Wine Lover

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Peter paused at the doorway, allowing his eyes to drink in the oasis of her bare body tangled in the sheets. Their lovemaking had been frantic, almost frenzied, and was still evident in the twisted mess of covers. It was as if his two-week absence could be erased somehow by the intensity of their lust. Although he had been exhausted from the long flight, it had been after three a.m. before they finally allowed themselves to drift off to sleep, their limbs still intertwined.

Maureen lay on her stomach, her left leg drawn up. The sheet was pulled tight around her legs, and the valley between her waist and ass was partially covered. He smiled as he recalled, after their lust had been sated somewhat, slowly pouring from his last bottle of 1998 Silver Oak Cabernet into that gently sloping valley. The garnet pond he created caught the silvery moonlight reflecting off the ocean. Peter had dipped his fingers into this crimson puddle, letting the ruby wine drip along her ass and thighs before slowly licking up the drops. It had been an incredibly sensual experience for both of them. While it is hard to improve a $100 a bottle wine, the cabernet had been the sweetest nectar when sipped from her skin.

Her auburn curls were off to one side, revealing the curve of her neck just below her ear. This was his other favorite place to kiss. She smelled faintly of flowers and shampoo here, a heady scent he knew others never experienced in casual conversations with her. It was a scent that lingered on her pillow and on the collar of his shirt after she hugged him. It was an intimate scent, and it never failed to arouse him.

She stretched and rolled onto her side, revealing her left breast. The dusky nipple immediately hardened as it met the cool ocean breeze coming through the open window. Maureen enjoyed making love with the window open; the possibility that someone on the sidewalk below might hear their lovemaking excited her. She became a minx, teasing him and urging him to take her to new heights.

Peter smiled, knowing it would not be long before he had her again. He had been bağlıca escort up for an hour now, trying to be patient and allow her some well-deserved sleep, but he was horny and his self-restraint had its limits. She yawned, rolling onto her back, and opened her grey eyes. It took a moment before she saw him in the open doorway, watching her, but when she did, she smiled.

“How long have you been watching me sleep?” she asked.

“Long enough,” he replied, crossing the room to join her on the bed.

Peter covered her with his body as his lips suckled her exposed nipple and his hands pinned hers above her head. He thrust his hips against her, letting her feel his hardness through the sheets. It wouldn’t take her long to beg him to enter her, but this morning he felt like taking his time.

He kissed her slowly, taking time to explore her mouth with his tongue. She moaned against his lips, exciting him even more. She would try his patience this morning, he could tell already. He continued to hold her hands firmly above her head, preventing her from touching him. Peter was determined to prolong her pleasure as much as possible, which meant not allowing her to participate in the lovemaking just yet. Maureen struggled against him, swiveling her hips against his, trying to entice him to remove the thin fabric barrier that separated their bodies. He could feel the heat radiating from her pelvis. Her legs were spread wide, her knees pulled up to accommodate his hips between her thighs.

Maureen was always horniest in the morning. She was the only woman he had ever met who was like that, and he loved that about her. Almost daily, he was awakened by her silken lips wrapped around his morning hard-on. Waking to an alarm clock or wake-up call while he traveled was pure torture, particularly when he knew Maureen would be taking matters into her own hands at home.

Watching her masturbate was also a favorite pastime. He loved the way she teased herself, first running her fingers over her body, avoiding her hot spots until she couldn’t stand bala escort it anymore. Then she played, first with her nipples, pinching them into hard little nubs. Next, she slowly traced a path to her labia, rubbing them with her middle fingers. Finally, she would part her lower lips, sliding just the tip of one finger into her cleft, pulling moisture up to anoint her clit.

Peter slipped his free hand between their bodies, rubbing her clit through the sheet. She moaned again and sucked his lower lip in between her lips as she kissed him. He didn’t want to bring her off too soon, but at the same time, he was pretty certain she was capable of at least two peaks this morning.

He continued to tease her through the sheet while leaving a trail of kisses along her collarbone and down to her breast. His mouth surrounded her areola; he used the flat of his tongue to stimulate the underside of her nipple as he drew as much of her breast as possible into his mouth. She cried out as his teeth nipped at her sensitive flesh, and he could hear the sound of pedestrians on the sidewalk below. He wondered if they heard her, and if so, did it excite them, knowing someone was having sex just feet away from them? Perhaps a young woman heard them and grew wet, wishing her inept boyfriend could make her cry out like that. Perhaps a man on his way to work heard them, and became so excited that he had to jack off behind his desk before a meeting to alleviate the desire he felt. Perhaps he fantasized about fucking his assistant, making her cry out in an oceanfront bungalow while pedestrians by walked outside.

Maureen’s wetness was soaking the sheet between them, and Peter decided it was time to experience that exquisite liquid silk pouring over his cock as he plunged into her. He lifted his hips and pushed the sheet out of the way as he continued to assault her clit. She was so close to coming, and he wanted to be inside her when she did. He positioned himself at the entrance to her cunt, reveling in the power he now held. In seconds, he would be thrusting into her, ankara escort feeling her tightening around him as she approached her peak, milking the cum from his cock.

He thrust halfway in, groaning with the intense pleasure as his hardness was engulfed in her softness. As he pulled back out, she cried out at the sudden absence of his cock where she needed him most. It was the sweetest torture, this primal dance. The in and out, the giving and receiving… For centuries, the beat of ages has been measured by the point and counterpoint of sex. Fucking, making love, shagging, doing the nasty…call it what you will, but it all comes down to a cock in a cunt, ending in an explosion of the senses.

Her fingernails raked his back and her legs lifted up to meet around his ass, pulling him deeper into her. Maureen arched against him as she came, crying out his name. He thrust deeply and stopped, balls deep in her wet heat, feeling the pulsing of her velvety walls around his cock, the flood of fluid running over his balls to pool on the mattress beneath her ass.

Peter began to thrust again, thinking of how they spent the hour before he had left to catch the plane. He caught her in the bathroom as she leaned over to brush her teeth, her bare ass naked and inviting. She had the shower running, waiting for the water to heat up. Without a second thought, he had dropped his pants and thrust into her, holding her hips to prevent her from hitting her head on the faucet. After a few firm thrusts, she dropped the toothbrush and grabbed the faucet handles, pushing back against him as he took his pleasure. His rhythm turned the water on and off, and the steam from the shower built up, surrounding them in an ethereal cloud of heat. Their reflections were blurred in the mirror, and as the steam condensed on it, a drop would run down, momentarily giving him a glimpse of a breast or a shoulder or a closed eye.

It was these images that finally pushed him over the edge, his orgasm coming in waves, like the ebb and flow of the tide. Maureen urged him on with soft whispers and moans, accepting the flow of his semen into her velvet vessel as she climaxed with him. Peter sank down onto her, spent, and she kissed him softly on his neck, their heartbeats indistinguishable. And outside, a man smiled, knowing the scene he just heard had come to a satisfying conclusion.

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