Asian Student


Jim (32)

Chris (13)

Jason (12)

Rick Steel (24)

Adam (14)

Gary (13)

Tommy (11)

Larry (11)

Billy (10)

Tony (29)





It took Jason a few minutes to get orientated when he woke up in the strange bed, then the memories of last night flooded his brain. The 12 year old smiled to himself and looked over and saw his friend laying naked on his back with his cock sticking straight up. Jason had to piss, but his cock was just as hard as Chris”. Jim was nowhere to be seen, but there was the smell of fresh brewed coffee and sounds coming from the kitchen.

Jason reached over and wrapped his hand around his 13 year old friends hard cock and gave it a squeeze, it felt heavy and hot in his hand as he gave it a few gentle strokes.

Chris slowly opened his eyes “Good morning” he said as he wiped the sleep from his eyes.

“Morning” Jason answered “your cock looks like it could use some help.” The boy said to his best friend.

“Yeah, I always wake up with wood. But I need to piss!” Chris said.

“Me too, I”m about to burst.” Jason replied.

“Lets get in the shower to piss, I don”t think either of us in in any condition to aim in the toilet! Dad and I usually have piss hard-ons in the morning and use the shower.”

The two boys got up and went in the shower, Chris turned on the water to warm it up and help get their piss flow going. “Just let loose when you”re ready” he told Jason and moved next to him.

“You better move or I”ll get piss all over you!” Jason warned his friend.

“Is that a threat or a promise?” Chris laughed “Go ahead, piss on me Jason, I don”t mind…I want you to piss on me, especially my cock! Hot piss is so sexy!” Chris confided.

Hearing his friend almost beg to be pissed on, along with the sound of running water was all it took for Jason to relax enough for his flow to start, he aimed his stream at his friends chest then lower to his cock.

“Ooooohhhhh! Fuck yeah, that feels good! Piss on me Jason! Cover me with hot piss!” Chris cried out and turned off the shower.

Jason moved closer to Chris and took the boys cock in his hands as he continued to piss. “Piss on me Chris! Piss on me too!” Jason said, wanting to feel the same pleasure as his friend.

“Yeah, I”m gonna let loose! Here it comes!” Chris moaned as he started to piss.

Jason held their cocks to each other aiming his hot piss on Chris” cock, and aiming Chris” hot stream at his. His friend was right, it did feel good! Hot piss squirting on you wasn”t gross at all and somehow the smell was intoxicating.

When their streams ended, the two boys put their arms around each other and hugged, rubbing their cocks against each other. Chris saw the hunger in Jason”s eyes and he leaned in to kiss him.

Jason had never had a real kiss before, just a peck on the mouth or cheek from his Mom or Dad. His lips were closed as Chris kissed him, he felt his friends tongue run across his closed lips and probe to enter his mouth. He relaxed his lips and felt Chris” tongue slide past his lips and gently touch his tongue. It was as if a light bulb went off in his head, the 12 year old opened his mouth wider for Chris” searching tongue and felt it start to move in and out, like a small cock fucking his mouth.

Jason moaned as he was tongue fucked by his friend, instinct took over and he started to suck Chris” tongue as he had sucked his cock last night. Both boys were lost in their feelings and closed their eyes during their passionate kiss, their tongues moving in and out of each other”s mouth, licking and sucking and they held each other tightly. Neither of them heard the shower door open, they didn”t know anyone was with them till they felt the hot splash of piss hit them.

They opened their eyes at the same time, Jim had entered the shower “You both looked like you need a golden shower, but from the smell in here you probably already had one!” Jim said.

“Yeah Dad! Piss on us, cover us in hot piss!” Chris cried out. The 13 year old smiled at his dad and leaned forward. Jim knew what his son wanted and aimed his yellow stream up, directly into his son”s mouth. Chris let the hot piss shoot into his mouth and run out, he swallowed some, but most went down the floor drain.

Jason watched the hot piss shoot into his friend”s mouth, he couldn”t believe he could get any harder than he was but he felt a strong surge in his cock as more blood pumped in it.

Jim finally stopped pissing and Chris closed his mouth, it was full of his father”s piss when he moved his mouth to Jason”s to finish their kissing.

Jason opened his mouth, not suspecting that he was going to get a mouthful of piss. He opened his eyes wide as the warm piss entered his mouth. He couldn”t tell you why he did it, but he started swallowing the piss down his throat. It was salty and burned on the way down, but that didn”t stop him from wanting more.

So much had happened since yesterday. He came to his friend”s house without any sexual thoughts, and now he couldn”t get them out of his head. He had his cock sucked, he sucked two cocks and swallowed their cum, he fucked his best friend in the ass… he fucked his friend”s asshole? Yes, he did it last night, and now he wondered… “Chris, what”s it feel like?”

Chris looked at him not understanding the question “What does what feel like? Getting pissed in the mouth?”

“No, no…a cock in your ass, fucking your ass, what”s it like?” Jason asked.

Jim listened intently, anxious to see where this conversation was going. He turned the shower back on and squirted body wash on the boys and told them to soap each other up.

Chris started lathering Jason”s chest and answered the question “Having a cock in my ass fucking me is awesome! I love the feelings I get knowing I”m making someone happy, that they really want me, especially when they start pounding my ass and talking nasty. Yeah, I really like it when they are nasty and tell me what they”re going to do to me. Guess I”m just a perv.” he told Jason “The feeling you get from a cock sliding in and out of your ass is like nothing else in the world, and when they hit your love button in your ass it puts you over the edge!” Chris had to explain he referred to his prostate as his love button.

Chris lowered his soapy hands to Jason”s little bubble butt and massaged his cheeks, he ran his soapy fingers across Jason”s asshole and pushed a middle finger in. “Do you want to try it? You wanna let me fuck your ass?”

“Yes, I wanna know what it feels like, but I”m afraid it will hurt.” Jason answered.

“If we do it right, it will only hurt for a few seconds, or it may not hurt at all-Dad and I can get you loosened up if you want.” Chris said and looked at Jim for approval.

Jim nodded his head at the boys “Chris and I will be gentle, but I don”t think it”s going to take much to get you ready, not the way you took two of my fingers in you last night.”

Jim used the shower head to wash the soap off the two boys, Chris stepped aside to watch his father work his magic on his 12 year old friend.

“Turn around and face the wall” Jim told Jason as he got on his knees behind the boy. Jason did as he was told, he felt Jim”s big hands squeeze his asscheeks and pull them apart. What he felt next was warm and wonderful.

Jim pulled the boys asscheeks open and gazed at the pink pucker, it winked at him and he moved his face forward to kiss it. Kissing the boys hole was only the start, he licked and lapped at it, getting it wet and slick for what was to come next. Jim stiffened his tongue and pushed it as far as he could in Jason”s ass.

“Ooooohhhhh! Fuck!” Jason moaned “Oh my God! That feels soooo good! Keep doing that, please keep doing it!” Jason told him.

Jim reached between the boy”s legs to massage his big balls while he tongue fucked his ass. Chris stood next to them with a bottle of lube and squirted it in his father”s free hand.

Jim took his tongue from the boy”s hole and slid his lubed index finger in Jason”s loosened asshole, it easily slid in and out of the boy. He added another finger with no sign of pain from Jason and finger fucked the kid”s asshole while he rubbed his fat balls with his other hand.

Chris held the bottle of lube above Jason”s ass and squirted more lube on the boy”s hole and his father”s thrusting fingers.

Jim was glad his son knew just what to do, the extra lube was what he needed as he folded his middle three fingers together and pushed them in the 12 year olds asshole.

Jason grunted, it wasn”t a grunt of pain, but of pleasure when he felt the man”s fingers stretching his hole. “Oh, yes, oh fuck, fuck, fuck!” the boy moaned.

“You want to try a cock now? You want to feel a hard cock in your ass? You”re ready Jason, you are opened wide and your hole is begging for a cock!” Jim whispered in the boys ear. “Chris, you have the honors, get behind Jason and give him his first ass fuck.” Jim said.

Jason was relieved that his friend was going to fuck him with his 5″ cock instead of the 7″ thick cock Jim had between his legs.

Chris got behind his 12 year old friend, Jim took his sons cock and lined it up to the boys pucker and watched as the head went in Jason”s ass and was glad the first cock in his ass caused no pain. On the contrary, Jason actually pushed his ass back to get more cock inside him.

Jim watched his son thrust forward to bury his cock in Jason”s ass, after a few thrusts the boys started getting a rhythm and Chris held his friends hips as he thrust in and out. Jim moved in front of Jason, the boys cock was sticking straight up past his belly button and clear sap was running out. The horny father got on his knees and pulled Jason”s 8″ cock to his open mouth just as Chris thrust forward, driving the big cock into Jim”s hot mouth.

Jason was lost izmit rus escort in ecstasy as Chris pounded his asshole and Jim deep throated his massive boy cock. Now he knew what Chris was talking about, the wonderful feelings of having his ass fucked overwhelmed the boy and he began to shoot his boy cum. “FUCK ME, FUCK ME! FUCK MY ASS, SUCK MY COCK! FUCK, FUCK, FUCK!!!! He cried out to the father and son as he pumped his huge load down Jim”s throat.

Chris felt Jason”s ass clench around his cock and he started cumming in his friends asshole, jet after jet of boy spooge shot from his cock and whitewashed the boys insides at the same time Jason filled his father”s belly with jizz.

Chris pulled his softening cock from Jason”s ass and Jim pulled his mouth from his fat cock.

“Well, how did you like your first ass fuck?” Chris asked.

Jason smiled “More, more cock, I want to be fucked again!” The horny boy cried out.

“You heard him Dad, I think he wants you to fuck him too!” Chris said to his father.

Jim got up, got behind Jason and put his cockhead against the boys pucker “Jason, I”m bigger than Chris, let me know if it hurts and you want me to stop.”


That was all Jim had to hear, he was going to fuck the 12 year old, he was going to fuck his ass and fill him with daddy jizz. “Okay, here it comes!” Jim pushed forward and felt the head of his cock enter the boys ass, as before there was no cry of pain as his cockhead went in, just a groan of pleasure.

Jason was ready for Jim”s 7″ adult cock to hurt, but to his surprise it didn”t hurt at all, it felt good. He pushed his ass back, wanting to have that `full” feeling again that only a cock can give you.

Chris watched his father”s 7″ cock enter his friends asshole and bottom out, he knew how good his father”s cock felt in his ass and hoped Jason felt just as good. Chris moved behind his father and the 13 year old reached between his legs to pull down on his dad”s balls with his left hand, the boy poured lube on his right hand and pushed two fingers up his father”s ass as the man thrust into Jason. Chris curled his thumb into his palm and pushed four fingers into his father”s asshole up to his thumb and started fucking him. Chris wasn”t worried about hurting his dad, hell, he had his whole hand up the man”s ass on more than one occasion to fist him while he jerked him off!

Jason met every thrust of Jim”s cock and wanted more “HARDER! FUCK ME HARDER!” he cried out.

Jim pulled back till his cock left the boys ass, them he rammed forward as hard as he could till he bottomed out. Over and over Jim fucked the 12 year olds ass while his son pulled his balls and fucked his ass with half his hand. The feelings soon overcame him and he knew he was going to shoot “FUCK YEAH! FUCKING A 12 YEAR OLD BOYS ASS, FUCKING AWESOME! NICE TIGHT BOY ASS! FUCK YEAH!” he cried “PULL MY BALLS CHRIS, PULL MY FUCKING BALLS OFF! FUCK ME WITH YOUR HAND SON, FUCK MY ASS!”


The nasty talk put Jim over the edge and he started spewing his hot spooge into Jason”s ass, there was so much spunk it started coming out from around his fat cock and dripping to the shower floor.

Jim was exhausted from the wild fuck and sat down on the shower bench. Jason sank to his knees, then sat on the shower floor and watched as jizz slipped from his well fucked hole and down the shower drain. Chris moved under the shower and soaped himself off.

After catching his breath Jim said “That was pretty fuckin” great, Jason! How did you like my fat cock in your ass?”

“I wish I knew about this stuff years ago, like you and Chris! I”d be fucking every day!” the boy said.

“Well, not everyone can have as close a relationship as me and Chris. I”m sure your Dad would be freaked out if he knew what we did yesterday and today. That”s why we need to keep it between ourselves and never tell him. Okay?” Jim said.

“Aw hell, I”d never tell my Dad! He”s nowhere as cool as you are!” Jason promised.

The three of them washed, dried off, got dressed in shorts and t-shirts and headed to the kitchen for breakfast.

As they ate Jim said to Jason “How would you like to meet Rick Steel?”

“What? Do you know Rick Steel? Really? When?” Jason was so excited he didn”t know what to say. Rick Steel was one of his favorite up and coming wrestlers, he stood at 5″9″, had a compact muscular body that was made for acrobatic moves, and he was black, which didn”t matter to Jason who didn”t have a racist bone in his body.

“He can be here in a hour if you want. But you need to know, I told him all about you and what we”ve been doing since yesterday. Rick is really into young boys, Jason, and he wants to meet you.” Jim explained.

“You mean you told him all about the sex stuff we”ve been doing? I thought it was a secret between us?” Jason said.

“Well, it is a secret, but it”s a secret between us and anyone who wants to join our `special club” of men and boys. Chris and I have lots of buddies that we play with.” Jim told him.

“So…he would want to do stuff with me, like we did… really? Jason said in an excited voice.

“That”s right Jason, he wants to suck and fuck a young boy. I told him how hot you are, and about your big cock. On the phone he told me he was getting hard just thinking about you!”

“Really, he got hard just thinking about me?” Jason asked.

“That”s right, you made a wrestling superstar horny for you! Do you want him to come over?” Jim asked.

“YES! HELL YES! GO CALL HIM RIGHT NOW!” Jason blurted out.

Jim laughed and went to the phone, he called Rick and told him it was a go and Jason was excited-and horny! “Sure, bring it, I know he”ll love it!” When he hung up he made another call, this time to his friend Tony “…yep, that”s right, see what you can do, okay see you later.”

Chris was just as excited as Jason “You”ll really like Rick, while he”s a tough guy in the ring he”s really gentle. And I know you”ll like his big black cock! And his cum… his cum is thick and sweet tasting!” Chris told his 12 year old friend.

Jason was on pins and needles, when the door-bell rang he sprang to his feet, Jim went to answer it, opened the door and ushered in the famous Rick Steel. The two shared a hug and Jim introduced Rick to Jason.

“Hi Jason, I”ve heard a lot about you! I brought this for you.” he said and held out a rolled poster.

Jason took it from him and unrolled it, it was a poster of Rick and he had autographed it “To Jason, my buddy. Rick Steel.”

“Oh wow, thanks Mr. Steel!” Jason gushed.

“Stop right there Jason, if we”re buddies you have to call me Rick.” he told the boy.

“Yes sir Mr…. I mean Rick!”

“Let”s go to the wrestling room and get to know each other better” Rick said as he led the way “I like to wrestle like the Greeks did in ancient times…nude.” he told Jason “If that”s alright with you?”

“Sure, I”d like that” Jason said. He watched Rick stand on the mat and pull his shirt off, the wrestler”s stomach looked hard and smooth, he watched as Rick lowered his basketball shorts, his cock slowly came into view and Jason gasped at the sight of the 7″ long cock hanging between his legs. Rick”s body was completely hairless, from the top of his head to the tip of his toes and Jason held his breath at the beauty of the man in front of him.

“You”re turn Jason” Rick said to the 12 year old boy.

Jason nodded and pulled the t-shirt over his head to reveal his smooth boy body, he then lowered his shorts, down, down, till his fat 8″ cock was in full view hanging down his leg.

Rick let out a slow moan as he looked at the boys soft thick cock and he let out a low whistle “That sure is a beauty Jason. Do you want me to show you some wrestling moves now?”

Jason”s found it hard to speak “No… no, I don”t want to wrestle… can I.. can I …, give you a hug?” he choked out.

“Sure Jason, I”d like that.” Rick whispered.

Jim and Chris walked in the room naked and sat down, Jim put his arm around his son and they both watched, not saying a word. They watched Jason walk to Rick and wrap his arms around the man and hold him tight against him.

Jason looked up into his eyes and Rick lowered his mouth to him. The two shared a soft tender kiss that turned to passion. They searched each other”s mouths with their hot tongues and dueled them together with open mouths. Jason swooned from the excitement and felt his boycock harden and point up his belly between them.

Rick reached between them and wrapped his fist around the 8″ hard thick cock, Jim wasn”t lying, this boy was as hot as he said he was.

Rick started to worry when he felt Jason push his hand away from his cock, wondering if the boy had changed his mind.

Jason hadn”t changed his mind, he pulled his mouth from Rick”s and started kissing his way down his smooth chest, stopping to kiss and lick each thick black nipple. Jason felt Rick”s hand on the back of his head, holding his mouth to his nipple as the boy chewed and sucked.

“Oh yeah, that”s the way Jason, suck my tits, bite them.” Rick moaned.

Jason moved his hands down and took Rick”s soft cock in one hand and rubbed his balls with the other as he bit the man”s nipples.

Rick felt the hesitation in Jason and said “Don”t worry, I”ll get hard, everything your doing feels good.”

Jason felt relieved by his words, he slowly got to his knees, licking Rick”s chest all the way down till he was face to face with his ebony cock. Jason held it up and moved his mouth over the plum shaped head, it was pink, not black like the rest of his cock. He sucked at the head and ran his tongue over it izmit escort like it was a melting ice cream cone. He heard Rick moan and he moved his mouth further down the shaft.

Jason massaged Rick”s balls, they felt swollen and full in his hand. “I”ll bet their full of tasty cum” he thought to himself and started to bob his hear on the black cock in his mouth. Jason felt the cock start to lengthen and swell in his mouth, getting harder and harder as he sucked it, it grew and he had to keep his fist around the shaft to control how much was going in, he didn”t want to choke. He pulled his mouth off Rick”s cock and looked at it in his fist, it had grown to 10″ of hard black man meat.

“I told you not to worry, it just takes me a little longer to get this big boy hard!” Rick laughed.

Jason started sucking wildly on the man”s black cock, it was as if he were possessed by an uncontrollable urge.

Rick pulled him off his cock “Slow down Jason” he told the 12 year old “we have plenty of time, and I want to taste that fat cock of yours.” he said as he got down on the mat and pushed the boy onto his side. Rick moved around so they were cock to mouth in a classic sixty-nine position. He had to bend Jason”s hard cock down from his belly so he could move his mouth to it.

Jim whispered in Chris” ear and the boy left the room for a few minutes and sat back down next to his father to watch the man and boy in front of them.

Rick looked at the beautiful boycock in front of him, such a big cock on such a small boy, he thought as he started sucking. Rick was no slouch to sucking cock, he had been sucking off men and boys since the fourth grade and quickly learned how to deep throat a grown man”s cock. He pushed his head down, relaxed his throat and felt the boys 8″ cock slide all the way down his throat till he bottomed out at the base of Jason”s cock. His eyes were wide open as he deep throated the boy, he wanted the image burned in his memory, but he also knew Jim had several video cameras hidden in the corners of the room and he would get a copy of every minute they were in the wrestling room.

Jason sucked Rick”s cock as he was deep throated, he desperately wanted to make his hero feel as good as he was feeling and moved his fist lower to get more cock in his mouth. Rick”s black cock was now hitting the back of his throat, Jason took a deep breath and made a swallowing motion with his throat. He felt the head go down, before he had to pull off and breath. The boy closed his eyes, filled his mouth with saliva and tried again, willing himself to get more cock down his throat this time. He pushed down hard, he relaxed his throat and pushed harder and felt Rick”s cock slide down. He opened eyes and saw his lips were at the base of Rick”s ebony cock. He did it! He swallowed a 10″ cock all the way down his throat without choking! Jason was proud of himself as he pulled his mouth up till just the head of Rick”s cock was in his mouth, he pushed down again and the 10″ cock entered his throat with ease.

Rick couldn”t believe what happened, this kid didn”t even know what sex was two days ago and now he was deep throating his 10″ cock like an expert. He timed his movements with Jason”s so they each bottomed out in each other”s throats at the same time.

Jim and Chris looked on with awe as they watched the 12 year old swallow Rick”s 10″ cock like he had been doing it forever. The two were like a well oiled machine as they sucked each other. Jim whispered to Chris “they won”t last much longer, look at them!”

Jim was right, Rick and Jason now had their arms wrapped around each other”s asses, pulling each other as deep as they could into their throats, pulling each other harder and tighter till they saw Jason”s legs go stiff and his toes curled.

Rick felt the 12 year olds huge cock swell even harder in his mouth and knew the boy was about to cum, he pulled him as tight against him as he could as his throat begged for the boycum that started shooting down his throat and into his belly. He felt spasm after spasm as Jason”s cock pumped creamy jizz down his throat, pulling off to get the last jets of jizz in his mouth. The tasty boy jizz set him off and he started shooting his load down Jason”s throat.

Jason pulled back and let his mouth fill with cum, he wanted to taste it to see if it was sweet like Chris told him. He tasted the cock slime as it poured in his mouth and swallowed, Chris was telling the truth, Rick”s cum was delicious he thought as his mouth was filled again and again with the sweet spooge. Jason swallowed it all and nursed on the shrinking black cock till there was no more jizz left for his hungry mouth.

The two pulled apart, moved to face each other and shared a cummy kiss till Jason pulled away and lay his head on Rick”s heaving chest.

After a few minutes of catching their breath, Jim said they should go shower and get refreshed for round two and winked at Rick.

Rick and Jason went to the master bathroom and went in the shower where they washed each other under the warm spray. Rick soaped up Jason and slid his strong fingers against the boys asshole. Jason pushed himself against the probing middle digit and felt it slip in his ass.

“You like that Jason, you like my finger in your ass?” Rick whispered.

“Yeah, and more!” Jason said “I”d like your big black cock in my ass!” he told him “Your big black cock, fucking my ass, that”s what I”d like Rick. I want to feel you lying on top of me, pounding my hot asshole till you fill me with jizz!” Jason said, remembering what Chris said about talking nasty to turn someone on.

“You sure are one horny kid, aren”t you!” Rick laughed “I”ll see what I can do.” he said.

They stepped out of the shower and heard the doorbell ring. Jason wondered who could be there? Then he heard the sound of several boys talking and laughing. He looked up at Rick with questioning eyes.

“That”s round two.” was all he said. Jason started to put a clean pair of shorts on and Rick said “don”t bother with those, you”ll be over-dressed.”

Rick and Jason walked into the living room, their big cocks swinging between their legs and saw five boys aged 10-14 and a man stripping off their clothes. He recognized each of the boys, they all went to his school. Two of them were twins, Tommy and Larry, each was 11 years old, Adam was a lanky 14 year old, Gary at 13 was about the same height as Chris and 10 year old Billy from the fifth grade was the smallest of the five.

Each boy already had an erection as they ran over to Rick, their little hands were all over the wrestling superstar as they pawed him. They all had been sexual with Rick before and were overjoyed to see him. Their different sized cocks and balls bounced as they jumped up and down.

Jason felt five pairs of hands touch and caress him, they rubbed his smooth chest then down to his bloated balls and huge cock. They all told him they were happy he was part of their secret club and how much fun they would have together.

“Everyone into the wrestling room! Tony and I will be out here watching TV.” Jim announced to the eight of them that included his son “Chris, don”t forget the tub.” Jim added.

Rick and the boys went in the wrestling room, Chris soon followed with a 2 lb tub of warm whipped butter. Jason looked at it and wondered what it was for, his question was soon answered when he saw Rick take the tub from Chris and start rubbing the soft butter over Billy”s 10 year old body.

“Dig in boys!” Rick said to the group.

Each boy filled his hand with the soft butter and started rubbing it on each other. Tommy and Larry, the 11 year old twins went to Jason and started greasing him up. Tommy took the top and Larry took the bottom, smearing the butter on Jason”s thighs, then his balls and finally his 8″ cock. Larry spent a lot of time on Jason”s cock and balls, he used both hands to rub the butter over the boy. Tommy finished Jason”s chest and moved to his back, then down to his ass. He got another hand full of soft butter and worked it in Jason”s ass crack, pushing it into his asshole.

Jason just stood there as the twins worked on him, he closed his eyes, lost in the feelings of the two 11 year olds working on him “Eleven…eleven” he thought to himself, why does that mean something… “Justin”s eleven, my brother is eleven just like Tommy and Larry! Shit, they are even in the same class at school! I wonder if Justin knows about sex stuff?” he thought. He was brought back to reality when the hands left his body, he opened his eyes to see the twins buttering each other up. Soon, all the boys were glistening with the sheen of the butter and looked like pro wrestlers that had oiled up. The big difference was butter tasted much better than oil!

Jim and Tony sat next to each other on the couch, their naked thighs touching. Jim turned on the big screen TV and pressed the input button till the screen lit up. In front of them was a live view of the wrestling room and the two men watched the action on the screen. Tony reached over and started lightly stroking Jim”s 7″ cock and Jim did the same to Tony”s 6 incher

as they watched the boys.

“Remember, we can”t cum till they`re ready. Just like we talked about.” Jim said to his friend, who happened to be 10 year old Billy”s father.

Little Billy went to Jason and started to squeeze his cock and balls, the boy had to use two hands to stroke Jason”s big cock. “You”re about the same size as Rick! I wonder if you taste the same?” the 10 year old said and lowered his mouth to Jason”s cock. The boy could barely fit 4″ of cock meat in his mouth and he stroked the rest of Jason”s 8″ with both hands.

The boys mouth felt good, but Jason wanted to taste the morsel between his little legs. He lay down on the mat and spun around like Rick had done with him. Billy”s cock wasn”t much more than 3″ long, but it was as stiff as a nail. Jason looked at the cute boycock and his mouth watered. He wondered if the boy kocaeli escort could shoot cum at his age and decided it didn”t matter, he wanted to suck that sweet little boycock anyway and he moved his mouth to engulf it.

“Wow, this is pretty good!” he said to himself as he moved his mouth up and down the buttery cocklet. Jason opened his mouth wider and took in the boys marble size balls, he licked and sucked the young boy, enjoying the feeling of a cock and boyballs in his mouth at the same time.

Billy rubbed Jason”s hard cock against his face and throat, the butter made it nice and slick as he stroked his little hand up and down it. The

10 year old pushed his hand between Jason”s thighs and felt the 12 year old spread them wider, giving him access to his asshole. Billy may only have been 10, but he knew what made someone feel good and he stuck a small finger in Jason”s asshole. Jason felt the small finger enter him, gave a moan of encouragement and felt another small finger enter. He took his mouth off Billy”s boycock and told him “More, put more fingers in, it feels good, I can take it.” He said and looked around the room.

Rick was on his back, 11 year old Tommy was riding his big black cock, it looked like the boy was taking a huge dump as Rick”s fat cock slid in and out of the youngster”s asshole. Tommy”s twin brother was sitting on Rick”s face. The man had Larry”s ass cheeks spread apart and he was rimming the boy`s butter flavored asshole. Rick stiffened his tongue so he could tongue fuck the kids asshole while the boy”s brother rode his cock with his butter filled 11 year old asshole.

Jason looked past them and saw Chris on his hands and knees, 14 year old Adam was behind him, pounding his ass, and 13 year old Gary was in front of him fucking his mouth. Jason would later be told this was called “spit roasting”

12 year old Jason thought it looked like it would be fun to try and kept the image in the back of his mind and went back to sucking little Billy”s cock and balls.

Billy pulled his fingers from Jason and put his hand in the tub of soft butter till it was completely covered. The 10 year old folded his thumb with his fingers and started pushing them in Jason”s greased up asshole. Billy watched as his hand slid in up to his palm, he didn”t hear any cries of pain from Jason so he pushed harder till the fat part of his palm entered the boys asshole.

Jason felt his asshole stretch, it didn”t hurt at all and he pushed back, not knowing what was entering him. He felt full, it was a good feeling and he pushed back harder “”Ooooooohhhhh!!! Mmmmmm!!! Yyyeeeessss!!!!” me moaned out loud.

Billy pushed harder just as Jason pushed back and the 10 year olds hand went in past his wrist.

“Argggghhhhhhh, uhhhhhh,” Jason cried out with pleasure as the little boy started to fist fuck his ass. He stopped sucking the boys cock as he was lost in the pleasure of having his ass fucked.

“He”s ready!” Billy called out to the group.

One by one the boys stopped sucking and fucking, and came over to see Billy”s small arm up to his elbow in Jason”s asshole. They watched Jason bucking and pushing, trying to get more of the boy”s arm inside him.

Rick got down on his knees next to them and Billy slid his greasy arm from Jason”s ass, his boy hole was stretched wide and didn”t immediately close. Jason felt empty, he wanted his ass to be full again. Billy moved aside and Rick moved in on his knees, turning Jason on his back and raising his hips with his strong arms, he aimed his large black cock at Jason”s gaping asshole. Rick pushed forward and with one lunge his 10″ cock was buried up to his balls in the

12 year olds ass.

“Argggghhhhhhh, FUCK!” Jason cried out, but it was a cry of pleasure, not pain they heard.

“You said you wanted my big cock in you Jason, well now you have your wish.” Rick whispered in his ear “You like it Jason? You like my big black cock in your ass? You like me fucking your boypussy?”

Jason was overcome with fuck lust “YES! YES! FUCK ME! FUCK ME!” he yelled “FUCK MY ASS RICK, FUCK ME HARD!”

The other boys stood above Jason. Rick was sitting on his heels, pulling the boys asshole back and forth onto his big cock. It looked like a big long turd coming from his ass every time Rick pulled back.


Jim and Tony got up from the couch and headed to the room to stand over the rutting pair, they stroked their cocks as they joined in the nasty talk. “FUCK HIM, FUCK HIM, FUCK HIM WITH YOUR BIG BLACK COCK!”

“Arrrrrggghhhhh, I”m commmmmiiinnnggg!” Rick cried out for everyone to hear. He pulled his cock from the 12 year old boys ass and started shooting his spunk. The first shot went all the way up the boys body and across his face. Chris quickly moved down and held his best friend”s head up from the mat. The second cum shot went up and hit him directly in the mouth, Jason opened wide to catch it. Shot three hit his mouth and chin. Jason swirled the creamy jizz in his mouth and waited for more. Shot four and five went on his smooth chest while shot six was not as powerful and covered Jason”s 8″ cock. Rick milked the last drops of spunk onto Jason”s hard cock and balls.

Jason was still licking the cum from his lips when he felt Rick”s strong fingers wrap around his cum covered cock. The man started jacking him off with his own cock slime and Jason started squirming under his skilled hands.

“Bukkake!” Rick called out to the group.

Each of the boys and both men had been stroking their hard cocks while watching Jason get fucked by Rick”s big black cock. When they heard the keyword “Bukkake” they speeded up their strokes till the jizz rumbled in their balls.

Little 10 year old Billy was the first to cum, he aimed his cocklet at Jason”s mouth and squirted his boy juice, while it was not a huge load, Jason eagerly accepted it into his mouth from the 10 year old.

Adam was next to cum, the 14 year old aimed his spurting cock at Jason”s face with his first shot, then down to his stomach. 13 year old Gary followed right after Adam, he shot four nice spurts of jizz onto Rick”s still stroking hand, making it even slicker than before.

Chris was still on his knees next to his friend, he laid his 5″ cock on Jason”s forehead and squirted, he cupped his hand below Jason”s chin so his jizz would all go on his friend”s face, the jizz that went into his hand he smeared across Jason”s cum hungry mouth. Jason stuck out his tongue to suck the spunk from Chris” slimy hand.

Tommy and Larry came next, they came at the same time, because they were twins? Who knows? But they stood on either side of Jason and covered his face with their boy slime.

Jim and Tony went to their knees on either side of Jason and stroked their adult cocks over the 12 year old. They looked down and watched Rick still sliding his hand up and down the boys huge cock. “FUCKING CUMMING!” Tony cried out and shot 5 big spurts of man jizz over the boys chest. When he was finished he put his hand into the slimy mess and started to rub it all over the boy.

“HERE IT CUMS, JASON! HERE”S MY JIZZ!” Jim called out and added it to the slime on the 12 year olds stomach. He reached his hand down like Tony and started rubbing it all over the boy.

Your turn Jason, Rick said and speeded up his strokes till his cum covered cock was a white frothy mess. “Cum for us Jason, shoot that big fucking load in your balls, shoot that spunk, your spooge, your jizz!” Rick urged the boy.

It was fuck overload for Jason, his nostrils” flared with the smell of jizz, his cock swelled from the slick hand pumping it, it was time for him to cum.

“Ooooohhhhh, FUCK!” was all he could say as massive amounts of white cock slime shot from his cock. Spurt after spurt shot out, the first shot above his head and hit Chris squarely in the mouth, more spurts followed and Jason opened his mouth to catch his own spooge to swallow down his hungry throat. More cum shot from the huge cock of the 12 year old till he was drenched in his own jizz.

The group of boys and men were amazed at how much jizz came from the boys balls, even Rick was shocked that the boys could produce so much cum in such a short time. Jason was literally dripping with cock slime.

Jim, Tony and Rick moved aside “Okay boys, time for clean-up” Jim said.

Three boys got on either side of Jason, two by his head, two by his chest and two by his cock. The six boys licked and slurped jizz from Jason”s face, body and cock. They stopped occasionally to share a cum filled kiss with each other, then continued till the 12 year old was cleaned from all the slimy jizz. When they were finished the six boys headed to the shower and washed each other with scented body wash. When the boys were finished Rick carried Jason to the shower and was followed by Jim and Tony.

The three men lovingly washed the 12 year old, six pairs of hands cleaned him with the body wash, they dried him with a soft towel and Rick carried the exhausted boy to the king size bed, laid him down and covered him with a sheet to get some rest.

“Get some rest Jason, you had quite a workout” Rick said and kissed him on the forehead.

Jason closed his eyes, his mind was filled with visions of hard cocks, filling every hole in his body. It was then that the 12 year old knew without a doubt he was addicted to cocks and cum. The word `cumslut” went through his mind as he drifted off to sleep.

The End of Part Two!

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