Yen Ch. 03: Yen’s Revelation Pt. 01


*Note that this story contains elements of femdom, cuckolding, and male chastity. If that is not your kind of thing, then you will likely not enjoy the following story, and please feel free to skip it. However, if that kind of thing is your scene, then I hope you enjoy it!*

**This story is the third chapter in a series. If you would like to get the full context then it will be very useful to read the previous chapters before continuing.**

There have been a few pivotal moments in my and Yen’s relationship and many incremental changes as our marriage has evolved over the years, most of them mandated by Yen. However, I think that two dates, in particular, stand out. The first being the fateful Christmas of 2012 described in the last entry and the second being November 16th, 2018.

November 16th is Yen’s Birthday and in 2018 she turned 30. Of course, this is a big event for everybody and Yen wanted to make it extra special for herself and for us. You only get to do it once after all. She had planned a big night out with the girls for the night itself which landed on a Friday that year and knowing that I would not be interested in all the drinking, mingling, and other hustle and bustle of a night on the town, we arranged to go for a romantic meal on the Saturday following.

On Friday morning we both woke up and got ready for work, I wished her Happy Birthday, but besides that, we went about our regular routine as usual. Just as I was leaving for work, she told me to make sure I was back in the house at 5 pm, she would be back at 5:30 pm after the gym and wanted me to help her get dressed up for her night out. Yen enjoys me helping her get dressed for her nights out, and I enjoy it too. I must admit that sometimes I get a little nervous about her choices of clothing though as she likes to dress very provocatively when she goes out with the girls. I have brought this up with her before but she says that she puts a lot of effort into her body and wants to feel sexy on the dance floor when she’s doing her thing, which I guess is a reasonable enough thing to want. Regardless, it’s not unusual for her to ask me for help, so I assured her I would be back on time that evening and then left after sharing a quick kiss at the door.

I arrived back at the house just before 5 pm as instructed and went to the bedroom to change out of my work clothes. As I approached the door, I saw a note taped to it from Yen. It read…

‘Welcome home my little Ally. Tonight is going to be a very special one, I hope you’re ready! On the back of this note is a list of instructions, you are to follow them exactly, and do nothing else.

I flipped the note and found 5 instructions as follows…

1 – First you are to clean yourself up. Go to the bathroom and shave the areas around your little friend, I want him looking as cute as can be tonight! The razor and foam are waiting for you by the bathroom sink.

2 – When you are acceptably smooth you will shower. Alongside the shaving equipment, you will notice I have been kind enough to buy you a special shower gel for this evening. Wash yourself thoroughly with it, and nothing else.

3 – Once you are finished in the bathroom, you may enter the bedroom. You are to go immediately to the closet and find the black Channel shopping bag inside. It contains a VERY expensive black dress, as your credit card statement will show, so be extra careful when you are handling it. I want you to take it out and hang it so it has time to settle before I wear it. You will also notice an absolutely amazing black silk thong in the bag, also very expensive, and also to be handled with great care. Place the thong on my pillow.

4 – After my outfit has been prepared, it’s your turn. You are to take 6 black ribbons from our play box and place 1 at each corner of the bed. The other 2 will be placed neatly on your pillow.

5 – Finally you will put on your Ally panties as usual and position yourself on all fours on the bed with your head and hands flat on the mattress and your beautiful little ballerina butt high in the air! Do not disturb the pillows or any of the ribbons, I will be back to ostim escort finish your preparations at 5:30 pm.

See you later. I love you.’

I folded the note and hurried to the bathroom as instructed. Yen is very stringent about being on time and I didn’t want to be caught unfinished. She also has an uncanny way of knowing if I followed her instructions properly or not and I didn’t want to risk her wrath if I was found cheating her rules. This has happened only once before and it resulted in me losing a treat day, costing me an extra month locked up without release. I definitely only needed to learn that lesson once and so I played it safe and followed her note to the letter.

I managed to shave my genitals in good time. (After so many years doing it, I have become pretty efficient at if I do say so myself.) From there, I checked the note again to be safe and quickly grabbed the shower gel. I didn’t pay much attention to it as jumped into the shower, but as soon as I opened the lid, a strong flowery scent hit my nostrils. “Of course,” I thought to myself with a knowing smile. Yen being ‘kind enough to buy me some shower gel, had in fact bought for me a strawberry and rose body butter! I imagined her grinning to herself when she discovered it in the store, probably the girliest thing she could find, and knowing I would have to wear it would give her yet more ammunition to mock me with. Still, the clock was ticking and I knew that she would be checking if I did indeed smell like a flower when she got back, so I washed with it, making sure to rub it everywhere I could think of ready for her inevitable inspection.

I entered the room and went straight to the closet, note in hand. The black bag was indeed inside, placed center stage on the shelf directly in front of me. I took the bag out, placed it on Yen’s side table, and removed the dress as delicately as I could. The dress was… magnificent! Not the usual, semi-slutty attire she likes to taunt me with, but truly an elegant thing to behold, I hung it next to the bedroom mirror and wondered just how ‘very expensive’ that’s months credit card statement would prove it to be.

I checked the note again, before taking the thong and 6 black ribbons and placing them where Yen had told me to, checking again to make sure it was exactly how she said. Finally, I put on the 2018 edition of my Ally panties, this year’s being the same ‘Ballerina Pink’ they had always been but with the notable addition of a little pink frilled bow over the crotch.

Finally, I climbed onto the bed and assumed my position, face down, hands flat, and butt up. As I lay there, I felt a small twinge of vulnerability flow through my body, and a weight in my stomach from the feeling of humiliation, despite being alone with no one around to witness me. I mean, my body was alone, but my mind was very much focused on Yen, she wasn’t even here and she still had complete dominion over my thoughts and actions.

Only a few minutes after I had put myself in place, I heard Yen come through the front door. A flickering sense of relief washed over me as I knew I had just managed to finish in time. That feeling was abruptly replaced by nervousness as I raced through the checklist once again hoping I hadn’t missed anything. My heart started to race as I heard her walking up the stairs towards the bedroom. And when she entered, the twinge of vulnerability I felt before became a surge.

“Ahaa” exclaimed Yen, with immense satisfaction. “Look at my beautiful little ballerina! Oh and that smell! You smell as pretty as you look my little Ally. Do you feel pretty?”

I didn’t say anything, instead, I tried to hide my rapidly reddening face in the mattress.

“Answer me, Ally!” Yen, commanded, slapping me hard on the ass.

I squealed, before answering “Y…Yes, Yen” meekly.

“Tell me, Ally. Tell me that you feel like a pretty little girl.” She said with a calm but direct tone.

“I…err…I feel like a pretty little girl Yen. Like your beautiful ballerina” I replied, in an equally meek but desperate tone, hoping my inclusion of ‘her ballerina’ would satisfy her enough ankara otele gelen escort to keep her from slapping me again.

Yen laughed out loud for a long 5 seconds, reveling in my humiliation. “Good little Ally, and did you shave your little friend, as I told you to?”

I nodded my head against the mattress. Nodding was always a safe bet.

“Hmm, well let’s take a look shall we?” Yen stated in an unsettlingly clinical manner.

She walked to the bottom of the bed and out of my range of sight. After a few seconds, I felt her fingers curl over the hem of my panties as she slowly pulled them down over my ass, the left cheek still red from her slap. My feelings of vulnerability and humiliation now maxed out as my heart raced uncontrollably and my caged dick and balls dangled between my legs, completely at the whim of Yen, who was clearly enjoying every last bit of this scene.

I heard a wry giggle from behind as Yen inspected my balls and taint with her right hand, her left hand fondling my caged cock. “Hmmm, it looks good… well-done Ally,” she said giving me a sense of relief that I almost had a moment to enjoy before she slapped my balls causing me to wince and squeal for a second time.

“Ohhh, poor baby, did that hurt? Oh, I am sorry, let me help” Yen took my balls in her left hand and began to massage them gently. At the same I felt her right hand sliding over my freshly shaven ass, examining the work as she did.

“I have some pretty big ideas for tonight Ally” Yen continued.

The thumb of her right hand pressed on my perineum and I let out an involuntary gasp of pleasure to Yen’s amusement, she then took her middle finger and started circling it around my butthole. Again my hyper-sensitized genitals betrayed me and I let out another gasp of pleasure.

“Ally, you little slut! Calm down or I might start to think you’re actually enjoying me playing with your ass.”

“I’m sorry Yen, it’s just after so long without cumming, every time you touch me it feels amazing.” I pathetically replied, my reddened face still buried in the mattress.

“Ohhh, I know. Well, it’s almost time for your release so just a little bit more patience, and everything will be ok, besides I actually have a gift for you too tonight, there was something else I picked up whilst I was out shopping for my dress. Thanks for paying for that by the way, so kind of you to help me out.” Yen teased as she pressed harder with her thumb and finger. “The girls in the store were pretty jealous when they found out that my husband was paying the bill.”

My heart skipped a beat at the thought, but so did my cock. Betrayed again by my horniness.

Yen noticed, smirked, and continued “I also figured I should use your credit card to pay for your gift. I mean, I know it’s technically not for me and honestly, I nearly paid for it with my own money, but I knew you would want to be a gentleman about it and pay for it yourself, so I took the liberty and billed it to you. But don’t worry it was nowhere near the price of my things so it’s no big deal. Do you want to see it?”

I didn’t bother to answer because I knew Yen didn’t care. I knew that she wasn’t really asking and I knew that it didn’t matter what my answer was. She took her hands off me and walked over to her gym bag. I tried to look up but she scolded me and demanded that my face stayed buried in the mattress. After a few seconds, I heard a dull hum fill the room. I could be only one thing I thought! Yen had a vibrator, and it was meant for me!

“The sound you can hear is a pleasure egg. It’s so very obvious right now, that you like to have your butt played with so I thought this might be fun. Don’t you think so Ally?”

Again I didn’t answer, figuring that again it didn’t really matter. I was wrong.

“Answer me, Ally, you want me to put this vibrator in your ass don’t you?”

I nodded.

“Tell me, Ally. Tell me you want it in your slutty little ass!”

“Y…Yes Yen, I want that vibrator in my slutty little ass”

“Hahaha! Good girl” Yen exclaimed with a mischievous, almost wicked laugh. “Now this ankara rus escort might hurt a bit so you have to be a brave little ballerina, ok!”

It did hurt, but not as much as I expected, the egg wasn’t very big and after the initial pain of Yen pushing it just sort of popped in. I still vividly remember the humiliation, one of the greatest senses of humiliation I have ever felt. Yen had called me a girl many times but now for the first time, I couldn’t even deny it. I was well aware of my situation and thought to myself how no real man would ever let himself be found in this position. l also couldn’t pretend that it didn’t feel great and I moaned loudly as my body shivered uncontrollably.

“Omg you are really are a little butt slut aren’t you! We had better turn this thing off before you have an accident.”

Now that the egg was firmly inside me, Yen had me turn over and lie on my back starfished. She tied my hands and feet to the corners of the bed with the ribbons before undressing and mounting my chest in all her naked glory, delicately dangling her gym panties above my face.

“Open your mouth” Yen instructed. I obeyed.

Yen quickly took her panties and stuffed them into my mouth with two fingers, intentionally pushing them to the back of my throat, which forced me to gag a little. With a cheeky snigger, she took the 5th ribbon and wrapped it across my mouth and around my head making sure I couldn’t spit out the panties.

“Tastes good right?! Hahaha”

I muffled a weak protest.

“I got pretty sweaty today during my workout, but I wanted my legs and ass to look good in my new dress, so you know… what’s a girl to do, right? And I don’t know why but my butt was just so itchy today at work. Haha, I mean you can probably tell that already.”

I protested again, this time with an audible groan but Yen cut me off.

“So anyway before we put on the last ribbon, I want to tell you about tonight. I and the girls planned to get some dinner and drinks and go dancing, but as it turns out, Lana’s brother is in town visiting with some of his friends so we decided to show them a good time while they’re here. They’re all kind of jocky guys and I know you wouldn’t really be interested in meeting them so I will spare you the details. Anyway, we’re all gonna party tonight. Hopefully they like my dress!!”

That last detail threw me off. Why would she care about whether or not a bunch of random guys liked her dress? I tried to ask but Yen just ignored the incomprehensible grunts coming from my mouth and carried on.

“Anyway let’s get that last ribbon on you, it will make a great blindfold. I know you usually help me prepare to go out, but I think you’ve done enough for tonight already.”

Yen pulled the blindfold over my eyes and my world went black. For what I guess was the next 40 or so minutes, I could hear Yen’s movements around the house as she got dressed for her night out.

“Ok baby, I’m leaving now Yen whispered into my ear. I will be back later, don’t go anywhere will you!.” She said, again reveling in great satisfaction at my predicament.

“OMG! I almost forgot your egg! I can’t be the only one having fun tonight can I? Let’s turn this thing back on. But not too much mind you, we had better be careful. I don’t want to come back and find that you’ve made a mess in your panties, you’ve already shown how much you like things in your butt!”

Whether or not she had actually forgotten I don’t know. I definitely hadn’t, I was well aware of the fact that I had a vibrator up my ass and it served as a constant refresher of humiliation.

Before she left Yen turned the vibrator on and set it to its lowest setting. I let out a series of moans and groans, but this time they weren’t in pleasure per se. The low setting was just enough to cause a minor stimulation but the reality was almost infuriating. I attempted to tilt my hips, grind and shift my weight around in a desperate struggle to get something more out of it but to no avail.

“Ohh poor Ally, what’s the matter baby? Is it not powerful enough? Maybe you just need to work a little bit harder…” Yen said mockingly. She then kissed my forehead and lightly pinched my nipples before I heard the bedroom door close.

For the rest of the night I writhed around on the mattress against my binds, the frustration was almost unbearable. My dick leaked precum, but I was helpless in trying to get any release.

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