Working Away Ch. 03

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Karen had left about an hour earlier, and after showering to remove the smell of sex I slumped down to watch TV in Julie’s lounge – still dressed in only my jeans. I dozed in the warmth of the room, mesmerised by the monotone of the TV, and catching up on the rest I hadn’t got the previous night. I was woken from my daze when I heard keys jangling at the door again.

“Hi lover, I’m home!”

Julie dropped her bags noisily in the hall-way and then popped her head around the door of the lounge, “Like some lunch?”

“That’d be nice” I said, and followed her into the kitchen.

She put away a few items of food that she’d obviously bought on her way home, and then picked some bread, and looked butter, cheese and ham out of the fridge.

“Work alright?” I asked,

“Oh, Okay I suppose. Needs must…” She said.

She started buttering the bread, and then, very matter-of-fact like, stopped, kicked off her shoes and dropped her trousers and thong to the floor.

“Oh God,” she said “Do me now”. Standing there in just her business blouse and jacket with her pussy just peeping out from under her blouse she looked divine, and my cock stood immediately to attention again. I moved towards her, she bent over the kitchen side with her legs slightly parted offering me her swollen pussy, just like she had done the first time we’d fucked.

I moved in behind her and slid into her with ease.

“I’ve been thinking about you fucking my sister,” she said as we moved together, “It made me feel so horny!”

“I’d never have guessed!”

She ground her pussy into my groin, and reached down between us so that she could caress my balls and stimulate her own clit at the same time. “Would you like to fuck her again?” she asked, her breath now coming in short pants.

I decide not to answer and just concentrated on making her come. I moved my dick in a circular motion as I pumped in and out, and she came as loudly as ever.

She pulled away and turned around, tugging at her remaining clothes until she was totally naked again. She laid down on the clothes-strewn kitchen floor, and I joined her, slipping into her sodden wet cunt easily again, and pumping deeply whilst I bit and chewed her nipples. She pulled me into her as much as possible and soon we both came again, our combined juices leaving a puddle on the kitchen floor..

After a few minutes of recovery she spoke again, “Well?”

“Well what?”

“You know ‘well what’. Do you want to fuck Karen again.”

“If it means I can’t fuck you any more then no.”

“And if it means you can still fuck me?”

“What are you trying to say?”

“See Karen is lonely, her boyfriend is a bastard, and she hasn’t got the confidence to look for another man. I feel sorry for her so I’m prepared to share you until she sorts herself out.”

I felt like all of my Christmasses had just come at once. Here was Julie who I had lusted after as long as I’d known her, who had only let me fuck her quite recently, telling me I could still continue to fuck her, even if I also wanted to fuck her horny little sister who could squirt fluid a foot down her legs every time she came.

“I’ll think about it.” I said, but just thinking about it had made me start to grow hard again, and I moved back towards her.

“Later.” She said, patting my member. She stood up, gathered up her clothes and went up the stairs to dress.

After we had both dressed we did get that lunch and a coffee. We sat in the lounge that afternoon huddled together, not really watching the TV which was droning on in the corner but just enjoying each others company. I was quite relieved actually, as my cock was getting quite sore with all the action that it wasn’t used to, so a few hours ‘recovery time’ was much appreciated.

At about five o’clock with the evening shadows lengthening outside, Julie’s telephone rang.

“Hello…Oh no…Oh you poor thing…yes you must…no, no, don’t stay there…yes of course it’s OK…I’ll see you then. Bye-ee.”

Apparently Karen had tried to make up with her boyfriend but it hadn’t worked, and resulted in an even bigger argument than before, so Julie had asked her back to stay ‘for as long as it takes’, and she was on her way over.

Julie snuggled back into my arms on the sofa, but suddenly sat up and looked at me seriously,

“Poor Karen, I do feel sorry for her.”

I nodded in genuine agreement. How could any man upset such a horny and willing woman. Christ, if she was mine we’d spend all our spare time in bed (cock allowing).

“Listen to me,” Julie’s voice had turned stern, “You must fuck her OK? That bastard boyfriend of hers hasn’t touched her in over a year, and aside from that quickie she helped herself to this morning she’s virtually a virgin.”

I couldn’t let on that this wasn’t, actually the case, so I nodded.

“She needs a good seeing to,” Julie continued, “So I’ll wait until she’s here, and then make up some excuse to go out – work or something – then you’ll have a couple kızılay escort of hours to make her happy, but don’t take any longer than about ten o’clock because…”

“Because?” I interrupted.

“Because..” she said, her face now breaking into a broad smile, “Well… I have needs too you know!” and she flopped back into the warm spot she had left on my chest.

Karen arrived at about six-thirty, and she did look in a state. Her eyes were puffy with crying, and her make-up had run down her face. Julie ushered her upstairs to ‘tidy her up a bit’ whilst I sat and watched the TV.

Twenty minutes later they both reappeared downstairs, and Julie made Karen a cup of tea. She sat in the chair opposite me with her elbows on her knees, cupping the tea-mug in her hands and blowing the steam away. She was dressed in a very nice figure-hugging pencil-line skirt which was sandwiched between a roll-neck sweater (which nicely accented her large chest) and a pair of – what I assumed were – white tights.

I couldn’t believe that any man could treat her so badly. She was a gentle woman with a very curvaceous figure, and she looked absolutely impeccable.

After enough time to finish her tea Julie looked at her watch and in mock horror said “Oh God is that the time, I’ve got to be back at work to finish those passes.”

She grabbed keys and coat and went for the door, winking at me as she left. The door slammed behind her and Karen and I were alone again.

“Okay?” I asked.

“Not bad” she replied, sniffling back a few tears.

“He isn’t worth it you know.” I walked towards her and put my arm around her shoulder, “Any man who treats a woman like that isn’t worth the time of day”

She looked up at me, her puffy eyes full of tears, “And you?” she said.

“I would make you laugh and fuck you as often as I could.” I replied, trying to make light of the situation.

She snuggled her head into me. “Go on then.”

“What, fuck you?”

“No.” she said, a small smile starting to form on her face, “You’ve got to make me laugh first!”

“Well you’ve already seen my cock, if that didn’t make you laugh then I don’t know what will.”

Her face brightened, “and a very nice cock it is.” And she gently started to massage it through my jeans.

I stood up, undid my flies and pulled out my cock, then reaching into my pockets turned them inside-out so that the linings were hanging down my sides, “Look… elephant!”

Her face cracked and she laughed out loud, “Mouse more like.”

I prodded her with mock indignation, “Well you wouldn’t like it up your arse!” I laughed.

She froze and fell silent again

“What have I done?” I asked, returning my cock and pockets to the comfort of my jeans.

“Nothing,” she said, and then smiled again “You’ve made me laugh, now sit down.”

I did as she asked, and she stood before me and swayed. I watched as she pulled her sweater up over her tits, and then her head, revealing a white lacy bra. She then undid the zip in her skirt, and started to wiggle it to the ground. When she stood up I nearly came there and then, she looked fantastic, standing there in a matching white lace suspender belt, white stockings and a white thong which barely contained her blonde mound. My cock leapt to attention.

“You did this for me?” I asked, my excitement obvious in more ways than one.

“No, I’m afraid not. I did it for that ungrateful twat at home.”

“And he didn’t want you?”

“He said I looked ridiculous, like a fat pig.”

“Well I was wrong about him then,” I said

She screwed up her face in curiosity “What do you mean?”

“He must be blind AND fucking stupid. You look stunning.”

“Is that just your cock talking though?”

“Well, bearing in mind the shagging that your sister has been giving me lately I don’t have to beg for sex. No, You look marvellous! I’m so glad he turned you down so that I can enjoy the benefits.”

She moved towards me until her white panties were level with my face and I leant forward and licked at the flimsy material. It didn’t take long before her excitement started to ooze through the material and I tasted her pussy. Grabbing at the waistband with my teeth I pulled down until her bare pussy was on show, framed by the straps of her suspender belt. I moved forward and licked her, She tasted delicious, and the smell of her delicate perfume filled the air. As my tongue parted her lips she started to gyrate, faster and faster until I was losing contact with her for half of the time. This just seemed to excite her more, feeling my tongue sliding in and out of her cunt. She whimpered softly and a flood of fluid gushed from her and soaked the top of her stockings.

“I want you.” She said.

She kneeled on the floor in front of me and released my cock from it’s restraints. She moved her face towards the swollen helmet but I was well past that stage already and needed to be inside her. I moved around her and lifted her ass up to kolej escort get access to her cunt. She responded by kneeling forward and resting her head on the seat. I stroked her pussy from behind. It was wet. Very wet. I bent down to taste it and she shivered as if a cold wind had blown over her. I licked her pussy and up her ass crack, up along her back until my cock was at her entrance and my tongue was on her neck.

I eased all of the way into her, her wetness allowing me a slick ride into the depths of her tight pussy, and paused whilst I lifted up her hair and kissed the back of her neck.

She shuddered again, “You are so good.” She whispered.

“A man is only as good as the materials he’s given to work with. If you weren’t so damn sexy then I wouldn’t be so hard.”

As I started to gently stroke in and out I reached around and rolled her nipples between my fingers, she bucked backwards and then let out a little sob. I paused, “Everything OK?” not that I wasn’t going to continue if everything wasn’t OK.

“What have I got to do to have you?” she sobbed into the cushion.

I pulled out of her and turned her gently so that she was laying flat on the carpet. I looked at her, laying in her lacy bra and suspenders, her stockings still wet from her come. She looked so inviting, and at that moment I thought she was the horniest sight I’d ever seen.

“You are having me.” I said, stating what I felt was the obvious.

“For always?” she asked.

I brushed a tear from her eyes and kissed her passionately on the lips. She closed her eyes and responded by sucking in my tongue. I grabbed a cushion from the chair and laid it under her head, then kneeling between her nylon clad thighs I pushed into her gently again and resumed the slow deliberate movements of my cock. She pushed up to meet my every thrust and soon started to whimper as she flooded my cock and the immediately surrounding carpet with her come.

I picked up the pace, and she obviously sensed why and started to buck and gyrate underneath me again. The sensation of her nylons brushing against my thighs and her pulsating pussy milking my cock was indescribable, and soon it was my turn to stop as I released jets of my hot seed into her warm, wet pussy.

I kissed her passionately, our tongues darting in and out of each other in frantic passion “That was amazing.” I said. The pleasure of my statement bringing a broad smile back to her face, “You were amazing,” I continued.

Tears started to roll down her cheeks again “I think I’m falling in love with you” she sobbed.

I wasn’t quite sure how to reply. Here I was, fucking the sister of the woman I was fucking ‘on the side’ who just happened to be one of my wife’s best friends, and here she was after only a day starting to love me.

I was saved by the ten o’clock news on TV “God, Julie will be back soon. We’d better tidy up a bit.”

I pulled away from her, my limp cock dragging strings of come from her pussy lips, but she grabbed me before I could get up. “Don’t let this be the end” she said, and kissed me deeply. I helped her to her feet and hugged her.

“It won’t.”

By the time Julie arrived back home you would hardly know anything had happened between us. Karen and I were dressed again, and sat in the lounge sharing a bottle of wine. The only thing that gave us away was an 18″ round stain in Julie’s light coloured carpet.

Julie grabbed a clean glass and poured herself a large glass of wine. We chatted again, Karen had obviously calmed down, and was laughing and joking along with us again.

Julie looked across at me and mouthed ‘Thank you.’

I was going to have to be up early the next morning so I made my excuses and headed for the shower. The warm water invigorated me as I washed away the smell and sweat of the day. The shower door opened and Julie, naked as the day she was born, joined me.

I soaped her body, watching the water cascade off her breasts, and her hair cling ever closer to her head.

She soaped me, paying particular attention to my cock and balls, she looked up at me and smiled as soon as it showed the desired reaction.

I pulled her towards me and kissed her, letting the water splash on our faces, and pushing my hardening tool into her stomach.

She sank to her knees, the water still flowing around us, and started to bite my foreskin, then licking the shaft up and down from my balls to my helmet. The sensation was great, and soon I was fully hard, and she sucked me in eagerly. The shower was not big enough to have a comfortable fuck in, but as long as we didn’t move much a blow job would be easy.

She sucked and bit, and I grabbed her head and started to fuck her face, pushing my tool as far down her throat as I could with every thrust.

I came quickly, pumping more come into her mouth that I thought I could possibly have left. She choked a bit, and then started to lick my sagging cock clean, before soaping it again.

“What about you?” ankara escort I asked.

“I’m a bit sore,” she said, “So I’ll give it a miss.”

“Why?” I asked naively.

“Aside from the fact you’ve been fucking me ragged for the past two days, the thought of you and Karen together made me so horny that I took a toy with me when I left you.”

“A toy?”

“You know…” she blushed, obviously a bit embarrassed, “a dildo.”

“and?” I asked. This new mental image started to make me feel horny myself again.

“Two hours of pushing it in and out of my cunt whilst I was sitting in the car made me a bit sore.”

“The whole two hours?”

“Mmmm,” she nodded, “I must have come twenty times.”

“Twenty times?” I could hardly believe it.

“Yes” she said, sensing my disbelief, “Look, I’ll show you.”

We stepped out of the shower and grabbed towels, then leading me by the had she took me to the bedroom. She let go of me and held up her briefs, they were soaking wet. She showed me the skirt she’d been wearing, and the damp patch extended almost all over the back of it. Then she opened her handbag, and dragged out the biggest dildo I had ever seen. It must have been 14″ long and about 6″ around the knotty shaft, and suddenly I felt very inadequate.

“Christ!” I exclaimed, “I’m surprised you came only twenty times!”

“The battery ran out.” She said.

“Can you really fit all of that in?” My mind was going wild, and my cock had begun to agree with it.

She stood on one leg and placed the other foot on the bed. As she lovingly licked the helmet of this angry beast my cock started to raise, and when she started to push it into her cunt an inch at a time, wincing with every movement, my cock got so hard I thought I was going to burst my foreskin.

After just a few minutes she was stood there with just the last half-inch poking out of her engorged lips, and a satisfied smile on her face.

I stepped towards her and slowly pulled this monster out of her. She twitched and hissed as I did. I dropped it to the bed and touched her pussy , but she winced again and grabbed my arm with both hands, “No.” she said, “Sorry, but I really am too sore.”

We stepped into bed together and kissed. She rested her head on my chest again. “Sorry” she said again, “I really wanted to fuck you before you left.”

“Never mind.” I was almost glad as I had begun to be really sore too, I hugged her nakedness against me and felt her soft bush against my leg. “There’s always tomorrow.”

At about three in the morning I woke needing to piss. Extricating myself from Julie’s arms I crept towards the bathroom to relieve myself. On my way back to bed I passed by Karen’s room. The door was open, and the street-light outside was illuminating her room with a ghostly yellow.

Karen was laid on the bed, naked except for her suspender belt. Her eyes were closed as if she were sleeping, but her right hand was sat on her mound with the index finger slipping in and out of her very wet cunt. Her naked breasts heaved as she picked up the pace, and as her body rocked, she bit her lip to stifle the noise of her orgasm. Still with her eyes shut she placed her finger into her mouth and sucked.

I had been stroking my cock as I watched this erotic sight, and it was now up to its full length. I crept into the room and placed a finger on her lips. She opened her eyes wide, looking like a rabbit caught in headlight beams.

“Ssssshhh!” I encouraged, and gently placed a knee between hers to help me up. She parted her legs, the smell of her sex wafting up, and the feel of the wet bed below my knees confirming that she had been enjoying herself.

My cock was rock-hard, and I couldn’t wait to lower it into that pussy.

“Naughty boy!” Karen whispered into my ear as she felt my swollen dick, and then held it and placed it between her puffy cunt lips.

I pushed in very gently, not wanting to make any noise in case her sister woke up, but Karen had other ideas, “Push hard” her heavy breathing making the whisper hoarse, “I need fucking not love-making.”

Her coarseness surprised me. Maybe I’d woken the demon in her and now she was going to turn into a sex-crazed monster. I thought I’d better not upset the monster so I did as she asked, pumping hard and deep into her while I mashed her breasts and bit her nipples.

The bed rocked and creaked, and the more I tried to silence it by restricting my movements, the more Karen moved higher and faster. The creaking suddenly stopped, and Karen’s eyes opened wide.

“Oh Fuck” she said.

The alarm on her face concerned me until I felt a gush of fluid, nearly blowing my cock out of her pussy, and drenching my balls and thighs.

Her eyes rolled back and her lids closed. We lay silent for a while, me still firmly located in her, until her breathing slowed down.

“Terry,” she whispered, “You know earlier on when you said I wouldn’t like your cock up my ass?”


“Well I think I probably would.”

I didn’t need a second invitation, so I pulled out of her and she turned over onto her knees, baring her two holes at me. Lubrication wasn’t a problem so I put my helmet at the entrance to her ass and pushed.

“Go careful” she whispered, “I’ve never done this before.”

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