Wife fucks black and white men in the woods. Gangb

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Wife fucks black and white men in the woods. GangbSome weeks after she had fucked Kenny and his two black friends Jane was walking through the town centre close to where we live. She was wearing a loose dress as it was a warm sunny day. As she browsed the shops she was met by Adam, the 16 year old lad she had originally met at the house where she fucked him and six of his housemates. They chatted or a while and he told her about how he was getting on at catering college. Of course, the subject soon turned to sex. “He’s such a good looking young lad” Jane later told me. “I couldn’t remember what his cock was like because I have had so many recently, but he had a hard body under his T shirt. We talked about what went on at the party. He told me that Janine had asked after me which made me feel quite horny. I asked him outright if he fancied finding somewhere quiet for some fast sex and he leapt at the chance.”Jane and Adam made their way to the edge of town in her car where there was a wooded area close to the canal. It was an area used by rough sleepers and winos and it was not visited by the general public. They made their way to a small clearing littered by empty bottles and general rubbish. They were alone though and Jane kissed Adam passionately. “I told him that we would have no time for foreplay and I pulled at his trousers and grabbed his hard, black cock in my hands. His balls were like granite, so full of cum. Although I’d told him there was no time for foreplay I really wanted to feel his dick in my mouth so I went down on my knees and gave him a quick blowjob.”A large tree stump was then used by Jane to lay back on with her dress pulled around her waist. Adam slid into her moist, neatly trimmed pussy and began fucking her. “We were being watched” Jane then told me. “I could see a white, scruffy looking guy staring at us from the bushes. God, that really turned me on. I love an audience but this one was hidden.”Jane lifted her legs high so that her spectator could get the best view of the young black cock pounding her pussy. “Adam then asked me if he could fuck my arse again. He was so polite, how could I refuse.” With that Jane got on all fours on the tree stump which meant that her arse was at the perfect height for Adam to enter as he stood behind my lovely wife. Her dress was now pushed up almost around her shoulders. Her heavy breasts were still contained within her bra but they swung back and forth as Adam slid in and out of her tight arse. Adam asked Jane where she wanted him to cum. She told him that she wanted his cum in her mouth. “I knew he had a lot of cum to offer because his balls were so tight but I also wanted to give our watcher a view he wouldn’t forget.” She told me.Adam continued fucking my wife’s arse with his rock hard, illegal bahis young cock for a few minutes before he told her he was ready to cum. “He pulled out and I sat on the edge of the tree stump. I pulled my dress down around me and Adam stood in front of me grinning and pulling gently at his cock. I caressed his balls and opened my mouth. The end of his cock sat on my tongue and he came. My God, he came so much. Squirts of hot, young cum shooting into my mouth from his lovely black cock. I could see our visitor out of the corner of my eye watching us. From the way his shoulder was moving I could tell he was wanking. That turned me on all the more as I fingered my pussy and I came too. Jeez, I was so horny.”When finished, Adam put his still erect cock into his trousers. Jane had swallowed his cum and was making herself look half decent again. She told Adam to leave the area before her. “I didn’t want anyone to see us leaving together and besides, I was still feeling so fucking horny.”Adam said thanks and made his way off. Jane stood in the clearing and tidied herself. Her watcher was still just about hidden to her side wanking. “I told him he could come out now” Jane told me. “I said I hoped he had enjoyed the show but if he wanted a piece of the action he would have to introduce himself as I was about to leave. He didn’t hang about” Jane said. “He walked up to her still pulling on his average length but thick, white cock. “I asked him if anyone else was watching. He said no but some of his mates were close by at the canal side drinking. I told him he had better call them if he wanted to share his good fortune.” She went on to tell me that she was feeling so horny she wanted plenty of cock. “It was a warm day, I’d already had a black cock up my arse and I needed more.”Her new friend used his phone to make a call and as he did so Jane took off her dress leaving herself in just a lace bra and knickers. She had flat bottom shoes on and she knelt before him sucking his cock as he made the call. “This was more like it” she told me. “Adam was almost too clean but this cock was filthy. His boxers smelled of stale piss and his cock almost steamed it was so filthy. I fucking well loved it and licked his shaft and sucked his bell end. He couldn’t believe his luck as I licked his balls and the sweaty space between them and the top of his legs. I even managed to deep throat him just as three of his friends arrived. Two of them I recognised. They were Kenny’s black friends that I had fucked a few weeks before at Kenny’s flat. They were grinning like Cheshire cats as they made their way over to us. The other was another white guy I had not seen before. Tall, skinny, and easily in his early sixties. He was as scruffy as fuck and I wanted him”!In no time at illegal bahis siteleri all Jane was sucking on two white cocks and two black cocks. All of them were dirty, all of them hard and the two black cocks large, thick and textured. Jane really did love a dirty, big cock. The older white guy apparently had a long slender dick that too reeked badly. All four of them had removed their trousers as Jane took it in turns to suck them. She had cock pressed against her face as she sucked and she then got out her mobile phone as she told me what had happened. She showed me several selfies of her surrounded by cock. My God, she looked fantastic. She’s a good looking woman but here, with her long, dark hair hanging down as she sucked on four very different dicks, well, this was something else!Jane stood up and all four men pawed at her full breasts, removing them from her bra. Her knickers had been removed and they fingered her wet pussy. “You know this one loves cock up her arse” one of her black lovers informed his white friends. “I know” said the first white guy. “I’ve been watching her fuck some young black k** here just a while ago. He shafted her arse before cumming in her mouth.” “I’ll have some of that then” said the older white guy and he sat down on the tree stump. “Lower yourself onto this” he teased my wife. With that, Jane turned to face away from him and lowered her arse onto his long, slender white cock. Inch by inch she settled down on him until it was balls deep in her arse. I don’t know how she does it, she is a slim girl with a petite arse but she assured me it was all deep within her.“The other white guy then fucked my pussy from in front of me. I was sandwiched between them and he kissed me full on the mouth. His teeth were rotten and his breath stank of stale booze. The guy up my arse could hardly move but he did chew on my ears. His breath stank too. My two black friends stood either side of me trying to get their cocks into my mouth but it wasn’t easy. The first guy was pounding my pussy so I was being shaken all over the place. I decided to move to another position so I could enjoy myself more. I wanted to feel two cocks shafting me at the same time, not just one in my pussy with the other still in my arse.”Jane soon ended up on top of one of the black guys as the other three took it in turns to fuck her arse. “If you are going for double penetration then best do it right” she told me. She showed me a few selfies she had taken of her face with one of the black guys grinning from behind as he obviously plowed her arse. There were then images obviously taken by one of the guys which showed her in action with two cocks buried deep inside her as she sucked on the third that was kneeling in front of her. Man she looked good. canlı bahis siteleri Small, petite with great tits sandwiched between a white guy and two black guys, she was having a great time.“I wanted them to cum over me at the same time so I told them so.” Their filthy body’s dripped sweat onto her as she fucked them. Their filthy mouths kissed hers and sucked at the tits. Their hard, dirty cocks fucked her beautiful arse and pussy in turn. “I was in ecstasy” she told me. “I was hot, filthy and they fucked me roughly. I lost count of the amount of times I came before I sat back against the tree stump and they all came over my body, face and tits. The old white guy came the most which surprised me. He squirted like the porn star Danny D and his cock was quite similar. He almost blinded me with his cum. They all then wiped their cocks on my face before getting dressed. One of the black guys gave me his filthy boxers to wipe the cum off with. He told me he would have to wash them now, flipping cheek! Like they were not already filthy before he gave them to me. At least I could look half decent for the walk back to the car though.”“Before I left I kissed each of them on the mouth. I wanted one last taste of their stale breath. As I kissed them one of them, another of the black guys lifted my dress from behind and pressed his newly erect cock between my bum cheeks through my knickers. God I felt dirty. I lifted my left leg into the air and he pulled my knickers to one side. Once again I had a think, filthy black cock embedded in my arse. He gently pushed me to the ground on all fours and fucked my arse from behind. He was fully clothed with just his cock exposed from his filthy jeans. My dress was again around my waist. Here, look at the photos” she told me.Sure enough, there was my wife, dress around her waist with the most enormous, thick black cock buried dep inside her arse. The guy grinned at the camera and there followed some close up images of his cock in Janes arse. She then showed me a short video clip of him fucking her as the others stood around encouraging him on. He groaned out loud and pushed deeply as he came inside her arse from behind. Jane moaned gently, she was lost in the moment as the black tramp emptied himself into her. He then pulled out and wiped his cock on her dress before standing up and joking with his friends about their little white slut. The video then zoomed in on my wife’s arse, still ‘up I the air’ with cum oozing from it. The video then stopped.We fucked together that night and she let me have her arse. It was still tight despite the ravishing she had taken earlier. “I will need more of the same from my new friends” Jane told me after. “Well, as long as you stay safe and tell me of your adventures then that is fine by me.” I replied.” I’m going to meet up with Janine soon, you remember, the young black girl from the party” she said. I’m going to invite her round for the evening. Perhaps we could both fuck you if you like”? Would I like? Bring it on love!

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