With Husband & his GF


With Husband & his GFdeleteddeletedRaj and me were living a very happy married life when the hidden desire of my soul came out that of having threesome with some other woman and my husband. Raj had already told me that he was screwing one of her office mate. Her name was Prachi and she was really a beautiful girl according to my husband. There for we decided to have her to fulfill our fantasy. Raj discussed this with her and to our surprise she agreed to participate in a three some sex session with a wife and husband. We called her on a Sunday and made all the arrangements. I was wearing a low cut sexy dress. When I came in the TV lounge I found that Raj was outside the home in the car porch waiting for her while walking from one end to the other. This reminded me of a schoolboy about to get laid for the first time. Sporting a beer in one hand and a cigarette in the other he motioned for me to come outside. “Ready to have some fun?” he asked.“Always,” was my reply.Still waiting on Prachi, he said. She just called and will be here soon. There’s beer and wine coolers in the fridge, he said. Okay, I said, walking over to the mini fridge and grabbing a wine cooler. I propped myself on the bed and watched him as the walked across room.The anticipation of having two women must be getting too much for him, I thought. This man – some 10 years my senior – was anxiously looking out the window awaiting Prachi’s arrival.“I don’t know if she’ll go through with this,” he said. “So when she comes in I’m gonna take a shower with her and try to relax her.” “Okay,” I said. “You’re the boss in the situation.” I lit a Marlboro and thought this is going to be interesting. I was wondering if I was going to go follow through with it. What if I wasn’t attracted to her? I wasn’t about toback down though. No, I figured once I got into it I’d go all the way.Prachi showed up and we made our introductions. She looked a little apprehensive but Raj took her by the hand and led her to the bathroom. Minutes later I could hear her giggling and moaning. God I illegal bahis wish I was in there watching.Had stripped down to my pink lace bra and thong and covered myself my legs up with the sheet. Part of me was a little pissed about being left out and I almost thought of walking out. As I nursed my second wine cooler. I thought, they better hurry up. Whoever said anticipation makes you more excited never met me. Waiting makes me extremely impatient. Hearing the water cut off I knew it was about time for action.Raj and Prachi sat down in chairs next to the bed. She decided to have a wine cooler and he grabbed a beer. I took a moment to look at this woman who was wearing black lace bra and underwear. A little older than me her hair was short, which wouldn’t be as sensual when I ran my hands through it. Her best feature was her tits – about a double D I’m guessing. Yes, I could fuck her and enjoy it. I wonder if she’s gonna taste sweet?The thought of sucking her big tits and licking her was beginning to turn me on but us sitting around in our underwear smoking cigarettes was getting us nowhere. I had brought along a hustler magazine in the bed and was looking for some sexy stories about threesomes to set the mood. Not finding anything erotic enough to suit me I threw the magazine on the bed and got up to go to the bathroom.When I returned Raj was on the bed flipping through the magazine. I figured this was my cue so I got up on the bed and grabbed his pants and pulled them down so I could start playing with his cock. Meanwhile, Prachi was still in the chair watching me as I licked him up and down and then teased the tip of his dick – my usual routine. Just when I think he’s aroused enough I take him in my mouth and deep throat. His moans make me go faster and faster.Looking over to Prachi I back off and pat the bed. Let’s see what this chick’s got. She comes onto to bed and starts to suck him. While she doing him I take my hand and start to rub his inner thigh and then I move my hand to cup his balls. Unable to resist his hard illegal bahis siteleri dick for long, I decided to lick one side while she licks the other.Seizing the opportunity of arousal, Raj takes command by asking Prachi to lie back so he can fuck her while I watch. He climbs on top of her and kisses her. Then moves down to suck her tits, first the left one then the right. After a few seconds he slides his dick into her ands starts to pump her slowly at first then faster and harder. She’s moaning and I’m getting turned on. She reaches out her hand to me, very dainty with red painted nails and rings on almost all her fingers. She squeezes my hand so I figure she telling me it’sokay to do something to her. So I move down on the bed to watch him slide in and out of her and then I put my hand between them so each time he pumps in her they can feel my hand rubbing his balls and her pussy.He then gets off her and wants me to lick her. So I get down between her legs and started fingering her clit. When she started moaning I go wild.Raj is on his knees and she’s sucking his dick. I put my fingers deep inside her pussy and started fucking her slowly then faster and deeper. After hearing her moan I go nuts and decide to taste her cleanly shaved pussy. I licked and sucked her clit and then moved my tongue in and out of her. The more turned on she gets the harder she sucks Raj. I pull her lips about and thrust my tongue up in her making her organism. Then I start rubbing her clit again with my fingers.Raj moves away from her and wants me to lie down. My turn to suck his dick. So I do while she’s eating me.It’s interesting having a woman eating your pussy while you’re sucking dick. Very exciting and she’s really into it which makes for a greater turn on.Move away from Raj and motion for Prachi to come to me. I squeeze her tits massaging the right one and then the left. Then I take her nipples into my mouth and suck. After releasing her nipples I kiss her – first softly then hard and deep. Man it’s kinda nice, verysensual, kissing canlı bahis siteleri a woman.Tell her to lay on top of me with her back pressing against my breasts and her bottom on my pussy. I ask Raj to fuck her. I always found this to be a great turn on – I just wanted to know if the reality is as good as the fantasy, Oh God, I thought, this is great.Feeling her thrust against my pussy while he’s pounding her and I’msqueezing her tits and kissing her neck. This is definitely an experience worth having.Raj asked that she turn around so he could fuck her from behind while she eats my pussy. Her moaning into my pussy was more than I could stand and I orgasm. The more I came the more she licked me.Raj then wanted to fuck me while she watched. He kissed my neck and lips while thrusting in and out of me. Having the need to get rough and hard I put my legs up on his shoulders so he could go deep inside of me.Needing another beer and cigarette Raj stopped. “You all are wearing me out,” he said. We both laughed. Sitting down in the chair, he said, “I want to watch you eat eachother out.”With both of us almost beyond ecstasy, I wasn’t sure how much we could stand but we obliged. With her on top and me on bottom we licked and sucked each other for a while. Then I had an idea that I thought would bring both her and I pleasure and turn Raj on. I told her to lay on top of me and we’d rub our pussies together, Oh my God, there is no other feeling better than having another woman’s wet pussy rubbing up against your clit. I was beyond ecstasy. It was more than I could take so after kissing her one more time I rolled her off of me.Raj was once again ready for action. “Take her,” I said. “I’ll watch.”He fucked her while I gently rubbed my pussy. He thrust inside of her hard and deep until he came.After a few minutes of rest, Prachi said she had to go. After getting dressed and kissing Raj and me goodbye she said to me, “It was really nice meeting you.”“Likewise, hope to see you soon in action again” I said lighting up a cigarette.She admitted with a smile and left for her home and we moved back to our bedroom to have some more nice hot fucking.Hi all Readers, We are couple, if any Genuine Young Guy/Gal/Couple, Married/Divorcee, Widow woman want fulfill your hidden desire COMMENT BELOW

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