Group Sex

WIFE and BI STORYThe first time I was forced to be in the room when Mike and my wife made love, it was at a hotel.Mindy, my wife, made a big deal of us going away for the weekend, and she got a nice hotel room. We went out to dinner, dancing, the whole thing. Little did I know that the whole time Mike was watching her with me. When we got to the hotel room she had gotten, she had me strip and get into bed. But, my hard cock got the better of me, and Mindy said not to worry about it. she got me to agree to get into a chair, and tied me there. Not too unusual, she ties me up all the time, but usually in the bed.She then put a ball gag on me, and put several clothes pins and clamps on my fore skin and ball sack. She went to the bathroom, and got on her sexiest outfit…. a leather bra (she is a DD girl) and a garter with stockings. The garter has little silver chains hanging in front. She then put on her makeup, not too much, and got her long red hair into a pony tail. Then, she laid down on the bed, and turned on the TV!! When I struggled through the gag to ask what was going on, she came over and whispered for me to be quiet, and held my nose shut, making me completely impossible for me to get even a grandbetting giriş small breath of air. I struggled loose, but she just went to the wastebasket,and got the plastic bag out of it, and put it over my head, and drew it tight over my face. I thought I was going to pass out, but she removed it, and said for me to shut up.After she watched a little more TV, the phone rang, and she talked for only a minute, saying all was ready.Less than a couple minutes later, the door opened. It was Mike, who I had heard of many, many times, but had not seen before (at least not knowingly). He had a KEY TO OUR ROOM?!?!Mindy kissed and hugged him like she used to when I got home from work. She led him to the bed, and had him sit facing me, and asked him to explain things to me while she was “busy”.Mindy then opened his fly, removed his pants and began licking and sucking his cock…..which was HUGE (well, at least compared to mine.Mike told me that he had been stalking me for about 3 months. Deciding if he wanted to make me his slave, too. Mike said that he and Miindy were in love, and he now considered her his wife, not mine. He said that for now, I was going to be Mindy’s slave full grandbetting yeni giriş time, and I would never put my cock in his woman’s pussy again, and that eventually I may be his slave, too.After Mindy had a mouth full of Mikes cum, she came over to where I was, and removed my gag. I could tell by the way her mouth was pursed, what she had in mind. She grabbed my balls, and squeezed them hard, and when I screamed, her mouth was on mine, and mikes still warm cum was in my mouth.Mike was laughing as he got further undressed.I tried to ask Mindy something, but she just slapped me very hard and told me to stay quiet. Mike said I could ask either of them one question, before the gag went back in.I just looked at my wife and said: “Why?”.She put the gag back in me, and just smiled, and told me to watch.Mike put on a condom. Then they made love.For an hour he fucked my wife like I never fucked any woman in my life. His big cock was making her cum like crazy. Him on top, her on top, doggy style, etc. He was talking dirty to my wife, telling her to tell me how she liked his cock, and my wife said things I though I would never hear from her sweet mouth. She said how she grandbetting güvenilirmi loved a big man’s cock in her, filling her, stretching her, hurting and pleasing her. Finally, she asked mike to take the condom off, and he did……and filled my wife with his hot cum.As she laid on the bed, exhausted, Mike untied me, and led me over to her, and told me to clean up his mess. Mindy came again as I licked her clit, trying not to get any of Mikes cum in my mouth again. The whole time I was scared that he would stick his cock in my ass. But, he was getting ready to and then showering. However, when she was sated, she rolled over and sat on my face, and forced me to lick up every drop of Mikes cum.Mindy then beat me off, and when I came,she tied me to the bed, face down, and put a medium sized butt plug in my ass. I tried to tell her to let me go, that we had had enough fun. But, Mike came back in the room, freshly showered, and told this was no “kinky sex” thing, it was for real. I was now the slave, and my wife was now his wife.Mindy showered while Mike further explained things to me. That my wife would never allow my cock in her again, that she would be having his c***d, that I was just the guy who made money for them to spend, and that I was the slave. He also said that the reason they were putting the butt plug in me was to train my ass to stretch for Mikes cock.Mike then put the ball gag in my mouth, and they left, putting the “Do not disturb” sign on the door.They didn’t return for nearly 24 hours!

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