Wifes First Ch. 03


Friday came faster than she realized. Her first week was just so hectic with getting used to day-to-day operations, she had forgotten to just relax. Mr. Barister, or Bear, as he liked to be called, had left her to find her own way through the maze of paperwork. He said if she could figure that out, she would do better than her predecessor. Trial by fire, he said laughing. She had taken about two days to straighten out that mess, and then another to put things her way. She had made the workload more efficient by ten percent in just her first week. Bear decided he loved his decision to hire her even more now!

Bear was one of those teddy bear guys. He was all rough and mean around the guys, but seemed to walk on tiptoes around women. She found out he had a very crude, yet funny kind of humor that she loved in a guy. He reminded her of a few of the guys that often showed up at her little parties. She thought how interesting Bear might find one of those? She wasn’t sure that she wanted to mix that aspect of her life, with how she earned her living. Bear seemed all too friendly and she figured at some point she might try him on for size, but not quite yet. Her mind again drifted back to last weekend’s fun, and how she and Karen had finished it off.

As she was daydreaming, she hadn’t realized she had propped up her feet on the desk. Although the skirt she wore was more practical than pleasing to the eyes, she didn’t realize just how far up her thighs it had traveled until she heard a whistle. She looked up to see Bear looking sheepishly at the view up her skirt. She tried to pull them off too fast and her chair tipped over in the process, spilling her unceremoniously onto the floor. Bear howled as she jumped up more than a little embarrassed. He grinned at her and said,” Thanks, between the view and that little maneuver, I’ll have tons to think of over the weekend.”

He helped her to set the chair back up and then clean up the paperwork from the floor. Having him so close made her aware of just how horny she was. Having her boss catching her in the midst of a daydream hadn’t helped matters either. She could feel his heat and smell the musky scent he exuded. He seemed unaware of the fact that she purposely stayed closer to him than absolutely necessary. She could feel the corded muscles of his arms as it brushed her side and arms. The electricity it sent through her made her, quickly dampening panties, stick to her like a Band-Aid.

They exchanged quick glances and Bear moved away, giving them a more manageable and professional distance. He stammered his apologies and she also found words a little too thick in her mouth. They both laughed at the unspoken heat that was now very noticeable between them. She looked at him in a whole new light, and knew it would not be long before Mr. “Bear” Barister, was feasting on a little Bri! She smiled and said, “ I hope you have a pleasant weekend Bear, I’ll see you again on Monday.”

He returned a knowing grin and said, “ I look forward to seeing just how talented you really are around here.” then as if realizing what he had just said, turned beet red.

She laughed at the unintended insinuation and replied, “ I can’t wait to see the same from you Bear”. Unlike him, her meaning was quite clear. His smile quickly spread and he moved to the door, pausing as if to say something, then changing his mind. He waved as he made his way back down the hall.

Karen had asked her to meet up for breakfast after she was done work. She finished up the last of her paperwork just as the morning dispatcher arrived. She gave him the docket for the day, and then let him know about the changes she had made to the system. Paul, the day guy, was as gay as the day was long. He never spoke with the truckers for longer than absolutely necessary, so he just nodded and listened attentively. He was a very competent dispatcher, and she knew he’d follow the new rules without question.

As she made her way past the morning shift, headed to her car, she smiled at all the attention she got from the morning crew. There were a few of the guys who, unknowingly to her, had esenyurt anal yapan escort dubbed her the “Ice Queen”, because the new system made them take more responsibility for their own loads. She didn’t care if they complained as long as they did what they were told. Otherwise they would find themselves on a very long and heavy route, without help! She had made that very, very clear from the get go. They all knew there was a new sheriff in town.

She made her way out to the parking lot and the new SUV that the company had provided her with, one of her perks! She climbed in and turned on the powerful engine. She couldn’t believe this was hers, even Ken was jealous. She stared out the window at the rising sun and again remembered the events of the weekend with a smile. She then remembered she had a breakfast date with Karen and put the huge vehicle into gear. She couldn’t wait to see her new best friend; Karen had indeed become her best friend quickly after their little coup.

As she pulled into the only space outside the diner, she saw that the place was indeed crowded for the early hour. She made her way back to the corner table they had agreed upon. As she approached she noticed Karen with another woman at the table. They seemed to be laughing about something and pointing in her direction. At first she felt a little pang of jealousy not knowing if she was the brunt of some joke. Karen got up and hugged her in a warm welcome. She looked at her companion and introduced the relatively pretty brunette as Apryl. Apryl it turned out, was her long time friend, one she knew since school. She seemed to be everything that Karen was not. She turned out to be, like her, a mother and somewhat more outgoing than either of them. She was about five feet five, dark eyes and like Karen, she also had very white and seemingly flawless skin. Bri found herself again comparing herself to, yet another, stunning woman.

They sat and chatted for about an hour about every little thing that was going on in town. The local gossip was no different from anywhere else, who was doing who, and the like. Bri found herself comparing this Karen to the wanton slut that had been her partner in crime over the weekend. She again found herself drifting back to the party. Karen snapped her back to reality with a statement she hadn’t been prepared to hear, in the present company.

“Yes Bri here can fuck like a pro too. She even showed me a few things this weekend.” Those words immediately brought her to reality. The look of utter shock on her face made the other two smile and giggle like schoolgirls. They whispered to Bri, “We have done a few guys ourselves you know. It’s nice to meet someone like us, especially in this little town.” She took in what they were saying and broke into a laugh herself.

She looked Apryl over again and realized she had a somewhat athletic body and should be able to hold up well, indeed. Now she wondered just how much Karen had said to her. Karen saw the look on her face and just said, “Well she is my best friend Bri, and I had to fill her in.” The color rising up her neck must have been comical. Apryl eased her suffering by saying; “I’ve done a few of my own, one girl fuck shows, with a few of those guys.” She seemed quite proud of herself. “I hear you have me beat in shear numbers though Bri; I guess we’ll have to work a few of them over again. All three of us together should be able to wear out a small army.” She laughed into her coffee. Karen raised her eyes and just snickered, she seemed to be almost contemplating the idea. Bri found she might really enjoy both of these women’s company.

Apryl leaned in and said, “So, let me in on what happened this weekend. Karen here was rather vague on the details.” Bri smiled at the thought of telling Apryl just how sluttish Karen had really gotten, letting her sweat for awhile. She looked around and spoke in a low voice as she replayed the party for Apryl, in vivid detail. She saw that both of them ignored everything else but her, as she recounted what had happened.

After getting esenyurt escort Karen into the house, Bri explained that on a few occasions, Ken had brought his entire crew over to party. Karen smiled at her and asked just how many guys she was talking about. Bri had told her that one time, she had actually taken on ten guys over the course of two days. Karen seemed impressed instead of mortified. She then asked if she knew just how many were expected today? Bri said “If I know Ken, the whole crew, if he has his way!’

Karen gulped down the last of her wine and said, “ I think I’m going to need some more of this!” She waved the empty glass, as if to show she needed a little help. Bri laughed and told her she would do just fine, especially after what she had just seen.

They went in to the bathroom and took turns in the shower. They laughed about what each other wanted to try, and how much they each thought they could handle. Karen turned out to be every bit as much a slut as Bri was. They told each other that if they needed a break, the other would gladly fill in until each was again ready to join back in. In this way Bri came to a silent understanding with Karen, and knew they would be good friends after it was all over.

After checking each other over for anything out of place, they deposited their towels in the hamper and headed back to the party. The thought of putting on clothing was long gone, and seemed utterly useless. As they passed by the fridge they both refilled their empty glasses and clinked them as they headed for the patio door. Outside someone had turned on the stereo and they both heard the sounds of a larger, noisier crowd than when they had left. Bri looked at Karen and said, “Well here we go, have a blast Karen and remember, we have all day and all night!”

Karen raised an eyebrow and muttered, “You have a lot more faith in my abilities than I do!” She downed her entire glass of wine and held open the door for Bri. She simply pulled Karen by the arm out into the waiting party. The sound of the men went up as they found themselves face to face with over fifteen gorgeous men!

Karen almost started to protest when Eliot came up to them and introduced everyone. The eyes of each guy made a quick study of them both and Karen found she was getting very wet at the thought of fucking so many guys. Bri noticed a few new faces, not that it would matter now. She also saw that all of them were dressed, even Ken and the other two. She looked around and saw not one towel was in sight and realized that they would not have the same option. Karen seemed not to mind at all that she was nude in front of so many staring and drooling hunks. Karen was in her element now, the object of everyone’s desires. She simply let herself be led into the throng of men. The last Bri saw of her for some time was, as she got on her knees surrounded by seven or eight of the new guys, quickly stripping for her.

Eliot and a cast of admirers took Bri into their own little circle. She got lost as they to got busy on her. Eliot covered her mouth in a long and sensuous kiss as Josh, being Josh, went right to work on her steaming pussy lips. Ken worked over her shoulders and back, as Jimmy and Steve each took a leg and licked circles toward her ass. She found herself pinching her own nipples to speed the oncoming first wave along.

At some point soon after, Ken pushed aside everyone and said, “This time I get first shot at her, and you guys can have her after I’ve had my fill. No one argued as he unleashed that wonderful cock of his. Bri got down and began to give Ken a long and slow blowjob. She was hoping to make him really cum hard and she meant to swallow all of him. She eased that monster slowly down until; she felt it push against the back of her throat. She let her throat relax as the head slid further down her throat. Her eyes watered at first, then she got into the rhythm of her task. She was determined to finish this, so he wouldn’t wear her out before everything really got started. She set a pace she knew he wouldn’t be able to handle for long. She also esenyurt eve gelen escort grabbed his ass so he would not be able to escape. She sucked along the entire fat length every time he started to withdraw. She knew she was driving him insane and picked up a little speed. She felt his balls tighten up and he tried pulling away. She held on and sank all the way down his pole and hummed as she hit the bottom. That was all Ken could take and blew a gusher down her throat. She held back from gagging as she milked him dry.

“What the fuck Bri?” Ken said. He seemed ready to fall down from the loss of blood to his brain.

She simply winked and said, “You can have me anytime you want, let these guys have some fun before you wear me out.”

He seemed to understand and just winked at her. “I’ll deal with you later.” He said with a smile.

Eliot helped me up and I was immediately lifted off my feet and placed firmly on his massive rod. He moved like a panther, not allowing anyone else a chance to steal me away. As he slid that battering ram in I started to lose consciousness. I guess the wine was finally working. I could hear the sounds of moaning from where Karen was buried beneath a rather gorgeous blonde. He was slamming her like a jackhammer into the lounge chair, as the others seemed to eagerly wait their turn. I felt another cock press against my now wet ass, and slide in. I didn’t know who it was or even care, as all reality exploded into a long and never ending stream of mind-blowing orgasms.

For what seemed hours, cock after gorgeous cock, entered me at will. One replaced by another in an endless train of straining, prodding, cum spraying fuck poles. I was in and out of blissful reality, taking on three, and once four guys at a time. From the screams of pleasure and gurgling sounds from Karen, I knew she was holding her own as well. She seemed to be just as ready to take cocks anywhere, as I was. I caught a glimpse of her straining to fit two guys into her pussy at the same time. I was disappointed not to see if she could do it, as a fresh supply of sausage was presented to me. I eagerly engulfed the entire thing. The screaming I heard informed me that she had indeed gotten the job done.

Sometime after midnight, Ken and Eliot called a stop to the fuck party. He said the ladies could use some time to rest up, and suggested they all relax and put on the game on TV. Karen seemed more than ready for a break. Her hair was a mess and matted to her head with cum from, who knows how many spunk fountains? She looked a bit worn out, as bad as I felt; I knew she must feel worse.

We again made our way to the shower. She said she had never felt so well used before. She wondered how much more she’d be able to handle? I told her to pace herself a little better, and don’t let the guys push her to fast. She said she enjoyed all the attention she was getting and was amazed at the staying power of some of the guys. I nodded my agreement and said, “They only go longer the more time goes by!”

The look on her face was one of pure wonder. She shock her hair out under the shower and just laughed. “What have I gotten myself into Bri?” she asked.

I simply pushed her aside and helped her lather up. We gave each other’s back a good scrub, helped each other rinse off, then got out and dried while continuing to compare notes. It took some time before we got back to the party; the guys had replaced us with a late hockey game. We took this as a sign to rest up for the next round. We both sat down on the lounge chairs and quickly fell asleep. The rest of the night went by without any of the guys waking us up. Ken and Eliot placed quilts over us and told them all that they could come back over anytime. We always had killer parties! The guys had grudgingly agreed and left us to sleep peacefully.

Apryl had listened to everything without so much as a whisper. Now she looked at us both and just shook her head. “I want in girls, that sounds like just my kind of party!” she sighed aloud. We told her we would arrange a little welcome party for her. The look on her face was like a kid expecting a new bicycle. She beamed as we all left to go back to Karen’s to set things up. Those guys were going to be in real trouble with three of us to please!

I need to go find Ken, retelling this has got me ready for a little fun. I’ll be back with another installment real soon. Hope you like my holiday vacation so far!! Bye!

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