World Piece


World PieceA few years ago we were moving out of the area. We had the k**s staying at their grandparents as we prepared the house.Before we had k**s we would share May once in awhile during vacations. She enjoyed the attention and the occasional strange cock and I loved watching her enjoy herself. Gave us a lot of fuel for fantasies when we were back home. May is a beautiful asian woman. She has great tits and nipples as big as your thumb. When we would go out she would turn heads in bars as she walked by in a semi-sheer top and her huge nipples showing.Anyway, we hadn’t shared her since the k**s were born. The night before the move we had the house to ourselves and had a great round of sex amidst the packed boxes. The morning of the move was a hot and humid August day. We dressed for the heat and the move. May in a pair of nylon gym shorts and a white bikini top.The movers arrived bright and early. The crew consisted of three guys, an older black guy who was the crew chief, and a younger black and a hispanic guy. We met them, explained where things were and they got to work. As the morning wore on I caught the guys on the crew taking in views of May when she would walk by. I realized that she had a white bikini top on without the liner in it. When she’d walk into the air conditioned house from the hot humid air her nipples became erect and showed right through celtabet giriş the material. Hell I got an erection seeing her like that!Later in the morning she had her first beer of the day, and proceeded to down them pretty regularly. I could also tell she was enjoying being eyed by the guys and started flirting a bit with them and giving them some nice cleavage shots along with her hard nipples poking out of her top. By late afternoon the crew was about done, and so way May!!We ordered some pizzas for the crew and us for dinner. Since they were off duty, the also welcomed some cold beers. We sat on the floor eating pizza, drinking beers with the music on. After a couple of beers they were pretty much just staring at May.She was drunk enough that she started dancing to the music with a cold bottle in her hand. Since she had about sweat through the bikini top by this time is was sheer like a wet t-shirt. I knew she was loving the attention and suggested she take off the top. She did a little strip tease and tossed the top in the corner, freeing up her nice 34C tits. We had no curtains on the main floor so I suggested we move upstairs to the master bedroom. We only had a mattress and some things in the corner we thought we needed of our last night at the house.When we got upstairs we say around on the floor, having another beer, with the three celtabet yeni giriş guys staring at her tits. May announced she was going to take a shower since she was hot and sweaty (!). The bathtub was directly across from the bathroom door, which could be seen from the bedroom. May didn’t bother to close the door and we didn’t have a shower curtain either. So she was soaping herself up for all of us to see.She asked me if I needed needed to wash up, since she would would help me! I stripped and joined her in the shower as we washed each other with me paying particular attention to her tits and pussy and her to my now hard cock. I asked in a whisper if she wanted to help any of the crew clean up. She said she sure did! So I stepped out of the shower and asked if any of them needed to clean up.The crew chief was the first up, since he was a born leader, and stripped displaying his huge erect cock and stepped into the shower with May. She cleaned him up and dropped to her knees to take that big black cock into her tiny asian mouth. At that the other two guys stripped down too. The first guy got out, still hard as the other two waited to be cleaned. May repeated the pattern with the next black guy, who wasn’t as huge as the old guy. The the hispanic guy, who couldn’t help himself when May sucked his cock in the shower. As she felt him celtabet güvenilirmi throb she pulled her mouth off of his cock and he came all over her wet tits.After this warm up she came into the bedroom and she and I started making out. I looked down to see a pair of hands on her tits and another guy sticking his fingers up her cunt. She was moaning pretty good by now, pushed me on my back, and mounted my hard cock. As she rode me one of the guys shoved his cock into her mouth. I forgot how much I loved to see my wife sucking another man’s cock while I was fucking her too! It was all I could do to keep from exploding when she had an orgasm and collapsed forward onto my chest. I was still wiggling my cock in her and closed my eyes to enjoy the feeling. Then I felt her adjusting her hips and also more weight.When I opened my eyes I saw the guy with the huge cock was sliding his cock into her ass. We’d left some lube by the bed from the night before, as well as some condoms. The guy had helped himself! May doesn’t usually like anal sex but this time she started coming again as soon as he managed to work his cock into her. She was sliding back and forth on both of our cocks when the hispanic guy, who had recovered from coming all over my wife’s tits earlier, stuffed HIS cock into her mouth while the younger black guy fondled her tits and pinched her nipples.There was by beautiful asian wife riding my hard white cock, with a huge black cock in her ass, and a hispanic cock in her mouth. All I could think of was that May was a real World Piece of ass that day!We went on to have a long memorable night with May taking care of all four of us….

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