Wife’s Weekend Away


Suzie had been working hard for weeks and now that her project had finished I suggested that she should have some time to relax.

She has a really good friend in London called Jane who Suzie was at college with and I know they have been looking for an excuse for a girl’s weekend for a while, so I suggested that they both go and stay in a hotel for a night.

Suzie jumped at the chance and rang Jane immediately, and the weekend was on.

Friday arrived and Suzie loaded the car with her bags and came and gave me a big kiss goodbye to thank me for suggesting it. I then said to her that she should enjoy the weekend and If she had the opportunity for some naughty cock, she should take it. “Haha, nice thought” she said, “but I’ll be too tired!”

Later that evening Suzie rang me from the hotel and said that she and Jane were going to the bar for a couple of drinks and then onto a club that Jane had booked.

I sat there and watched TV imagining what my sexy wife was doing.

Apparently they drank wine in the bar until Jane put them into a taxi to the club she’d booked. They laughed and giggled all the way, my wife later told me, and then arrived at the club.

What Jane hadn’t told Suzie was it was a Swingers club in Woolwich, and even though they were esenyurt anal yapan escort single girls, Jane knew the owner and had organised VIP passes.

So in they went. Suzie said she was excited but a bit nervous – but the next drink she had calmed her nerves.

They were given Champagne as they arrived and white towelling robes to change into, which they did. They came out of the changing room and were ushered by two athletic black guys into a room called ‘Explore’, where the room was full of couples, some chatting others naked on large beds having sex.

Suzie said that she started to feel wet quickly and the champagne had started to loosen her inhibitions.

Then a couple came over to Jane and Suzie and started chatting. Suzie said that the husband was called Steve and was very tanned and good looking, the wife Ellie slim and tanned.

They chatted and Suzie could feel Steve’s free hand rubbing her bum through her robe, which she liked. Meanwhile Ellie was doing a mock massage on Janes shoulders and they were both laughing.

Suzie said the conversation quickly got horny as Steve was asking them both how they liked being fucked, and whether they liked the taste of cum?

All this Suzie said esenyurt escort later was really making her horny. So they went to sit on a bed next to three couples all of whom were engaged in blowing, licking or fucking.

Suzie and Jane through off their robes and laid back laughing and giggling.

Suzie said she felt Steve gently open her legs and started to lick her swollen clit and comment how wet she was. Suzie said she then felt someone close to the side of her face and turned to find a large hard cock owned by one of the guys on the bed. She said she held it and quickly slipped the tip into her mouth and sucked. This was quickly followed by another guy who appeared and then another. They suddenly found themselves as the centre of attraction.

Suzie said she then felt a large warm cock sliding into her pussy and she almost feinted and came almost immediately. It belonged to the husband and he was pumping her wildly now and Suzie was loving it.

In the meantime, Jane had Ellie his wife between her legs sucking her pussy as if her life depended on it. One of the large black ushers had now appeared and was letting Jane suck his huge cock. Jane had been Bi since college but loved cock especially black cock!

Suzie later esenyurt eve gelen escort told me that she was in fucking heaven, with all her fantasies playing out in one night.

The husband pumped her pussy full of spunk closely followed by another guy who’s cock was ‘massive’ according to Suzie.

She was gently rolled onto all fours and encouraged to straddle a guy who’s wife was sitting across his face being licked.

As Suzie took his cock inside she felt someone gently grab her bum cheeks and press their cock at the entrance to her ass hole. Suzie said she was so wet it popped inside easily and she was being ridden hard.

She sucked on several cocks that were presented to her, some of which had gooey cum dribbling from their tips, which she loves.

This went on for what Suzie said was a few hours, where they would stop having sex and rest for a while, before being encouraged to entertain new cocks that arrived.

Now we have had several group sessions together, but never with Suzie on her own, this was a first.

When Suzie returned home the next day she told me all about it excitedly, and it made me so horny imaging it. Suzie even showed me some Iphone clips of her and Jane sucking this enormous black cock which someone had taken for them – this guy must have been 11″ and both Jane and Suzie shared his cock until it shot in their mouths and they snowballed the spunk together.

So a quiet relaxing night away turned into a total group fuck-fest.

You can imagine that we fucked for hours after that!

Now Suzie is thinking about her next night away with her friend!

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