Wife Loves to Serve


Wife Loves to ServeYou come home from work. I greet you at the door with a hug and a kiss, just what you wanted after a busy day at work. Your eyes travel up and down my body, taking in each detail from head to toe. My hair, a wonderfully cute frame for my face. Around my neck, the delicate leather collar you made for me. My sheer white blouse that hints at the detailed lingerie underneath trying it’s very best to keep my ample soft fleshy curves at bay. And my tight pencil skirt, that hugs my hips and thighs.Taking your hand, I turn and walk down the hall to the living room. Sitting you in your favorite arm chair, I perch myself on your knee. Your hand comes up to cup my chin, running your thumb across my lips. This simple caress has my eyes closed and my breath catching. You know I am yours, and I am keenly aware of this intimate fact with every fiber of my lust filled body. You wrap your fingers around the back of my neck and pull me down for one more kiss, before looking down and drawing my attention to the growing bulge straining bünyan escort against your work pants.I slide off your lap. Sinking down on my knees. I position myself between your thighs, my fingers lightly working their way up over the fabric till they settle on your zipper. I tug it down slowly and look up, meeting your eyes as I reach one hand in. Tugging your boxers open, I wrap my fingers around your hard cock and pull it out. You give it a few throbs to make me giggle like I always do, and I feel my self getting wetter. Licking my lips I notice that the tip is already wet with precum.I point your lovely cock at my face and lean forward and flick my tongue out to lick just the tip at first. I feel you twitch against my fingers as I circle my tongue around the head, slowly as if it were a popsicle. You twitch again as I wrap my full, warm lips around the head and commence with a proper blow job in earnest. Massaging the underside of your cock with my talented tongue. I bounce up and down your stiff pole. As I take it inch by inch deeper into my mouth, I move the hand wrapped around your shaft down to cup your balls lightly.My other hand is sliding down my body, pausing at my blouse to undo a few buttons, to give you a clear view of my ample cleavage as I suck you. Then sliding down further, my fingers move up under my skirt, where I pull my now damp, lacy panties aside and start to rub up and down my almost dripping slit, until I find my clit and start to rub it side to side. You can smell my scent in the air as your cock now muffles my moans.A shiver of anticipation and arousal shoots through my body as I feel your fingers run through my hair and take a firm hold on the back of my head. At first you are content to simply hold on as I continue bobbing my head on your dick. But after a minute or two, you suddenly pull down, and force your cock as deep into my mouth as you can and hold me there. My body feels like it’s on fire with lust as I feel you push into throat, and I start rubbing my clit faster.When you start moving me up and down on your shaft, with a firm grip, and I feel that we are both close to cumming, you remind me that if I finish before you, I’ll need to be punished. Even though a part of me knows how much trouble I will be in if I climax first, I’m far too carried away with desire to slow down. I can tell you are close as you start moving my head faster, and the feel of you ramming your wonderful cock in my throat is just too much for me. I cum hard. Moaning, almost screaming, in pleasure, around your dick.As my orgasm starts to subside, I feel you tense, and your shaft twitch as you start cumming down my throat. When you finish, you release my hair, and I give your cock a few final licks, to make sure it’s clean. I then kneel patiently at your feet, for I know that I reprimanded. You tell me that after dinner, I am to go to our room, and strip down to nothing. Then put on the leather wrist and ankle cuffs and wait for you. You also say that because I’m such a good slut for you, I can choose what flogger you use, and one toy. I feel a thrill move through my body, as much for the praise, as anticipation.Thank you Sir.

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