Willing Subject Ch. 04

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There was one week of summer vacation remaining between the end of the ‘unofficial’ staff yearbook project and the beginning of the school year. John and Ashley, teachers in the same district and occasional sexual partners, decided a road trip was in order.

An invitation to join them was immediately e-mailed to Susan Fielding, former teacher turned model and close friend to both John and Ashley. Susan’s calendar appeared to be clear and she excitedly called Ashley.

“Where we going?”

Ashley held the cell phone away from her ear so John could hear.

“You tell us,” John answered.

“The beach,” Susan quickly replied.

“Well, that narrows it down to a few thousand miles of land,” John said sarcastically.

Ashley tried to intercede. “How about Bear Lake? It shouldn’t be too crowded this late in the summer.”

“Sure. That’s fine. Are we camping?”

Susan’s question caught both John and Ashley off guard, but they nodded to each other before John said, “Why not. You don’t own a tent, do you?”

“No,” Susan said.

“Good. You’ll have to share ours then,” John concluded.

Ashley punched his arm and John let out a loud ‘Ouch’.

They could hear Susan laugh on the other end. It was going to be a fun trip.

Susan Fielding was in her mid twenties. She taught a couple years with Ashley and John before accepting an offer to be a magazine model—an offer made possible primarily because of photos taken by John. Payment the day of the photo shoot had been in the form of amazing sex in the woods. From that a friendship grew.

John and Ashley continued to teach and John continued to be an amateur photographer. Ashley had just turned thirty and John was about a year older. She was a brunette with a nice body and endless energy. He was pretty much average all the way around except in bed. Both Susan and Ashley could attest to that. Nothing seemed to be out of bounds the longer their relationship lasted.

Thus, the three of them packed John’s SUV with gear and suitcases and headed off for Bear Lake. It was an hour and a half drive into the mountains to get to the popular resort. Bear Lake was a golf community/public beach/campground all rolled into one. It was classy enough and expensive enough even to camp that generally there were very few kids around. Perfect for the non-family oriented threesome.

They checked in at the campground office, giving the young guy behind the counter his thrill for the day. To say Ashley and Susan were dressed casually was a gross understatement. They laughed about the guy’s constant staring at the girls’ breasts while driving back to find a good campsite.

It was reasonably easy to find a secluded site deep in the woods, well hidden from the road. The group excitedly emptied John’s vehicle and dragged the tent, poles and stakes to the flattest ground.

Now it was John’s turn for a few thrills. Susan had a tank top on that made no effort to hide the fact she was braless and Ashley had her usual tight, v-neck t-shirt on. She, likewise, had seen no need for a bra on this day. John did not have to go out of his way to catch several glimpses of their breasts hanging free while the girls helped set up the tent. And, within minutes, the heat of the day caused perspiration to make the tops even more form-fitting than before.

John drove the last of the stakes into the ground as Ashley and Susan put suitcases and John’s camera equipment into the tent.

“Whew, it’s hot in here,” Susan exclaimed.

“John, are we done?” Ashley shouted.

“Yeah. Why?” he asked.

“If so, I’m taking a shower.” Ashley rummaged through her bag for another shirt and her shower supplies.

“Me, too,” Susan added.

“Can I watch?” John said, peeking in through the unzipped window.

“Pervert,” Ashley said, heading out the front with Susan close behind.

The bath house was a typical, well-maintained dark wood building with sinks, toilets and shower stalls. Men on one side of the building, women on the other. It was probably a bustling place in the morning, but when the girls arrived they found themselves alone.

They each entered a shower stall and swiftly undressed. It felt good to be out of the sticky clothes. Susan reached in and turned on the water, adjusting it before climbing behind the plastic curtain.

Ashley turned the knob to her shower and promptly had it fall into her hand.


“What is it?” Susan cried out.

“The knob’s broken.” Ashley tried in vain to get it to turn on a flow of water, of any temperature.

“Get it to work?” Susan asked.

“Nope,” Ashley said in disgust.

There was a momentary quiet, except for the sound of Susan’s shower.

“You can join me.” It was more of a question than a statement coming from Susan’s stall.

“No, that’s OK. I’ll wait,” Ashley said, still a little surprised by what Susan said.

“Ah, come on.”

Ashley had seen John’s pictures of Susan in a threesome with another couple. She had seen the pictures of Susan and the other woman having oral sex. She knew Susan wasn’t kızılay escort a lesbian. Yet…

Ashley found herself, without apparent reason, exiting her own stall and slipping into Susan’s. She was convinced she would not allow herself to enter the shower. Then Susan peeked out from behind the curtain.

Susan’s blonde hair hung soaking wet down to her shoulders. Water dripped erotically off her face. When she pulled the curtain open and Ashley saw that naked body, all of her common sense was swept away.

A force seemed to pull Ashley into the shower. Susan closed the curtain behind her.

“Hi,” Susan said with a demure smile.

“Hi,” Ashley said, refusing to look anywhere other than into Susan’s bright eyes.

Susan wasn’t so bashful. She took a long, hard look at her friend’s naked body. Ashley finally did the same to Susan.

“You really are beautiful,” Susan said softly.

It was a simple statement that stunned Ashley. No woman had ever said that to her. She never thought she needed to hear it. But coming from somebody as gorgeous as Susan made it all the more satisfying.

“You, too.” Ashley was embarrassed that she even said it. Of course it was true. Susan was a professional model. But she had no clue what else to say and her nervousness was blocking all logical thought processes.

It was best they didn’t talk much. Susan reached out and lightly touched one of Ashley’s breasts. Then the other. Ashley did the same to Susan.

“You must be freezing. Get under the water,” Susan said.

Ashley would have done anything Susan said at that point. Susan stepped aside and Ashley got under the flow of water. Their bodies touched in the process and electricity flowed through both of them.

The sight of the water streaming over Ashley’s body added to the growing lust Susan was feeling for her friend. Was this right? If she continued would it damage their friendship? Make it better?

Susan stepped forward until the front of their bodies made contact. Now the water flowed almost equally over both of them. Under the steady torrent, Susan touched Ashley’s lips with her own.

Ashley knew she had one last chance to end this. She could say something flattering to Susan and step out, or she could kiss her. There were long term implications to both options.

Ashley separated her lips and let her tongue slide over Susan’s lips. They kissed passionately.

Their arms wrapped around each other, searching the other woman’s neck and back and ass. Muffled moans filled the shower stall. Water poured over their open mouths as the kiss continued. Breasts flattened against each other.

Susan leaned forward with enough force that Ashley was pushed against the wall. The kiss never stopped. Their heads moved in all directions as the intensity of the embrace increased.

Susan put her little hand on top of one of Ashley’s tits, squeezing it tightly before concentrating on the nipple. This caused Ashley to break off the kiss and gasp for air. Ripples of delight surged through her body when Susan pulled and twisted her nipple harder. The moment Susan’s tongue touched her she thought she’d cum.

“Oh, God. Susan. Susan.”

Susan kept licking, and sucking, and licking. She felt a hand on the back of her head drawing her closer to Ashley’s body. She put the breast in her mouth even farther.

Then she was on her knees, holding Ashley by the ass. Ashley’s legs were closed. Not tightly, but closed.

Ashley couldn’t make herself open them. At least until she felt Susan’s tongue stabbing at her clit. Then the legs parted as if on their own free will and Susan licked wildly at the engorged clit.

Ashley knew she was going to cum. She knew it and couldn’t stop it. The tongue was inside her now. Deeper. Then back at her clit. She wanted to scream.

“Oh, God. Yes. There,” she managed to blurt out.

Susan sucked her there.

“Yes. Yes.”

Even under the shower Susan could taste Ashley’s sweet juices.


Ashley’s orgasm exploded through her body. She shoved her pussy into Susan’s face and gripped the younger woman’s head. No man had ever made her cum like this. No mouth had ever been so good on her. Over and over she came.

Susan licked the entire length of Ashley’s pussy, stopping at the clit each time for a prolonged attack. She wanted this to last forever because she knew how good it felt. She knew what it felt like to have a woman make love to her.

On the other side of the wall in one of the men’s shower stalls, through a tiny hole put there for obvious reasons by a previous visitor, John watched. Cum dripped from his fingers. He put his head under the shower and tried to catch his breath.


“I feel much better,” Ashley said as she and Susan approached John sitting on the campsite’s picnic table.

“I bet,” he said. It seemed their eyes were averting him for some reason, but it could also have been his imagination. He watched them pass by and throw their stuff into the tent.

He certainly would kolej escort never look at them the same way again. What he wasn’t sure of was whether he would look at them with more or less admiration. Initially, he was happy that they had a new relationship. He’d wait to see if that changed their relationships with him or not. He hoped not.

The girls had changed into swimming suits with clothes over top and convinced John to do the same. Then they headed out for some food and a stop at the lake for a couple hours of swimming and lying out.

It was while the three of them lay on the beach that Susan dropped a bombshell on her friends.

“Hey, guys. I need to tell you something and see what you think,” Susan said.

“Sure. What is it?” Ashley said, concerned about Susan’s unusually somber tone.

“Well, I got an offer the other day and I’m seriously considering it.”

John and Ashley looked at her and simply waited for her to continue.

“A guy I know from the magazine wants me to be in a…uh, an adult film,” Susan said, playing with the string of her bikini bottom.

The initial silence was finally broken by John. “Wow. Are you going to do it?”

“I don’t know. That’s why I mentioned it. I think I want to but I wanted your opinions. I would make as much money doing one movie as I do in six months of modeling,” Susan said, sounding a little more excited at the mention of the money.

“Is this guy legitimate?” Ashley asked. After what had happened in the shower earlier, Ashley felt a little possessive of Susan. And maybe a little protective of the younger woman.

“Oh, yeah. I’ve known him ever since I started modeling. I trust him totally,” Susan said, only stretching the truth a little.

“Maybe it would be good if you sat in on the filming of one of their movies first,” Ashley suggested.

Susan looked down at the sand. “Well, I already have. Everybody was very professional. It looked like they were having fun.”

John tried not to laugh at the naïve statement. Plus, he could tell Ashley wasn’t buying any of this. He could be the deciding vote, unless Susan had already made up her mind.

“My opinion would be: if you’re doing this only for the money it’s a mistake. If you’re doing it because it’s a career path you want to take, even just for a short while, then do it,” John said.

Susan looked at Ashley, who seemed resigned to the final outcome. “Be careful,” Ashley said quietly.

Susan leaned over and kissed Ashley on the cheek, then John. “Thanks. I will.”


Susan Fielding showed up at the offices of Satin Sheet Films fifteen minutes early. The small building was a converted warehouse with a surprisingly modern and bright reception area. Susan had entered through a back door in her previous visit, so this was her first opportunity to see the other end of the building.

“Hello. Can I help you?” the middle-aged receptionist said.

“Hi. I’m Susan Fielding, here to see Mr. Ross.”

“Have a seat. I’ll tell him you’re here,” the receptionist said.

Susan grabbed a fashion magazine from a tiny table while the receptionist announced her presence to Mr. Ross over the phone. Susan pulled down on the short, pleated schoolgirl’s skirt that rode far up her legs when she sat. Her blouse was opened at the top down to her breasts. The fact she didn’t wear a bra was noticeable to anybody taking even a cursory glance at her chest.

The time seemed to drag on forever until Scott Ross finally appeared and greeted Susan. He led her back to his office, exchanging small talk along the way. Susan glanced around the inside of his office, which could have been the office of a CEO of a major company. The thick carpet, beautiful paintings, lush chairs and a couch, and dark wood desk all exceeded Susan’s expectations.

She sat in a chair opposite Mr. Ross’ desk. This time she didn’t adjust her skirt.

“I’ve been looking at some of your modeling shots and I’m very impressed,” Scott Ross said, thumbing through a magazine Susan had posed for.

“Thank you,” Susan replied.

He looked at a couple more photos. “How did you end up contacting us?”

“Carl Pirik, from Today’s Fashions Magazine, talked to me and even showed me around the sets last week,” Susan said. “He said I should meet you.”

Scott was looking at the young woman now, as if comparing her in person with the images he had seen in the magazines. “I’m glad you came in. We always need new, young and attractive women. But have you ever acted before?”

“No. Not on film. Just modeling,” Susan conceded. “But I’m sure I can do it.”

Scott laughed. “I’m inclined to have you do a test shoot with us later this week, if that fits into your schedule. Can you do that?”

Susan beamed. “Sure. I’d love to.”

“Good,” Scott said. “For the final part of this interview I’d like you to stand up…and undress.”

Susan considered that such a request might be made of her at the time she agreed to the interview. But the abruptness of her potential boss’ demand caught her a little off ankara escort guard.

Regardless, Susan stood and moved to the side of her chair. There she kicked off her shoes and bent over to pull off her long, white socks. Once they were discarded she began to unbutton her blouse. Susan stared directly at Scott as her blouse slowly came undone. She lifted it out of her skirt to do the final two buttons, letting it hang on her for a couple seconds before sliding it off her shoulders.

Susan’s young breasts were firm and full, topped by pink nipples that gradually stiffened with the excitement of the moment. She allowed Scott to admire them before running her hands over the breasts erotically. Susan played with the nipples before dropping her hands to her skirt.

Scott watched as the woman unbuttoned the skirt at the side and slid down the zipper. Instead of dropping the skirt, Susan held it as she lowered it to her knees. Then she lifted one leg after the other out of the skirt. Only then did she lay it aside. Scott appreciated the sensuality of her movements and the fact there were things they might not have to teach this new actress, unlike many of the other girls he considered hiring.

Susan stood in her thong, skating her hands up and down the inside of her thighs. She brought one hand straight up and over her pussy before rubbing her stomach, then allowing the hand to fall back down and inside the top of her thong. Scott could see her fingers caress her clit under the material. His cock, already getting hard before Susan removed the first piece of clothing, was now at full erection.

Susan finally took off the thong, prolonging the time it took her to bend over and step out of it. Her heart raced as she stood back up, naked in front of the man who could determine the success or failure of her career change.

She put her hands on the back of her head, pulling up on her short, ruffled blonde hair. Her stance widened just a few inches and she arched her back slightly. Scott looked at the marvelous breasts, the flat stomach, smooth hips, neatly shaven pussy and creamy thighs.

“Turn around,” he said.

Susan turned and put her hands on her hips. She didn’t realize it, but her boss had made the determination that he had a star on his hands.

“Very nice, Susan.”

She turned to face him again. Scott rose from his chair and walked around his desk. He stood just inches in front of her, reaching out to lightly touch one of her breasts. Then he took both into his hands and squeezed. Not roughly, but with a tenderness that surprised Susan. When he pinched her stiff nipples she could feel it in her pussy.

She no longer looked at the man as her potential boss, but as a thirty-something, above average looking man who was making her extremely horny. His hands moved down her body and between her legs. A finger found the opening between the folds of her pussy lips and collected some of the moisture escaping from her cunt. He used it to massage her clit. Surely he had to hear her sigh, Susan thought to herself.

Then Scott’s hands were on her ass, gripping the pliant skin and pulling them closer together. They kissed softly.

Susan could feel his hardness now. Instinctively, her hand searched out the outline of his cock. He allowed her hand to pass between them, the palm of her hand sliding up and down his shaft.

She looked down and undid his belt, then opened his pants and pulled down the zipper. Once the pants were around his ankles she reached inside the front of his boxers and took hold of his cock. Susan stroked him a few times before pushing down his boxers.

Susan kneeled in front of Scott and licked the entire underside of his cock. She kissed it at the very tip. Then she began to deliberately slide it into her mouth, taking several seconds to accept the whole thing. Her tongue worked the bottom and sides of the throbbing cock.

Scott wasn’t going to wait for Susan to begin sucking him. He immediately started to fuck her mouth. This excited Susan even more and she increased the pressure of her lips. She held him by the ass and accepted each of his thrusts, feeling his balls slap against her chin.

It would have been easy for him to cum in her mouth. But he wanted to enjoy all of this beautiful new employee.

“Get on the couch, Susan,” he said, pulling his cock away from her face.

She moved to the large, soft couch while Scott began to finish undressing. She laid down, looking up at him as he took off his shirt, his final piece of clothing. Susan looked at the cock pointing out and up from his body. Her pussy tingled.

Scott crawled between her legs without comment. Then he lowered his head and spent a long time sucking and licking her breasts. Susan moaned louder as he moved from nipple to nipple. If this had been anybody but her likely new boss she would have begged him to fuck her…now.

She didn’t have to beg. Scott placed his cock at the entrance to her cunt and unhurriedly pushed it inside her.

“Oh, God. Yes,” Susan said almost unconsciously.

The adrenalin flowing through Susan’s body only heightened the pleasure Scott’s cock provided her. He was forceful, but not hurtful, in his steady thrusting. He filled her cunt in all directions. The hair around his cock rubbed against her clit, driving her ever closer to an orgasm.

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