Wife Swapping Combinations Ch. 05


To recap this story so far: my wife Leah, a nurse at a major hospital in Detroit, struck up a friendship with a co-worker, a black nurse named Octavia Brown. Octavia introduced her husband Clarence to Leah, and suggested we swap wives for an interracial fuck fest. So the Browns came over to our apartment on a Saturday night and I was able to fuck my first black female, the delightful Octavia. My wife Leah likewise enjoyed her first black cock, namely the stud Clarence Brown.

As our wife swapping proved to be a great success everyone was eager to continue our orgies on a regular and frequent basis. However Octavia had two boys, and so did not want to participate in orgies with her kids in the same house. Her mother, who babysat the kids when Octavia had to work, refused to baby sit on social occasions more than once a month. So to fill in the gaps between the times Octavia’s mother was available to take care of the boys, it was decided to schedule threesomes.

We would each take a turn looking after Octavia’s kids to allow the other three to fuck to their heart’s content. We drew lots to determine the order of baby-sitting and as luck would have it, I was the one who sat out the first threesome. After that the schedule called for Leah, Octavia and finally Clarence to sit out in that order.

It is fair to say that the threesome where Clarence was to sit out so that I was the sole guy to pleasure Octavia and Leah, was the one threesome I was most excited about. Most guys think that the ultimate sexual fantasy is to fuck countless women at the same time. However such fantasies do not take into the practical limits of one’s libido.

Even if one is up to fucking several women consecutively there is no denying that none of such women could be equally sexually satisfied as the servicing male. A true connoisseur of sexual pleasure realizes sex does not succeed so well if there is unequal pleasure amongst the participants. That is why for example rape is not a sex act but instead is a power fantasy of the rapist.

With this in mind I believe having two women at the same time is the ultimate male sexual fantasy. Presuming normal health and stamina it is possible to satisfy both women adequately. The sharing of one man with another woman can be a turn on to the women. However when a woman is to share one man with several women logic would dictate it can not be a similar turn on. There is bound to be during such orgies times of neglect of a particular woman which leads to jealousy and resentment.

So what I am saying is that practically speaking having sex with two women at the same time is the maximum a man can fantasize if he is seeking the ultimate perfect sexual experience and lucky me I was about to enjoy same.

Fortunately I did not have a long wait for this threesome as it was to occur the Sunday following the Wednesday of the previous threesome. If you are keeping score our initial wife swap took place on a Saturday at our place and the first threesome without me occurred eight days later on the Sunday at the Browns. The second threesome without Leah that time also took place at the Browns ten days later on a Wednesday and one week later the following Wednesday at our place the threesome without Octavia took place.

Thus I only had to wait four days for Sunday to arrive for my dream threesome. As it would be 29 days elapsed from the initial wife swap to this threesome it meant a foursome orgy can be next scheduled.

Octavia arrived at our place on the appointed time (mid afternoon) and as soon as I saw her, like Pavlov’s dogs, I started to salivate. Octavia is truly a gorgeous woman. She is very tall (6 feet) with long killer legs. Her lips are lusciously puffy so typical of black females. Her breasts are simply awesome but proportionate to her body. Her nipples are unusually long (almost one inch) nestled in a huge areola area which is of a pleasing very dark brown color. Her hair very normal curly is a sharp black color obviously natural as her pubic hair matches. If you open up her vagina beylikdüzü ucuz escort lips you see fire engine red insides that starkly contrast to her rich chocolate colored skin.

The other female participant in this threesome of course was my wife. Leah is equally gorgeous but in a different way; she is shorter but heavier. Her weight does bother Leah but as I truly prefer plump women her extra weight is actually a turn on for me. Leah’s hair is medium brown and long reaching to her shoulders. She wears her hair straight so that when she performs fellatio her hair can fall as a tent over the serviced penis thus obscuring the view of what is actually happening.

Leah had colored her hair as well as her pubic hair a light green color for the first threesome. As she did not dare to go to work looking like that after that threesome she immediately dyed her hair back to its normal color. As for her pubic hair she simply shaved it all off. Since I had never seen Leah’s pussy shaved before I insisted that she keep her cunt shaved for the time being. The sight of a clean shaven pussy made Leah that much more delectable.

For this special occasion I had acquired a bottle of champagne and uncorked it once Octavia appeared. We all three settled together on the couch in the living room. We sipped the champagne and engaged in some light hearted sexual banter. Soon I put my arm around Octavia and started a slow passionate kiss.

The kiss started just with our closed lips touching. Then our lips parted ever so slightly allowing our tongues to meet. Soon our mouths were fully opened for full mutual access. As our kissing intensified Octavia started to moan passionately from deep in her throat. This sound boosted my ego as it seemed to confirm my adequacy as a lover to this breath taking beautiful woman.

While Octavia and I were kissing, Leah undressed and tossed her clothes aside. As soon as she was completely naked, Leah started unbuttoning my shirt. Once she successfully unbuttoned my shirt and freed it from the confines of my pants I broke off my kiss with Octavia and leaned forward. The girls removed my shirt and discarded it and so I was bare from the waist up as I was not wearing an under-shirt.

I then started kissing the naked Leah giving the opportunity for Octavia to get undressed. Once Octavia was completely naked she got on her knees and started to remove my shoes. Then off came the socks. Meanwhile as I was continuing to kiss Leah I was fondling her magnificent tits. At this point Octavia undid my belt and loosened my pants. I then lifted my ass up in the air but not breaking my kiss with Leah nor did I stop feeling her up. Octavia thus was able to remove my pants and shorts so that we were now all naked.

Octavia moved to between my spread legs and positioned herself down on her knees resting her ass on her heels. With her right hand Octavia reached under my sac and started to fondle my balls. With her left hand she grabbed my cock and started a slow tantalizing stroking hand job.

Leah broke off our kiss and got up on the couch. Now standing on the couch she placed both feet on either side of me as she was facing me while I remained sitting. Bending her knees slightly she was able to present her cunt to my mouth. Leah then reached for her vagina with both hands and parted the lips wide exposing her clitoris and other insides and said:

“Here darling eat and enjoy.”

Octavia was now caressing and rubbing my dick along both sides of her face. As she was doing so she kept up a monotone mantra:

“Oh what a gorgeous white cock! Oh what a big white cock! I love it! I love it!”

Her chanting was barely audible. I was now lapping up Leah’s cunt producing lots of female moisture. Leah normally is very vocal during sex but this time she did verbalize. However she was not silent instead she was grunting mostly uttering the “uh” sound relentlessly and rhythmically.

Octavia had now swallowed my cock and to heighten the effect of the beylikdüzü üniversiteli escort blow job moved her right hand underneath and stuck two fingers up my anus. She commenced a repetitious routine which increasingly drove me crazy. When she let my cock slip out of her mouth she grabbed my cock with her left hand and would chant:

“beautiful white cock; oh so delicious; oh so tasty; oh so pretty.”

Then she would gently apply her tongue on the head of my cock licking it three times. Then she would open her mouth to take in my cock rubbing her tongue along my shaft as she slid down. Once it was fully in her mouth I could feel some of her saliva drool on my cock. Then as she bobbed out her tongue was just as active along my shaft until release. The cycle would then begin again.

Meanwhile my tongue was relentlessly lapping Leah’s cunt. Periodically in this cunnilingus I would suck the top of her cunt into my mouth. Then clamping down on the base of her clitoris I was able to flick her clit forwards & backwards, side to side with my tongue. From past experience I knew this maneuver would drive Leah wild and this time was no exception.

I would also curl my tongue and simulate intercourse by entering & withdrawing from her hole. Finally Leah could not stay silent any longer but screamed out:

“Oh shit! Oh fuck! Oh God”

She repeated this many times obviously coming to a shuddering orgasm.

Leah’s loud orgasm triggered my ejaculation into Octavia’s mouth. Soon her mouth was chock full of my cum. As a result of the first threesome Octavia was well aware of Leah’s penchant for semen so she was prepared as Leah got off the couch. Octavia turned away from me got off her knees to sit her ass down on the floor with both hands also resting on the floor for balance. Leah flopped down on the floor resting her head on Octavia’s thighs. Looking up Leah opened her mouth wide and Octavia bent over. Once her mouth was about a foot away from Leah’s mouth, Octavia opened up to allow my sperm to flow into Leah’s awaiting mouth.

Leah was a good catcher, as all of the sperm went directly into her mouth not missing by resting on her lips or cheeks. When the flow stopped one thin strand of semen glistened and held firm between the girls’ mouths. Octavia then lowered her head completely to Leah’s mouth so Leah was able with her tongue to separate the strand and get it into her mouth. Presumably Leah only swallowed half of the load as the girls change positions and by the same manner Octavia procured back some of my sperm for her own use. This sight of the girls’ cum sharing was for me an incredible visual treat.

We all took another sip of champagne and thereby the girls were able to wash down my semen. Then we all trooped wordlessly into our bedroom. Octavia got into the bed first followed in order by me and Leah. I was on my back and the girls nuzzled on each side of me. Octavia grabbed my dick and started stroking it. Leah with her free hand reached for my sac and started gently fondling my balls.

Octavia with her other hand cupped the nearest boob and offered it to my mouth. I accepted of course and happily started sucking her engorged nipple. Leah meanwhile noticed that my cock had sprung to life and was rock hard, rose up and facing me eased her cunt unto my cock.

As Leah started fucking she immediately began moaning as well as chattering monotonously:

“Oh love this cock. I need this cock. Oh God.” over and over again.

Octavia whispered into my ear:

“Tom darling, I need your tongue on my ass. I need a good ass licking.”

Assuming compliance Octavia positioned herself so that I had access to her ass and I dutifully started my ass licking assignment. I stuck my tongue at the edge of her rectum and licked and slurped it thoroughly. As her hole would gape I was able to get my tongue inside for some reaming. In addition I would tongue the whole length of the crack of her ass. I also got some licks at her beyoğlu escort perineum, but her vagina proved impossible to reach by the way she was sitting on me.

Perhaps Leah’s vocalizations was proving to be tiresome for Octavia, but in any case Octavia leaned towards Leah, who reciprocated, put an arm around her and started french kissing her. This had the obvious effect of stopping Leah’s verbal sounds but she did continue moaning while kissing Octavia. The kissing also slowed Leah’s grinding movement on my penis so I picked up the pace of our screwing by moving my hips more vigorously. By the build up of the friction between her cunt and my cock, I soon was squirting my male juices up into Leah’s cunt.

Now I could sense the girls also were close to orgasm by the shuddering and shaking of their bodies. As well both girls were moaning louder than before. However even after the last drop of my sperm was expelled the girls continued kissing each other. I had no option but to continue my licking of Octavia’s ass as my cock was wilting.

Finally the girls broke off their kiss and Leah simply gasped out a “Wow!” while Octavia sighed and breathed heavily. Leah also let out a rather loud fart, but her tendency for such reflex action had now be come known to Octavia, so none of us bothered to comment. At least she does not do it on every occasion.

As we all were relaxing Leah announced:

“I got to pee.”

Octavia responded:

“Oh goody we can try out some water sports as I got to pee too.”

I asked curiously:

“What’s this all about?”

Leah replied:

“Well Octavia and I talked about it at work. We thought it might be fun to pee on each other so we vowed to give it a try. You can come and watch and if you want, you can pee on us as well.”

So we all trooped to the bathroom. As Octavia was the taller she got into the bath tub first. Then Leah got in and the girls arrange themselves appropriately. They were facing each other sitting down and by intertwining their legs were able to place their torsos and particularly their cunts close together. The girls then with their hands reached down and parted their vagina folds causing their urethras to stick out as much as possible.

Leah then said:


Octavia nodded:


The girls then started to pee almost simultaneously. The girls manipulated their pee holes to such a position that their urinal flow went virtually straight up before forming an arc to reach the opposite girl. The pee stream would usually hit the top of the chest and start dribbling down over the breasts and stomachs to the thighs. Each girl also bent their heads forward and by opening their mouths were able to catch some pee straight into their mouth for a bitter and salty taste sensation. The girls apparently were not shy in tasting and drinking some urine.

When the peeing stopped and now solidly drenched Leah turned to me and with a giggle asked:

“Well Tom do you need to pee?”

As I was standing outside of the tub the girls turned to face me.

Octavia added:

“You have to be fair Tom you got to pee on us equally!”

Although my cock was hard, stimulated by the spectacle, I was still able to manage an urinary flow, and soon was spraying both girls. Each girl also indulged in tasting my urine. When I was done, the girls stood up in the tub and invited me to join them planning, to rub their bodies on me so that I could be also smeared in pee.

Intoxicated by this kinky sex I readily accepted, and soon we were all giggling at this new sensation. We mutually agreed not to take a shower but decided to continue with sex although reeking with pee smells. The pee smell was a turn on.

Thus the rest of the night contained all manners of three way sex but the smell of the pee from our bodies was what made the night especially exotic. I might add that I was proud of my stamina, although I did need 5 to 10 minutes to recover after each ejaculation I was able to perform relentlessly. In fact the girls fell asleep before me. When we woke up we indulged in one final morning fuck. It was a simple one where I was on my back and Octavia was riding my cock while Leah was sitting on my face for a vigorous cunt lapping.

When it was finally over, Octavia did take a shower before she dared to leave. We thoroughly and immediately washed our bed sheets.

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