andy and you must be Molly.””Yes,” I replied. “I am Molly and I am glad to meet you Andy. Please get in.” With that Andy got into the car and he held on to the package. As we drove to my house, we chatted some. He remarked that he was really looking forward all week to meeting me and was glad that Saturday was here. To that I offered my concurrence. I used my remote to open the garage door and drove in closing the door behind us. (Keeps the noisy neighbors from starting any gossip).We moved on into the dining room where I had the table set for two. I told Andy that I had prepared dinner for us as planned and he pushed the package toward me and said, “These are for you. I hope you like them,” as he pulled the paper back to reveal two roses, one black and one white as I placed them into the vase together. I softly spoke to Andy, “Thanks, Andy. These roses represent us as we are about to be put together to be admired by each other.”I could see that Andy was pleased with my interpretation of the roses as he kissed me on the cheek and said that I was a very special person to be so perceptive and to be aware of our differences and accept them.I kissed Andy as he pulled me to him and we lingered longer that a friendly kiss would normally be, revealing our personal thoughts about each other as I felt a small flutter deep between my thighs. I could tell that Andy was stimulated by the kiss as well. I broke off and said, “If we are going to enjoy the dinner I have prepared, I think we better stop for now.” Andy laughed, and remarked that I was right. As we ate and made small talk, I could see the flicker in Andy’s eyes that he was please with what he had seen so far. I knew that he was one handsome young black stud and I knew that I want him as well. I knew that I had to think of him as a stud kaçak bahis for this white wife, or otherwise I would become too attached to him. I had to keep things in perspective even though he had already stroked my feminine emotions of love, as women tend to do with men they admire. I knew that being happily married that I could cheat but must not become attached to this man who was so thoughtful and knew how to make me mellow and vulnerable.Finishing dinner off with wine, we moved to the living room and danced to the soft music I had already started for the evening. Andy held me tight as we danced moving his hands lower and lowed to my butt as he pulled gently and played with my cheeks. I did the same and felt his muscular cheeks and back. I could now feel the wetness seeping between my legs and Andy’s black rod standing up tall and proud as it gently rested against my tummy telling me that my young black stud was ready to get into some more serious activities. I knew that he was having some very erotic thoughts of me as I was of him as well. I took his hand and slowly walked into the bedroom as he closely followed, and I turned and put my arms around his neck and pulled his head close to mine as I looked into his eyes and with a shy smile asked if he was ready to unwrap his present. To this he kissed me deeply and moved his hands to unzip my dress and I let it slide to the floor revealing my red sheer half-cup bra pushing my nice firm white breast up for his eager eyes. He trailed kissed down to my breast as he unhooked my bra freeing my breast with their firm brown nipples which he took into his mouth as a baby would licking, and suckling them. I could see the beads of sweat breaking out on his forehead as he worked his hands down around the elastic in my red lacy panties as he unwrapped his “white rose” which was wet with dew nestled in a bed of dark curly grassy moss. He fell to his knees as he eagerly parted the white petals and suckled the flower now being pushed into his black face. He circled my clit with his tongue as he licked up and down my now open petals that were dripping with dew. He licked and suckled the juice like a little boy would a sucker. I was now so horny for my black stud to thrust into my hot warm bed, to spill his seeds.As Andy moved to his feet, I started frantically unbuttoning his shirt revealing his black chest covered with curly black manly hair. I kissed my way down to his man nipples and suckled as I unbuckled his pants. As they dropped to the floor, I hastily pulled his shorts down to reveal his black rod standing there for me to admire and inspect. It was so erotic and beautiful, I almost had a spontaneous orgasm as I took it into my hand and looked at the end that was now covered in a clear juice freely seeping from the slit. I kissed and tasted and took it into my mouth as Andy moaned and pushed to me, slowing moving back and forth with a deep vibrating sound emerging from his throat. I knew that Andy was more than ready for this anxious white woman. I stood and pulled Andy into bed with me. We went into each other’s arms as we kissed deeply, both moaning and pushing against each other. I felt Andy’s manhood start to push against my white rose petals as I opened my legs and offered myself to be entered by my black stud seeking to plant his black seed into a white man’s flower bed. I felt him enter and hesitate then thrust deep as he moved his hands to my bottom to pull me tight against his black sweaty body as he slowly started to thrust and thrust as I wiggled with delight beneath my black lover, knowing that I was tasting of güvenilir bahis forbidden fruit – that of a black man in bed with a white married woman. I was now in a state of perpetual ecstasy as Andy continuously pounds his black manhood into my white womanhood slapping his black balls full of his seed against my bottom. Wave after wave of pure sexual pleasure was now moving over my entire body as I felt Andy suddenly thrust hard and deep, then the throbbing of his black cock as his seed started spewing from his black balls deep into my waiting womb. Andy now let out a deep grunt as he pushed hard and held me tight, pushing hard to assure all his seed would be planted into my waiting white womb. I shuddered and shook with delight, then went stiff as I finished the greatest orgasm I had ever experienced, then I fell limp with exhaustion and lay there with my eyes closed enjoying the moment as Andy lay on top as his balls drained their final drop into his newly found love. We both lay there in each other’s arms without saying anything knowing that we were both well pleased with our first date and how well we complimented each other. I knew that the symbolic white and black rose had just become one, as we completed our a****listic ritual which ended in the female offering herself to the male for breeding. Yes I was a real old bitch accepting this young black stud dog as he sought relief for his sex drive. Yes young guys are always eager to breed a bitch. I was now a young black stud dog’s bitch. The next morning when I awoke, I had to pinch myself to be sure I was not dreaming as I looked over and saw Andy sound asleep where Stan would normally be. I looked at my beautiful young black stud and realized that it was not a dream that I really had a lover who had pleased me well last night. He had opened up a new chapter in my life and awakened a need for something that I had not realized that I needed before. I saw his nice manhood lying there limp as if it were tired and well exercised. I knew that this white wife had done that to him and that I had made him sleep like a c***d. I admired my handsome black stud for a while then decided to put on a robe and go to the kitchen and cook him a big breakfast – after all he would need his strength again very soon.Ham, grits and eggs should make any black southern young man happy, so that was on the menu as I cooked breakfast then went to the bedroom and gently kissed my new lovers lips. He opened his eyes, and smiled and remarked that he had never had such a nice evening and had never rested so well. I leaned over and kissed him again and informed him that I had him some breakfast ready to restore his strength. He laughed and replied, “Yep, I think I am going to need it.”After Andy left the next day, Jan come over and started asking me to tell her all about it and I did. She asked if I was using any protection or if he used anything. I told her no.”OH, damn, Molly,” Jan said. “What are you going to do if a little black baby grows in there?””I know. I was stupid. I was so horny and anxious to have him, I never thought of anything like that. I went off the pill when Stan left never thinking ………………I am not going to do it again without protection. I am going on the pill right away and hope that I am not already pregnant.” It was a relief when I started my period three weeks later.Andy and I continued to see each other most Saturday nights till Stan came home, then we managed to get together now and then. I actually think I fell in love with Andy as I miss him so much now that he decided to move back home and go to college near his girlfriend. I don’t know why, but my black stud was the most wonderful sex I ever had. Sometimes as Stan and I have sex, I think that it is Andy and it gives me a great orgasm. Stan has noticed my sexual improvement but he has no idea why.

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