Wife at Convention (3) – Cuckhold Fantasy


Wife at Convention (3) – Cuckhold FantasyI awoke on Sunday morning. Anxious. Should I be mad, worried? I had just watched my wife fuck a group of men. I didn’t know if I should feel hurt… or if my erection should guide my thoughts.Judy was due home after the convention by dinner time. Nervously, I waited all day.Around 6pm I heard her return home. I was thrilled! My beautiful size 2 redhead wife took me in her arms when she came in. “I missed you so!” she exclaimed, pressing he body into mine.We kissed and broke apart. Should I confront her about what I knew or wait for her to tell me? What if she didn’t say anything??“How was the show?” I opened.“Excellent. Pour me a drink and I will bore you with the details” my wife laughed. I poured two vodkas.Judy looked great. No sign of her orgy the night before. Her long red hair spilled down her narrow shoulders. She looked so sexy but seemed to have something on her mind.We sat and drank our cocktails and she told me about her show. Then she paused…”I have something I need to tell you”, she said with a serious note. I sat innocently, waiting.She slid up next to me. “I love you, you know that, right?” her eyes implored me. Nervously, I replied “yes”.“I did something very bad”, she added looking me eye-to-eye. I waited. ”Honey…I…um, I had sex with a couple of men at the show.” Judy looked near tears. kaçak iddaa “I can’t not tell you. I was drunk and things got out of hand. I am so sorry, but I had to tell you.”I was shocked. I knew that she had willingly fucked several men, but In needed to keep her talking. I just looked at her.“We…I won a large new account from a German firm. I drank way too much, and…well, they took advantage of me.” Judy truly looked heart broken. She wouldn’t meet my eyes.“and…” I prompted.“I am so ashamed, but I have to confide in you. Is that what you want?” I nodded by my wanting her to continue.Judy took a long sip of her vodka, gaining her courage to continue. “Steven, drunk and overly excited about winning a new account, I um, well… I had sex with several of the client team.” She paused.I played along, looking at her. “Go on, what do you mean?”“Steven, I do love you…I have to tell you that I had sex with other men. I am so sorry and so ashamed, but I had to confide with you.”“What did you do?” I asked, more to make it seem real for her.Judy continued, looked down and ashamed, “After we won this big and important account, we celebrated. I drank too much…I had sex with them.”I reacted appropriately, “You what? You fucked your new clients?”“Honey! I got caught-up in the moment. I am so sorry. Yes, drunk and horny, I had sex with them?”I sat in silence kaçak bahis for a long moment. Should I be mad? Hurt? Finally, I asked, “so, did you like it?”This question stunned my wife, and she considered her answer. “I was caught up in the moment, so yes, I guess I did enjoy it. Honey, I love you but I had to confess to you. Please understand.”Silence. Finally, I said, “Judy, I love you and only you. Yes, I understand the need for sexual release. Its okay. How many men were there?” She didn’t know that I knew about Grey and her past experiences.Sheepishly, my wife admitted, “Five…that I can remember.”“Did you like that?” I asked shocking Judy.She hesitated and finally added, looking me in the eye, “Yes, Steven, I did.”We both finished our drinks and I rose to pour us another. Silence.Finally, I said “Judy, I love you. You are my wife and I want you to be happy. I know that I am not the best in-bed…as long as you love me, as your husband, I am okay with you having sex with other men. No affairs. No emotion. Just sex.”A quiet descended on us as Judy considered what I had said. Finally, she said “I am so in-love with your, Steven, and ashamed to tell you of me infidelity. Thank you for understanding.”Another long silence. I then said “Judy, you are my wife. I want you to be happy in all things. I know that I am not the best lover, but I want illegal bahis you to be satisfied. If you need to have sex with other men, I only ask that you tell me about it.”She looked at me, not knowing what to say.“I want you to enjoy sex, to have orgasms that I am not capable of giving you. That is okay with me.”Judy processed what I said. “Steven, are you saying that you are okay with me sleeping with other men?”“As long as it is for sex, and you tell me about it, yes, I’m good with that.”Judy as stunned. “In fact,” I continued, I’d love to watch you.”Judy reacted, “Okay, so you want me to have sex with other men as long as I tell you… and you get to watch? Seriously?”“Yes”, I said.“You’re fucking k**ding me, right? Here I thought you would be upset, but no, you are just concerned about being able to watch!?” Judy asserted, looking at me angerly.We talked more, and agreed. Judy looked at me and I could read her struggle “Loser” vs. “husband”.“You’ve probably got a hard-on just talking about it, haven’t you?” she demanded. Then she cuddled up next to me, “so, do you fantasize about other men fucking your wife?” she whispered in my ear. My cock twitched!She continued, “I bet you masturbate thinking about your wife fucking other men, don’t you?” She nibbled my ear playfully. She then whispered in my ear “Do you know how many men have cum inside me? Mmmmm….their sperm running down my legs afterwards?”She grabbed my crotch and rubbed. “Your wife fucking other men…yes! I bet you masturbate your loser cock just thinking about it!”I came in my pants!

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