Willow, Autumn, Dakota & Elle


Willow, Autumn, Dakota & ElleWillow, Autumn, Dakota & Elle In on an airport’s pick-up area Willow and Autumn stand with their luggage, as a car pulls up, and Dakota sticks her head out. “Oh, my God!” she squeals, “You’re so grown up!”Behind her, Elle gets out.“Not as much as her!” Willow jokes.“Oh, I know, my baby sister just shot up overnight. She could carry me now!”Elle goes around back, and opens the trunk, and her and Autumn load the luggage in. “Did you just get that cut?” Elle says, referring to Autumn’s short hair.“Yeah. You like it?”“It is adorable!”Later, as they drive, Dakota asks, “So, how’ve our favorite cousins been?”“Oh, we’ve been good,” Willow says, “but it’s nice to get away from Albuquerque.”“Yeah,” Elle asks, turned around in her seat, “how is New Mexico?”“Very dry!” Autumn says, and Elle laughs. “But definitely cooler than here.”“Yeah, I see you two wore the cut-offs. So, I can’t believe Aunt Carrie and Uncle Rob let you two come by yourselves!”“Yeah,” Dakota adds, “if they knew the sort of things we’re gonna get up to this week, they’d never let you stay with us again!”Willow smirks, “You do know we’re both u******e, for like everything.”“Oh, trust me,” Elle says, “what we’re gonna show you two is i*****l even for Dee!” Elle points her thumb at Dakota as she says this.“Hm, intriguing…”That night, the four sit on Elle and Dakota’s couch.“So,” Autumn says, squeeing a little, “what are you gonna show us? I’m so excited!”“Okay,” Dakota says, “Elle, got the bourbon?”“Yup!” Elle reaches next to the couch, and pulls up a bottle of whiskey. “Right here with the glasses.”“Okay, put them out, and hand me the bottle.” Elle places four shot glasses on the coffee table, and Dakota fills them.“What’re those pendik escort for?”“We wanna make sure you two don’t chicken out on us.” Dakota then screws the cap on, and puts the bottle down on the floor. “Okay, everybody drink!” Hesitantly, Willow and Autumn reach for their glasses, and all four knocks back their shots, the younger two making faces after. Once the glasses are back on the table, Dakota turns to Elle. “Well, you ready, little sister?”“Oh, I’ve been ready all day.” The two lean in close, and, in a shot of their faces, share a long, tongue-heavy kiss.Their cousins, meanwhile, watch them do this, with an expression like deer in the headlights on their faces, Autumn even mouthing, “What the fuck…”“Okay,” Elle says seductively, “your turn.”“Uh, wait, what?” Willow stammers.“You two kiss now,” Dakota says.“W-wait, I am not going to kiss my sister!”“C’mon,” Elle giggles, “you do not wanna know what we’ll do to you if you don’t!”“Yeah,” Dakota says, “we showed you our little secret, now get to smooching!”“I guess we gotta,” Autumn says.“Okay,” Willow says, turning to her, “let’s just get this over with.”Slowly, the two lean toward each other, pursing their lips. “Oh, for fucks sake!” Dakota exclaims, chuckling, then reaches over, and pushes them together. In a shot of their faces, Willow and Autumn touch lips, then almost immediately get into it, even opening their mouths.“Oh, my God…” Autumn says breathily, “That…was actually kind of hot…”“I…can’t disagree with you…” Willow gasps back, “God, my heart is pounding.”“Mmm, nice…” Elle purrs, smirking sexily, then raises her eyebrows, as she continues, “Now, we really get started…”It cuts to Elle and Dakota’s bed, where all four lie, naked, kissing and groping each escort pendik other’s bodies. Dakota then starts things, by kissing Willow’s tits, and sucking her nipples.Elle then takes Autumn aside, kissing around her ear, and whispers to her, “Have you ever eaten pussy before?”“No…” Autumn giggles, “I don’t even know how…”“It’s not that hard…” She then points at Willow. “Start with her…”Smiling, Autumn leans down, and in our first close-up, she starts kissing, then licking the outside of Willow’s pussy. “Oh…” Willow moans, as her twin sister works her tongue into Willow’s already juicy slit.“Oh, God…” Dakota murmurs, as Elle kisses her neck, “She is a natural…”“Didn’t you say the same thing about me my first time?”“Yeah, and you were, too.” Elle smirks, and starts kissing down her big sister’s stomach, then, in another close-up, we see Elle bury her tongue in Dakota’s juicy quim. “Oh, fuck…” Dakota moans.We then see alternating close-ups of Elle and Autumn eating out their sisters; licking and fingering their dripping pussies.Now, we see Autumn on her back, biting her lip, as, in another close-up, Willow laps up her juices.“Yeah…” Dakota moans, watching her, “Now finger her…” Back in the close-up, Willow starts finger-banging Autumn’s twat.“Oh! Oh!” Autumn moans throwing her head back.As Dakota instructs Willow, her ass is in the air, and, in another close-up, we see Elle licking her moist, light pink asshole. “Ooh, yes…” As her sister rims her, Dakota reaches under herself, and starts diddling her pussy. “Oh, fuck…” she then groans, “lick her asshole…”Back in that close-up, Willow pushes Autumn’s leg up, and starts licking her moist, quivering anus. “Oooh!” Autumn squeals, pursing her lips, and starts furiously fingering pendik escort bayan her cunt.We next see Elle kneeling on the bed, wearing a long, black strap-on dildo, as Dakota, Willow, and Autumn kiss, lick, and suck various parts of it.Next, we see Willow on her back, grimacing, titties bouncing and jiggling, as Elle fucks her with the strap-on. “Oh, God! Oh!” As Elle fucks her, Autumn kneels between her and Dakota, trading tongue-heavy kisses with them both.Now, Elle’s on her hands and knees, with Autumn kneeling behind her, fucking her doggy-style. “Yes! Oh, God, you’re good at that!” As this happens, Willow and Dakota lie together, tongue kissing, and, in alternating close-ups, fingering each other’s pussies.Suddenly, Elle cries out, as she cums. While she’s catching her breath, Autumn suddenly gets a devilish look on her face. In another close-up, she pulls the dildo out of Elle’s pussy, and shoves it in her ass. “Oh, fuck!” Elle groans, as Autumn starts sodomizing her.Hearing the commotion, Dakota looks up, and her and Willow giggle. “Oh, you naughty little bitch! You know you’re gonna pay for that, right?”We now see Autumn again on her back, as Dakota fucks her ass with the strap-on, while the other two watch, Willow kneeling next to them, and Elle lying on her stomach. “Oh, God!” Autumn screams, watching Dakota anally violate her. Willow, meanwhile, reaches down, and diddles her sister’s pussy. Finally, with a scream, Autumn’s pussy squirts all over Dakota, and even hitting the other two.“Oh, my God!” Elle laughs, wiping her face off. “She ever do that before?”“I don’t know!” Willow laughs.Later, the four lies together, sweaty and exhausted.“So,” Dakota says, “you little girls enjoy yourselves?”“Woohoo!” Autumn says, half-heartedly.“Yeah…” Willow smiles, “And you were right, Mom and Dad would never let us hang out with you two again if they knew about this.”Dakota chuckles, kisses Willow, then says, “You’re welcome.”

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