Wife past brought to light

Wife past brought to lightI’ve been married to my wife Shauna for 15 years now. We met at a beach party while i was serving in the military. Once i left the service we moved to my home state. My wife who is 5’8, 145lbs brown hair with a smoking hot body had no problem getting a job at one of the gyms here as a personal trainer. It was there that this story starts. My wife and I have a shared face book page and one day she gets a note asking if this was Shauna who use to train at a gym in California. Shauna replied it was her and the guy was very surprised and excited, he just moved to the state and saw her profile on the gym website. As they kept talking I asked if she remembered this guy and no she had no clue, having trained so many people. As the two kept talking they were going to meet and talk pricing at the gym. The day they were going to meet I was dead lifting and my wife was making her rounds talking to people and checking her schedule. When Mark came into the gym he had a huge smile and was very excited to see Shauna. I could genuinely tell Shauna had no remembrance of the guy, even when he went to hug her she awkwardly hugged him back. As they sat and talked I could tell she was asking questions due to the surprised look on her face. As we was talking back I saw her put her hand over her mouth in a gasp and then they stood and hugged as if they were old friends. The hour went by and he ended up leaving. When i caught up with Shauna she explained who Mark was. An old acquaintance from years before she met me who married one of her friends. She invited them over to dinner to catch up. That night Mark and Jayda showed up. Mark was around my height and built 6’0 225-250 with an athletic build, not prior military but took good care of himself. Jayda was just like Shauna around 5’8 130-150 athletic build with gorgeous fake breasts. Both girls wore shirts that seemed to emphasize their assets. As they entered they both were ecstatic to see Shauna and were hugging and all smiles. The night was very pleasant and with a couple bottles of wine in us all we all wanted to get in the hot tub. As the girls went to the room to get bathing suits, I tossed Mark a pair of shorts and we were in the hot tub first. As we sat in the hot tub Mark looked over at me”Man it is great seeing Shauna again and really nice meeting you””did you know her back in her college days” I asked”Oh yeah, thats one I thought would never be tamed but you did it bro”, he said lifting his wine glass”I dont know if I’d say tame her, she still is pretty crazy”, I replied laughing tapping his glass yozgat escort with mine”What you guys still in the life style?”, he asked”The life style?”, I asked curiously “I guess you could say we are an active couple”, I replied”Thats awesome, the night just got a whole lot funner”, he said finishing his glass of wine”So you want to full swap?”, he asked”What? You lost me”, I responded”You know, you get Jayda I get Shauna. Trust me Jayda will blow your mind and i know what Shauna can do”, he said chuckling “what the fuck man, what are you talking about?!””You just said you’re active in the life style”, he replied genuinely curious”Yeah meaning we are an active couple, we work out, stay fit, life a healthy life style!” “Oh shit man I meant no disrespect, wow total misunderstanding”, he replied empathetically”What did you mean you know what Shauna can do?””Again no disrespect just how I knew Shauna from the past, before you guys.” “Look man I’m sorry I didnt mean to upset you”, he said truly feeling bad. You could tell from his facial expressions. I couldn’t get upset it was before she met me but I also never really asked or knew about Shauna. I knew the basics where she went to school, family, friends etc. Yet, here i sit across from a guy that must have fucked my wife. I cant feel anger or weird I thought but i did feel curious. “Hey its all good man, thats crazy i didnt know Shauna had that side.” “You guys never talked about that stuff like college years or anything?”, he asked”Nah man, everyone has pasts i was a young marine before i met Shauna and I fucked a few barrack hoes in my time.”, I replied laughing”Thats true man, well again i hope i didnt make it awkward.””No not at all, let me go grab another bottle and see if the girls are coming”, I said getting out of the hot tub”As i entered the house i grabbed a bottle of red from the cabinet and headed to the back room. As i rounded the corner i could see the bathroom mirror and in the reflection was my wife passionately kissing Jayda. Shauna had her hand and Jaydas exposed breast and Jayda had her hand down my wife’s black bikini, finger fucking her. I stood their in absolute shock. I didnt know how to feel I was upset yet instantly started getting hard. I watched a few more seconds as Shauna kept rolling her hips fucking Jaydas fingers. I stepped out of the room and yelled out.”Babe, you guys ready?”, I asked as i entered the roomThe girls you could tell were fully flustered and acting like they were tying Jayda’s bikini strap. “Yeah hun, just getting Jayda situated. Sorry we were just escort yozgat catching up.” She replied seeing me in the reflectionAs i came into the bathroom both girls nipples were rock hard in their swim suits. My wife kissed me.”we’re coming babe”, Shauna said”we were planning on coming but then got side track”, replied Jayda giggling”no prob ladies Mark and I are just hanging out”, I said pecking my wife on the cheek”not really, your suit is still on”, Jayda chuckled”Jayda!”, Shauna gaspedI just laughed and walked out stopping at the entrance to see the mirror. Enough time to see Shauna smack Jaydas ass “your bad”, I could see her mouth.As I walked to the hot tub the girls were right behind me. We all got in and sat at each corner Jayda was on my left and Shauna was too my right. I poured everyone their wine and passed the glasses around. As we started laughing and talking about the past I kept seeing Mark looking at Shaunas tits as shed adjust or move out of the water. Both girls tits seemed to sit right at the waters edge. I cant lie i was looking at both girls set of massive tits and loved how when they’d tip their heads back to take a drink they’d push their chests out slightly. As the time went we’d all go from sitting int he hot tub to getting out and sitting on the edges, cooling down some. I was noticing everything, Shauna would sit up on the edge and her legs were spread enough that Mark had a full view of her crotch. What i didnt notice until the second time is that when she was sitting on the edge before she got out shed pull her panties into her pussy so her pussy lips were on either side. The only thing covered was the entrance to her pussy and her clit. My wife was totally fucking with Mark and I could see it. Jayda was no better taking the bathing suit and turning it into a thong, both her ass cheeks fully exposed and her ass was amazing I’d admit. Everyone was fucking with each other. Even Marks hands were underwater and when he sat on the edge you could see the outline of his hard cock and he sat directly across from Shauna. The hours passed and as it got later the low voltage lights turned off and it was pitch black with just the low light from the setting moon. This was a que i guess because it was only a few minutes later i could make out my wife sinking into the water, claiming she wanted the jet to hit her upper neck. It was as she moved lower her hand reached out and took my cock through the legs in my shorts. I looked over at her and she kept talking across to Jayda as if nothing was going on. What i could barely make out yozgat escort bayan is her arm extended towards Mark side as well. With her being right handed Mark would have been getting the coordinated hand job. I couldnt see for sure but I swear i saw her arm moving up and down and I knew it was extended just like it was towards me on my cock. “Good call on the hot tub man,” he said tipping his head back”It is relaxing but I need my back popped, the jets aren’t doing it, Jayda said”Babe pop my back,” she said to Mark”You now my shoulders bad”, he replied”Chris will pop it”, Shauna repliedI was mortified Shauna just got me fully hard all 8 inches was erect and throbbing. She released my cock from her left hand but i could help notice her hand was still under water on the right. Marks head still tilted back, I knew my wife was jerking his cock off and it made me stay hard. Fuck, i was screwed. Jayda got out of her seat stood up and her bathing suit was up her ass her nipples hard. I told her to get on her knees in the water and I’d get behind her on my knees and I’d still be able to pick her up. I told her the ground was slick so I’d get more leverage on my knees. Shauna knew exactly what i was doing and i know she wanted me to stand with a hard on. “Leverage huh babe, well dont fall”, she said giggling. As i got behind her my hard cock smacked her leg, she instantly grabbed it.“I can see it is slick”, she said turning her head to meI wrapped my arms around her over her full breasts and she crossed her hands over her shoulder. I pulled her into me and arched my back. As i did my cock ran from the top of her ass down her ass. As i set her down my cock was sitting In between her ass cheeks. She put her arms down and acted like she was wiggling them out. All this was doing was moving her ass around my cock. “Ugh that didnt work can you try one more time”, she askedAs i got in position again the jets went off. That is when i could see clearly. Marks cock was fully out of his shorts and my wife’s hand was completely wrapped around his cock. When the jets shut off, the splashing came from my wife’s hand moving up and down. My wife instantly jumped to turn the jets back on with her left hand her right hand never leaving his cock. Jayda and I both had a full view. Here let me get better and Jayda reached back and with a quick movement moved my elastic band over my cock my cock was completely exposed standing at attention. Right in between Jaydas ass cheeks. She wiggle her ass back recognizing it was against her. She crossed her arms and as i lifted she wrapped her legs around my thighs pulling my hips forward this moved my cock from the top of her ass, down in between her ass, under her into her crotch. As i let her down my cock was trapped in between her legs right at her pussy. “So much better”, She replied….

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