Wife’s Surprise


Wife’s SurpriseThis story is Fiction (as of now):My wife and I have been married for some time now and we are both very sexually active. I am 6 ft, white, athletic build and a 7 in cock. My wife is a BBW, white with huge tits and ass. We love to do everything sexually including playing for people online, posting pictures and she even fucks me with a strap-on (as seen from our pics). But we haven’t let anyone else join in yet until now.I’m at at work and texting my wife and ask if she made any plans this weekend. She said the only plans she had was for tonight and it was a surprise. Intrigued I think about it all day until I finally come home from a long day. We start having some drinks which gets us both horny. We go into the bedroom like always and have a quick fuck. She loves when I get on top and lift her legs while I pound her pussy. We both cum and I lay beside her while my cum exits her pussy and goes down her thigh. She picks it up with her finger and sucks on it slowly. She smiles and tells me I better be ready for more tonight. I smile and ask if it had to do with my surprise. She smiles and tells me maybe and pulls out her phone. She makes a quick text with her phone and tells me to expect company. I get excited and ask for more information; women, male, big, short, black… But she reluctantly keeps her mouth closed and tells me its a surprise.1/2 an hour etlik escort goes by and their is a knock on the door. My wife comes to me and gets me completely naked and puts a blindfold on me. She tells me to behave, leaves the room and goes to answer the door. She answers and I hear some talking but can’t make anything out. I can tell its a man though from his voice. Next thing I know I hear them enter the room and my wife tells him, “I want to see you take advantage of him. I will be sitting here in this chair for now. Have fun with him, he’s a complete slut for both cock and pussy.” My jaw drops and am scared and excited for what is about to happen.Next thing I hear is him taking his clothes off and moving towards me. I start to feel his heat and smell him when he stands right next to me. Next thing I hear is his voice, “You better be ready for my cock bitch. Now get my cock hard.” I can hear my wife touching herself and moaning as she hears this man take control of me. I lean forward and feel his cock on my lips, I wrap my hands around his waist and pull myself towards him. I finally muster the courage to take him in my mouth and I start slowly sucking him off. My wife moans as she see’s his cock vanish in my mouth. I feel around with my hands and find he’s a bigger/rounder man and his cock is pretty short but I am a good slave kızılay escort and will do what I’m told. His cock starts to get hard and my mouth and I can feel my cock growing. My wife sees this and ask, “You like sucking cock husband? You like being submissive.” All I can do is mumble yes with his cock in my mouth. I start caressing his balls and speed up my sucking. Once he gets completely hard in my mouth he grabs my head and pulls me all the way down his cock. I start chocking and a tear comes down my face as he keeps his cock down my throat. He pushes me away and makes me lay on my back on the bed. He comes up to me and lifts my legs up and spits on my ass. “Your ass ready for this cock?” I am too shocked to reply and just nod. He slams his cock into me and I yell a quick squirm and try to loosen my ass to take him in. At the same time I can hear my wife cum on the chair. I’m still blindfolded but could hear her breath heavily and get off the chair. My ass continues to get fucked hard and the pain turns to pleasure as I try to match his movements. All of a sudden I feel the bed move and a warm wet pussy over my mouth. My wife sits on top of me and makes me eat her fresh juices from her tasty pussy. I feel her bend over so we are in a 69 and she takes my cock into her mouth as he continues to fuck me. He then takes it out of my keçiören escort ass and my wife puts a couple fingers into her pussy and slides them into my ass. “There you go honey, more wetness. Now let me taste you both.” She grabs his cock and mine and puts them both in her mouth. She goes slow at first but then speeds up both swallowing our cocks and riding my face. I feel her legs tense up and feel her juices run all over my lips. I stick my tongue in her deep to taste every bit. She then gets off and the man lays down on the bed and orders me to get on top. I slowly insert his cock into my ass and slowly begin to ride him. I put my hands on his chest and move my ass up and down. My wife then sits on his face and leans over and starts sucking me off. At this time I can’t take it anymore and tell my wife I’m about to cum. She nods and continues to suck me off. I grab the mans chest and cum hard into my wife’s mouth. She takes it all and grabs my mouth where she presses my cheeks together and spits my cum into my mouth. She then presses her pussy against the man face and orders him to cum in my ass. I ride faster to try to speed up the process and I can feel his cock start throbbing in me. I push down hard in him and I feel his cum fill my ass up. My wife sees my face and cums again. The man takes his cock out of me and I can feel his juices run down my thigh. My wife inserts two fingers inside her then scoops up his cum from my thighs and ass. She takes one finger and taste and gives me the other. The man leaves and I lay down feeling used and loving it. We hear the door shut and she says the next time she wants to be the center of attention.

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