Wrong Woman?

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Mark Conner wasn’t sure how it had all happened, but he was sure he hadn’t ever considered anything of the sort before that. He’d worked hard all his life to provide for his family, which he loved dearly. His wife, Aileen had given him three wonderful children – Sam now twenty-five had long since moved out to start his own life, Christine twenty-three who was living at home until she finished college, and Ken twenty, who had left just last year to join the air force.

On that particular Tuesday morning, he was standing naked in his bedroom staring at himself in the full-length mirror. Lately he’d taken to wondering about his choices in life. Mark was about 5′ 7″ and 190 pounds, with hair just long enough that you could tell it would be brown if it were ever left to grow. He was staring at the 20-pack that had formed where during college a 6-pack had been, trying to will himself to be interested in going back to the gym again to get rid of it; for about the millionth time.

“You’re going to be late if you keep admiring yourself in the mirror all morning.” Aileen’s voice drifted in from the shower. “How can she see me?” Mark thought to himself. He looked around and noticed from where he was, if he tilted his head slightly he could see his wife naked in the shower. It stirred his groin to see her. Aileen was, like Mark a little overweight, and despite being pretty would never have won any beauty contests. Much of her extra weight hung around her midriff and her bum, not that Mark cared – she was a great mother and wife and he knew he was lucky to have her.

The water stopped, and Aileen climbed out, quickly drying off, but before she could wrap her towel around herself – Mark moved behind her and had his hands on her hips, rubbing in large circles from her hips to her plump cheeks. “Hmm, can I help you?” she asked, looking back over her shoulder at him. “That sounds nice.” Mark replied with a sly grin.

“Ha, not this morning babe.” She said, a hint of apology in her voice. But, seeing the look in his face added “Maybe when you get home tonight though, we can do something special” She said that last word with extra emphasis, that got a smile out of him, and then a frown.

“Shit, I’m working late tonight.” Mark said with a sigh.

“I’m sure I can wait up.” She said, reaching out and giving his limp cock a gentle squeeze. “Chrissy is at Sarah’s house tonight anyway. I might even get tied up.” Mark was smiling as Aileen left the room.

It’s funny how, with a bit of extra blood diverted away from the brain a man can hear what he wants to. To Aileen “I might get tied up” meant exactly what she thought it did – that she might be late getting home; but for Mark it meant something else entirely and therein lies the beginning of his mistake.

Ten minutes later, both were in the kitchen, finishing up their coffee when their daughter Christine, or Chrissy as she preferred to be called, walked in. Chrissy was nearly identical to her mother in height and build, though her breasts hadn’t developed nearly as much as her mother’s. The only obvious difference between them was in their eyes. Aileen had brown, deep thinking eyes and Chrissy’s were brilliant blue and energetic.

“Morning Chrissy.” Mark said as he dropped his coffee cup into the sink and rinsed it out.

“Hey dad.” Chrissy replied, without looking up from her phone.

Aileen kissed her daughter on the cheek as she passed by, and placed a steaming cup of coffee into her hand.

“What are you up to today honey?” Aileen asked.

“Sarah’s. We’re supposed to finish our psych project. I’ll probably stay there all weekend.”

“What about you guys?” She asked, looking up for the first time.

“Well your father’s working late, but then I might let him make it up to me with a nice dinner tomorrow night or something.”

My phone rang, it was the office, someone had done something stupid and it needed fixing – so I excused myself and headed off to work.


2:00pmTo: Mom

Hey mom, Sarah’s got Strepp.

Thought I might invite Craig over

that okay?

2:02pmTo: Christine

Sure hon, looks like I’m going to be

stuck here till after 9 anyway, and dad

won’t be home till almost midnight.

2:02pmTo: Mom

Good, Craig’s still terrified of dad! Haha

2:02pmTo: Christine

He’ll grow out of it.

Be safe. 🙂 xoxo

2:03pmTo: Mom

Thanks. canlı bahis We always are. 🙂 xoxo

Aileen had long since given up trying to control Christine’s relationships. She knew perfectly well that her and Craig were sexually active, and with the freedom they allowed, Chrissy was much more open with her than when she’d been younger and they had tried to impose their own opinions on her. She enjoyed the closeness it brought.

She didn’t bother texting Mark, she knew that even if she was going to be late – he would be later than her.


4:45pmTo: Craig

Hey babe, Sarah’s got Strepp, and my

‘rents working late. Wanna come keep

me company?

4:46pmTo: Sexy

Of course beautiful. What you thinkin?

4:47pm:To: Craig

Well, I was thinking you could fuck the hell

outta me. You game?

4:47pm:To: Sexy

Every second of every day.

4:47pm:To: Craig

Good. I’ll be wet and ready to be fucked.

See you at 6?

4:48pm:To: Sexy

Unless you’re blindfolded.

4:48pm:To: Craig

Ooh, I just might be.


To his great surprise, Mark’s day went much better than he’d expected and a server crash in New York meant that his plans of working late had been cancelled for him. When he left the office just after 5:00pm, it was with a smile on his face.

As he stepped onto the subway, he was thinking about which restaurant he’d take his wife out to that night as a surprise. They had meant to try out Gordino’s, as his wife loved Italian food, so as he stepped off the subway twenty minutes later he called to make the reservations.

When he arrived home, a little after 6, Mark wasn’t surprised not to see his wife’s car – it was usually parked in the garage. He parked his car in the driveway and closed the door quietly, hoping to surprise his wife.

As he was walking up the driveway, he heard the telltale pathetic rumble of Craig’s Honda Civic. He groaned loudly and turned toward the approaching noise. Craig pulled into the driveway, stopping just a bit too closely to Mark’s SUV he thought.

“Hey Craig.” Mark said half heartedly.

“Uhm, hi Mr. Conner.” Craig replied nervously.

“Chrissy’s at Sarah’s place.” Mark told him, wondering briefly why he hadn’t texted Chrissy before showing up.

“Uh… sorry sir… she… just…” Craig stammered. “God this kid’s dense!” Mark thought, getting impatient.

“At Sarah’s!” Mark said, a little more forcefully than he’d planned to.

“Sorry.” Craig stammered, throwing the car into reverse and heading back out to the road, looking very nervous.

Mark didn’t like Craig much, he thought his Chrissy could do a lot better. A year ago she had brought Craig home and Mark had decided to try the old standby to put the fear of God in the boy. He’d sat out on the front step, polishing a crossbow he hadn’t actually used in several years. Craig was a pretty skittish kid to begin with and he’d literally run away when Mark had suggested he sit down for a chat. Chrissy had been furious, but his wife had laughed and then later that night blown his mind in bed.

Mark was glad to see the kid go. He reminded himself of the surprise he wanted to spring on his wife, and crept quietly to the front door. He opened it slowly “Damn! I need to fix that” he thought as the door squeaked a bit on its hinges.

He removed his shoes and tip toed through the house to find his wife. As he turned the corner into the living room, he gasped with surprise and his heart pounded in his chest.

There she was on the couch, completely naked, her ass stuck up in the air as she knelt on all fours. Her ankles and hands were tied down to the couch with soft handcuffs he recognized as a set he’d bought her several months prior. Her musk permeated the room; Mark’s mouth watered instantly. “She’s actually tied herself up!” he thought.

Low guttural moans were emanating from her, causing his blood to boil instantly and any thought of restaurant reservations was instantly driven from his mind.

As he had entered the room, one of the floorboards creaked beneath his foot and she turned back toward him. She wore a thick black blindfold from the same set as the cuffs, but she had improvised a gag using one of his old ties. The site was immensely erotic, and took him several moments to take in.

A phone buzzed somewhere, the sound seemed so far bahis siteleri off.

A painful pressure had built up in his pants on seeing such a glorious sight, so he quickly unbuckled his pants and slid them down. His erection tented out his boxer shorts and a gush of pre-cum had already soaked a large spot. He discarded his pants, shirt and then boxers. Then, an idea struck him.

Mark pulled out his cellphone, quickly switching it to video and setting it on the TV stand so it was recording her entire form. He knew this experience wouldn’t last long enough on it’s own, and he wanted to save it to enjoy for years to come.

As he moved close to her, Mark reached out and gently stroked along his wife’s hips, around her smooth ass, up across her back and then danced down her spine. A shudder ran through her and she moaned deeply around the gag.


He’d entered the room, she was sure of it – but he was taking his time. “What is Craig waiting for?” she thought to herself. “He’s never been able to hold back before!”

She turned to follow his sounds as he moved about the room, he’d taken off his pants – was that a belt that hit the floor? He’s never bothered with one before. A fleeting shot of fear ran through her, what if it wasn’t Craig? Then she heard the telltale ping of his camera being turned on and a picture taken of her. She smiled around the gag, Craig always wanted to take pictures.

Then he was approaching her, his hands touched her and caressed her thigh “God, what’s gotten into him?” His warm hands trailed around her exposes flesh, across her ass, then up and down her spine. She shuddered at the sensual feel of it, and moaned loudly around her gag. “Finally, he’s taking some time for me!” She thought, relived that he was growing up a bit. Normally, he would have just entered her and fallen asleep as soon as he’d finished. She’d been thinking of dumping him.

His hands trailed along her back and quickly massaged her shoulders – god did they ache. Then his hands were descending again, across her ass, and down her thighs; he was kneeling down behind her. “He’ll do it now.” She thought, but she was wrong.

Her phone buzzed in her purse, she ignored it, she was busy in the most intimate encounter she’d ever had.

With one sudden movement, two of his fingers entered her and his tongue had sucked her clit into his mouth. She nearly screamed as an orgasm exploded inside and she saw blinding white lights.

“He’s never done that before!”


His wife’s clit in his mouth as she erupted into her first orgasm of the night, Mark smiled inwardly, immensely proud of his ability to please his wife. Her hips bucked back against him, her inner muscles pulsating against his fingers as a small amount of ejaculate entered his mouth, which he swallowed happily.

Then she swayed dangerously, and he shot up to hold her. His arms wrapped around her mid-section and his penis struck her lightly hair covered vagina, eliciting small jump from her as he held her.

She pushed her ass back into him roughly, she wanted it now, and he was quite willing to give it to her.

Mark kissed her back several times as he lined himself up, and then she thrust herself back upon him, but she only managed to take half his length on the first thrust. “Ungh!” She half yelled, half moaned. “It’s been too long.” Mark thought to himself. “She’s always taken all of me.” Mark had no egotistical notions about the size of his penis, at about 6 inches or so he’d always been able to please his wife, and that was all that mattered to him.

Mark withdrew until just the tip was inside her, and thrust back into her mercilessly. “Ungh!” She moaned again, slightly louder this time. He’d struck home with that thrust.


Finally, he’d entered her; but he felt huge. It hurt, but in such a good way. Was he wearing a different kind of condom? She was so wet that on the second attempt, despite his engorged size he’d hit home. “Oh my god he must be really turned on!” She rationalized, though she’d think herself foolish later on.

His thrusts achieved a steady rhythm after the first few and she could feel the hair on his sack brush against hers every time he came to a jarring smack, filling her more thoroughly than he ever had before. Then he’d withdraw, leaving her feeling empty and wanting.

Her thoughts were becoming animalistic, and she shouted one bahis şirketleri obscenity after another, though drowned out through her gag. She suddenly wished she hadn’t put it on, she wanted to hear her voice carry throughout the empty house.

She was approaching a mind shattering orgasm, and she began to thrust back against him with an increased need of relief.

Then his hands finally closed around her breasts, the heat in his palms coursing through her slightly chilled flesh and the near electric effect it had on her nipples sent shocks straight into her deepest reaches.

He paused, mid-thrust to caress her breasts and she yelled into the gag with fury. “Why is he stopping!” She thought, desperate anger flushing through her that he would deny her now.

She shoved her body back upon him willing him to continue.


Her unusual tightness pressed in upon him “She’s been doing her keegles” he thought, inwardly as he took up a steady rhythm inside her. His balls smacked her clit every time he thrust inside her and he desired those amazing orbs he’d loved for so long.

He bent over her slightly as he thrust into her, taking both breasts into his hands. Something was different, they were definitely smaller. He paused, mid-thrust. He knew every inch of her breasts, he had studied them, just as every man does with his wife’s breasts, he knew instantly that this was not his wife. Who was this? What should he do?

She drover herself back upon him, she had clearly been disappointed by his sudden stop and wanted more.

In a flash of uncharacteristic clear-headed thinking, he withdrew himself from her completely. She screamed into her gag in anger, swinging her head around as if to look at him.

He grasped the blindfold and gag, pulling it off her.

Chrissy, surprised by the sudden change in light took a moment to open her eyes and stare disbelievingly at him, ready to scream at Craig.

Mark stared at his daughter, she stared back at him.

A look of shock on her face, replaced momentarily with anger and then something else – something primal.

“Finish.” She said in a pleading, almost desperate tone. “Please.”

He should’ve told her no. He should’ve said it was sick and twisted. He should have asked what she was doing there or where her mother was. But he didn’t. Mark’s head swirled as if the room had begun to spin uncontrollably; and he found himself positioned behind his daughter once again. The engorged mushroom shaped head of his penis lined up with his daughter’s entrance.

Bang! His thrust into her was more powerful than any other that night. “YES!” She cried.

Bang! His balls hurt from the impact, but both needed it.

Bang! Bang! Bang! He was lost in an animal fury, his daughter screaming “More! Harder! Deeper!” with each earth shattering delivery.

And then he felt it building. He knew instantly it would be both painful and mind-blowingly intense.

Bang! Bang! Bang! “Dadddddyyyyyyyy!!” Chrissy screamed, her orgasm approaching like a freight train to a dynamite factory.

Mark grabbed both breasts roughly again, and pulled her back toward him as he thrust for the last time ever into his daughter.

It struck him like a shotgun blast; the first eruption bordering on painful. His mind unable to focus on anything, it went blank, he felt empty.


As her father pounded into her, she felt her climax approaching rapidly. She knew it was her father, but she didn’t care, she just longed for a release, longed for that sense of fullness he’d given her.

“Dadddddyyyyyyyy!!” She screamed out, wanting him to know she knew it was him that had put her over the edge and rocketed her into the most intense orgasm of her life. And as her body responded, shuddering and pulsating, milking him, shaking she felt it, his eruption inside her.

This hadn’t been Craig, it was her father – he’d thought she was his wife, he hadn’t worn a condom.

Tears broke through, she needed an outlet for all the emotion inside. And he was by her side, somehow her hands were uncuffed, he was holding her, caressing her, kissing her forehead. He brought one hand down, gently binging her chin up to look at him. They kissed, not quite as lovers, not quite as father and daughter; but at once both and something more.


Several minutes passed with Chrissy in Mark’s arms. He gently caressed her, hugging her close and feeling her warmth against him.

“Mom’s going to kill us.” Chrissy said finally, looking up at him.

“She’ll never know.” Mark replied. “She can never know.”

“She will when I start to show.”

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