Work Crush

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Dave fumbled with the hot pizza as he tried to balance the plate, his laptop, and the remote as he made himself comfortable on the couch. Monty Python blared on the television. He was taking full advantage with his wife gone for three days. It was a rare time to geek out, eat greasy pizza, and maybe even jack off to some raunchy porn in the living room or the sun room… hell, where ever he wanted to.

On the tv, John Cleese was now walking in an amusingly awkward way. Dave booted up his laptop and ate some pizza. After a long pull of beer, he browsed a few websites before going to Craigs List. He had been trying to find a bike before the weather warmed up, but so far no luck.

Perhaps it was because he was home alone, but Dave eyed the Personals. With a laugh, he scanned the ‘Casual Encounters’. He shook his head at the obvious spam. A few caught his eye and he wondered idly if any of them worked. Clicking out, he noticed ‘Missed Connections’

Man, he hadn’t looked at those since they were called that in the Chicago Reader. He pulled it up and began reading a few of the ads…

All of you improve dudes – w4m

Cute barista in Wicker Park – w4m

You liked my perfume – w4m

Lincoln pub crawl – w4m

I’ve got a crush on you – w4m

A shock ran through Dave’s body as he read the posting.

I’ve got a crush on you – w4m

I have an unbearable crush on you.

We are both married but I feel an immense chemistry. I nearly about choked when you mentioned that you were going to be lonely with your wife away till Thursday. Was that a hint? Or was that just the crazy Super Moon doing crazy things to our libidos?

You are adorable.

Nervously, he ran his hands through his curly red hair. It sounded like him. He had mentioned his wife being gone for a few days and then had chatted about the Super Moon… Could it really be for him? He opened up his email to respond back. And then closed it. What could he say?

He had a pretty good idea who it was at work… if it was him. He felt his cock harden in response. Josie had caught his eye since the first day of work. She was shorter, maybe 5’4″ and curvy with luscious breasts and sensual hips. She always had a witty comment and was fun and flirty, but he was married and she was married. He had always thought it was a safe outlet for her to flirt without having to worry about a response.

When they would have the occasional lunch, Dave always had to fight to keep his eyes off her beautifully large breasts. A few times, he thought she intentionally wore something low cut or left a button undone to draw his attention. Because of his fair skin (damn that Irish blood!), he blushed easily. She’d laugh with her green eyes and smile innocently.

He reopened his email. Hesitantly, he typed out.


I think I know who this is and I think your posting is for me. I am going to ask you tomorrow if you’d like to go to lunch. If this is really you, suggest we go to Potbelly’s.

Dave hit send before he could reconsider and wondered if he was making a fool of himself. He realized that he was rock hard. He took a deep breath and resisted the impulse to jack off at that moment.

*** *** ***

Dave glanced up at the clock. 10:05. He nervously wiped his hands and glanced around the office. He could see the tops of heads as his co-workers continued as if this was any other day. Should he do this? What if he was wrong? Taking a deep breath, he got up and walked down the hallway. Butterflies fluttered in his stomach. He almost stopped at the bathroom but took a deep breath and powered on.

He turned the corner. Was Josie looking for him?

He saw a mass of dark red hair tumble forward and she appeared to be working furiously.

“Hey Josie,” Dave endeavored to act relaxed. They had gone to lunch many times… there was no reason to be nervous.

“Oh… hey Dave.” She smiled and tucked a strand of hair behind her ear.

“Busy day for you?” He pointed at the screen.

Josie giggled and shook her head. “Not so bad… you know, the usual stuff.”

Dave leaned against the cubicle wall. Feeling it tilt dangerously, he stumbled upright as Josie’s laughter pealed out.

“Careful Dave!” Josie’s hand shot out and grabbed his forearm. Her hand felt warm and goosebumps shivered up his arm.

“Thanks.” Blush warmed his face and blurted out. “Do you want to go to lunch today?”

Their eyes met.

“Sounds great! How about…” Josie’s smile grew wider “Potbelly’s?”

Dave gave an inward sigh of relief and felt his own smile widen in response. “That’ll work. Noon?”

“It’s a date!” Josie winked and Dave felt himself blushing once again.

Excitement shot through his body as Dave made his way back to his desk. He looked up at the clock, only 10:15. He wondered if he was going to get any work done before lunch.

The restaurant was loud as Josie and Dave sat across from each other, both about halfway done with their sandwiches and an unusual silence between them.

Dave emek escort tried to think of a sly way to bring up Missed Connections when Josie nearly caused him to choke.

“Was it your wife being away or the supermoon comment that clued you in?”

Dave fought to swallow his sandwich and he looked up at his flirtatious co-worker. Josie leaned forward and Dave realized just how low cut her shirt was. Cleavage jiggled enticingly. He knew he was staring and didn’t care.

“Well…” Josie took a deep breath, filling her shirt even more. “I’m waiting.”

“Um…” He licked his lips. “It was kind of both. I didn’t bring up Cady leaving for work to too many people.”

“When does your wife get back?”

“Not until Thursday night.”

“So what are your plans for tonight?”

Dave chuckled. “None really…” Something in the expression on her face, a mixture of fun, passion, and excitement, made his cock harden. “Do you have any ideas?”

“Oh I have lots of ideas.” Josie covered her mouth with mock innocence. “But we are both married…”

He felt his stomach drop. Perhaps this was all just flirtatious fun after all.

“Of course if we just cuddled on the couch.”

Dave laughed. “Like teenagers?”

She nodded. “Even kissing. Kissing is not really cheating. I miss the days where the make out session was the goal and not a stop along the way to getting into a girl’s pants.”

“What about your husband?”

“Ryan? He’s has volleyball tonight and won’t be home until late.”

“I suppose we should get back to work.” Dave got up regretfully. “What time did you want to come over?”

The brilliant smile that lit up Josie’s face put Dave at full staff. His cock pressed painfully against his pants. As they walked back to the office, Dave hoped his bulge wasn’t too obvious.

*** *** ***

By 7:30, they were watching Breakfast Club.After all, Dave opined, if they were going to make out like teenagers what better movie? They were on the couch with Josie settled into the crook of his arm. His heart hammered nervously as the warmth waxed between them.

He smoothed her hair around her ear and she moaned and settled in deeper. Christ, he really did feel like a teenager again. Slowly he leaned forward and kissed just above her ear.

Josie turned, her teeth flashed before him… slowly she leaned forward. He closed his eyes and leaned towards her. He smelled her perfume, light and flowery. He felt her body press against his. His arms pulled her closer.

And they kissed.

He slipped his tongue and lightly play across her teeth. He felt her breasts pressed deliciously against him. So different from Cady! He pulled her closer and she came willingly. Their lips intertwined, followed by their tongues.

Excitement coursed through Dave’s body. Josie’s tongue was playful as it darted and danced with his.

Josie leaned back. “Well, that was just as delicious as I envisioned.”

Dave laughed. “So I am delicious am I?”

“Most definitely!”

Josie leaned forward, full of passion. Dave felt his body respond, his cock erect. He moved his hips forward, pressing himself so she would know exactly the effect she was having on her. Josie groaned in pleasure and kissed him harder.

Dave got lost in the kissing. She would nibble along his bottom lip and playfully bite it. His lips wandered to an ear and then back. Their tongues hungered with longing. Vaguely, he heard the closing credits from the movie. Had they really been kissing that long?

His hands wandered along her shoulders down and cupped her breasts. Full breasts that filled his hands and felt incredibly sexy. He kissed her back, kneading her breasts, feeling the nipples harden through her shirt. With his right hand, he let his fingers move back to trace along the outline of her perkiness.

But when he moved to go beneath her shirt, Josie pulled back.

Her face was flushed with pleasure, but she shook her head no. “Kissing is ok… but more?”

Dave wasn’t usually so bold, but he grabbed a handful of hair and pulled her back to him. As they kissed, he heard her purr with pleasure. He tightened his grip and the purr turned into a low moan. Slowly he pulled her back. Their lips almost touching as he stared into her eyes. They were an aching green that he had never notice before.

“You like me taking control don’t you.”

Josie looked down and nodded. “I do… but really kissing is my limit…”

Without releasing her hair, Dave’s left hand took hers and put it on his cock. He rubbed slowly up and down.

“You can feel how much I enjoyed kissing… but what about this?”

He saw her actually blush! But when he released her hand, she didn’t pull away. Softly, her fingertips outlined his cock.

She looked up at him. “Any ideas on how without crossing a line?”

“Hmm…” Dave was so turned out, he was surprised he didn’t cum from her light touching. “I suppose we could watch each other masturbate. That’d be just like jacking off eryaman escort to porn.”

Josie blushed an even deeper shade of red. “I… I’ve never done that. Don’t know if I could.”

Dave released her hair. Did a shadow of disappointment flit across her face? He laid down on the couch.

“Well if we are going to truly go back to high school days, then I say you climb on top for a little dry humping.”

Josie’s face bloomed with surprise before she broke into laughter. Before Dave could say another word, she climbed on top of him. Straddling him, he felt her groin line up with his. He was about to pull her towards him, when a wicked smile lit up Josie’s face.

Her hips began to undulate as she bit her bottom lip. Her hands travelled all around her body. Dave couldn’t believe how hot she was! He had never had a woman move in that way. Usually with a woman on top (particularly Cady) it would just be up/down, up/down until they switch positions or he came.

Jose hips danced back and forth, side to side… every so often she would grind hard and he cock could feel the heat of her pussy. Her hands had now moved to her breasts. She kneaded them until he could see both nipples bulleting her shirt. She pressed them up so they jiggled in time with her gyrations.

Dave felt his orgasm building.

Josie must have sensed it. She leaned forward, hungrily kissing him without missing a beat in her lap dance. Dave returned the kiss with just as much fervor. He grabbed her hips humping against her harder and faster.

The orgasm crashed through him! He couldn’t believe he had cum from dry humping. He grabbed her hair roughly and kissed her until his spasms stopped. They lay like that, each catching their breath. His fingers now gently playing with her hair. She snuggled up closer and he felt every beautiful curve of her body pressed against his.

The television was now completely dark and silent and only their heavy breathing filled the room.


Josie walked into work with butterflies in her stomach. Memories of last night were sent waves of pleasure through her body. How would Dave act? Would it be weird? Did she want it to happen again?

She caught her reflection in a passing window and she blushed. She wore a green shirt with a plunging neckline that really brought out her eyes and a dark blue skirt that accented her ass.

Josie blushed and felt heat grow between her legs. She knew she dressed to catch Dave’s eye and that if she were truly honest, then she would admit that she hoped Dave would want a repeat performance tonight. She adjust her skirt and continued on her way. After all, Cady would be home tomorrow and this little fantasy world would be put on hold.

The morning flew by until she got an email from Dave asking to meet for lunch. This time they met at Pompeii. Jose licked her lips when she saw him walk up. He was wearing a red flannel. She loved when he wore flannel. He smiled as he took a seat across from her.

Her nervousness disappeared as they fell into the usual work chatter. Her boss was acting like an ass. His had started ducking out at 4:30. It was only towards the end of lunch that a wicked smile on Dave’s face started the butterflies a fluttering.

“Last night was a lot of fun.” He leaned forward, flushed. “It’s been a while since I spent a whole movie in a make out session.”

Jose winked. “With dry humping don’t forget!”

He laughed. “Yes, can’t forget the dry humping.”

She tried to keep the nervousness from her voice and asked. “So tonight’s another night alone?”

Dave nodded. “Yeah, Cady doesn’t come home until tomorrow.”

“So tonight could be another make out session.” Jose perked up. She felt a warmth beginning to build between her legs.

He smiled in response. “That’s true… What about Ryan?”

“Yesterday was practice. Tonight’s a game. I usually go, but I suppose I could make an exception…” As she trailed off, Josie leaned forward. She watched Dave try to avoid staring at her cleavage. She kept from laughing. He had been trying to avoid looking at her breasts ever since they had first met.

“Hmmm…” A wicked grin spread across his face. “But I want to do my choice instead of dry humping.”

“Your choice?” Confusion roiled through her and then she remembered. “I – I” She stammered.

He grabbed her hand and held it tight. “I think you are hot Josie and this would be an incredible turn on.”

Jose felt a blush rising in her cheeks. “Ummm… well… will we still make out?”

Dave nodded enthusiastically. “Yes! I really enjoyed kissing you. You have a very playful tongue.”

Josie laughed and shifted in her seat. The warmth between her legs was beginning to grow hotter. “I think that we can do things your way.”

“I don’t know, you seemed awfully hesitant.” Dave winked. “How do I know you are serious?”

Josie and Dave locked gazes and she felt the heat grow hotter. A wicked idea began to form in her mind. Before she could reconsider, ankara escort she moved out from the table and stood up. Dave moved to get up, but she leaned forward and breathed into his ear. “Be right back.”

A few minutes later, she returned back to the table. Primly, she sat down and began to finish her salad.

“Well?” Dave asked.

“Well what?”

“Why’d you step out?”

“I wanted you to know I was serious.”

“And you going to the bathroom…”

Josie broke into laughter at his confusion. Finally she took pity on him. “Give me your hand under the table.”

Confused, Dave followed her instructions. Intently she watched his face as his fingers felt something soft. She curled her fingers over his, until his fist was closed. He pulled back his hand and looked down. Confusion melted into excitement and passion.

“These are…”

“Yes that’s my panties. You get to keep them until… later tonight. Until then, feel free to think of me pantiless for the rest of the day.” Josie felt incredibly naughty and shivered in pleasure. She wondered if she’d get anything done at all today herself. “Now let’s get back to the office.”

She couldn’t help but notice the obvious bulge in Dave’s pants as they walked back to the office.

*** *** ***

Dave’s teeth gently nibbled on her bottom lip. He pulled it and smiled as Josie squawked in mocked protest. He gripped her hair tighter. She moaned in pleasure and melted against his body. From the moment she had walked in the door, they had started kissing. There was no pretense this time. Just kissing… lots and lots of kissing.

They had moved from the door to the kitchen; from the kitchen to the couch. There they had spent the next hour and a half, teasing each other, grinding against each other. She was still wearing the skirt from work and it rode up, exposing her legs. Occasionally, he’d rub his hands on her thighs, but never so high that she felt uncomfortable.

The heat between her legs grew hotter… demanding.

She licked her lips and kissed him with renewed passion. Surprised at her renewed energy, he pulled her back with his grip of her hair. They locked eyes. Deliberately, he moved forward. Without breaking eye contact, he moved closer. She felt his hot breath on her lips. Slowly, gently, he pressed his lips to hers.

And then pulled back.

Josie groaned in disappointed and leaned forward but he gripped harder and held her firm. She opened her eyes to see him smilingly devilishly. He moved forward again and just barely brushed her lips before moving down the jawline, leaving behind goosebumps. He nipped her earlobe.

And then pulled back again.

His grip held her firm, but now even that was crossing the line from pain to pleasure. She didn’t look down, but was worried just how far her skirt had ridden up. Dave moved forward. His tongue slipped into her mouth and this time there was no teasing. Lust pushed their lips together, almost violently. She encircled him with her arms, pulling him close. Her body felt so alive! With each caress, each kiss, the pleasure built.

How long they kissed, Josie didn’t know. Her body radiated pleasure and goose bumps continued to ripple over her body. She needed release.

As if sensing her need, Dave leaned back, breaking their kiss.

“Are you ready for the next step.” To her surprise, he had her panties in his hand!

She blushed, but nodded.

“Should we lean back here and watch each other?”

“Hold on a second.” Josie stood to straighten her skirt and then bent over to hurriedly to undo her shoes.


An electric jolt of pleasure spiked from where Dave spanked her to her pussy. Josie froze, lost in the surprising sensation.

Her reaction was not lost on Dave. “Oh, you like that…”


A whimper of pleasure escaped her lips.


Of her its own volition, her hand snaked between her legs. Dave’s hand was rubbing her ass.


Her fingers slid up and down along either side of her labia. She felt him pull up her skirt so her ass was completely bare. She knew she should tell him to put her skirt back down. But all coherent thoughts were out the window.


The sharp retort of hand on bare skin echoed through the room.


Her finger was on her clit now, each rub heightened the passion.


Each wave of pain pushed her closer.


“Oh yes! Yes Dave!”


Her legs began to shake


The orgasm crashed through her body, wave upon wave of euphoria. Josie continued with her finger until her clit was too sensitive for any touch. She collapsed on to the edge of the couch, her legs barely staying upright. She gasped for breath and heard Dave move on the couch.

She felt soft, warm kisses where he had spanked her. She also felt a rhythmic motion and realized he was jacking off to this! A trickle of liquid slid down her leg from her own orgasm.

The kisses disappeared. She heard Dave gasp and she felt his cum on her ass, spurt after spurt.

“Wow…” Dave breathed. “Here stay like that! I’ll go get some paper towels!”

She heard his footsteps stop. “What’s the matter?” She craned her neck to see him looking at her with a huge grin.

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