Will You Love Me ‘Til I Die? Ch. 18


Mitra awakened all of us again at six thirty for another morning meditation near the stream in the eastern meadow. I must have slept soundly because I don’t remember anything after that fantastic lovemaking session. I was lying between them when Mitra’s voice brought me back to consciousness. I was on my side facing Suvarna when our eyes opened and filled with the other’s image. Each of us silently said I love you because words could no longer express the depth of our love. I saw gratefulness for another day to share rather than sadness for one less day to live. In a few seconds we communicated all we needed to know to each other then she moved toward me, wrapped her arms around me and kissed me.

I turned over and saw Angelika’s naked body lying on her stomach with one leg bent and pulled up. She was a vision of loveliness. I considered revising my definition of true beauty to looking as good as she did first thing in the morning. Even from behind she could take your breath away. I scooted over and kissed the back of her neck. “Good morning angel. How did you sleep?”

“Like I was floating on a cloud in heaven Prem. All night long I felt the love that you and Suvarna showed me last night. If it feels this good after only one day with you I’m sure I want to go with you on the remainder of your tour.”

“I’m very happy to hear you say that. I’m really looking forward to having you around. I’d show you just how happy I am if we had more time but we need to get up for our morning meditation. When that’s finished , we can take another bath then come back here. We have a lot more loving to do.”

“Oooohhhh yesss, that sounds delightful. What do I need to do to get ready for the meditation?”

“Just put on a robe and come with us. We do all the meditations in the nude.”

We grabbed our robes and headed for the bathroom then met up with the others in the great room. We got to the meadow just as the sun was about to come up over the mountains. As I sat down on my robe in the chilly morning air I got the feeling of being in the most beautiful cathedral on earth. Without even trying my mind began to move into silent mode. It knew that words and thoughts were not needed here. The cold actually felt good; it sharpened my senses and challenged my body to be still and let my natural processes adjust to keeping me warm. The air was thinner than we were used to and I felt my breathing become deeper to compensate.

The meditation was very natural and went deep as I looked out over the majestic landscape and marveled at the beauty of the world. As the sun rose higher I felt it warming me and the light seemed to penetrate me. It didn’t seem like very long before Mitra announced that it was time to head back inside.

Angelika had been sitting near and came over close to me when everybody was getting ready to go back to the chalet. “Prem I’ve done something similar to this by myself when I’ve been hiking or skiing. Sometimes I would come upon a scene that just seems to stop you in your tracks and makes you pause so it can fill you. This was wonderful. Before we return to the chalet I want to make love to you. I want to be looking at the mountains when I cum. I want to feel your hot cock warming me from the inside as the sun warms my skin.”

She knelt down in front of me and kissed me. It was a powerful, passionate kiss full of sexual energy and delight. She pushed me onto my back and bent over to take my cock in her mouth. I grabbed her robe and folded it up to use as a pillow so I could watch her suck me. She had me hard in no time but continued to slowly move her mouth up and down my shaft to cover it with her saliva.

Rising up she smiled at me like a kid with a new toy then turned around facing the mountains and straddled my hips. Her hand guided the tip of my cock to her vagina and she pressed down to insert it. She wriggled around a little to position herself exactly the way she wanted then pressed down again to take half my length into her. Still holding on she pulled up and repeated pressing down until at last she let go with her hand and pushed herself onto my rigid cock completely.

Looking at her fabulous backside, her blonde hair cascading down over her shoulders, the Alps in the distance, all these sights were overwhelming my senses. At the same time she was slowly moving her hips forward and backward to wiggle her hot pink channel on my cock without letting any of it escape her confinement. Her right hand cupped my scrotum and her fingers caressed my balls while the fingers of her left hand were busy rubbing her clit. The heat from our joined bodies spread through both of us to warm and arouse us.

Her movements gradually increased, adding an up and down component to the forward and backward one. Her pussy was wet and when it allowed the lower few inches of my cock to escape I could feel the cool air on the juices that coated it. Picking up speed she was soon fucking me with a steady rhythm, which added the glorious sight of her divine ass cheeks jiggling with each of her thrusts. My cock throbbed as her slick pussy slid up to the tip then rushed back down to engulf it esenyurt ucuz escort again.

She continued to rub her clit and massage my balls the whole time. When she began to grunt with each thrust I knew she was getting close. She removed her hands from her clit and my balls then leaned forward and put them on my thighs just above my knees so she could bounce faster up and down my cock. Now the sight of her spread ass cheeks with her dark pink puckered hole combined with her bald pussy lips sliding furiously up and down my cock were added to my visual stimulations. I could feel the first tingling sensations of my impending orgasm begin.

“Oh Prem this is so good. I’m so close to cumming. Are you ready? Will you cum with me Prem?”

She didn’t wait for my answer but she didn’t need it either. She slammed her hips down on me and held them there squeezing my imprisoned cock with her cunt. I felt my cock begin to swell and as the first spurt of cum rushed up the shaft she sat up straight and let out a loud sound that was part scream, part yodel and part cry that actually echoed across the mountainside. I was sure you could hear it in Mutters. The effect it had on me was to encourage my throbbing cock to spew several more powerful jets of cum into her pussy, which was convulsing in time to my expulsions. I pressed my hips up to ensure that her cervix was coated with my milky discharge.

When her orgasm had finally subsided she raised up on her knees freeing my half hard cock then turned around and laid on top of me. “Oh Prem that was fabulous. I felt like the whole world was cumming with us. I thought my spirit would start soaring across the mountains.” Before I could say anything she kissed me and put her hands behind my neck to pull me closer to her. I could feel her sexual high coursing through her and allowed it to flow into me. I wrapped my arms around her and we continued to kiss like we had just invented kissing.

She pulled back and looked at me with her eyes sparkling. “Prem how long is this tour going to last?”

“It’s scheduled to last until the end of September but that could change. Suvarna and I have an important meeting to attend in New York on October 1 and we both want to get back to see my wife.”

“You’re married?”

“Yes I am; to a truly wonderful and remarkable woman. We just found out she’s pregnant with our child.”

“She’s having your baby and you’re on a sex tour with all these people?”

“It’s a long story Angelika but basically yes, that’s what’s happening.”

“She must be a very remarkable woman to put up with that.”

“When Suvarna asked me to be with her because she is going to die soon, my wife was not happy about it but as she understood more about how much this meant to Suvarna she finally agreed to my doing it. Even without knowing all the details of this trip she is being extremely understanding and will not interfere with whatever I think is necessary to fulfill my commitment to Suvarna to show her what love is.”

“The funny thing is that the more this trip has expanded both in the number of people and the activities we get into, the more I love Sandy as a consequence. The doctors only give Suvarna until sometime in late November at best and when she’s gone I’ll go back to my wife with even more love than I left with. Together, we will raise Suvarna’s child.”

“That’s the most fantastic story I’ve ever heard Prem. You seem to love Suvarna more than I’ve ever known two people to love. Aren’t you going to be heartbroken when she dies?”

“That’s what Mitra is helping us with. She is showing us that death is not and ending, that you must live each day and love each day for as long as you can. I’m slowly getting to that understanding. We’ve both already reached a level where we’ve dropped jealousy and possessiveness. We can love the other people we’re with as totally as we love each other and we understand that love can only be unconditional.”

“When she is gone I will cherish the memories I have of her but our love will continue and it will not be diminished by loving others while I’m still alive. I’m trying to fill these few months with as much living and loving as I can so there will be no room for sadness when she dies. I won’t hold anything back, I will go wherever love takes us.”

“That must be why it felt so good to make love with you just now. Prem, I felt your love as though I was the only woman in the world. It turned the sex into a loving experience for me. That’s never happened to me before.”

“Mitra says the meditations create a field around us. This field gets stronger the more times we do them and the more people we have in the field. You’re coming along at a time when the field is much stronger so you’ll feel the effects sooner. That’s why it’s important to be with as many of us as you can and move around between us so you can absorb energy from different people. I’m very glad to hear you say that you can feel something new already. This little meditation we did this morning is surprisingly powerful.”

We headed back to the chalet and every few esenyurt üniversiteli escort steps she would stop and kiss me. Each time she did this her smile got bigger and brighter. “Oh Prem I feel better than I’ve ever felt in my life. I don’t seem to be able to keep my hands off you. All I want to do when we get back is make love to you. I can feel your cum oozing out of me and sliding down my legs as we walk and it’s turning me on like crazy.”

“You know what that sounds like to me?”


“It sounds like you’re falling in love Angelika. Nothing would give me more pleasure than to spend the whole day in bed with you if that’s what you think you want.”

“Ooooohhhh yes that’s exactly what I want. Can we get Suvarna to join us?”

“I’m sure she would be delighted but maybe you’re ready for Mitra. If you want to feel love, she’s the one that can do it. When she and I are together the love goes off the charts.”

“Could we be with both of them at the same time?”

“My, you are feeling frisky aren’t you? I’m sure we could arrange that.”

“Being up here in the mountains always makes me feel really good and making love in the meadow made me feel even better. I’m beginning to realize what love can be and I can’t wait to experience more of it.”

When we got back to the chalet I talked to Suvarna and Mitra and asked them what the plans were for today. They said there was nothing special on the schedule other than getting the dinner together for Heidi and Hans this evening. I told them that Angelika wanted to spend some time in bed with all of us and they both said it sounded like a good idea to them. Suvarna suggested we start with another bath as soon as we had some breakfast.

We spent an hour bathing each other and preparing for more lovemaking. While Suvarna was being washed and pampered by us she looked at me and said, “Prem you told me when this felt as good as sex I would know what love really was. I’m there now. Feeling all of your hands on me gently rubbing and cleaning my body actually feels like an orgasmic experience.”

Angelika said, “I’ve never had anybody do this for me before. It’s the most wonderful way to prepare for sex I’ve ever experienced.”

“Angelika, what is the German word for foreplay?”


Mitra replied, “I’ll bet if you asked Janelle she’d say there wasn’t a German word for foreplay.”

“Mitra! Now don’t be rude to the newest member of our family. You’re probably right though, that little French tart might say something like that. Angelika, you’ll have to show Janelle that at least one Austrian knows how to do it.”

“That’s OK Suvarna, there might not be a German word for what we’re doing now, maybe not in any language. The more we do it the better it feels. It makes me want to kiss and touch all of you everywhere and when I do I just tingle all over.”

When we got out of the tub it was my job to dry each of their bodies while they took turns drying their hair. Then I got to rub each of them from neck to foot with body lotion. They returned the favor and felt the same way Suvarna said she felt, like it was an orgasmic experience.

I thought somebody should open a business where people could get trained in doing these things with their spouses and significant others; especially for men. I would never have imagined how wonderful it feels to do this with someone you love; much less with three of the most incredible women I’d ever met. This form of meditative intimacy is more therapeutic than anything you could do.

When they finished I went over to my toiletries case and got out one of the Viagra pills Suvarna had brought for me and popped it in my mouth. Then we headed for the bedroom where Suvarna and Mitra alternated kissing Angelika’s supine body while I lay between her spread legs and used my mouth on her thighs and crotch. They would take turns kissing their way from one of her breasts up to her lips where they French kissed her until I thought she was going to lose her breath; then return to her breast while the other one kissed her way up to her mouth.

I teased and titillated her pussy with my mouth in every way I knew how. Her body was trembling as we lovingly assaulted it with tenderness. Even with a tongue in her mouth continuously, she was breathing deeply in a relaxed manner. Her hand was on the head of the one kissing her and it gently stroked her hair and down her back in a fluid caress that felt as good giving as receiving.

I used my thumbs to spread the puffy lips of her pussy so I could lick her labia and slide my tongue up to her clit. Her hips pressed against my mouth to assist my efforts and she pulled her knees up to spread her legs wider. I took my time and kissed her pussy the same way Mitra and Suvarna were kissing her mouth. Both openings begging our tongues to explore them and provide them with pleasure. Her juices were flowing now and I kept my mouth on her vagina and sucked them hungrily while I pushed my tongue inside her to get even more.

I could feel her arousal rising and decided it etiler escort was time to change position. I moved so I was lying sideways to her and draped her legs over my hips so my hard cock could lie on her mound, the head nestled in the golden curls of her pubic hair above her clit. Mitra’s mouth was on Angelika’s right tit but her eyes were looking at me. As soon as I had moved, her right hand moved to encircle my cock. She began rubbing the head through Angelika’s pubic hair. The soft curls brushed the underside of my shaft and my cock got even harder. Precum began to ooze out of the tip onto her mound leaving a viscous slick in the golden curls.

When she saw I was leaking she pushed back on my cock and I moved back slightly so she could position the head at Angelika’s opening. I moved forward a bit and Mitra guided the head into the pink channel. Mitra moved her hand toward me and I pushed forward to insert more of my cock into Angelika’s hot vagina. Mitra removed her hand completely to allow me to bury it inside her. I was engulfed by her warm velvety casing and stayed still to feel the sensation. She squeezed me rhythmically as I throbbed in response.

I could barely see her face because Mitra and Suvarna were still nursing her full breasts but I saw enough to see the ecstatic smile and heard the soft moaning. Mitra’s hand cradled my balls and softly caressed them. Angelika and I lay still allowing these two beautiful women to fill us with love and pleasure. She whimpered and her stomach muscles flexed when a mini-climax swept through her.

I pulled back and eased my cock out of her. Mitra’s hand immediately wrapped around it again and began to stroke it. The copious fluids from Angelika’s vagina made an excellent lubricant. She held the tip against the pink hole so I could begin to slowly fuck through her hand into Angelika’s pussy. Mitra knew I loved to fuck this way. The combination of being jerked off and sliding into a hot wet cunt are indescribably delicious. The added sensations of Mitra’s fingers snuggled up against her pouting lips increased Angelika’s sensory input to the point of making her moan steadily as she abandoned herself to the sensations.

Hearing this, Suvarna turned her head without removing her voracious mouth from Angelika’s breast and her left hand slid down across the golden curls and her fingers found Angelika’s clit. She began to massage the prominent nub pulling the hood back to expose the pink pearl as she rubbed it.

Within moments Angelika’s moans became louder and her hips were gyrating up and down as we all three continued to drive her toward her orgasm. We varied the speed and intensity of our movements to keep her on the edge for as long as we could but finally her hips pushed up forcefully and her stomach began to ripple with the contractions that had begun in her cunt. Mitra removed her hand and I drove my cock inside her completely. When I felt the tip nuzzle up against her cervix, the full force of her orgasm hit her and her pussy convulsed around my pulsing cock.

Mitra moved her mouth to Angelika’s to stifle her vocal expression of her climax and kissed her passionately to keep all the energy of the orgasm inside her where it swirled through her like a tornado. Her hot juices seeped out of her pussy and dripped on my balls. I felt like I was enjoying her orgasm too much to have my own. I pulled her leg to open her up further and kissed along her thigh as it trembled in my hands. Her full lips gripped the base of my cock tightly and stretched to accommodate it as they pressed firmly against my naked pubes.

We finally relented and let her begin to relax back onto the bed. My rigid cock was still imbedded inside her. Suvarna moved her head down and laid it on Angelika’s stomach just above her clit. “Prem, pull that lovely cock out of her and let me suck her juices off of you.” I pulled back and eased out of her then aimed for Suvarna’s mouth and pushed forward. Her lips opened as the tip neared her and I slid it into her mouth as far as it would go. The head was completely enveloped in her throat. I began to slowly fuck her mouth the same way I had done to Angelika’s hot cunt.

After letting her suck all the juice from my shaft I began alternating from her mouth to Angelika’s pussy, using the fluid from one to ease the passage into the other. I felt Mitra’s hand slide between my spread legs to encircle my shaft and take over moving it between the two of them. She held the head in Suvarna’s mouth while she stroked me with the saliva sluicing from Suvarna’s puckered lips. After several up and down movements of her hand to coat my shaft, she returned my cock to Angelika’s sopping cunt and repeated her masturbatory movements to cover it in her vaginal secretions.

I was almost delirious with pleasure from what they were all doing to me. I couldn’t possibly tell which felt better, mouth, pussy or hand. The combination was driving me crazy with sexual arousal. I made no indication as to where I would prefer to emit the enormous volume of cum that had built up in me. I just waited for it to happen. Suvarna was the lucky recipient. Mitra felt my cock swell in her hand and increased her stroking until she felt the first gush of semen flow though me into Suvarna’s eager mouth then released my shaft and moved her hand to my balls to gently squeeze the sensitive orbs and incite them to continue producing an almost steady stream of cum that flowed into her mouth like water from a hose.

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