Wrong Club, but what a night – conclusion


Wrong Club, but what a night – conclusionHandcuffed to a chain hoist in a bar full of men. A cock in my pussy, another up my butt, an occasional pinch, slap, or lick from those watching. Now a guy standing on a table a foot or two from my face stroking his large, vein laced cock, until it squirts cum on my face, neck and tits.The guy in my ass pushes deep and spills his load. The guy in my pussy grabs my hips and pulls me down hard on his shaft as the guy at my rear exits. Causing a rush of hot cum to ooze from my ass. My wrist are at their limit, as my cunt is filled with another guys spunk. The devise is lowered and I’m on my stomach on a table. My legs are held wide apart and I feel two cocks forcing their way into my pussy. Oh that’s not enough, some sick bastard rams a beer bottle into my ass. Two perverts are plastering my tits with hickies and bites. What the fuck, a guy in a suit stands on a table unzips his pants and hauls out the king of cocks. It’s got to be a foot long, and bigger around than any I’ve ever seen. He holds it to my lips and keçiören escort says, at least lick it, If you can get any of it in your mouth, your firm has a new contract. In the position I was in, all I could do was lick it. After a few minutes, I pulled away and said, Get me back to my room and I’ll get some of that in my mouth. He threw a wad of cash on the table, said “let the bitch down, uncuff her, find her clothes, and thank you boys for her audition. Audition, what was this guy up to? My boss said he liked sexy dressers, but send me to a club where he knew I’d get gang ****d. I had to tie my blouse where it was cut off me. My skirt had been trampled on and was filthy, but at least it covered me somewhat. The thong was no where to be found. We left the club, walked to my hotel, and in the elevator. He grabbed my hair, twisted my face toward his and kissed me without passion, while groping my sopping cunt. Once i unlocked the door, he ripped my clothes off, pushed me on the bed and removed his pants. In full light, his cock etlik escort seemed even bigger. I succeeded in getting the head of that monster in my mouth, rolled my tongue as best I could on it, and stroked it with both hands. He moaned, said OH shit that feels good. I hope your cunt can stretch more than your mouth. He turned me belly down, It felt like the bottom of a liter bottle as he probed for my opening. He got it lined up and got as much as I had in my mouth into my pussy. Then an inch or two of his shaft, he waited as I adapted to his girth. then more, more, Oh fuck nothing has ever fill me like this and I don’t know if I enjoy it, or am in terror. Then he thrust his hips and I feel it all the way in, his balls slap my thighs, my head is spinning, then I cum like never before. OH Fuck you’re huge, give it to me, move your hips, Oh God FUCK ME. He grabbed my hair and pulled me back, slapped my ass hard a few times. Let go my hair, leaned back and stuck one of his meaty fingers in my butt and hand caressed his cock with his finger. etimesgut escort That sent me into another orgasm. As I was trembling, he shot off in what felt like buckets, filling me and forcing itself around his thrusting horse-cock running down my thighs and soaking the sheets. He turned me onto my back, cupped his hand and collected the fluid pouring from my cunt. Held it to my mouth and said lap it up, Yeah eat my cum. I did as he said and saw him getting hard again. No, it can’t be.But he climbed on top of me, got that back inside me and pounded in and out unmercifully, grinning and squeezing my tits like he was making lemonade. He drove himself into me so hard I thought I would puke. I have never been so ravaged. First by a bar full of guys, and now twice by a guy with the biggest cock I’ve ever seen, Please dump your load and get out of here I thought. Maybe if i talk to him….. Oh, your filling me like I’ve never been filled, I want to feel you come again, Fuck me, give me all you got, come in me again, bust your nut in my pussy, Oh Fuck I’m Cumming. And so did he, Damn the bigger they are the harder they cum. He rolled off of me, found his coat. Fished out some papers, signed them, said there you go. Tell your boss, next time we do business to send you. You are the best fuck I’ve had in years.

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