Wife and I Get a Roommate Ch. 05


We have all been getting along really well. David enrolled in the local community college and would be starting in September. David was also looking for a part-time job. Carol and I were going to the local State College and starting back about the same time. It was already the middle of August and we only had a couple more weeks before our schedules would get crazy.

We decided that it was best that David move in with us permanently, rather than move back to his parent’s house. The weather was getting hotter and hotter. The only thing worse than hot August nights is September’s Indian summer heat. We were now seeing triple digits on a daily basis, and it wasn’t cooling off much at night. Thank god we all loved sleeping and walking around naked.

I came home one night around 11p.m. I had to close the store that night. When I opened the front door of the apartment, it was like opening the oven door. All the lights were off, except a low light in the kitchen. I called out to announce my arrival when Carol answered back to me that they were out on the patio. I went around through the kitchen, which lead out to the patio, when I noticed that the sliding glass door to the patio was wide open.

We were upstairs and the patio had a three foot solid wall around the perimeter, a solid roof, big trees blocking the view to the street on one side, leaving the only open side of the patio facing out onto an empty field. It was real private, something Carol and I loved. David was naked on all fours eating Carol’s pussy out, as she lay in a lounge chair drinking ice tea. Carol looked up at me and said, “A bit over dressed baby, get naked and come have something to eat, like David’s ass.” She said to me more as an order that choice.

I didn’t even go inside to undress. I just threw my clothes off right there on the patio floor. I bent down behind David and ran my tongue up his hairy crack. David started to moan into Carol’s pussy, which sent her off into an orgasm. Well that was quick, I thought, but I guess David had been eating her out for a while before I came home.

Carol sat up and announced we were going to the adult store for supplies and toys. Carol instructed us to wear only a pair of jogging shorts, tank top, and sandals. She did the same. We were all obviously naked underneath with our cocks flopping all around, and even sporting a wet spot on the front of our shorts. We didn’t care and the thought of people looking was really hot.

We all climbed in my car and I drove about 10 miles to the bookstore. We went in and, of course, Carol went right over to the dildos. She grabbed a huge 12 inch dildo which was as fat as a coke can. Waving it around and pointing it at us, she said loud enough for anybody and everybody to hear, “Which one wants this big bad boy shoved up his pussy first?”

David and I looked at each other and flushed red, we were out in public but we wanted everyone to just think about us fucking Carol, not that we played with each other. Thank god the place only had four guys in there other than us, but they all looked.

Carol laughed at us and picked up a three foot long double headed dildo. “This will be lots of fun, can’t wait to see you guys fighting to meet in the middle on this bad boy,” as she came up to the both of us and squeezed our hard-ons through our shorts, causing huge wet spot to form on our shorts.

She was enjoying our embarrassment as she continued, “See I knew you guys wanted this. You both like being paraded out in public and humiliated.” Carol has an uncanny knack for bringing out peoples deepest and darkest secrets and then capitalizing on it. Carol continued to walk around, grabbing more lube, a few other items, and placed them in the basket she was carrying.

We headed up to the counter and charged it. The store clerk winked at Carol and told her she was one lucky bitch. Carol winked back at him as she shoved her hands down that back of our shorts and fingered our holes, “Don’t you know it.”

I grabbed one bag, David grabbed the other one, and we walked out of the store. That was so hot and sexy, being humiliated in public. David agreed with me and Carol wasn’t ready to go back home, she wanted to play more, “Let’s go to the other bookstore. You know the one with the video booths? We can see if we can flash someone through the video screens.”

The other adult bookstore was not far drive. In the back of the store there were ‘buddy booths’. ‘Buddy booths’ are a shared booth separated by a common frosted glass wall. Each booth has a button when pressed, will clear the frost from the glass to allow the members of each booth to see each other.

We arrived at the store in just a few minutes. We walked into the store and I went and changed a ten dollar bill into ten singles. We headed to the back of the store where the booths were. It was now 12:30am and the lights on the booths showed that there were 6 booths occupied, that could mean any number of people could be in there.

There were no booths available that didn’t have an open halkalı otele gelen escort buddy side so Carol grabbed our hands and we went back into the store to walk around a bit or cruise if you will. Carol held up pretty panties in front of me telling me how cute I would like, demanding that David acknowledge and give his opinion, and made him give his response out loud, “Wouldn’t he look absolutely fuckable in this white and red panty set David?”

“Oh yes. He would look so hot dressed in that pretty little sissy outfit.” David said aloud. I blushed, and David put his arm around my neck and kissed me, in public, for all to see. His inhibitions were completely gone and he was really into the exhibitionism.

We then walked back to the booths. Some of the booth lights were off now and a couple of guys were mingling around cruising. Now that we had an audience, Carol lead us into a booth, followed by me, and David brought up my rear, by grabbing my ass and pushing me in the booth. We all giggled going in.

We crammed in the video booth. I shoved a couple of dollars in the machine and the room lit up. The room was bigger than the one in Reno. This room looked to be five feet by five feet with a built in bench along one wall. It had the usual monitor on the back wall, and a glass partition on the wall adjoining the booths. No glory holes, bummer.

We took turns taking off our clothes, helping each other balance ourselves so we could slip off one sandal pull our shorts off, and then slip back into our sandals without touching the floor. Our clothes were soon piled up on the bench. The green light went on to indicate that someone was next door and wanted to see us.

Carol squatted down and started to lick our cocks. David and I started to kiss as I reached over and unfrosted the glass. The guy was older, in his 40’s, pants around his ankles, and jacking off his 5 inch cock. The guy’s eyes got really wide, obviously not expecting such a seen. Carol pushed us both back against the wall and raised her ass up to the glass and pressing her pussy to the window. David shoved his cock down her throat. I licked David’s nipples and turned in time to see the guy shoot his cum all over the floor and his hand. He pulled his pants up, gave me a wave and left the booth. He left the door open and because he still had time on his machine the glass stayed clear for anybody to walk by and see us.

I reached around David and slid a few more dollars in the slot just before the glass went dark again. The other booth’s machine must have run out of money. We heard the door close and knew someone else had walked into the booth. The glass cleared a few seconds later. This time it was construction worker type burly man standing there watching us. He gave us all a quick look over, smiled, and proceeded to undress.

He slowly unbuttoned his shirt and opened it up to reveal a nice hairy chest and pecs. He unzipped his shorts and slid them down past his knees. He was not wearing underwear. The whole time he was looking from Carol to David, then to me and back again. He couldn’t take it in fast enough. Carol stood up and backed up against David’s cock letting him fuck her doggy style as she bent over and engulfed my cock. We had to do this kiddy corner of the room in order to fit.

I was pushed against the edge of the glass wall. When I turned my head, to face the guy in the next booth, his face was right there pretending to lick my face as he jacked off his cock. Carol was sucking my cock, making her face eye level with the guy’s cock. She had a nice show of him jacking his big cock. I pretended to lick the guy back as he shot his cum all over his hand. Carol started to moan and hum on my dick as she watched him shoot his load right into her face. He raised his hand to his mouth and licked his cum off while he looked right into my eyes.

That did it for me as I shot my load into Carol’s mouth. Carol lifted herself up, grabbed my face, opened her mouth to show the guy my cum on her tongue, and then she kissed me hard shoving my cum in my mouth. David lost it and pulled out of Carol just in time to shoot his wad against the glass. If the glass wasn’t there the guy would be covered in David’s cum.

I moved down and sucked David’s cock in my mouth, licking up as much of David’s cum as I could. The guy stared at the scene, started to pull on his dripping cock fast and hard, until he actually came again.

I pushed the green button to frost the glass partition again. We all started to get dressed, making sure we all grabbed the others clothes as a joke. I ended up with Carol’s shorts on. David had my shorts on. My shorts were so small on him that his cockhead hung out his right pant leg. Carol pulled on David’s shirt, but his shorts were way too big for her so she just held onto them. David’s shirt looked like a very short dress that exposed Carol’s ass a little.

We stepped out of the booth just as our booth buddy did; he grabbed my ass and told me that if I ever halkalı rus escort wanted another to join in he would love it. He was good looking, so I patted his crotch and told him “Maybe.”

Then we all walked out laughing and headed to the car. Our construction hunk followed us out and slipped his card into my shorts. I caught it just as it fell out of my shorts. He patted my cock, gave me a wink and told me to call him. As he walked away I stared at his tight ass in his tight jeans. Carol caught me staring, “You’re such a little cock slut, let’s get going,” as she slapped my ass for being the bad boy that I was.

As we walked out to the car I was thinking about having the next two days off from work, and how much fun the three of us were going to have, when Carol sprung on us that Laura was coming to visit us before we all start back up with school. David and I stood next to the car looking at each other with shock and disappointment. David never actually broke up with Laura, but now that we were in this threesome we were already comfortable and we liked it.

With two days off I wanted David to fuck me. Damn. Carol told the both of us “Stop the pussy whining, it would only be a couple of days. David could fuck Laura for those days and then she will be on her way back to Reno.” With this heat, adding another body to our apartment was going to make it unbearable, and we have to wear clothes again. We were whining.

Carol looked at us both, gave us each a kiss on the mouth, and as she played with our cocks she began her lecture, “Now you boys will have to just hold off on fucking each other until I say so, now give each other a kiss and let’s get in the car.” Right in the parking lot, with cars zooming by and people walking around, we kissed each other long and hard. Our cocks were hard and tenting our shorts. We got into the car and drove home.

We woke up the next morning early. David and I went into the bathroom and cleaned each other out. I even let David lather my body up with Nair then we kissed and made out while we waited for the Nair to work. We stepped in the shower and I rinsed off the Nair. David ran his hands all over my smooth body inspecting his work.

We got out, dried off, and Carol was waiting her turn to get cleaned up. As Carol passed by she told us that she had laid out our clothes on the bed. David and I got to the bedroom and I was shocked, a little French Maid uniform for me, and David had a leather g string with big leather studded straps that crisscrossed his chest. Carol looked at us and told us we had some time before Laura got here and she expected us dressed when she came out.

David slipped on his outfit and it took my breath away. He looked like a warrior god. I slipped on the dress, which was really short and frilly. I have no tits so the chest area sagged. David came up to me and pulled me to him, “You look so fucking hot baby doll. I could fuck you all day.”

I looked up at him and said “I wish you could, I want you to fuck me anytime, anywhere,” then we kissed again. David made my heart race as we kissed. I held onto his tight ass cheeks and pulled him close to me.

Carol came out of the shower with a strap on Mondo dildo that was the size of a horse’s cock. She posed for us and then stroked her huge cock, “Like it pussy boys?”

We both said “YES” at the same time.

Carol continued her orders, “This is our little dress rehearsal so the minute Laura steps out that door to go home I want you to be dressed up and ready to get fucked by me. Now, make sure you tidy up the place and make sure all of our toys and play things are put away in our bedroom closet. Then change into shorts and sandals only. No shirts, it’s too fucking hot.”

I acted like the maid as I went around swishing my dress and cleaning up. David cleaned the spare room. Since he hadn’t slept there all week there wasn’t much to do. We went and changed as instructed. Carol was dressed in a sheer white top, with her nipples clearly visible. Her white shorts were cut so high that they rode up in between her pussy lips, exposing her shaved pussy. She was fucking hot.

Carol gave us our marching orders, “I want you two to go to any park and walk around it for at least a half an hour. I want you to hold hands in front of everyone. Then I want you to go to the video booths and take turns sucking and fucking each other, but don’t you dare cum. Make sure you both stop and change it up before you make the other cum. Get 5 guys to cum while you put on a show. Then be back here by 2pm, that will give me and Laura a chance to visit and it will make David really horny to fuck Laura.”

This was going to be better than any scavenger hunt I’ve ever been on. David and I both gave her a kiss on the cheek, then like school girls we ran to the car. It was 10:30 in the morning so I figured I would go to a park 30 minutes away where nobody knew us. We got out of the car and started to walk around. Nobody was really around so I grabbed David’s hand and halkalı türbanlı escort continued our walk.

We past some guys playing basketball and they paid us no mind. A couple of girls walked by and giggled. We sat on the swings and slowly swung back and forth while holding hands and laughing. The wind was blowing up my shorts, so I knew I was exposed to the world, but I didn’t care.

Our thirty minutes were about up so we got off the swings and started walking back to the car. Our first part of our mission has been accomplished. Now we had to drive to the adult bookstore and take on our next task.

We drove to the adult bookstore, got out of the car, and walked in. I took out two $10 bills from my wallet and gave one to David and told him to go change it out for singles. We walked into the store and headed to the cashier. We each exchanged our tens for singles and headed to the back booths. It was now noon and there were several people milling around. I should have drove to the other store when I noticed how full the parking lot was, but it was too late now. We had to get 5 guys to blow their load before we could go home, or suffer the consequences.

David was being ogled by three guys by the time I changed my ten and walked to the back. I grabbed David’s ass, pulled him to me, and kissed his nipple. I pulled back away from David and nodded for him to follow me as I headed down the aisle of booths.

I was so hot for David’s body. Knowing that I was about to suck his cock in front of all of these men was causing me to leak in my shorts. We got into our booth and stripped off our shorts. I put some money in the slot and waited for our first customer.

I turned the channel to a tranny fucking a guy. We already heard new the next booth was occupied when I hit the green button and the frosted glass became clear. David grabbed my head and shoved it onto his nipple. I inhaled his manly scent and I started to suck on his hairy nub. David threw his head back and moaned while he rubbed my head.

I glanced sideways to the guy in the next booth, without losing my lip lock on David’s tit. The guy in the next booth was older, in his 60’s easy. His shorts and underwear were down around his ankles as he stood there stroking a nice hard cock that was covered grey pubic hair. His shirt was unbuttoned in the front and he was pulling on his nipple and staring right at me. He didn’t last long. His hand became a blur and his load flew across his booth and landed against the glass. Well that didn’t seem much of a challenge. We had one down and four to go.

I pulled off of David’s nipple before he blew his load and we waited for the booth to fill up. The next guy was better looking and looked to be in his thirties. He had dark hair and nice blue eyes. His chest was smooth except for a nice trail of hair that lead down to his thick black bush of hair. His cock was uncircumcised and looked to be about six inches long. This was the first uncircumcised cock I have seen. I liked watching his pull back on his foreskin and then push up as the skin covered his head.

David and I were making out and throwing him kisses as he slowly jacked his nice cock. Then David went down and started to suck my cock and lick my balls. This guy looked to be in it for a while. He was stripped naked stroking a half limp cock.

I needed to get this guy interested, and hard. I turned it up a notch and pulled David off my cock and spun around to offer David my ass. David got the hint. David bent over, spread my cheeks, and dove his tongue into my waiting ass. This got the guy hard and he was stroking faster.

David stood up and shoved his cock in my pussy balls deep. He just about knocked me out slamming my head against the glass. On a good note it allowed both of us to calm down a bit and to take it slower. David started taking long slow strokes in my ass.

My face was pressed against the glass offering me a great view of his cock. The guy stepped forward and smeared a drop of cum on the glass, right where my mouth was. I pretended to lick at it. He then sped up his self-pumping. I was so great having an unobstructed view like this. He placed his cock head right up to the glass and I watched as his cock head flared, his clit opened wide, and his cum came shooting out against the glass. I wished I could taste his cum. Two down.

The glass turned frosted as our dollars elapsed. David pulled out of my ass. I missed he cock already as we threw on our shorts, and left the booth. We were running out of time to get three more guys to cum for us. David and I walked further back into the rows of booths, and entered the second to last booth. We scored. This booth had glass on one wall and a glory hole on the other. We ripped off our shorts, I threw some dollars into the machine, pushed the green button to clear the glass, and we waited.

We didn’t wait long before we heard the adjoining booth door open. The glass cleared, and a middle aged Indian guy with a thick black pelt of hair on his arms appeared. Once he saw two naked guys in the booth he couldn’t pull his shirt off and drop his pants fast enough. His skin was a light brown. His chest was covered in black fur like his arms. What caught my eye were his nipples, they were very dark brown with little black nubs protruding. He had a nice thin looking cock that was sticking straight up and already leaking.

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