Wife Under the control of another man – Part 2

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Wife Under the control of another man – Part 2Another Fantasy I am a fantasist regarding my wife. This is the continuation of the first part of this fantasy so please read part 1 firstIt turned out Dave kept in regular contact with my wife after the weekend we spent at his home. I only found out because I walked on them having a skype chat. I found this odd as she had hardly talked about the weekend at Dave’s and had shown no interest in repeating it. I asked her what they chatted about and her answer was ‘this and that’. I emailed Dave and asked him and he said he was just making sure that she was still OK with what happened that weekend and was trying to coax her into another meeting. I asked him if I had a say in it, and he said No. it was my wife’s decision. A few weeks later I got home on the Friday evening. As I walked through the front door my wife was sat there, dressed very sexily, with a small bag. I asked her what she was doing and she told me Dave had skyped her earlier demanding that his sub come to his for the weekend. He had plans for her and she couldn’t say no. I said I would get ready but she said that my only role this weekend was to drive her to the railway station and pick her up from the station on Sunday. I pointed out that was going to be two nights and she said she knew, but really wanted to go to push her limits, and both she and Dave felt her boundaries would be less constrained if I wasn’t there. She came over to me and kissed me and told me it was my choice but she really wanted to go. I said OK and she picked up her bag and we went to the car. I drove her to our nearest station and as we waved goodbye, me in the car and her entering the station she turned to me and lifted up her dress to reveal she was wearing nothing underneath. I got home and emailed Dave, to ask him what he was playing at. His reply was that I must want my wife to be a sexy sub, a slave to another man, otherwise I wouldn’t have brought her to his home before. I agreed but said I had always thought I would be there. He then reminded me about his website. He told me the cameras would be on 24/7 all over the weekend and I could watch the main ones live, and he would then post anything recorded on the other cameras. I went out and got a takeaway knowing my wife wouldn’t reach Dave’s for at least two hours. I then turned on his website and was greeted by the home page hosting a big picture of my wife saying ‘Tonight’s Live Action’. The text went on to say ‘Dave has managed to get her to leave her husband at home so he has to watch with the rest of the members’. I hadn’t seen anything from the previous week’s meeting so flicked through those videos and to be honest got very turned on by Dave’s control of the situation. She was a repeat visitor so Dave was willing to push further than he had with my wife. When it got to 8.30 I turned to the page with the cameras set up around the house. He had 12 cameras playing and all could be seen on the Live Camera page. This allowed me to watch to see where they were. It appeared she hadn’t arrived so I settled in to watch. I got a message on Skype from Dave saying my wife had just called saying she was in a taxi on the way to his. I watched the cameras and I then heard the doorbell ring. My heart was racing. Dave answered and there was my wife. As she entered he turned to her and said ‘Did she understand the rules for the weekend’ She replied yes. As he closed the door behind her she put her bag down and lifted her dress over her head …. She had no underwear on at all and stood there totally naked. She then followed Dave to the door to the cellar and followed him down. I had to change cameras quickly and watched as she entered the dungeon. He asked her if the safe word was the same as last time and she said yes. He then put a blindfold on her, put her into the bench with the stirrups and strapped her into place with her unprotected pussy pointing at the door. Dave told her she would be left alone and when he was ready he would return. I decided to follow Dave around the house using the cams and watched as he went to his bedroom, put on the same leather outfit as last time and put on his cock ring that hid a camera. He then disappeared off the cameras and I couldn’t see him, canlı bahis but then noticed there was a message box and saw he was typing a message. It read ……. She is here and in place. I hope her cuckold husband is at home watching’. There were then some very quick responses about guys already watching my naked wife and giving suggestions to Dave on what he should do. He thanked people for their comments and he was going to try and fit as much as he could over the weekend. I then saw him appear on a camera in one of the corridors but saw other members typing what they would like to see. I was horrified as some were clearly aimed to seriously hurt my wife. Dave had now settled in the lounge and was texting on his phone. About 5 minutes after he had finished texting the doorbell rang. He went and answered it and there were 4 guys there, it turned out Dave like it to be him and 4 other guys. He gave them all a drink and then I heard him say ‘it is agreed as in the email. She will do everything you have asked’I watched them all go down stairs but Dave entered the room by himself. It turned out the 4 guys had stopped off in the other room and had stripped naked and put on their cock ring cameras. As they walk in they all take a long look at my wife’s open pussy on display for them. He tells the guys to come over to her and to introduce their hands and fingers to her body. I watch as the 4 guys grope, pinch and finger fuck my wife. She seems to be enjoying the attention. Dave then says it is going to be a long night and they are to start at the Stirrups. He tells them to settle down and sit somewhere they can watch. He goes to a draw and pulls out a box which he carries over my wife. The first thing he does is to rub gel all around my wife’s pussy and ass hole. She shivers a bit as it must have been cold. Out of the box he takes a speculum and slowly inserts it into her pussy. Once in place he stretches it to open it, and my wife’s pussy even more. He takes a long look inside and invites the other guys over to have a closer look. They sit down again and Dave takes out a sounding rod. He rubs it around the inside of her pussy and then slowly inserts it as far as he can get it up her piss hole. He then touches a vibrator against it and my wife squirms. He does this for a few minutes and then as he pulls the sounding rod out she shots a jet of piss onto the floor. Dave gets one of the other guys to quickly clean it up with towels already in the room. Dave then puts a bucket underneath my wife’s pussy. He lines up his cock and then pisses into her open pussy. The pee shoots in and falls out into the bucket. I then notice the guys lining up and they all follow after Dave, peeing into my wife. The comments on the website are amazing and this isn’t something I had seen before. Dave then gets out the magic wand and runs around the inside of her pussy. She then jumps as he sends a shock into her cervix opening. She just recovers when he does it again. He then shocks her clit, then her nipples. Dave then closes the speculum and removes it but he quickly lubes up a massive dildo and slowly pushes it into her pussy. It is the biggest thing I ever seen in her. Dave works it in as far as he can. He now goes and pays attention to her nipplesHe gets out of the box some clamps and tightens them on her nipples, clearly a bit too tight as she lets out a little scream. He tells her to turn her head sideways and he pushes his cock into her mouth. As she sucks him he keeps flicking the clamps to get a reaction from her. One of the other guys picks up the wand and as Dave keeps her upper half busy he shocks her clit over and over again, and to my surprise she starts to squirm and then lets out an amazing groan as she orgasms. Dave moves back to her pussy and as he pulls out the dildo he replaces it with his cock. The 4 guys and Dave then take turns fucking her, but all very controlled and no one cums. Dave then gets the speculum and I can’t believe what he does, he manages to push it up her ass and then hold her ass open with it. The guys all look in and again Dave uses the magic wand to give light shocks inside her. He then pushes a vibrator into her pussy and it sends my wife into another orgasm. When she settles down Dave pulls out bahis siteleri the Speculum and all 4 guys fuck her ass, all cumming inside her. Once they had all recovered they untied my wife and got her to stand up. The cum from her ass ran down her inner legs. They tied her hands behind her back and Dave binds up her tits, very tightly. He moves her over to the pully in the ceiling and attaches the rope. He and one of the guys then winch her up, initially onto tip toe and then a few inches more so she is swinging from her tits. She is crying out in pain but Dave ignores her, gets a little paddle and hits her moderately hard on the bottom. She swings there as this done, her tits going deep purple and her ass going red. He tells one of the guys to lie on the floor and another to take hold of her ankles. He then lowers her down so that her pussy is above the guys cock and the other guy is holding her legs at 90 degrees. Dave then slowly lowers and raises her on and off the cock and each time he lifts her up she lets out a little scream. He then lets her come to rest on the cock. He unties her and lets the blood rush back to her breasts. But he then take her to a bench and has her lie on the back on it and ties her to it. He gets out an Estim box and attaches the pads to various locations. This gives a much bigger shock than the magic wand, aimed at getting her pussy to pulsate into orgasm. He lets the first wave of electricity hit my wifes pussy lips and she naturally tries to roll into a ball but cant as she is tied. The scream was very loud. He does it again with the same result. He then lets the guys all take turns in shocking her, some doing it on low power, others on full power. My wife isn’t seemingly enjoying this but they continue and surprisingly she then has a massive orgasm. They stop with the Estim. They all go upstairs into the lounge and sit with drinks, all naked and chatting. It is clear Dave is trying to embarrass me by asking her questions about me and our sex life. There are also comments being posted on the website. After about an hour’s break Dave asks my wife if she has let anyone watch her while she masturbates. She says no. he leaves the room and comes back with a carrot, banana, a dildo and a vibrator. He puts them next to her and orders her to put on a show for the guys. She says she would be too embarrassed and Dave then orders her to or she will be punished. She picks up the carrot first and starts to wank with it. Then the banana, initially with the skin on, and then skinless. As it crumbles Dave steps in and eats it from her and licks her clean. She then uses the vibrator, but Dave stops her. He tells her if she is going to use the vibrator on her pussy, then the dildo has to go up her ass. She puts lube on the end and pushes it up her ass. She continues with the vibrator until she comes and turns it off. Dave looks at her and says he hasn’t said stop so she continues and brings herself to another orgasm. She is then told to kneel down and the guys gather round her. She takes turn in sucking the cocks and when each is ready she has to let it shoot over her face. She is not allowed to clean herself and sits there with the cum on her face for the next 30 minutes as they chat. She is then told to lie on the floor and each guy fucks her in the missionary position leaving their cum inside her. Now they are all tired and Dave decides to call the evening to an end, but with a twist. He asks the four guys to draw a ball out a ball, numbered 1-4. He then puts the balls back in the bag and he draws one out, number 2. The man who had drawn out number 2 was then invited to spend the night with my wife, and he could do what he liked to her. The other guys went to the basement and got changed and left. The guy led my wife to a bedroom ……. That didn’t have a cam in it and Dave went to bed. I went to bed wondering what was happening to my wife. I got up early and waited for the cams in the house to be turned on, which Dave did at 10am. My wife made an appearance at about 11 and walked into the kitchen for a coffee and breakfast completely naked, with a massive smile on her face. Dave commented on it and she answered she had had a wonderful night. Dave said that he was going to take her out bahis şirketleri for the rest of the day so they should dress and get ready. Once dressed the Cameras went dead. A message appeared saying Action would resume at 6pm ……..At 6 the cameras started again and Dave and my wife were sat dressed in the lounge. There were some bags from shopping next to my wife and then Dave asked her what was the best bit of the day when they were out was. She said she had enjoyed looking at things in the sex shop and trying on clothes (and sucking his cock in the changing room), she enjoyed lunch in the pub especially after she had been ordered to remove her knickers and flash other customers, and then, matter of factly how she had enjoyed stripping at the dogging site and letting two old guys finger her and then fuck her bareback, that she had sucked off several strangers as well and that Dave had filmed it (but would of course not share it with anyone). That evening about 8 guys arrived and joined my wife and Dave in the lounge. After a few drinks Dave turned on the TV and to the horror of my wife he played the film he had made earlier of her dogging and they all watched as she squirmed in her seat. Dave then told her that she should put on a fashion show of what she had purchased today. She started to carry the bags out of the room but Dave said she should stay. She stripped off and put on all the clothes she had purchased. Most were strategically missing bits of material either around the nipples or crotch. He then told her to take out her new toy. It was a vibrator with one part representing a cock of about 8 inches and the other a shaft of about 5 inches. Dave told her to show it in use and Dave and the 8 guys, and all the viewers on the website watched as she laid naked in the lounge and inserted the penis shaped part in her pussy and the other part up her ass. Dave told her to turn it up to fast vibrate and she was soon squirming on the floor as she orgasmed letting out a long moan.Dave then told the guys that she was all theirs for the night and he was going out to the pub, but on the way out he sent me a link to the video of my wife dogging earlier in the day. By the time she had recovered from her orgasm all the guys were naked and surrounding her. She didn’t flinch and for the next few hours took cocks in her mouth, pussy and ass and had guys cum in each hole and over her face. The only instruction Dave had given was that she was not to remove any cum. By the time Dave returns from the pub my wife is finishing off a couple of the guys but the rest were spent. When the guys had cum Dave suggested they all dress and leave. My wife then follows Dave, dripping cum from everywhere, to his bedroom, which luckily had a camera in. Dave gets her to lie down and licks her clean before mounting her in the missionary position. His fuck was slow and gentle and ended with him filling her pussy. She rolls off him and they fall asleep cuddling. I go to bed after cumming four times through the evening and night watching my wife being used. I leave the website up on my computer. I wake at 8 and quickly check but they are still both asleep. I watch until they stir and they just cuddle for an hour. Dave then sits up and asks my wife (whilst looking at the camera) what she thinks I would have thought about last night. She replies that he wouldnt believe what had been done to her, or that she hadn’t called out the safe word to stop it. Also she said she liked the softer end to the night and cuddling. With that Dave moved in and had a long kiss with my wife. My wife then sucks Dave’s cock to full hardness and rides him until he cums again inside. They then shower and eat breakfast in the kitchen naked. My wife has to leave to catch the train home and I watch as she just throws a dress on with no underwear. As Dave leads her to the front door he hands her the shopping bags, now containing cum covered clothing and a used dildo, and says that he needs to show all of this to me when she gets home. Dave then drives her to the railway station. When she gets home she looks exhausted and heads to the bathroom. After a long bath she comes into our lounge just in a dressing gown and she sheepishly proceeds to fill me in with what she had done at Dave’s. She thought I would not approve but when I released by rock hard cock she undid her dressing gown, reached to her bag of shopping and brought out her new dildo. She put on a show for me before riding my cock.

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