Wilbur My New Guy

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Richard was always wonderful to me, it is a shame he has emigrated to Australia because I missed him so very much. Just to be here living in the same house we shared for five years did hurt some. All those places we made it together, on the sofa, across the dining room table, on the floor, in front of a burning open fire, all those images flashing through my mind, all just mere memories now.

But the move was good for him, so we had to come to a compromise, that he would come over every so often and shared a vacation with me.

But that doesn’t stop my vivid dreams of him, there beside me in the bed, just feeling the warmth and desire of his body take me at his will, and usually mine too. If when those rare times occurred, I was not of like mind, he fucked me anyway – that is after I got a jolly good thrashing steeped over his lap for being so utterly stubborn. I can still feel the sting in my ass as he fucked me deep and rough pushing me over the back of the sofa for maximum steerage and depth, when I felt the pain of the whole seven and a half of him thrust deep inside, moving my ass to and fro -when usually he’d take it gently, gradually working it in me, that gorgeous ripe throbbing cock of his giving me what I needed and wanted.

But it was different when he was riled, he hated it when I was reluctant for him to fuck me. Like it was my duty to let him have me at his demand, like I was a lump of meat, even a thorough wanking or sucking would not please him, he’d want the whole thing and if batıkent escort I didn’t agree, then came the spanking, sometimes in my jeans, sometimes my shorts but most times bare assed and I must have yelled and yelled for mercy, but to no avail, I just had to learn for him to take me willy-nilly of my feelings and I guess in the end, although sometimes I hated him for it, and I was feeling the numbness in my ass for days after, I still loved him and miss him terribly.

It is crazy though because you know what, besides using a Richard sized dildo in my ass I still spank it with a brush head, until I can feel the sting no more because the numbness has set in. I try to imagine just how it was for him thrashing me like that across his lap or whatever position he fancied me. I was doing it to myself in front of a long mirror and imagining I was looking at my ass with Richard’s eyes and being am able to see the attraction he saw in the spanking routine and the fuck afterwards. So when it came to me fucking myself with the dildo I closed my eyes and imagined that Richard was still there behind me, me on all fours and he pumping that quality cock into me.

I even found myself instinctively, as I did with Richard, deep sucking the dildo like it was Richard’s well spunked cock, tasting his cum on my tongue, pumping squirty cream into my mouth to get the effect of having my mouth full of his cum, licking and tasting the dildo like it was his cock, then suddenly, looking at myself doing beşevler escort it in the mirror, just like I did when pumping it up my asshole, I started to think,; “you poor sad guy, go find yourself another. A real guy do the honours for you,” so I did!

His name is Wilbur, will for short from Kansas US of A. We met in a bowling alley and it didn’t take long to get the swing of him even although he beat me outright. I was thinking maybe this was the guy who would substitute for Richard, I say substitute because at the time I never imagined that there would ever be anyone quite so good as Richard. Boy! Was I to learn, as soon as I gave Will the look I was delighted he returned it, just so happy that we were of like mind and hearing him tell me he fancied the hide off me, that he’d been studying it closely when I bowled, the dirty monger! But still I liked it, it feels so good to be fancied like that from a new fresh guy in my life.

First time it was lovely, second it was better and third! Wow! I sucked him to the hilt which he loved and adored, couldn’t get enough and my mouth was literally numb with the constant cock and ball sucking, he had a fantastic throb there and I loved the feel of his form balls, they made for a divine feeling and teasing and the taste and scent of Wills cock combined was heaven on earth. His first fuck of me was good too, plenty of that, plenty of deep fucking, he loves to take me from behind, lift me and walk around the room, he still poking ankara escort me, just the movement of his walking as he was throbbing up me did wonders and when he placed me down on the flour again on all fours, he fucked me like an animal. I don’t think I would ever have any times I didn’t want to with Will, so that must say something, perhaps Richard and I had had our time and now it was all Will.

I started to tease him saying; “where there is Will there is a way” and he loved the banter. In the morning I’d wake with him sucking me, the feeling of waking to the feel of his mouth and tongue deep sucking was wonderful and he’d soon have my ass again steeped up for him on the mattress. He loved to mutually suck after fucking in the morning, and then to French kiss and taste our love juices combined which was heaven, I so wanted to be quality ass for him whenever he wanted me, and he wanted me plenty, and when he had gone to work I still felt his throb like it was still inside me, pumping away until I heard his yell of gratification and mine of submission, my ass all messed and sweaty again and ready for the shower which we usually shared, that was good too and meant a final fuck before breakfast

This morning he did something new though,. He smothered me as my head was on the pillow, rubbing his delightful cock and balls into my face, his thighs tightened so my head was wedged between, That was so sweet and good, it was a new thing for me and I adored it, so long as I could hold my breath awhile we made it a mutual thing, there was something about me crouching my self over his face and gradually dropping down until he was fully covered with my hot throbbing cock which he wanked vibrantly until I shot all over him, He loved it and so did I. It was our heaven and I wanted more and more.

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