Wild Waterpark Fieldtrip Ch. 02

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*All characters are fictional and over the age of 18. This is the second chapter in the Wild Waterpark series, so you should read chapter one before continuing.

Ms. Centeno made her way across the waterpark to the private pool area, which was reserved for her 12th grade class. Her dark brown hair was still wet from the waterslides, draping past her shoulders. She removed the hairband that was stored on her wrist like a bracelet, and pulled her hair up to tightly secure it, allowing the sun to warm her neck. Along the way she felt the lustful stares of adolescent boys and fathers supervising their kids. Even some of the other mothers wearing string bikinis themselves had dropped jaws at the sight of the young teacher. She proudly flaunted her body barely contained in the undersized swimsuit she borrowed from Maddie, one of her petite figured students. With each step her breasts bounced, threatening to pop out of the tiny white bikini top. While it would properly fit Maddie’s small frame and hold her boobs in place, on Ms. Centeno the triangles barely covered her nipples and left the rest of the teacher’s busty chest exposed.

She passed a teenage boy with an unabashed stare, as his eyes examined her entire body. His gaze paused at her pussy, barely hidden in the white and green floral bikini bottom. On her body it hung much lower than it would on Maddie, giving barely an inch of coverage above the crease in her lips, which could be seen in an unmistakable cameltoe. From the back, the swimsuit failed to cover any more than the middle of her butt, with several inches of her crack exposed and her cheeks spilling out. She was fully aware of the show she was putting on, and began to realize how much she loved it. She winked at the boy who was still staring at her exposed body, transforming his facial expression from disbelief to an embarrassed smile.

She had a little extra sway in her sultry step, after only moments before having a mind blowing sexual experience with her shy student Simon. She felt the sensual high after a more than satisfying orgasm, and the excitement of being so naughty in such a taboo way. She felt electricity between her legs just reliving the experience of her mind, seeing Simon’s face grinding her pussy and shoving his tongue inside her. She has guided him through the gate to from boyhood, giving him the experience of a having a woman going down on him for the first time. She had taken extra satisfaction in swallowing his seed and sucking him dry. She knew that she had just opened up the shy boy’s world to an ecstasy he never before dreamed of.

Still overtaken by lust and desire, Ms. Centeno wanted to teach him one more thing. She wanted to show him how to take a woman. She wanted to be completely ravished. Looking up at the sky, she noticed the sun had not yet reached its peak.

“There’s still plenty of fun to be had today,” she thought to herself with a smile.

Arriving at the private pool, there seemed to be no one else around except Maddie and Holly. She joined the girls on the lounge chairs, choosing the closest seat next to them. The two best friends were sunbathing and chatting excitedly.

“Hey Ms. Centeno! This trip is so much fun!” Holly beamed over her Gucci sunglasses.

“Yeah,” Maddie reinforced. “Thank you for this! You are the coolest teacher for taking us out here.” she said, sitting up to greet her.

“You emek escort bet!” Ms. Centeno responded. “Don’t tell anyone, but you guys are my favorites. It’s nice to get out of the classroom once in a while.”

Ms. Centeno couldn’t help but examine her bikini clad students. Holly, who always seemed aware of her sexuality and style, had an exceptional body for her age. Her strapless black bikini complemented her perky boobs perfectly. Her evenly bronzed skin hinted at no tan lines whatsoever. Her dark hair was short for a girl’s style, fashionably cute and precise as if it was chosen from a beauty magazine. Even though they were at the pool, Holly wore red lipstick that complemented her rich skin tone. A silver belly button ring commanded eyes to her flat abs, evidence of her athletic physique. Running her gaze along the girl’s smooth tanned legs, Ms. Centeno could tell Holly spent time on her beauty and refined her details down to her wine-red painted toenails. For the first time revealed to Ms. Centeno, she noticed a tattoo above Holly’s right shoulder blade of a rose with a thorn pricking a single drop of blood. She suspected that Holly might be less innocent than her other students.

Maddie, on the other hand, was noticeably a different type of girl. She embraced her natural beauty but in a refined way of clear nail polish and neutral toned lipstick. As she always did, she kept her long blonde hair pulled back to a pony tail. Without piercings or tattoos, she had a simpler style but radiated personality with her intellect and light hearted humor. The star and captain of the girls’ volleyball team, Maddie’s skinny frame was conditioned optimally for quickness. Her boobs were smaller than Holly’s, but the pink and white polka-dotted two piece swimsuit she wore left plenty of cleavage.

The 28 year old teacher bent over to lay her towel across the chair and caught Maddie looking at her exposed ass.

“Wow, Ms. Centeno,” Maddie said, “You look really great in my bikini!”

“Thanks again for letting me borrow it. It’s really cute!” Ms. Centeno replied, adjusting the straps. “Maybe a little small on me though.”

“It’s very sexy that way.” Maddie replied.

“Way sexier!” Holly agreed. “I need to get one that fits like that.”

Their teacher blushed, looking down at her near naked body. “I will have minimal tan lines, that’s for sure.”

Holly flipped over from lying on her stomach and looked around. “I bet we could avoid any tan lines.”

Both Maddie and Ms. Centeno looked at her with puzzled looks.

“There’s been no one around. We could take our tops off.”

Maddie bit her lip in question, but in the spirit of the excitement that already started this day, Ms. Centeno smiled in agreement. “Sure, it’s quite private back here.”

After looking around one more time for any other witnesses, Maddie slowly untied her bikini top and noticed that both her teacher and best friend were already topless with their chests exposed to the sun above. She felt self-conscious being semi naked in public and noticed how full and round their breasts were in comparison to hers.

“You guys both really have great boobs,” Maddie admired.

“You do too!” Holly said, “You know I’ve seen them in the showers after practice.”

Maddie still hesitated to bear them. “But they’re small.”

“You have a great body,” Ms. Centeno eryaman escort encouraged. “We are all friends here anyway.”

“Okay.” Maddie slowly pulled the strings letting her top fall, exposing her B cups and felt her nipples stiffen against the fresh air.

“Your boobs are perfect!” Ms. Centeno exclaimed, admiring the girl’s youth and beauty.

“You think so?”

“Absolutely. You should be proud of them.” Ms. Centeno decided to take it one step further. “Can I touch them?”

It worked. Maddie laughed and relaxed, letting her hands fall and pushed her chest out. “Sure!”

The teacher ran her hands over Maddie’s chest, cupping around her breasts and gently thumbing over her nipples. Holly had a devilish grin on her face and grabbed the sun screen lotion, squeezing some out in her palm.

“We need to keep these babies from burning!” Holly said before her friend has any chance to object, rubbing lotion down Maddie’s shoulders and massaging it into her breasts.

Just then the girls were startled, as a shadow approached them. There was Derek, a muscular jock in the class, watching the whole erotic scene unfold. He was carefully approaching them, trying to get a closer look without being noticed. The three young women spun around to see who their voyeur was, and relaxed when they recognized their sandy-haired friend, now frozen in his tracks. With his cover blown, he stopped and smiled at them, standing shirtless in his wet orange and blue swim trunks dripping on the payment.

“You guys are getting started without me?” he grinned ear to ear, knowing he caught them in the act and had an opportunity to take advantage of the situation. He couldn’t believe his luck. He had just discovered his young hot teacher and two of the sexiest girls in his class all topless, groping each other.

Without missing a beat, Ms. Centeno tossed the lotion over to him. “Well don’t just stand there, Derek. You can start on my back.”

Kneeling next to her, Derek he loaded his hands with generous amounts of sunscreen, still in disbelief that he was about to have his hands all over Ms. Centeno. A nearly naked, topless Ms. Centeno. He admired her body as he slowly rubbed her neck, shoulders, and back until he reached where her ass was hanging out. He paused, pondering how much of her he should try to touch. He noticed that she had her eyes closed in a relaxed state.

Deciding to push his luck, Derek ran his hands down her ass, covering every inch of bare skin, even sliding his fingers underneath the bikini a little, squeezing her ass firmly. He expected his teacher to yell at him or at least tell him to stop, but the only response was a sigh of pleasure as he massaged her.

“Holy. Fucking. Shit!” his mind screamed with excitement, also acknowledging that beside him Holly and Maddie seemed to be enjoying each other as they took turns applying lotion on each other’s bodies. “This is awesome!”

Maddie seemed self-conscious about him being present, attempting to hide her naked torso from his view, but Holly was boldly leaving boobs uncovered.

Just when he thought his fun was over after finishing his teacher’s legs, she turned over brazenly exposing her breasts to him again and asked him to get her front too. “You’re doing a great job, Derek,” she praised. “Would you be a dear and finish me off?”

There was something about ankara escort the way she said “finish me off” that made his body jolt.

Ms. Centeno turned over without even trying to cover her breasts, like Derek wasn’t even there. He couldn’t help but stare at them, so full and perfectly round. The first thought that came to his mind was that they were definitely bigger than any he had ever felt up. He spent a great deal of time touching her tits, massaging them and slightly pinching her nipples so they got hard and pointed towards the sky.

“Mmm….” Ms. Centeno moaned with pleasure. Barely opening her eyes wide enough to see Derek, she saw the bulge in his swim trunks growing larger. Unlike Simon, Derek was not timid and had noticeable sexual confidence. With him she was enjoying being a tease though, despite how incredibly horny she was becoming. “That feels sooo good… “she squealed, barely above a whisper. She then spread her legs a little wider. “Make sure you don’t miss a spot.”

“Sure thing,” Derek replied, second guessing in his mind what she meant. “Does she mean what I think she means?”

He looked down at her glistening body before him. Her bikini, which barely covered her pussy to begin with, was loosened and slipping to the side. Running his hands up down her flat stomach and over her pelvic bone, he decided to go for it. Sliding his hand under the swimsuit he felt the folds of her pussy, he didn’t stop until he reached the opening of her vagina. But instead of entering he decided to tease her a little bit too, gliding his middle finger up along her slit. He pulled the bikini to the side and took in the spectacular view before him, which he could tell was wet from him exciting her.

Ms. Centeno spread her legs even further and Derek knew what he needed to do. He licked his middle finger and slowly worked inside of his teacher, simultaneously rubbing her clit with his thumb. He had fooled around with many girls he knew at school, after football games and at parties, even that one time in the janitor’s closet skipping gym class. He knew how to read a woman’s physical response and how to tell when she liked it. And he could tell that Ms. Centeno was loving it. Her breath was getting heavy and Derek noticed how she was biting her lip. She was getting wetter and slippier so he put in another finger, and then a third.

While the teacher was lost in ecstasy, Derek only briefly looked over to the other girls. Maddie was lying face down, possibly sleeping, unaware of what was happening two chairs away. Holly, on the other hand, was shamelessly watching them. She was still topless, but now had her bottoms pulled down to her knees and was fingering herself like crazy.

Derek went back to paying attention to Ms. Centeno, increasing his speed and force until she was panting. He didn’t know how much more of this he could take before he came himself. Just before he thought he would explode, his nympho teacher bucked against his palm with one last thrust.

“Fuck!” she cried out, humping his hand into the air and squeezing her breasts. Holly also started coming, splattering all over her chair as she viciously frigged herself off. With looks of exhaustion they smiled and looked at each other, while Derek decided he couldn’t take it any longer and headed over to the men’s room to relieve himself.

“He couldn’t take the heat I guess,” Holly teased.

Ms. Centeno laughed. “I guess not.”

Still naked with their pussies exposed, their giggling voices woke up Maddie, who must have been asleep through the entire escapade. She groggily turned and squinted into the sun.

“What are you guys laughing about?”

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