wife tell all 4

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wife tell all 4When I got home my wife was sat on the sofa watching a film. I walked over and turned it off. “You have some talking to do,” I said. “Shall I tell you how Bob is?” I shouted.For the next fifteen minutes she listened, ashen faced, while I told her whom I’d met.”Right, I want to know the real version! True version! Not the bullshit version. I know lots of details – and yours better match.” She started to cry. “Don’t try that trick again, it won’t work,” I sneered.It’s difficult to convey to the reader the mood and atmosphere of what happened next. She was guilt – ridden, ashamed, embarrassed, scared of making me more mad with her lies though. I made it clear I wanted to know everything – and I meant everything. Every little detail. Though for the reader’s sake I’ll avoid repeating earlier stories. It was confession time.”Lets start with something easy to get the ball rolling,” I said. “Answer yes or no – did you have sex with the builders?” “Yes,” she sobbed. “With more than one?” “Yes” “In same room at same time?” “Yes,” her head lowered. “Sometimes they brought other men and you gave them what they wanted?” “Yes.” God, my cock was hard now! “You performed while others watched, then gave them a turn?” A slight nod from her. “Was it always in the kitchen?” “No.” “Where else?””In the bedroom – or in the lounge, sometimes in the bathroom or downstairs toilet.” Fucking hell! That last statement blew me! Don’t push too fast? I thought. Come back to that one later.”Was it the first time you’d been unfaithful?” “No” “More than once before?” “Yes.” Jesus! Better come back to that too!”You like lots of cock?” “Yes – well not exactly.” “Explain.” “I always had a fantasy about being obedient for men. Not being tied up or anything, just do things for them. I couldn’t go out and find men; I’d be to scared. What I mean is when I got chance to do it for real I wasn’t really bothered if they didn’t shag me. It was just the situation that made me feel sexy.” “But you liked different cocks inside you?” “Yes” “Was your time with the builders the first time you had sex with more than one man at once?” She hesitated, “No – but it was before I met you,” she explained, as though it didn’t matter.”So did it start the way you first said?” I asked, settling back knowing this was going to be hell of a turn on.”Yes, bending over in the garden, except I went a bit further than I said. I never went out shopping or anything without tights (pantyhose) or stockings but being a very hot summer I took them off at home. Once when I bent over for them I had purposely left on my tights but taken off my panties. I had checked in the mirror just how much they could see from a bedroom window. I wasn’t brave enough to go naked underneath then. When they came into the garden I used to squeeze my nipples before I went out to make them stick out more. You see I had bought some very tight low cut tee – shirts to show my tits off and some very thin see – though shirts. I left quite a few buttons undone. I felt very excited waiting for them to appear, sometimes I played with myself in front of the bedroom mirror, and by the time illegal bahis I went out I was very sexed – up.””Did you leave your pants off when they were looking over the fence?” “Yes, a few times but I had my tights on. Yes, I purposely turned my back to them and bent all the way over. Please do something for me,” she said. “Kiss me.” I obliged, she was very passionate. “Carry on,” I said, pulling away.I poured her a large drink – just to relax her of course.”Well one day I was talking to them over the fence letting them look down my front and Bob said I looked smashing. Without thinking I said would you like to come round for a coffee.I really meant just him; I had undone an extra button on my shirt and tweaked my nipples to make them hard. My bra was very flimsy and see – through. When the door opened they all walked in.””So you were hoping to get Bob to make a pass at you?” I asked.”Yes, I suppose so, or just see how turned on I got him. I wondered what his cock would look like; sometimes I could see it sticking out through his pants. The story about the water being turned off wasn’t true. I asked them round. It had been a while since I had seen another man’s cock, the thought made me excited.””But you had seen a few – even after we got married?””Yes, sometimes it just happened and I didn’t resist the chance. Anyway, they couldn’t take their eyes off me, especially when I sat down and let my skirt ride up. The rest you know really, I finished up one day sat on their knees and kept letting them go a bit further. They were very shy at getting their cocks out in front of each other so sometimes I went upstairs with one of them, on the bed. Sometimes when we went back down I left off my bra or panties. Sometimes another man would take me back upstairs.”I poured her another large drink. “What did you do on the bed?””Sometimes they would just lie on the bed and play with me and I would wank them off. Or they would take off their jeans and underwear and take my knickers off.” She looked at the floor and said, “I let them fuck me or sucked them off.””Did they come in your mouth?”She nodded. “Tell me, did they ever take you doggy fashion?” “Yes, sometimes,” she murmured. “You knelt on all – fours on the bed?” I asked. “Yes, or stood and bent over a chair or the bed,” she added.My hand went to my zip; her eyes narrowed as my very hard cock came into view.”Did they ever all take you upstairs?”One day I was up there and the others sneaked up and burst in for a laugh,” she said watching me slowly rub my cock.”What did they see?” I asked.”I was knelt on the floor – the man was sat on the edge of the bed – I was sucking his cock. I just had my blouse on, nothing else. They stayed and I got on the bed with them. They either fucked me or I sucked them. I had lost any inhibitions with those three by then. Then one went on holiday and I never saw him again. He left the job. The other two still came round and we either went upstairs or did things in the kitchen or lounge. Not so often the lounge though, there was a chance we could be seen easier.I always made sure they locked the door, just for chance anyone illegal bahis siteleri came.”She looked more relaxed now; the drink was doing its job. “What do you mean did things in the kitchen, what sort of things?””They got me to bend over a chair and fucked me from behind. Once they laid me across the table with my legs overhanging, after they both licked my pussy one put his cock in me and I sucked the other – at the same time” That made her wiggle her bottom in the chair. “Why don’t you touch yourself,” I suggested. The memory of it is making you turned on, isn’t it?” She nodded again. “Its OK,” I said, “Lift your skirt up.”She followed my suggestion.”Sometimes I took off my knickers and straddled one of them – put his cock inside me and the other one stood over me while I took him in my mouth. They tried to do what they had seen in girlie – mag pictures. I just went along with what they wanted. Once I was just walking around the kitchen while they drank their coffee, bending over for them as usual. Bob stood up and grabbed me from behind and told me to bend over his mate – his mate had got his cock out – he told me to suck it. I had to bend really low from a standing position – Bob pulled my knickers down and stuck his cock in me – his mate masturbated in my mouth.””Do you like a mans’ cum in your mouth?””Hmm,” she said, “I like watching it come out and tasting it, all warm – I like all the liquid that comes out of a mans cock.” The last bit sounded like she was thinking aloud. I had to slow down before I came myself. She was now partly tipsy with the drink and partly in ecstasy I think!Taking advantage of her extreme outburst of honesty I moved across to her and put my arm round her. Kissing her neck I whispered, “Tell me about the other liquid – what do you mean?” My heart was beating hard. What was she going to tell me?”We were in the kitchen one day – they were just drinking coffee – Bob’s mate stood up and said he needed a pee. Bob laughed and said to me, why don’t I go with him and hold it for him? His friend said she wouldn’t dare. Bob kissed me and said go on do it I dare you. I followed his mate into the downstairs toilet. He put his arm around me and pulled me to him when he got his cock out. I took hold of it and he kissed me. Then he said it was no good – he was too hard to pee. I was disappointed, the idea had turned me on, and I wanted to watch his pee come out, maybe put my hand in the stream. He said I’d have to help him, make it soft. I knew what he meant, but instead of wanking him off I sat on the seat and sucked him. He came in my mouth then when it went slack I stood up and held it waiting for the pee to come out. I could hear Bob listening behind the door – I hoped it made him envious. His mate started to pee and I held his cock watching it come out. I let my finger get in the way so it went on my hand. Fucking hell I was turned on!” she said, frigging her-self harder. Now this kink I never knew.”I bent down a bit to watch it closer – then when it stopped coming out I put my mouth back around his cock – licked the last drops. He hadn’t finished though, I canlı bahis siteleri felt a bit more dribble on my tongue.””What did you do?” I asked pulling my todger harder.”I closed my mouth on his cock and licked his pee-hole. Like letting him know I wanted more. I felt some more squirt out – all hot and lovely in my mouth. Am I wicked?” she asked. “Can you forgive me – letting a man piss in my mouth – and me loving every drop of it?” Now she was really gone. “Did you swallow it?” I gasped.”Yes,” she breathed, “I let it run round my mouth and then swallowed it He kept letting little bits dribble out, then some would come with a bit more force hitting the top of my mouth. You’ll never forgive me for that will you?Bob opened the door and saw what I was doing – nobody said anything – we were all shocked at each other. We just went back into the kitchen – they were very quiet. The man and I exchanged knowing glances; he gave me a smile letting me know he’d enjoyed it. When they went Bob kissed me very passionately so I knew it had turned him on.I could hold back no longer, I pulled my wife’s face down to my cock and spurted my load in her mouth, then I sat back with my arm around her while she made herself come.In the cold light of day I said to my wife, “Last night you got a bit drunk – do you remember what you said?” She looked me in the eye, “You told me not to lie anymore, I didn’t.” “Let me hear you say it now you are sober – you let a man pee in your mouth””I liked the man peeing in my mouth. It turns me on. If you want to leave I will understand.”For the rest of that day nothing else was said about sex. We just carried on as normal.That evening about 9pm we were sat alone quietly reading. I felt uncomfortable, not knowing why. Somehow it didn’t sound right for me to say, “OK, carry on with your story.” My wife made the first move.”I suppose you want me to tell you more about what I’ve done?” she said. “Do you mind if I start now – it gets too late and I get very tired? I suppose I’ll have to finish telling you sometime.”I put down my book. “I’ll pour us both a drink,” I said. “No, not for me thanks,” she answered. I was not quite sure that I wanted to hear anymore anyway. “Your not the shy naïve person you make yourself out to be are you?” I said.”Yes! I couldn’t have gone out to say a café or the park and behaved like that. I’ve told you, it was like a separate world, everyone out and me alone in the house. It was like a fantasy world that I could switch on and off. They were just as hesitant as I was sometimes. We didn’t say, “Lets go upstairs and have sex.” We just chatted and perhaps I’d feel a hand on me or they would sit me on their knee and it would go from there. Sometimes they would just say, “Shall we lock the door?” I would say yes or nod my head – sometimes they would say they couldn’t stay that day. We didn’t actually talk about sex much.””OK,” I said, “Tell me more. Sure you don’t want a drink?” “Go on then, may as well make ourselves comfortable. Before we start – are you going to leave?””Told you, it’s the lies and deceit that caused the damage, not what you’ve done. When you got found out you should have been honest.””Not what I’ve done? You haven’t heard the rest of the story yet.””Can it really be worse than what you’ve already told me? I asked.”Depends how you look at it – we’ll see – but it won’t be easy to tell.”

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