World of Warcraft A story of Horrors, Adv


World of Warcraft A story of Horrors, AdvHello dear readers, I would like to present you with one of my short novels.It has quite a story about a favorite world, world of warcraft, but it brings debauchery as its core moments while maintaining the adventure and thrill of a good novel.______________________________________________________________________________________________________________Chapter I I remember how it all began, when everything was but a blur and nothing was graspable, that faithful day is when we decided to create this … When Azeroth was at war with the Alliance, when humans used to come into our homes and slaughter us due to our hideous appearance, just because we were different and we were not aware of why should be the same as them. We never understood their hate towards us … But that didn’t stop them, not in the slightest, first it was just a war, a horrifying war with casualties on both sides. Soon after the pace changed completely … Situated in the region which now is called the Western plague lands, was a lush green land, filled with life and throbbing with a taste of unyielding desire to bloom. Surrounded by great mountains on the East and West side of the basin and only two mountain passage way’s on the South and North mountain ridge, it was a truly safe heaven for our people. Even though the Orc’s in the nearby regions used to trifle a lot with each other and rage battles for conquest with other clans, our mountain ridge basin was secured by nature itself thus was left alone for centuries on end. My town used to be a small hunting group made up of blood elf’s, we used to gather skins and meat for the neighboring town and trade them for other goods. We used to live in an crude but plain life style, we only hunted as much as needed and always honor the life given to us by nature and the old gods. My neighbor’s daughter used to visit us daily, her name was Syho, she came to do chores for my folks in exchange for a few pieces of deer meat per week.One day I sent her out of the house naked as a punishment for not fulfilling her chores as she was supposed to, and she stayed there all night, shivering and scared she learnt the value of submission,Alas, c***dren never learn, thus began my special training for her to grow into a fine and responsible young woman.Whereas the daily chores used to resonate within us as the boredom prolongs itself over our routine lifestyle, with nothing more than living day by day and without the influence of the outside world, we used to live in a simple way, were the same for everyone but her. She needed to be taught the values of life first hand with discipline and courtesy for those who work these tedious occupations in order to provide food and shelter for her. I didn’t want her to grow up as a spoiled c***d filled with disrespect, so I took it upon myself to teach her thoroughly but sometimes I feel I might have been to hard on her.”Flash back” Whenever she was miss behaving, even out of accident, I gave her the feeling of shame, disrespect and humiliation with a harsh punishment. I remember one day I’ve sent her to gather mushrooms from the nearby forest and she came with some small ones, not even worthy of cooking. I took her clothes off, sent her to the store in town with the mushrooms stuffed in her pussy and ass and I specifically said that if even one drops from her tights I will make her regret it!She cried and cried and people knew her for being kind and sweet, yet in no time that turned to laughter and disgust, the men started to say “What is a young lass like you acting so shameless?!” and the women threw rotten fruits at her.Syho’s life was a torment of shame and humiliation, by the age of 14 she was called so many names, so many insults that she no longer showed anything but a smile whenever she was spoken to.Time passed and she grew into a fine and sensual woman, no longer a c***d, yet her father continued to lay down the swift hammer of justice upon her whenever he deemed it so and yet life went by day by day…Occasionally we would get news of potential trade routes, conflicts, diplomacy treaties and other useful information from the daily guardians of the Horde which stopped by in their travels. During the harsh winters we would settle for finding small batches of mammals hidden within the thick layers of snow and bush in the fields next to the mountain slopes, during which we would retreat to the safety of our larger communities, which were held in what is known today as Andorhal. We would idly sit around the camp fires with each others families and tell stories of our hunting, fishing and exploration journey’s in hope to expand what knowledge we have of our home. I remember that day like it was yesterday …… During one such harsh winter nights, we were alarmed by what seem like a bright light in the North Western sky, it was pitch black, nothing in all directions until this reddish yellowish flicker came onto our skies and started to burn the darkness from it until there was nothing left of it except a twilight sunrise … Later to be known as the Twilight hour. Oh but it wasn’t a sunrise, it was nothing more than doom at our doorstep… We sent the c***dren and women to the town hall and we gather all the hunters, skinners and fishermen to decide on an immediate course of action regarding this incident. Day XXIII since the twilight hour. It’s been an endless wait for news from the Horde, nothing has come. Not even a letter of warning. We fear the worst has yet to come! Day XXVII since the twilight hour. We sent scouts through the Northern mountain pass, so far it has been 3 weeks without any news for them. We fear the worst has happen to them! Day XXXVIII since the twilight hour. Finally news has arrived from the Orgrimmar Horde HQ, I feared this the most, War has broken out in the Stranglethorn peninsula in the Southern reaches of The Eastern Kingdoms. I fear this war will consume us all! So far the war has avoided us, but for how long will it!? I can hear c***dren crying themselves to bed at night, I can hear screams of the old and fragile echoing through the thin walls of our house. I fear for my loved ones, for my town, for our homeland. The war has begun …. This wretched day has come, this day which I feared the most. We have scouts reporting that our Southern mountain pass has been overrun by creatures we hear in fairy tales, amassing at an outrageous speed and will soon brake into the mid-fields. We gathered within the town square to protect our c***dren, our women, our elders, believing that we could make a stand with sheer numbers. Oh how foolish we were…. Nothing was to be done against such well prepared battle forces but we thought we might pull it off… somehow. They came in waves, first were the stone chilled creatures from the mountains, short in stature and with a rigid and rigorous skin tone, they seem to have been made out of earth and covered in thick a****l skin and helmets with horns etched into them, the legendary craftsmen of the icy mountain, the dwarfs. They lay waste to our town walls, to all our fortifications and spared none of our youngsters the chance to flee and none of our women could be spared. They ransacked each house and if a woman, be it c***d, or young lass, she would be ****d and humiliated, dragged in the streets covered in sperm, as if she was nothing but a whore, a filthy garbage born only to be a toy of desires.I thought how I treated my only daughter, was I the same?No, I never made her into a whore, only cured her shameless and wretched behavior.The humans attacked from behind the town hall through the Chillwind Pass in a strategical attack we were decimated to what felt like a slaughter on both sides. Using their superior intellect they quickly and swiftly destroyed our retreat routes by setting fire to our only bridge. We would have never surrender but given the dire situation and with our families on the line, our only chance was a quick capitulation and hopefully enslavement into their ranks. Oh how wrong we were! They met us within the town square, made us knee and utter some words about how we poison the lands and plague the earth with our foul existence, that we cannot be forgiven and we shouldn’t be allowed to exist. Than came a human priest and took a nearby hostage, a priestess of the wild, he ripped her clothes off and took a sword and cut her beautiful long hair within a second, and shoved the handle of the sword in her pussy and made her kneel or he would kill her.As she knelled he than shoved his foot up her ass and in a doggy position he then gave her a slow and painful torture and bring her close to her demise, her entrails poured out as she had an orgasmic look upon her face as, helpless and without any control towards her fate, she relinquished herself to the pleasure. This human priest made a seal using her blood and entrails by performing a blood magic ritual to purge out encampment.He whispered us a pray and soon followed: You shall be purge by fire and be obliterated from this land, your foul existences shall be no more! They set fire to us …. to our c***dren, our elders killed by sword than burned by torch, slowly to suffer, our women killed on pikes right in front of us. How can you so cruel!? What have we done to you!? we only lived peacefully here for centuries ….. Why … Why? …. Why!? I took the girl I loved, the shameless bitch, or so she was called, nevertheless Syho the neighbor’s daughter was to be my bride, and I ran with her in the cellar and took the secret passage out into the forest, where we wander aimlessly for days without food or rest until we found safe haven within a patch in the woods. After a months of struggling we came across a hidden place covered by thick layers of musk and trees, hidden from sight, shrouded from though, enclosed within the heart of the forest, was a small yet modest wooden house. Yet an old man lived inside, he was frail and bitter by the name of Sevor.When I asked him if we could take shelter inside his house he took a bow and pointed it at us, I was at the end of my strength, no more could I fight back, I could run but what good would that do in the cold and dark forest which we crossed in order to get here.I begged him to forgive us for trespassing but he wouldn’t budge. In the heat of the moment I cried out and said “I’ll do anything just let us stay”. He answered with a gesture, he took his old and dried up cock out of his stinky pants and said:”I like that young woman, would you mind lending her to me?”I refused, would rather die than let the woman I love be deflowered in front of my eyes by a complete stranger. So I mustered what strength I had and replied “She is the love of my life, can’t we agree on something else?”Yet Syho immediately understood the situation and without a thought undressed and said:”Darling, as long as your my first is okay, yes?”So she sucked the old man cock, and he shoved his cock in her ass, rubbing the outer edge of her sweet and plump ass as he spank her and beat the shit out of her ass.She was crying and yet smiling…I looked at her and said ” You fucking bitch, I knew you were nothing but a filthy whore! You want to be fucked and played with? Okay! Me and this grandfather will fuck you until the end of you’re filthy days, you whore!”And so, our family began!It will become the Dalson family farm._________________________________________________________Chapter II The Dalson family legacy My grandfather, Sevor used to scare us when we were c***dren, telling us stories of forgotten times, when a being of unfathomable power used to bring despair into the hearts of everything that had a soul. I was told numerous times these stories, which I believed were just made up fairy tales to punish us when we were bad. ” Ohh how I wish that was true. ” One night in mid December when my wife and c***dren were away to town, I dusted off the books my grandfather used to own, books filled with the stories he told us. Only to find that those books were not truly what we believe they were, the cover of the first book was encased in a alloy I have never seen with a strange lock which would only be opened by a medallion of some sort. The second and third book were plain in look but they had a ‘ cold chilling feel ‘ to the touch. I could not help but to recall my grandfather in my youth, he wore a medallion the likes I have never seen, with a pair of demonic markings on it. I looked through the house but nothing to be found. When my wife came home she and the c***dren sat on near the fire place to warm up. I lay down the book on my oak chair and went to help my family. ” Why did I let it out there in the open, why ..? ” My youngest, Zig-Tarass, went to play hide-and-seek with my daughter,Maikala-Yoki. Knowing that they will be back for supper, I did not pay attention, in a c***d’s game anything can happen, ordinary things can become fun and interesting. I blacked out! Next thing I know was a mist sweeping from the main room, it was like nothing I’ve seen, filled with what looked like my wife, Syho, and my c***dren, but twisted into something so hideous so horrifying out of a nightmare. I crawled into the main room using what strength I had left only to find my left lost in another world, the old pine walls and ceiling were gone, and the floor turned into a pool of what looked like blood. I looked to my oak chair, there it was: the book with the medallion lunged into it. ” I realized what happen but I did not want to believe it …… ” Oh god please have mercy! I screamed out with what strength I had left. A voice came straight into my head, speaking in a language I have not heard before, yet familiar somehow … Aju kua nihamu dakalagtar! I heard this before … but where !? I remembered! My grandfather used to end the stories with that sentence, how could I forgot it? I remember he translated it as: ” When you call me, I shall be as one with you! ” Foolish of me but I had to repeat those worlds in that unknown language: ” Aju kua nihamu dakalgtar! ” The air, no the whole world ripped apart. All I could see was a faint shadow crawling out of what seemed like pure türbanlı bartın escort darkness. I saw! I saw it! I definitely saw it! I think …. But before I could get a shape into my head of what I saw, the darkness engulfed me. What have I unleashed upon this world? Please forgive me, friends, strangers! I shall walk the path I lay before me, now and forever more, to be with the family I hold dear! I shall be the vessel of this walking nightmare! I pledge my being, as my c***dren in your hands! I hope my wife, Syho will be safe. Take us on your Journey, where ever it may lead you … we shall be a part of you!_______________________________________________________Chapter III Revenge and claim I am the bearer of unchallenged fears, unsaid nightmares, I will consume your souls and destroy the ones you hold dear, for you have done it to me in the past and to my people, to my family, you driven us from our homes, slaughter us, persecuted us and mutilate our lands as you see fit. I shall destroy the Alliance, the Horde, Azeroth and everything that you hold dear! Hear me now old Gods, the day of reckoning has come upon this world! You which you name your self a god, know this: The day you befall my people with their fate is the day your fate shall be torn the pages of time and be rewritten into despair and hatred, for all you stand today shall be mine to destroy, to be plagued by my foul mouth, by my grasping hate and be devoured as I see fit. I am the Horror yet to come …. I swear to Thee on the blood Elf’s honor and the Forsakens legacy. The encounter One day, while I was hunting a town of wretched humans I met a most intriguing character, he was spying on me as I was lurking within the shadows to stalk my prey. I found his behavior somewhat of a nuisance at first but as I began to watch him, I soon realized of the potential opportunities this encounter might arise towards my goal. I inhaled deeply and rushed towards his location to confront him personally. He raised what seemed like a giant sword and prepared a defensive stance, watching my every move with a vigilant gaze, reacting to any sudden move I would attempt, I felt an inexplicable sensation as if I was in front of a mountain with no openings whatsoever. The first reactions were defensive, on both sides. Nothing much but an exchange of stares and a clench of our weapons, as time went by in what seemed like an eternity, I began to see a more detailed description of this warrior. He had dark blue eyes with red pupils, blond long hair tied behind his head in a long sleeve like shape adding to the mystery we’re a pair of runic oval shaped earrings socket-ed with embers and rubies. His face had a sharp tip chin with a small beard at the end of it, scanty sharp eyes and long spiked eyebrows and a pro eminent nose and a pair of sharp long ears. His body size was a pretty bulky and rigid aspect, toned with muscles on his torso but at same time his legs we’re slim and long,as if he was “born on his feet”. I inhaled deep and said: ” Do you mean harm or not!? ” He than replied: “Only if you mean it as well”. I soon understood that he was merely looking at me because of curiosity and not spying. We sat down and talked in what seemed a diplomatic engagement but soon followed a less tense mood which became a pleasant yet stagnant mood. We discussed the life we had before the war started, the curse which befall upon me and my family and my new found role in this world. He seemed interested in my cause as he also suffered a great loss in this war and was eager to make amends with himself and those who betrayed him unjustly. I took his hand and pretended I can read the future and looked into his eyes, as he pierced my soul within mere moments, I knew he was “The one”.One night, he came to me and checked if I was asleep, he was wearing nothing but a thong made of white cloth. I looked at him and saw only the most sensual man I have ever laid eyes upon yet I could not bring myself to say it out loud, he charmed me and yet I was speechless.He asked: “Would you mind if I share the same cloth with you?” It turns out he wanted to sleep in my tent as he was intrigued by me.Alas maybe not today is the day we explore this uncharted land of honey and riches, but the day will come when he as well will taste the forbidden fruit of my tights.His name was Solaerias the Flame Keeper. Thus our journey together began ..________________________________________________________Chapter IV The sorceress of fire and brimstone On our journey together we came across many wonders, from lush green fields filled with creatures we have yet to see, to hideous monstrosities which seemed like living nightmares to incredible floating, sunken and hidden landscapes, castles, kingdoms of lost times. We saw so many amazing yet unfathomable existences. I had no idea about the life outside our ‘safe haven homeland’. In an inexplicable turn of events we found ourselves trapped in a ‘hammer and anvil’ situation. With an army of monsters behind us and a huge living statue in front of us, in what seemed like a dire situation of no return. It all began one morning when we went on a exploration of the South Eastern Kalimdor, in what is now called Uldum. We set out to explore an ancient waterway which was our means of transportation from the far reaches of it’s origin’s near the landmark Khartut’s Tomb to The Lost city of Tol’vir. It was nothing short of a routine check for hidden secrets we might be able to use against our nemesis, The Alliance. As the boat streamed across the river Ahnir we we’re keeping watch on the shores for potential threats, we arrived at our destination after a trip that seemed to be without confrontation. The City of Tol’vir, we heard tales of this ancient city, raging from Inn Keeper’s stories to treasure stories to horrific tales of old kings and lords who died a gruesome death within it’s walls. Nothing short of the truth … we soon we’re to find out. This ancient doorway seemed to be in a perfect condition unlike the other buildings within the city, with an etched gap of a scarab in the right and left corner of it’s foundation, it looked like something would fit those place holders and we also noticed some sort of mechanism was in place, in the far reaches of the temple’s square garden. Foolish enough we didn’t take heed to the rumors and stories about this place thus we set out to create two clay scarabs with my magical powers and using his runic earrings as conduits to the circuit of the place holders. We placed them within the etched gaps and within a few seconds, the whole ground began to shake violently, soon after an intense beam of colorful light soared the sky splitting it in half followed by a screeching sound which turned into a melody the likes we never heard before. All this happened in what seemed like mere seconds, so hard to follow all that was set in motion as such we we’re overwhelmed by all that we experienced. The path behind us closed and the paved ground began to be engulfed with light, guiding our way into the horizon, we began to thread lightly upon the pathway and follow it to it’s destination. After a few hours of walking aimlessly we arrived, it was a big pyramid shaped stairway towards a pitch black room, covered by what looked like moss growing on the entrance due to the moisture and the altitude at which it was, the rock itself looked sturdy, it was made up of mostly granite based rock and the markings were encrusted in an alloy which produced a shine in the reflection of the sunlight, creating a self illuminating by reflecting in an endless number of beams for the whole interior chamber. As we looked at the encrusted markings we began to see a story unfold, a story of the ancients who lived here, it was nothing short of a history of their past deeds and sacrifices to ensure their legacy would live on forever. The markings read as such: We had farms and lands, wildlife and stocks, we had blooming life and fresh creation was possible. We had everything needed to create life elsewhere, from guardians to farmers, to self sustainable cities, we had everything to create evolution. We gave it all to you, to our creations. Legacy of the creators XII Deep within the chamber behind a pedestal was yet another one, but this one read as such: We gave you all, we had to leave and entrust you with it, you only had to live by the code we set out, yet you didn’t listen, you must know the repercussions of your thoughts, your kind will bring destruction upon it self if you do not heed our call. Legacy of the creators XVI Upon further inspection of the chamber, we came across a hidden lever which activated a door to yet another chamber, but this was no chamber, it was a grand hall, the ceiling was filled with a strange gas, which looked like a steam rising up, the lower half of the hall was filled with a greenish mist that lingered over every nook and crack, sounds echoed within the room made by our footsteps, giving us a grim feeling as we began to grasp the sheer size of this enclosure. In the middle of this grand hall was a coffin, without any markings, without any lid, it looked like it was made entirely as one. But the humongous sheer size of it made it impossible to be carrier in through the doorway we just came through, there had to be another way for it to have been brought inside. We looked for hours within the hall for any clues we can use to uncover the secrets within this grand hall, only to find out that the coffin itself was not real, but a projection. When Solaerias walked towards it, he fell through the floor. As I panicked and rushed towards him to help, I fell as well, the shaft was long and cylindrical, it was filled with a liquid which seemed to emanate from the walls as we proceeded down in what felt like a endless fall. At the end of this shaft was a pool. We landed safely, the relief was beyond anything that words can amass to. This room was no room, how can we describe it except as not a room. It didn’t have any walls, we couldn’t see any ceiling and the floor itself was covered in a few inches of liquid, it was to spacious to be anywhere within the pyramid we fell through, if I have to guess where we we’re it would be …. another world. Within this ongoing space without end existed just a flickering light in the far reaches of it’s North Eastern side, with no bearing and no idea where we might be heading to and without a way to go back through, we set our goals on finding out and assessing our situation by confronting what ever came our way within this ‘world’. As we walked closer and closer towards that flicker flame in the distance, we began to see a shape, firstly it looked like the flame itself was encased within a shape, than it began to look like a crystal which was without color._______________________________________________________I think we were sixty yards away from it when we first realized what we were dealing with here. It was a crystal with a self sustained flame within it, burning and flickering due to the light reflecting properties of the crystals, it looked like a star in the skies, but up close it seemed more fragile and the light it produce was a very dim light, as if it was dying out slowly. Solaerias backed away in the heat of the moment, fearing it. I cannot blame him, we were in an uncharted place, with no escape or any measurements for that matter to consider in case something went wrong. Instead I didn’t follow the logical reaction, my thirst and hunger for power drove me towards it, when I came to realize where I was, I was already holding the crystal which was roughly the size of a person.I gazed within it to see it’s deepest part, only to find nothing except a red flame and what looked like ashes lurking within, in a constant move due to the energy produced by the flame. I tried to brake the crystal but to no avail, it was made to entrap something, clearly enough it was made by the creators of this pyramid, of the City of Tol’avir. I chanted the same words that made me who I am today, the horrors of unknown depths. I spoke to it, told it my past, my present and my future, I opened my soul to it, in the days, weeks and months that followed I continued doing so without relenting. Being a forsaken proved to be useful in this situation without food or water, I didn’t need nutrients, sadly Solaerias did, but as fate has it, he switched into a deep meditating state which allowed him to endure any harsh environment, thus preserving his energy. I had all the time in the world, to investigate and understand the secrets of the flickering flame. With nothing in either horizon of this world, it seemed like it was made this way, to take the hope of those who were imprisoned within it. I have forgotten how long has passed since we came to this world, years on end we spent within this world, time passed by us leaving it’s mark upon us. Solaerias found a way to channel the energies of this world and to nurture himself to prolong his life force. I on the other hand did nothing of that sort, I only fed my appetite for knowledge and power by spending each and every moment with the crystal of flame. Time flew by …. one day as I began to whisper to it, I noticed the flickering flame was bigger, it was the size of the crystal itself instead of just a tiny spark within it’s core. I realized what had happen, in this world of hopeless and dreamless state, I gave it knowledge, I gave it power, I gave it life, I nurtured it. The light began to grow and grow … it was overwhelming, the steam and mist began to disperse, the liquid boiled and evaporated and nothing left but an empty pitched black world. The light than enveloped me, holding me as if it was a person and soon after started to take a shape, the shape of my wife? No, it was the shape of a woman that resembled my wife but she was different, she had merged herself with my memories and created a physical body for herself. Within the crystal there was now a woman, she had a light skin tone, with long subtle arms and legs, blond hair that looked like it was made from phoenix feathers, she took the resemblance türbanlı bartın escort bayan of a blood elf but it wasn’t anything the likes I have seen before. Her eyes were a lush green like the endless riches of the wilderness, creating life with her stare upon the crystal itself, plants began to grow, flowers, musk, veins. As they grew more, they clenched the crystal even more tightly and shattered it. I soon caught her and took my cape and covered her nude body. She looked at me and said: “I am the universal force which drives life to be created within every part of this world, I am the harbinger of death for when it’s time to end life. The sole existence of the flame, the giver and taker of life” I replied:”And you came to us to be our savior and warrior, to fight countless battles, seek heroic treasures and explore all the uncharted maps of this world and beyond?”She nodded.I was so happy, so exhilarated to be in the presence of such a beautiful lady and yet I couldn’t control myself any longer, as soon as she sat down on her knees and my cape fell over, I knew at a first glance that she was an untouched flower, with no knowledge of earthly desires or vulgarity. I knew she was not like my wife, a crazy nymphomaniac, a bitch in heat.I touched her volouptous breasts and lied to her:In this world this is how we greet each other, and when we are truly happy or celebrate we sit down, spread our legs wide open and take our fingers and spread our sexual organs, in this case your pussy. While I sit on top of you and piss all over your shameless body and you start sucking my cock and deep throat it” Or so I thought to myself in my mind, but I couldn’t say that.So I only said “I touch them to say hello and you touch my cock to say hello as well”.She looked at me and smiled and replied:”You know, I can read thoughts, don’t be troubled for me, I can do it too! Ten thousand years ago before I was sealed away, there were never customs like this but times change, so I will too”She spreads her legs, takes her middle finger and thumb and spreads her pussy wide open for me while she waits for me to piss on her.Her name is Cosmoz the Harbinger of fire and brimstone________________________________________________________Dawn of the old times We decided that she could come with us on our journey, even though we were frightened by it’s existence, it was a fear which gave us hope, for the unknown has taken yet another form, from Solaerias, to me and now to Cosmoz, we have now been bestowed another comrade to accompany us on our journeys. Yet Solaerias could not stand the sight of her, as he had a thing for me, and saw her as an obstacle.He took her to a nearby tree and said to cooperate with him, as he tied her hands to each branch, unknowing the beautiful lady, fully trusting her new comrades she followed his instructions.He tied her legs and blindfolded her and without warning he punched her in her gut hard.Her stomach immediately threw up any food within her and yet due to her powers she could regenerate really fast, as such Solaerias saw this as a huge impediment but also a good way to hide his actions from the man he loved.So it began, the torture of Cosmoz, as he explained to her this was for her own good as special training to increase her combat capabilities.Whenever he beat her and punched her, slapped her, kicked her around, like a little bitch she would start singing and crying while a faint smile began to come across her face, she was slowly turning into a masochistic little fucking bitch!She began to sing a melody which than turned into a beam of pure energy that transformed into a dragon and flew towards the North Western skies, immediately after she released this strange energy, the world began to collapse upon itself and it’s boundaries began to shrink, until it was nothing more than a pure white room. We could feel the ground under our feet and walls shrinking in on either side, but we couldn’t see anything except pure white with no shapes world. In the blink of an eye we found ourselves again at the temple doorway where we used the clay scarabs to start the mechanism, as if we were transported. But the buildings were so crippled, the ground was s**ttered and even the doorway was half missing, what had happen here?We wonder around trying to get our bearings to no avail. Something seemed to be very off .. Without any time to relax, living statues began emerging from each side of the City of Tol’Avir, monsters began to appear from each gate, there were hundreds if not thousands of them, how can this be? When we first arrived to Uldum it was an empty barren land, as if a war decimated everything and everyone, yet now the buildings are crumbling away, their are many differences in the landscapes and where do all of these monsters arise from? What could have happen in the time we spent, trapped within the Netherworld? I look back to check our next course of action with Solaerias and Cosmoz, only to see that Cosmoz is in a deep slumber like state, as if petrified by something or someone. This left me and Solaerias in a total and unrepresented dire situation ….. What should we do …….. we have no way out! To be continued …._______________________________________________________Chapter V The outcome As the travelers grew ever so tired of the constant struggle and time stood by as if it was holding still as the imminent danger began to crawl in, they had no where to turn anymore … The left flank was in disarray as Solaerias was desperately trying to fend off the amassing armies of atrocities which seemed to pour forth at no end from what looked like a fog beckoning with anxiety. We took a chance and now we were doomed…. I was prepared for my final moments but I couldn’t let any harm come to the Sorceress, for which we endured so much and which holds the secrets of our existence, as such it was inevitable that someday we will require her aid in our journey. We had two options laid down in front of us. Take only ourselves and run by leaving the Cosmoz on her own or make a final stand and face the peril along side each other. The choices were few, the dire situation beckoned immediate action but we were far to overwhelmed to be able to do such a thing… Without warning my left arm went flying, a humongous earth statue shook the ground with unimaginable force and I went down, losing conscience in such a moment can only mean certain defeat. Solaerias couldn’t do much about the circumstances and the impending threat, he could only buy us precious time and die by his sword in a honorable fight for his friends… Nightmare of the Twilight As I fell u*********s in what felt like a slumber for eons, I lost control over my body, I couldn’t keep track of anything anymore. The veil of the slumber began to engulf me from within, in doing so all my sensory points were quickly turned off by a force I couldn’t describe. I saw myself with the family long before the horrific war came to our doorstep, I saw the Dalson family legacy unfold before me as if I was witnessing it first hand yet again, I saw the horrors I became, but at same time holding my conscience within this body, not being able to relinquish my memories, my love and hatred, living like a normal blood elf hunter trapped within a hideous abomination carcass made by curses and nightmares. I saw what the world will unfold into, the long wars sweeping the lands like the winds of change, I felt the chilling presence of a monstrosity of freezing chills amassing armies of tortured souls, I was helplessly left to do nothing about it all as change took another turn and called forth the elemental to undo this world once more. In the years I lived, as a hunter and as a long and forgotten traveler hooded by fear and pain, I came across so many wonders, the likes I wouldn’t be able to describe, many legends of hidden power, cast away knowledge which might pose a threat to our world once more, unfathomable relics of power from lost times, I couldn’t help but think back on all of it and gaping down towards the bleak future. ” Oh how I wish I could do something, anything, I have nothing to lose anymore, I lost it all, my homeland, my family, the lives of my beloved ones, everything I once cherished and held dear is now gone “. Suddenly, whispers began to be heard within this well of memories of the past, present and future, whispers of an unknown language, of a demonic presence began to shroud me in a fluid of sorts, the feeling was out of this world, I could not understand a single word. It was as if the words materialize and turned into liquid matter and began to soak my body, giving me a new sensation the likes I have never felt before. My torso began to ache, as the flesh started to melt away and be disintegrated, leaving nothing but bones and some tissue, my remaining arm began to itch uncontrollably and before I knew it, the missing arm started to grow back as if I was made out of clay. Energy coursing through my body, shook the very foundation of my being, stealing away all my memories, leaving me empty and taking away everything I once held dear. Unable to resist, I fell within comatose state in which my body felt like it was moving on it’s own, transformed into a being of pitch black energies, shaped into a creature, a demonic monstrosity, I never seen such a creature before except … the day I turned into what I am today. As I began to recall the final moments prior to when the curses started, I saw a glimpse of the true bearer of darkness right before I turned into this horrific monster. With a body of fel energies, strucked by violet lightning coursing through it’s exterior body, constantly feeding it with power, it had a body made of pure magic, the structure itself was without mass or weight. It could float in mid air, or stand on a the edge of a sword without tilting it in either direction, with a demonic marking on it’s forehead, it looked like it was a seal to keep it’s powers within the magical imbued body so that it will not disperse. The body itself was seemingly plain, the details were sublime and concealed due to the enormous energy it was engulfed in, giving off spikes of it as it moved through the atmosphere, it looked like a being straight from a nightmare, if I may be as bold to say, ” a nightmare itself “………… When it’s massive wings began to shake violently, he took off and soared towards the far reaches of my conscience leaving me stagnant and unaware of the horrors I unleashed because of my lack of power. The Oasis As I opened my eyes, slowly the crack of daylight seeped in me, filling me with it’s warmth. I was nothing short of relieved to see it again, hoping there was no more imminent threat, I looked sideways only to see a completely different scenery. It was an Oasis, covered with small grasses, a few flowers basking in the sunlight and two trees inter twined together creating a perfect amount of shade and comfort, with us lying down at it’s base. Solaerias was wounded but alive, dozing off, snoring hard. ” That’s what probably woke me up … I said to myself ” Next to me on the right side was Cosmoz looking at me as if I was the only one there. I asked: ” Where are we, what happened?” She replied: “We are safe, all thanks to you my precious friend” I could not grasp what happen or what she meant by it. All I remember was blacked out and a weird nightmare and waking up in this place, away from the danger. She than said: “You don’t remember?” She began to tell the story “I was unconcious at that time as well but as soon as I fell in that state, I began to feel afraid, not because of our dangerous situation, but because something far worse was lurking somewhere close, that is why I fell u*********s in the first place” It all began the moment I took you out of the Netherworld, in this world you were given the sole ownership of your body and mind that’s why I didn’t sense it at all but once we step into your world the darkness which you have within began to sweep within my inner domain and took a hold of me and sapped away my power. The next thing I recall was when the ground began to shake, cracking up as if it was an earthquake, the Skies turning in a deep twilight and night came in the middle of the day, a solar eclipse took the glimmering light away living nothing but a pitch black world. I was not able to see my hand, even though I knew it was in front of me, the swordsman disappeared off as well into the darkness, engulfed leaving no shred of him. I saw a violet living lightning emerging from what seemed like your u*********s body, which took the form of a demonic presence and than it swiped the earth as a wind of terror would, destroying and completely devouring and disintegrating everything in it’s path, leaving no remains whatsoever of it’s victims. ” The ruins began to crumble, the ground began to crackle, the skies began to shriek, before the day was over, nothing was left, not even a cloud, it was as if the whole area in a spherical circumference mysteriously vanished, it was all gone ……………. “_______________________________________________________Chapter VI Memories of old I heard the stories, the rumors, the folk tale, runic books, ancient writing, scrolls of forgotten times about such a demonic creature of before the Old Gods, before the Titans created Azeroth, it was a time when the whole universe was nothing more than a pitch black wasteland. Within this domain, thrived and lived one entity, it was a simple and crude being. It had no appendices, it had no head, no body the likes we know, it was simply energy, without shape or color, without purpose or reason, it thrived within the unknown, so why did it existed? ” What made it be born, or was it born at all? Maybe it was there the whole time, these answers I fear we will never find out “. The stories lack the detailed information needed to unravel the inner twined mysteries that lie within it’s existence. The sole addition I can put is the nightmare I was in, that faithful day when I gave in to the unknown forces that reside in me, I witness the past, present and future türbanlı escort bartın of this world. But as fate has it, I recalled ” the memories of old “, I somehow gained knowledge of it’s memories and stared through it’s gaze into the vast domain it once was a part of. The thoughts are ambiguous to say the least, I cannot clearly say which is which, but when I began reading up and hearing stories of the ‘ Old One ‘ I couldn’t control my memories, they began shrieking into my subconscious at first, soon followed by images flashing randomly, as I learned more in the years to come, I began to experience first hand them, as if I was one with it. I could ” feel a touch ” holding me within it’s reach, giving me a surge of power and leaving me empty of memories, my family, my wife and c***dren disappearing into the nether, their images being transformed and transfigured into hideous monstrosities, I was given them back but not as my loved ones, now as minions of my biding, my wife would become to Maiden of Desire and despair, lost to herself into a never ending struggle to attain her senses, her desires and wishes. My son would become the embodiment of hate and malice, giving the world, a bitter taste of what is yet to come, my daughter sold to the atrocities of jealousy, as she never had a chance to grow up, it consumed her from within giving her no escape but making it seemingly easy to deprive others of their freedom and by doing so destroying what they trust the most, replacing them with fears of unknown origins. My conscious wasn’t touched but all my memories began to swirl in an endless spiral, amassing into a being made by the nether in which I was imprisoned for so long, with the memories I shared, the need to be heard and cared for, all those wishes from the netherworld in which the Sorceress was trapped, now re surface as a Void creature, with a never ending hunger, emerges to consume all in it’s path and shatter their memories. I was given new powers, new terrible powers that would shackle me once more and bind me to my nightmares, to the “Old One” …………………. or would it? I was not sure which was the true meaning, when I grasped it’s memories, I felt the yearn for being something else than it was before, I felt it needed a purpose to channel it’s wishes, I soon realize that although it was a hideous entity of unknown origins, it was no different from me, from you, from everyone … who wanted to be ” taken in “. It was my burden to carry and I will endure it and if it will consume me than so be it. Thus my story began to unfold into a new direction, with new found allies, with old friends, with new and old powers, we would embark on a journey that will change the course of history. To change the grim future I witnessed and gaze into the eyes of despair, or so the story goes ….________________________________________________________Chapter VII Reminiscence My love forever more Looking back on those times I had, the peaceful and joyful life we all shared, memories started to emerge as if they were locked away and forgotten. I was taken back in time, helplessly falling and my body froze stiff, even tho Solaerias and Cosmoz tried to tend for me and help me, it was to late. The next thing I remember is re living those days but not as myself but as if they were a theatrical play made entirely for me, for my own amusement. It was both a painful and a blissful experience, to live within the memories which I once forgotten, I was blessed by the gods or cursed to endure the ravages once more…. I remember the neighbor’s daughter, the love of my life, way before we even exchanged first words. She had green emerald eyes, long thin eye brows and a lush silver hair that reflected the sunlight giving off the illusion of the full moon.With a slender body, toned by the daily worked she endure to take care of her sick father and her absent mother, who left this world during previous years outbreak of poisonous mushrooms. She had a self sufficient personality, stubborn and courageous, devoted to her path, absolute in her choices, a truly wondrous creature full of love. Her name was Syho. I couldn’t help but to fall in love with her and over time we grew closer and closer…. I remember when the bad omen shrouded our sky with a glimmer of the twilight yet to come, encasing our freedom and leaving us in total disarray, how everything began to dissipate, consuming our minds with thoughts of hatred and anger towards those who will do us harm. She took the bow right away, unlike most who debated whether to wait it out or take action, but Syho didn’t engage them foolishly, instead she devoted her attention towards protecting those who she cared for. As time went by I began to observe her actions more rather than looking at mine, I was intrigued by the choices she made and how she sought to live. As soon as I did so, my mind felt as if was fleeing and I found myself in the role of Syho but merely as an observer, gazing through her eyes and sometimes looking from afar at her side of how the story unfolded. Syho the wandering huntress Years before the legacy of this bitch in heat began, she was but a simple young girl, living in a hunting village. She didn’t have any fears or troubles except the every day need of nourishment and purpose, as time flew by, she continued to delight in those humiliating instances where she would go naked in sunny or raining weather and yet these shameless acts of debauchery seemed to never end. In a ridge protected by mountains on either side, given life by numerous plants and a****ls, it was nothing short of a wondrous valley of life. Where we prospered in a modest way of living, enjoying the riches that nature had to offer and rewarding her with our untainted devotion towards keeping her womb in warmth and peace. By day we hunted, by night we celebrated as we rewarded her for the gifts with mindless ****s of her ass, pussy, throat and nose, and every year we gave thanks to the cause of our existence, this little bitch. But we were fools to believe mother nature was almighty, when in fact the true perpetrator of our destiny were none other than the desires of power and wealth, amassing from beyond the seas of Azeroth, which traveled through the waves of the vast seas, embed within the veil of mother nature’s dress, beckoning a new era of suffering and hatred, a vicious cycle which will engulf our home in pain and misery. We soon began to realize the wrong doings of our fearless ways. The conflict came to our doorstep, by the hand of the humans, inflicting pain without reason, creating wounds without purpose, on both our bodies and minds. Why would they resent us!? We asked and we received no answer…. The days went by, turning into week, months … years of constant struggle, hardening our bodies, making us more rigid, filled with intent, leaving no trace of our compassionate love. Taking away our joys and replenishing them with hatred and desires of vengeance. I had lost track of how long this war lasted, it became a blight upon that blissful paradise, creating only death and decay in it’s wake. I took arms only in defending my loved ones and the c***dren of my neighbors who left them in my care as they rushed to the front flanks in dire need to defend our homes. I couldn’t take part in the war, it isn’t me. So whenever a soldier or a group of them came by, I would beg for my life and that of the c***dren, and they would blackmail me into mindless and senseless **** while the c***dren were made to watch.One day though, a captain arrived, he was told by his comrades that within the outskirts of the forest lies a cottage where a young woman, filled with lust resides. He set foot upon my doorstep and demanded I strip on the spot but as he saw the c***dren he thought, why not them do it, and they stripped me down, and while fucked my ass, and shoved his big metal gauntlet up my pussy he asked them all to slap my face, kick my breats and punish me or else they would be killed.I insisted upon it, as such I insulted the c***dren in order to antagonize them into doing as they were told. What followed was him fucking me for hours and them slapping me, pissing on me, cussing me, treating me like i was scum, the shit of the earth, and he left and laughed, while saying: “Enjoy playing house now”While he left the c***dren never stopped, they wake me up by pulling on my breasts or shoving their hands up to their elbows up my pussy.They invade the bathroom while I take a shit or piss and they piss and shit on my face, on my tummy. When I go pick flowers in the garden they take turns into kicking my ass with their small feet, and now after 3 years, they grown up, this way…r****g me! Calling me a Bitch, a fucking whore, when will this ever end, I asked but now I enjoy it, give me More, MORE!I was to bare the sins of their folly and be a part of them? Or run and turn my head from those who nourished me into this life like a coward? Either way seemed to be meaningless! I remember a young man who used to call me his love, I remember having no desire but to be his wife and bare his c***dren into this world, live as a family for better or worse. But what future can I sow for my unborn c***dren if the present is filled with so much resentment on each side. I couldn’t bare it no more! I had to take action, so I took one of the c***dren and told them:Please just fuck me until I go u*********s and even then keep fucking me and spare no mercy!As I dragged my naked body, covered in bruises, cum, and filled with humiliation, I saw the man who started all this before my eyes, not the captain, but his superior, revenge was within my grasp.I took my bow and drew a poison tip arrow, in what seemed like a reckless action and aimed at the human priest who was buring our kindred in the town square of Andorhal. Just as I was taking a deep breath and my fingers began to slip away from the bow’s cord, I felt a strange relieve overcome me and telling me ” Is better this way …” But suddenly I was pulled back into a dark cellar by someone who I couldn’t see very well and carried over the shoulder for what seemed like half a day at a fast pace through a dim light passage. As the flickering light began to emerge at the crack of the passage, I saw the person’s face. He was the love of my life, the one who swore to protect me and love me. He vowed to me that he would rather kill himself on the spot if I had any doubt of his true intentions. I was left speechless by his brave actions and proudly able to accept his feelings. Our life together began to grow, day by day, we struggled to keep our existence hidden, provide food for each other and find shelter in the woods. One day we came across a small clearing in the woods, it was just a foot high gap but our instincts drove us to find the purpose behind it’s concealment. We found what could be described as a shack, a small house made entirely of wooden beams , a modest home, but a home indeed. We settle there, later to be called the Dalson family farm. He fucked me like a Sow, a pig, a bitch, he sold me as an anal whore and kept my pussy for himself, such is how he controlled my broken mind and thus even now when I have my own c***dren, I shall teach them the ways of the body with my own shameless body.My husband and I bare two c***dren, a young boy and a cheerful daughter, they loved the nature, as we taught them, driven by the love of the forest and the instincts of the a****ls, they were part of everything. We were truly blessed to be the parents of such c***dren. Until that faithful day…. I took the c***dren to the nearby town to trade some hunting furs and buy them some clothes, nothing new, we would watch our guard and be back by dawn. Leaving in the perpetual darkness of the night provided us with the best cover to move freely and unrecognized by any strangers. Upon our arrival home, I set my self on a chair and left the c***dren to play in the house, while my husband and I shared a cup of spirits by the fire place, in hopes to keep our faith that the war will be over soon … Out of nowhere a sudden flash of light came over me and I fell u*********s on the floor, I cannot recall much except that my husband thought to save the c***dren, in the back room of the house. Their was a oozing green mist, screeching through the cracks of the door, entering the main room. My husband than walked through the door, changed somehow, looking at me with dreadful eyes, staring into my soul as if I was not there in flesh and blood. His stare froze what energy I had left to fight back and my body went numb, it was as if he was possessed or worse, Next thing I remember was the call of my c***dren, screaming from the depths of the night,. Waking up in a foreign land, without any clues, without answers to what happened or how i got here. I recall the name of the entity which possessed or took over my husband, it named itself Horrors the unknown, it had a cold gaze and it meant to devour those who did it harm, it is my only lead! I will find them, save them, we will be a family once more! My journey has begun …. _______________________________________________________Hope of anew life Life became surreal after the story unfolded, I could clearly see how life is not all about revenge and hatred but for Syho to survive I had no choice but to become hatred itself and divert all the conflict and strife away from her. Leaving her the choice of a bitch in heat to be fucked by anyone who saw fit, she became a succubus, continuing my journey and relinquish any doubt I had. Knowing that Syho survived the onslaught of that dreadful night was truly a relief and I was filled with resolve beyond anything that can be said. As for Syho’s story, nothing can be said yet, her choices and resolve will make her path unfold beneath her feet, strong and determined when it came to her carnal desires. Last I’ve heard of her was that she became a village public toilet and due to her demonic powers she could not get pregnant from human semen so her torture continues even today, as a sow, a fifty pig, horny as a whore, being beaten, humiliated in towns as the filth she is and yet she smiles so happily, with her face covered in cum, drenched in cum, nothing but a lustful woman.I’m truly happy for her and her choicesA wandering bitch in heat, a whore with a tale yet to be written and fucked the way she deserves.Thus our story of memories past unfolded and cleared a path towards anew life._______________________________________________________

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