Wife Becomes a Caregiver


Wife Becomes a CaregiverMy wife is not a nurse, or licensed in any way to take care of the elderly or sick. So when she suggested taking in the old man next door, I was shocked. The thing was, she is just an all around kind person. And she felt really bad for him, not having anyone. Also, he was really rich, so maybe that played a part in my thinking. He had always been a bit of grump to most neighbors. To be honest, no one the neighborhood seemed to like him. And if he did have family, we could understand why they never came to visit him. Still, he always liked my wife, and would chat with her for hours over the fence, or on the sidewalk out front. She seemed to be the only person he really wanted anything to do with. And then one day he had a stroke. My wife went to check on him at the hospital because she saw the ambulance take him away. The doctors told her that he would likely be put in a nursing home because he needed constant care, and didn’t appear to have any family to do this for him. She came home sad, and asked what I thought about him staying with us for a while. I was not big on the idea, and tried to remind her that she was not exactly qualified to give him all the care he needed. She argued that point by saying the nurses would show her what to do, and she felt obliged to help him, since she considered him a friend. When I continued to protest, she finally made me agree by reminding me that he does have tons of money, and won’t live forever. So maybe if we helped him, he may end up leaving some of that fortune to us when he passes away. Reluctantly I agreed, but reminded her this was all on her. She would be doing everything for him. The next day, she prepared a room for him on our first floor. It had an adjoining bathroom, and she even bought one of those hospital beds that went up and down. She set up a tv for him in there, and made it look very comfortable. She brought him home from the hospital and set him up in his new room. The stroke was pretty severe, so he wasn’t able to speak, only grunt and groan. And he had lost the use of the right side of his body completely, so walking was not possible, and couldn’t use his right arm. To make matters worse, he had lost his left hand in Word War 2, so he was pretty much an invalid at this point. She brought over his clothes from his house, and some of his pictures and other things to make him feel at home. I was really proud of her, doing such a good job taking care of him. He had been set up with a catheter, since getting up to pee was not possible. And the nurses showed my wife how to change this, clean him, etc. She was taking her new responsibility very seriously. The first night when we laid in bed, she asked me if I wanted to hear something funny. Sure, I said. “Well, I have to say, Mr. Wilson has….how can I put this delicately, well, he has like an enormous penis!” I about fell over laughing hearing her say that. “What are you talking about,” I asked. “Well, as you know I have to change his catheter. And I will have to start helping him bathe. So I obviously see him, you know in the nude. And today when I was being shown how to change it, well, I saw his penis and it was the biggest I have ever seen. It had to be maybe 9-10 inches and was obviously not even hard.” “Wow, lucky old bastard. Wonder why he was such a crab walking around with that thing in his pants.” I said,. And then we drifted off to sleep and didn’t say anything more illegal bahis about it. I went to work the next day and she set about her day of taking care of old Mr. Wilson. That night in bed, I asked her how it went. She told me she had something to tell me. “Well today I had to help him into the bath. I ran the water and filled the tub half way as the nurse had shown me. I wheeled him in there, removed his catheter, and helped him into the tub. I began to soap him up and wash him in the tub. And well, I had to wash his penis, you know. They said it was important to keep that area clean. But when I did, he, uh, well, he got hard. And if I thought it was big before, this was crazy. I had no idea what to do, so I just went about cleaning him and ignored it.”So I said, “well I am sure that is normal . I am surprised he can still get hard, but after all, you are pretty hot, and you were washing his naked body. I am sure over time that will stop.”The next night, again in bed, she told me she had another story about him. “Well I wasn’t going to bathe him today, but I did have to change his catheter. And when I put my hands on his penis to remove the old one, he became hard again. Instantly, it was rock hard. And then he started grunting, almost like he was in pain. I wasn’t sure what to do, because I had to put the new one in. But in that state, it wasn’t going to happen.” “So what did you do,” I asked. “Well, I just left the room, and went into the kitchen to wait it out. I felt bad leaving him in there alone, and I could hear him moaning, and wailing like he was in pain. But eventually he stopped, and I went in to find him asleep. So I quickly put in the new catheter, while he was not hard, and got out of there.” “Poor old bastard,” I said. “I bet he was moaning and wailing because he wants nothing more than to jerk his cock off, but he knows he can’t. I feel bad for him, I can’t even imagine being rock hard, and horny, with no ability to get any relief. It must be torture.””Stop it!” my wife yelled, “You’re making me feel bad.””Oh don’t take it that way, it’s not your fault. he just thinks your hot, that’s all, and probably has no control over this. I am sure it will stop happening eventually. Just give him some time to adjust.” The next night I asked her how it went again, and this time she said she had something to confess. “Well, it happened again. It was bath day, and as I washed him in the tub, he was hard as a rock the whole time. When I went to dry him off, I had to dry that area as well, and it only seemed to make matter worse. Then when I helped him into the bed, it was sticking straight up. It didn’t seem like it would go down at all. I needed to get his catheter in again, and he was really moaning and wailing like he was in pain. I went to the other room to give him time to go down. But the wailing continued. And then I looked at the clock and realized I had to leave for an appointment in 20 minutes. So I didn’t have to time to wait for him to lose his erection. So……well, I had to help him get rid of it.” “You did what? What are you telling me, what did you do?” I stammered, kind of in disbelief. But for some reason, I wanted to hear more and noticed my own cock had gotten hard. “Well, it was all very clinical. This was not about sex, so please don’t get mad. This was just part of taking care of him. He was in pain, and I needed to get that catheter in. And I realized this problem would not go illegal bahis siteleri away on its own. each day I let it go, the erections lasted longer, and seemed to cause him more pain. So I put on the rubber gloves the nurses left me, and I went back into his room. I took him in my hand, and poured a good amount of lotion onto him. It actually took both hands because it was so big, but after only a few pumps he shot the biggest load I have ever seen. His eyes rolled back in his head, and he laid down, looking very peaceful. I cleaned him up and put in his catheter, and left. Like I said, it was not sexual, just helping him to ease his pain.”‘Wow, I can’t believe you did that. I guess I am not mad, but did you, well, like it?””It all happened so fast, I didn’t even really think about it. But it was weird holding such a big dick. And I guess if I am being honest, my panties did feel a little wet as I drove to my appointment. In fact, telling you about it now, kinda has me horny. Would you fuck me?’I didn’t need any more encouragement and was already hard hearing her describe it. We fucked like rabbits that night, and it was the best sex we had in 15 years. I had nothing to be jealous about, this guy wasn’t taking her from me. Hell he couldn’t even stand. So if rubbing his old cock makes her horny like this, better for me, right!Over the next few weeks, she continued to jerk him off whenever the erections got in the way of what she needed to do. Instead of it happening less frequently, it seemed to be almost a daily routine. But it got her so worked up, that she was now fucking me just about every night, so I didn’t complain. She admitted to me that after the first couple times, it was taking him longer to cum. So one day she took off the gloves, and that seemed to work much better. She also admitted that she liked being able to feel his cock better in her hand. And that sometimes when she was jerking him, she would get really wet, and even go play with herself waiting for me to get home and fuck her. She seemed to really be enjoying this new role, and as long as she kept being honest with me, and fucking me all the time, I didn’t mind at all. Then one day as I was leaving for work a bit late, I noticed her dressed after her morning shower. She was wearing a really low cut tank top, and shorts that pretty much showed off her entire ass. I asked her why she was dressed that way, and she just smiled. “Well, a little eye candy helps with the handjobs, you know”. And with that she left for his room. I went to the garage to leave, and realized I had forgotten something. When I went back inside, I heard his grunts, and realized she was already working him. I felt compelled to go have a peek and see her in action. The door was open since they assumed no one was home. And from where I was standing they couldn’t see me. What I saw next forever changed me. She was working his huge cock with both her hands as she stood on the side of the bed next to him. I could see the smile on her face, and knew she was into it. She was really stroking it, and then I saw her get up on the bed with him. She straddled her body over him facing towards his feet and stuck her incredible ass directly in his face. She had her bare hands working this incredible cock, and leaned her face right down inches from it. Then I heard her spit on it, and start jerking him even faster. Hell, there was nothing clinical about this, it was canlı bahis siteleri something straight out of a porn video. I reached into my pants to free my throbbing cock. As I watched her pump him, I began jerking myself matching her strokes. Then I saw her stop suddenly. A bit of pre-cum oozed from the tip of his cock. She rubbed it around his massive cock head, and then started pumping again. She did the same in another minute or so, stopping just before he would cum. She was teasing him, and edging him. She was in no hurry to have this stop. Suddenly I noticed that she was now jerking him with only one hand. The other hand had moved inside her shorts, and she was fingering her pussy in front of his face. She seemed to be rocking back and forth and getting her cunt right up to his nose. I know he could smell her wet pussy from that position, and with a few more pumps she made him shoot all over the place. Before I could do anything, she had gotten off him, and was walking out of the room to go get towels. She caught me standing there with my cock in my hand. “Enjoy the show? Well, I can see by what you are doing that you did. Fuck me, right now.” I grabbed her hard, and pulled her to me. I spun her around with her back to me, and bent her over. I ripped her shorts from her sexy ass, and plunged myself into her from behind. She was soaking wet, and let out a huge moan. I began pumping her furiously, as she reached back and worked her clit with her fingers. I know he could hear our moans, as we both came hard only a foot or so outside his open bedroom door. I had to get to work, so I left right after that. She told me the rest of the day went on as normal. But that night she was still horny so we fucked again. After we fucked she said she had to ask me something. “Would you get mad if I sucked him? I know he loves the handjobs, but sometimes I just really want to put that thing in my mouth. And I know he would really love it.” “Fine with me, as long as I can watch you do it.” The next morning, we went into his room together. She whispered into his ear that she had a special treat for him, but I was going to be there to watch. He was already hard in anticipation. I sat in the chair next to them, and I watched as she started to rub his cock up and down. Then she started to lick up the length of his shaft, and his moans increased. She then took the head of his cock into her mouth, and held it there for a few seconds. I pulled out my cock and started stroking watching her. She eased her mouth down over him, and took about half his length into her throat. There was no way that whole thing was fitting in her mouth, but she did her best. She worked the bottom of his member with both her hands, as she expertly sucked off the top of it. I was now beating off furiously watching her. I knew she was getting really turned on, but she couldn’t touch herself with both her hands on his cock. So I stood up behind her, and pulled her shorts to her ankles. To my surprise she had no panties on and I slipped into her with ease. I began fucking her in rhythm as she sucked him off. And when it was too much for him, he came hard into her mouth. She kept on sucking him through his orgasm because she was in the midst of her own. She swallowed every drop of his cum, as her body shook around my cock. I had to hold her up to keep her steady. And as her legs shook, and her ass wiggled with her orgasm, I shot my load deep into her. She cleaned him up, and did the rest of her caregiver duties that morning. I ended up calling in sick to work, and stayed home to fuck her a few more times. Mr. Wilson passed away in his sleep that night. And I have to think, he died a very happy man.

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