Wife’s lover young enough to be my son!


Wife’s lover young enough to be my son!This is another of my hot wife’s letters to an older man friend… it is about her recent second meeting, with Gary, 28. My wife has just turned 40 and I’m 20 years older than that! Anyway, this is what she wrote, please enjoy and comment.Well Colin, today I am going to see my lovely boss and of course I am hoping that my slutty pussy will be the centre of his attention, but I am still tingling about that lovely ride I got from Gary, when he took the pictures. I told him they were for you and he said I was a kinky little fox…. he of course wanted to show his friends what he gets up to in London with his married woman.Gary is a bit of a lad, he knows he can drive women wild with his fabulous cock and he certainly did that to me. If you remember, the first time we had sex together he had been riding another girl from work for hours the night before, so maybe I didn’t get the best of him but he showed me what it is all about when we met again.This time there was no messing about, he knew why I was there, for more of his masterful cock, and the moment I arrived he was stripping me down, kissing me passionately as he unzipped my dress, leaving me in my sexy black underwear, and putting his hand down the front of my knickers to have a good feel of me. It made me swoon! I was still carrying my handbag but it soon fell to the floor as I responded like an eager slut wife, which is what I am and if I didn’t know it before I certainly know it now.He has such a great muscular body and to be honest I was gagging to get his nine-inch cock up me. I was so turned on, honey. He walked me into the bedroom, which is where he took the pictures, and lay me on the bed, took his clothes off and stood at the side of the bed massaging my wet pussy through my knickers. I opened my legs as wide as possible, and could see him enjoying the view. His cock was right there, all thick and half-erect, and I took it in my mouth and sucked it and licked it lovingly, I was so pleased and excited to be with him. He was saying things like, ‘you love it Anna, don’t you’ and ‘I’m going to ride you all night’ and also said something like ‘your husband is going to know you’ve had the fuck of your life’ etc, it all added to my excitement because I knew it was true.Then when he was hard he pinned me back on the bed, pulled off my knickers and pushed my legs back until my ankles were by the side of my head and just rammed it up me. Oh God, it made me squeal! The sensation of having kağıthane escort every part of my cunt filled was fantastic and almost immediately he was pounding me like there is no tomorrow. Of course I already knew what he was like but he was riding me so forcefully this time, it took my breath away and gave me the most fantastic sensations right in the depth of my cunt, I could feel it stretching me, pushing towards my womb, my arse was in the air and it was like being screwed by a machine, his cock felt so warm and rock-hard inside me. It made me think ‘this is what life is all about’ as he drilled me and when he started grabbing at my bare tits and squeezing my nipples it was heavenly. An hour earlier I had been sat in the office all sweet and demure as if butter wouldn’t melt in my mouth and now I was being pounded by a really fit young man, my ass in the air and my married cunt full of his cock, and I was loving it.He was just smiling as he rammed me, and I could have cum right there and then but instead he turned me on my stomach and slipped it into me again from behind, God, the sensation of taking those first few inches in that position was mind-blowing, I can’t describe how good it felt, he said ‘Amanda (the other girl in the office) like it like this, do you?’. I said, ‘it’s great Gary’ and then he was riding me very slowly, my face was buried in the pillow, he was shafting me so gently this time and then put his thumb on my asshole and slipped it inside. I love it when a man does that and within seconds I knew I was going to cum. He did too, and started banging me really hard again and I swear I saw flashing lights as he slammed his lovely length of manhood up me and I was gasping and moaning so loud as this wonderful sensation of cuming on his cock overwhelmed me, it was one of my best orgasms ever and I was saying ‘oh God Gary, oh God Gary’ over and over. it had only taken him 15 minutes to get me like that.Then he slowed down to a gentle thrusting again and took his thumb out and I felt his strong body on my back and he was kissing my neck and then turned my head round to kiss me on the lips and he said, ‘when was the last time you came like that’ and I lied a little bit and said ‘never in my life Gary’ and he said ‘there is plenty more where that came from’. Then he said ‘since you are such a bad wife I think you need a little punishment’, and my heart leapt! I do like a bit of smacking and he was going bakırköy escort to do it! I just raised my ass in the air like an offering, waiting for the feel of his strong hand… the next thing I remember is looking in the mirror and seeing this muscly young man smacking my bottom. He was a bit surprised (but pleased) when I said ‘you can do it harder than that’ and he did, until I saw that my bum cheeks were burning red and this hot stinging sensation was flooding my ass and pussy, it made me want him again. I never thought he would do that but it felt great, especially as the sensation of him fucking me so wonderfully was still there. Afterwards I asked him why he wanted to smack me and he said, ‘you look the type who would enjoy that’. I just giggled and said ‘I do’.He gave me about a dozen good slaps, it made me yelp and every time it made my pussy quiver as well, then he moved into a 69 position and said, ‘suck my meat Anna’, he was very much in control. I got his cock which was all covered in my juices in his mouth and while I was sucking him he gave me a little lick along my slit which was a heavenly feeling, especially as my ass was on fire from the slapping, and then put three or maybe four fingers up me and started fingering me so forcefully that I couldn’t even concentrate on his cock and lifted my head and howled my way to another fantastic orgasm, my cunt was just as wide open as it could be for him and I could even feel my own juices running down my thigh. He certainly knew how to finger a bitch in heat!Ooohhh, after I came I went back to sucking his rigid cock and how lovely it felt to have all that manhood in my mouth. I was also stroking his big balls as lightly and as lovingly as I could and then I felt him really harden, even harder than before if that was possible, and the next thing I knew he was grunting and a big load of hot spunk was shooting into my throat. I looked in the mirror and saw what a slut I was, on all fours, totally naked, my tits swinging down with this big cock in my mouth, and although I tried to swallow every drop some of it was running down my chin, I thought, if George could see me now! His cock was pulsating for ages after he came and then started to go a bit soft but I didn’t stop sucking, it was so sexy to look at myself in the mirror doing that and I could see that he was licking my slit as well, it felt nice but the feeling in my mouth was better!Well that was just the şişli escort end of session one, he left the room and came back with a bottle of fizz and lay beside me and we drank it, kissing all the time and even exchanging the alcohol with our mouths. That felt so dirty but also very sexy, especially as I could still taste his cum. After about half an hour he took the empty bottle and started running the neck of it along my messy slit, it actually turned me on a lot and then he put the neck of the bottle in me and started to fuck me with it! Very slowly until I was gasping again and I was spread out on the bed like a starfish as he made me cum like that. He laughed and said ‘you married women are up for anything’ and I just smiled but pretty quickly he was on top of me, so rock hard again and this time we had a really romantic fuck as he kissed my lips and neck and tits while lowering himself over me, I was licking his nipples too and had my hands on his firm ass, pulling him into me and this went on for about half an hour! It was sensational, so loving and nice, sometimes he would speed up and bring me to the point of orgasm but would then slow down again, he was really playing me and I loved every delicious moment of having him on top of me, my legs spread for him and his godly cock, sliding in and out, in and out, pushing at my womb with every downward thrust.Then he turned me on my back again, I looked in the mirror and just watched as he ploughed me, my face was crimson with excitement, and then when I felt he was cuming I was banging my ass hard against him to draw his spunk out of him and he exploded, literally exploded, a big load of cum in my married cunt. I didn’t cum right then, but I loved it that he turned me round again on my back and began rubbing my clit as he kissed me, and then in no time I was cuming again with his finger tenderly massaging my slit, my hips rocking back and forth with the pleasure of it all and my cunt and womb full of his manly spunk. I felt so great! Then we curled up together and had a little sleep, I was so exhausted not just with the physical exertion but with the tension that was all through my body, I had known that Gary would be great and he had fulfilled my every need and I think he was really satisfied too.But I have a husband at home and all things must come to an end. I am sorry this story is so long, it excites me even to think about it, what a fabulous night with a truly special lover. It will be hard to resist Gary again when he is back in London, but you know I have said I am going to give my boss all my attention from now on.. I truly don’t know if I can keep to that though. The thing about Gary is that he really satisfied you but leaves you with a feeling that you want more of it, and he knows it.So who knows what will happen next time he is in town?

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