Writer’s Block- The Car

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This is just a short piece I made up while suffering from writer’s block so enjoy. I may add another chapter or two later on if I come up with anything.

Being someone’s best friend can be tough. Sure you have deep bonds, lots of memories, and a free pass to eat any food in their fridge. Good food, mind you, like pizza or honey buns. But it could be really tough. Alex was in one of those tough friendships. His best friend, Kate, was super hot. Black hair, green eyes, and flawless body. Both were in their twenties and had known each other since grade school. So you would think that Alex was suffering under the desire to fuck his childhood friend senseless right? Nope…sort of…yes. Kate was bisexual who had decided on women, no interest in Alex’s rather impressive cock. At first Alex found it slightly off putting but realized it was a great reason to not fuck up their friendship. The problem was Kate’s sister, Ruth. Ruth was nineteen and in her senior year. She was like the splitting image of Kate. Her kept her black hair in a topknot ponytail and had the same lively green eyes. Her breasts and ass were slightly smaller than Kate’s but that hardly mattered given how well formed Kate was. So yea, Alex lusted after the hot little sister of his best friend. Think that’s bad? Try the flirting. Ruth flirted endlessly with him. Brushing against him, stretching provocatively, bending over at the right angle, you name it. It drove him nuts. But she never did anything else. She was just toying with him like her sister toyed with the girls at dances. Alex, a young and handsome man with a healthy sex drive, found it hard enough to relax with Kate frenching hot girls without her equally sexy sister messing with him.

He had a limit, and one day he hit it. It was a Friday and Ruth needed a ride home from school. Kate had work and asked Alex to get her. Against his better judgment and the little voice screaming no, he accepted. Things started off bad when he saw her uniform. The plain white shirt was buttoned down in heat, letting him see a fair bit of her breasts. Her skirt was rolled up to display her legs to the world. Add in a light bit of sweat from the heat and Alex had to fight hard to keep his boner down.

“I thought I was going to melt! Thanks!” Ruth beamed as she hopped into the car.

“No problem. Kate might not like it if her sister turned into a puddle.” He joked as they set off.

The first half of the ride went well enough. The air conditioner was blasting to cool Alex off as much as Ruth and he only swore at other drivers two times. Ruth seemed consumed with her phone and didn’t notice the glances Alex shot when he could. Would she just button that shirt? Or not, damn it he didn’t know which he wanted more.

“Stop sign.”

“Hmmm?” Alex focused on the road and managed to make the stop in time.

Ruth giggled lightly and Alex just grunted. So he wasn’t the best driver alive. Compared, in his own mind, to some of the others on the road he was amazing. Ah well. The car moved again and Alex kept focus until he felt something on his leg. A quick glance showed Ruth’s hand resting on his jeans. Another glance showed Ruth using her other hand to text away without even looking at him. The hell? Alex just ignored it. And how the hand slowly moved up his leg. In fact he didn’t react until the hand was rubbing over his erection.

Alex turned red and looked at kızılay escort his passenger, “Uh…Ruth?”

Ruth smirked and finally turned to him, “Yea?”

Yea? That was a word for a simple question, not grinding a boner.

“What are you doing?”

“It was kind of obvious.”

He was really hard now and shifted in his seat, “But WHY are you doing it?”

She giggled lightly in response, “Cause you’re not telling me otherwise.

Ruth leaned in with that same smile. Luckily they had hit a red light and Alex got to look down her shirt. Alex made a noise as she pulled down his zipper and fished out his cock. Now Ruth turned red at the sight of his erection. If Alex had been listening to the voice in his head he would have removed her hand, zipped up, and suffered the awkward ride with hopefully no further problems. But he was listening to the feeling in his lower head as the hot high school student gently moved her hand up and down his length.

“Wow.” Ruth said as they drove.

Alex just grunted as she pumped his dick faster. She clearly knew what she was doing, but she seemed new at the same time. Guess she flirted more than she actually did anything beyond. That both aroused him and clicked his brain.

“Stop, Ruth.”

Ruth looked back up to his face and regained her smirk, “Like it, huh?”

Alex managed to find some scrape of decency as he realized this was going far, “You’re my friend’s sister…”

Ruth undid the seatbelt and leaned in until her breasts pressed against his arm. Her lips and hot breath were right against his ear.

“And you want my sister bad, right? Just like you want me? You want to bend us over and fuck us senseless you want it so bad.”

Alex gulped and took a turn, “I have no idea what you think.”

Ruth circled her thumb over his head, “You suck at lying. Don’t try it when I have your hard on out.”

It was a miracle he was still driving, “You’re the one who decided to touch it.”

“Not my fault it was ready to go the minute I got in the car. Don’t worry; I’ll take care of it.”

Ruth lowered herself until she was draped across the two seats. Alex’s eyes went wide as he realized what was happening. Was he still having one of those dreams? He was pretty sure not, but Ruth was taking his cock in her mouth anyway. She started bobbing her head at once, her tongue rubbing against his manhood. Alex groaned while she pleasured him and didn’t bother protesting. That limit? Gone. He had a sexy girl he lusted for sucking him off, he wasn’t saying anything. He did place his hand on her ass and rubbed it tenderly. As he squeezed and pinched her flesh Alex got some muffled moans out of Ruth. It also worked her up more and she was soon worshipping his cock with even more energy. Thank goodness he could drive one handed. His free hand felt every inch of her round ass before sliding down to prod at her panties. The feeling of moisture on the fabric turned him on even more. In fact, he decided to forget the house. Ruth was too busy to notice him take a few turns. He needed her somewhere secluded.

“Damn Ruth, wet already?”

Ruth snorted and released his cock to fire back, “At least I wasn’t hard at first glance.”

Alex used the temporary stop of push her head back down. Ruth willingly went back to sucking his cock. Not to be outdone Alex pushed aside her panties and slid two kolej escort fingers into her wet entrance. The teenager breathed heavily through her nose as he moved his digits in and out of her. When they reached the spot, a parking lot for some forest trails, Alex shut the car off and plunged another finger in her pussy. Ruth was moaning loudly now and seemed ready to orgasm. He wasn’t that far either. The two kept it up until Alex broke first. Ruth made a noise of surprise as he shot his load in her mouth, but her own climax hit then. Lost in her own pleasure she swallowed his cum while she coated his fingers in her own juices. Just watching the whole scene almost made him climax again.

Once Ruth was done she sat back up and panted, “Damn…” Before pulling out a water bottle from her bag. Somehow she hadn’t noticed their destination, but that was fine. Alex got out of the car and walked around to open the doors on her side. Ruth yelled in surprise and spilt the remaining water on them when he scooped her up in his arms. Alex didn’t mind at all, the water on her shirt was just fine. He also ignored her until she was tossed on the back seats and he had the door closed behind them.

“Alex…” Was all she got out before he kissed her hard.

Ruth moaned into the kiss while his hands unbuttoned her shirt. Much like Alex had been at first, she didn’t resist. She was just as horny as he was now. Once her shirt was open Alex pushed her bra up to let her breasts free. Ruth whimpered as he kissed his way down from her lips to her tits, paying special attention to her neck. When he finally reached her chest he lapped at her tips with his tongue before sucking hard on them.

“Alex, stop teasing me!”

Alex rubbed her breasts with his hands in place of his mouth to speak, “Like you tease me? This is payback.”

Ruth grimaced, “I was just playing…”

“Yea, but why?”

Ruth didn’t seem willing to talk. Alex pushed aside her soaked panties and pressed the head of his dick against her. Instead of penetrating he rubbed his length against her lower lips. Ruth shivered when he rubbed against her entrance and glared at him when he didn’t go in. Alex smirked this time and continues grinding against her. He wanted to fuck her so bad, but he could wait until her own desire broke her. Between that and the attention he was giving her breasts she looked ready to melt. Poor thing really wasn’t that experienced in sex.


Ruth blushed before blurting out, “I kind of like you, okay?”

“Huh?” Alex didn’t think he could get any harder. It was clear she lusted for him, but this was new to him.

“I have a crush on you! You’re a pretty nice, good looking guy and you’re always around so it just happened. Plus you suck at hiding your boner sometimes so I knew it couldn’t be that hard to turn you on.”

“And you didn’t say anything because?”

“You always float around Kate. It’s cute but not that great for confessions. Look, we can talk about it later. Please just fuck me already!”

Good enough for him. He lined his cock up with her entrance and pushed into her. He was nice and lubed up, so he pushed easily into her very wet pussy. Ruth moaned and wrapped her legs around him as he moved. Huh, so she wasn’t a virgin. Alex didn’t mind that much. If he had his way he was going to have her all to himself from now on. He held her waist ankara escort and pistoned in and out of her right off the bat. Ruth arched her back in surprised pleasure as he roughly carved into her pussy.

Alex smirked, “None of your high school boys did it like this?”

Ruth shook her head and continued to fill the car with sounds of pleasure. Her arousal increased his own and soon he was back to licking and sucking her tits. To work off his sexual frustration with the two sisters Alex had fucked more than a few girls and knew what he was doing. He wasn’t being particularly gentle or loving; he was just fucking her right into the seat. Ruth was moaning incoherently now and grinding her body against his in a desperate need for release. Release he was not going to give her yet. As suddenly as he had entered Alex unwrapped her weak legs and pulled out of her. It took a moment for Ruth to figure out what happened, and when she did she groaned in agony.

“What the hell Alex!”

He grinned, “I said I was getting you back for teasing me.”

His young lover clenched the seat in annoyance, “Come on, I’m so close!”

This was true. She was flush with desire, her ample chest was heaving, and she looked ready to burst. Just seeing one of the sources of his desire like that boosted his confidence even more. Alex grabbed her hands and pinned them above her. Ruth squirmed a bit then gasped when his cock rubbed against her.


“What do you want?”

Ruth managed a small smirk at that, “Someone been watching too much porn?”

Alex ground against her until she was whimpering in need, “Someone better play along.”

The grinding was driving Ruth nuts and she soon gave in, “Fuck me, damn it! Stick your cock back in me and wreak my pussy! Insert whatever C movie porn stars say! Just do it!”

Eh, good enough. Alex let go of her hands and turned her on her side. After resting one of her legs on his shoulder he speared her pussy again. Ruth screamed in bliss as he took off in her. Her now free hands played with her breasts in place of his hands, tweaking and pulling her tits for added pleasure. Alex pumped her until he had his whole cock in her before letting her know he was reaching his limit.

“Ruth…It’s coming…” He got out while thrusting into her.

Ruth nodded and muttered out something he didn’t hear. She wasn’t that far herself. Alex pumped her for a new more seconds before pulling out. He hadn’t actually figured out what to do when he climaxed, but luckily he had a sexed up teen to help with that. Ruth sat up and took his cock in her mouth again just as he blew his load. Since Ruth was kindly sucking it down Alex reached behind and finger fucked her to her own orgasm. The black haired girl shook before coating his hands yet again. Once both of them were done they collapsed on the seat in each other’s arms.

Ruth found enough air to speak first, “Wow.”

Alex laughed and squeezed her ass, “Guess that’s a good wow?”

She nodded, “Very good.”

They were going to speak further when the ringtone of a cell blasted from the front.

“Kate!” They both said almost at once.

In their sex drive they had forgotten why they were in a car together in the first place.

Alex helped her sit up to grab her phone. Damn, he didn’t even know what time it was.

“Tell her we hit traffic and took a longer route to see the sights.”

Ruth nodded and was soon calming her sister down.

“Yea, the roads were packed. We decided to cruise and…see the sights.” She said the last part while stroking his cock.

Alex groaned in amused arousal. Visiting their house was now going to have an added bonus.

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