Wrestler Fucks for Dorm Rent Pt. 05

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Jed Thomson (20 yrs.) stands at 5’11” and weighs a lean 174 lbs. He is a college wrestling champion in his sophomore year. He has fair white skin over his whole body. He has broad shoulders, tight 6-pack abdominals and a thin frame. His jet-black hair has a natural curl which falls over his forehead.

Susan Asherman (32 yrs.) handles the student athlete financial payments for on-campus housing. She’s in good physical shape (32-24-32) and her black hair is always tied into a ponytail. She had finally gotten Jed’s personal phone number. They’ve been arguing about his dorm rent inside the athletic village. He says that his athletic scholarship had already paid for the year. She says that he hadn’t paid for it and wants receipts.

Susan gets Jed on the phone again while sitting in her office.

Susan: Hello Jed. It’s Susan again.

Jed: Hi Susan, it’s Thursday afternoon. I can’t get to office before it closes.

Susan: Why?

Jed: I got wrestling practice.

Susan: Do you got your receipt for the dorm rent?

Jed: Yes, but I got a full class schedule and wrestling meet Friday evening.

Susan: I’ll be on vacation beginning Monday.

Jed: I can drop it off at your office on Monday. It’ll be there when you get back.

Susan: I have to inspect a dorm room on Saturday evening. A student is leaving college.

Jed: etimesgut escort Is it near the athletic village?

Susan: Yes, it is. I’ll text message you the dorm address. Bring me that receipt Saturday afternoon.

Jed: Sure, text message me and I’ll bring it.

Susan sets her iPhone on top of the desk.

She smirks, “I finally got this guy.”

Saturday evening inside a single dorm room. The light above is turned on. There is a three-dresser drawer, a desk, a chair and a single bed mattress. The window curtains are pulled shut.

Clothes, socks and shoes are piled up on the floor.

The naked bodies of Susan and Jed are on top of the bed mattress. They are in the doggy-style position. Her hair hangs loose and falls over the face. Both of her arms are pulled behind as he grips both of her wrists. His 7 and 1/4-inch cock is buried inside of her shaved pussy.

Jed’s bushy, black crotch, hits her buttocks after each thrust. He holds a tight grip on both of her wrists.

He grunts, “Baby… Did you get… My fucking dorm receipts? Huh baby.?!”

She replies, “Yes. Yes… My-Gawd… I got them. I got them.!!”

He looks down at his thrusting cock as his crotch bumps against her butt-cheeks.

He says, “Fuck… You want more?… More fucking receipts? I can give it to you etlik escort baby.!”

She reacts, “My-Gawd… Yes… Give it to me… Give it… To meeeee.!!”

His hands pull back on her wrists while still aggressively thrusting.

He grunts, “You’re gonna get it… Fucking get it… I’m gonna give it to you baby.!!”

She responds, “Ohh.. Oh… Ohhh.. Gawd… I’ll take it baby… I’ll take it.!!”

His hands keep gripping her wrists while still looking down at his thrusting cock.

He says, “Fuck baby… Your shaved pussy… Is gonna make me cum… Fuckk.!!”

Both of his hands release her wrists and he wrap’s them around her beautiful hips. He begins thrusting fast and hard.

She replies, “Oh-My-Gawd-Oh-Ohh-Fuck-Me-Jed.!!”

He pushes inside of her shaved pussy one last time.

Jed explodes, “Fu-Fuuuuuuckk… Baby… Fuuuuuuck… Fuckk…!!!”

25 minutes later. Jed stands amidst the scattered clothes on the floor. His head is thrown back with both eyes closed. His mouth is dropped open. Both of his hands are placed on Susan’s head. She’s kneeling in front of him with both hands gripping his smooth shaft. Her lips are wrapped around his cock-tip. Her tongue has been licking hard all over that tip.

It is complete pleasure for him.

He says, “Ahhhh… Fuck… Uh-Ahhhh… ankara escort Ahhhhh… Right-There. Right-There… Like-That.!!”

She grip’s her hands tighter and licks hard on the left side of his cock-tip.

His body flinches.

He says, “UH-OH… Fuck. Fuck… Lick-It-Hard. Just-Like-That…. Fuck… Like-That.!!”

His head jerk’s to the side.

She moves over to the right side of his cock-tip. Her tongue keeps licking hard.

Her hands never lose their grip around his shaft.

He reacts, “F-Fucking-Gawd… Right-There… Right…. There… Feels-So-Fucking… Good…!!!”

Her mouth lift’s off of his cock as her hands begin to stroke his shaft.

She whispers, “You’re so strong on the wrestling mat. My panties get so wet.”

He asks, “Th-They do?”

She answers, “Yes they do. All soaking wet.”

She keeps stroking him hard.

She smiles, “Jed, I rub hard against the bench watching you wrestle.”

He asks, “Really? Yu-You do?”

She whispers, “Yes, I do. I have to change my panties after each match you win.”

Her hands let go of his shaft. Her lips slip over his cock-tip and then they slide down to his thick crotch. She clamps down real tight and then those lips start moving up and down.

He reacts, “Ahhhhh.. Fuckk.. Ahh-Ahhh.. Work-It-Baby.. Work-That-Cock.!!”

Her mouth moves up and down with tight control.

He screams, “Take-it-Baby.. Fucking-Take-It-All.. It’s Cumming.!!”

She slides down and holds his shaft inside of her throat.

Jed explodes, “Fu-Fucking… Fuuuuuuuuckk.. Fuuuuuckk-Mee…!!!”

His load squirts down her throat.

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