Worth a shot


Worth a shotWe’re both stood there in my room, nervously eying each other up. You drop your bag on the floor and the moment you do I jump on you. I start kissing your lips and caressing my hands through your hair. You push me off you and slam me against the wall. You then start biting my neck, harder and harder. I try to scream but you put your hand over my mouth to keep me quiet. With every bite your teeth get deeper and deeper until you pierce my skin. You step back as blood starts to drip down my neck. I run my fingers over the blood and lick it off as I stare deep into your eyes. I then walk slowly towards you, swaying my hips from side to side as I remove my top and bra. I kiss your lips passionately then take your top off. I then bend down and unbutton your trousers, taken them and your boxers down. I then start to lick your big hard dick, working my mouth all the way down till your cock touches the halkalı escort back of my throat. While I’m sucking your dick, I start to finger myself really deep; moaning with pleasure and you put your hands on the back of my head, slowly pushing my mouth further down your cock while you run your fingers through my hair. You start thrusting your dick deeper down my throat, getting faster and faster. I start to struggle to breath, gagging on your big hard cock with every thrust. Then as you’re about to cum you force your cock so far down my throat my mouth fills with vomit. As I push myself off you, you start to cum all over my tits, covering them with your warm wet cum. I run my fingers over my chest and lick your cum up. As I’m sat on the floor licking all your cum off my chest you grab my neck and pull me to my feet. Then taksim escort you throw me on the bed, pull down my pants and force your dick into my tight arse hole. As I scream in pain you grab my hair and put a knife to my throat, telling me that if I don’t shut up you’ll cut me. I instantly keep quiet. As you force your big cock deeper and deeper into my ass tears steam down my face from the pain. You pull your dick out and then thrust it back in really hard. I let out a scream; you grab my hair, pull my head back and run the knife over my chest, cutting my skin. You then grab me and force me onto my back. You start to kiss my bloody chest, biting my nipples and digging your nails into my sides as you run your hands down me. You then grab my legs, push them up to my head and shove your dick in my pussy and start fucking me, hard and deep, hitting my g spot every time. şişli escort I moan with pleasure, feeling myself getting closer and closer to climax. Then, just before I cum you start to lick my clit and aggressively finger my pussy. I start to moan louder and louder as your tongue runs over my clit, my breathing getting heavier and heavier. Not able to hold it back any longer I scream your name as I squirt my warm cum over your face. I lie there for a second trying to catch my breath when you grab me and whisper ‘my turn’ in my ear. You drag me off the bed, cum still dripping out of me and dried blood all over my neck and chest. You throw me against the wall, grab me by my arse and lift me up on to your dick. You press yourself against me as you lift me on and off your cock; you start to bite my neck, opening the wound again so fresh blood comes out. You groan with pleasure as I dig my nails into your back. You start to fuck me more aggressively, I can feel you getting closer to climax. Just before you cum you throw me on the floor, grab me and make me go on all fours. You then force your dick in my ass really hard and fast, not caring that I’m screaming. You fuck me so hard that you cum so intensely you collapse on the floor next to me.

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