Yoni Puja – Worship Of The Holy Vagina


Yoni Puja – Worship Of The Holy VaginaYONI PUJA (WORSHIP OF THE HOLY VAGINA)In short and abstract terms, a Yoni Puja, or worship of the holy Vagina, can be defined as a sacred ritual during which the Yoni (Vagina) is worshiped. This can occur by using a sacred Yoni (Vagina) shaped sculpture, a painting of the holy Yoni (Vagina), or a sanctified natural object as a focus of veneration, or, better yet, by worshiping the holy Yoni (Vagina) in Her actual living form. The Yoni (Vagina) Puja mostly takes place in a vast compound, hall or ground – with the help of a Woman. In any case, the worshiper engages in one-pointed meditation on, or visualization of, the thus venerated representation of the Goddess. In practical reality, however, and in the religious practice that is still very much alive in present-day India, a Yoni (Vagina) Puja is a much more detailed, strange (to some), intimate (to others) or hardly believable (again to others), manner of religious worship; a ritual that goes back thousands of years, yet one that is still practiced today.Many are the actual forms this ritual can take in practical detail. Considering the vastness of India, and the multi-sectarian nature of what is called Hinduism, this is quite understandable and should come as no surprise. There are, however, several ritual elements, and a very clear symbolism, that constitute a kind of blueprint for the Yoni (Vagina) Puja, in whatever local variety it may appear. The Yoni (Vagina) Puja is always performed in mixed groups of Women and men. The Yoni (Vagina) Puja is not performed always, but it is performed only on some auspicious days in the year, and the local Priestess announces as to when and where it will be performed. Here, there is no Priest, but there is a Priestess who leads the ceremony. men are not allowed to enter into the ceremony unless they are escorted by a Woman. A Woman can bring in any number of men She wants, to this ceremony. he need not be Her husband. She can bring any man She wants, and every Woman always brings in about five to six men, apart from their husbands; because all men are always willing to be part of the ceremony, as they want the blessings of the holy Yoni (Vagina). Every such Puja would have more men than Women, as each Woman can bring in as many men as She desires.The divine Yoni (Vagina) is more brilliant than tens of millions of suns and also, it is cooler than tens of millions of moons. Above the divine Yoni (Vagina) is a small and subtle flame; also known as the clit, whose form is the highest degree of intelligence. And that is the reason why men perform the holy Yoni (Vagina) Puja as they hope to acquire just a fraction of that intelligence.As mentioned above, the holy Yoni (Vagina) Puja can be performed by using a sacred sculpture of the holy Yoni (Vagina) or a painting or a sanctified natural object as the focus of veneration. But most often it is performed with the Yoni (Vagina) of a living Woman. The high Priestess chooses this Woman from a host of many beautiful Women. The high Priestess chooses the most beautiful Woman. The chosen Woman has to be between 20-25 years and very, very beautiful, as She is the living form of the holy Goddess. She has to be very well endowed with huge round melon-like and stiff breasts, a smooth flat-board stomach, a big and hairy Vagina, and a very well rounded arse with big buttocks. Here it would be pertinent to mention, that men are always considered to be inferior to Women, in all aspects.At the outset, everybody has to strip their clothing and remain completely naked. The Women lead the men by grabbing onto their penises and pulling them by their penises, to the centre of the hall, compound or ground. There, all men are assembled in a circle. The Women then seat themselves comfortably, on intricately woven, low wooden chairs that has a hole or an opening, intricately carved into the middle of the chairs. The Women position themselves izmir escort bayan in such a way that their Vaginas protrude out of the hole in the chairs. Once they are in position, the men take their place under the chairs, their mouths facing the hole in the chair. The men have to lick the Vaginas of the Women and try to please the Women. The Women in turn, play with the erect penises of the men, with their feet and make them come. The Women are experts at this art form and they manage to make the men ejaculate within minutes.As soon as a man has ejaculated his sperm on her legs, the Woman kicks him in his testicles, and dismisses him. Then, another man has to take his place immediately under the Woman’s feet, as the men must take care so as not to allow the Woman’s sperm soaked feet to touch the holy ground, as it is considered inauspicious. If a Woman’s sperm soaked feet touches the ground, then She punishes the man severely by whipping him.So, another man quickly takes his position under Her, and licks the semen of the previous man, and then starts licking the Vagina of the Woman. This is also another reason as to why there are more men than Woman at the ceremony, as men are not able to control their ejaculations for a longer amount of time. This goes on until the high Priestess arrives.There are five huge and large pots filled with five different liquids kept in a corner of the area. The liquids in these pots represents the five elements of Indian cosmology. They are Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether.The element Earth is represented by Yogurt, the element Water, by actual Water, the element Fire by Honey, the element Air by Milk and the element Ether is represented by any type of edible oil.Once the high Priestess arrives, everybody has to stand. The high Priestess would also be naked except for a fancy headdress made of different colored feathers, especially Peacock feathers. The naked Divine Goddess is brought into the area by a group of Women and seated on a high placed throne. She is given copious amounts of liquids to drink. The high Priestess gives the signal to start the ‘FEMALE SUPERIORITY PRAYER’. The men lay on the ground and the Women place one leg on the head of the men.Now the Women chant the ‘FEMALE SUPERIORITY PRAYER’ which goes thus.‘I am a Woman. I am the reincarnation and the human replication of the Mighty, Divine and Holy Goddess. And so by virtue of this, I am superior to all men. I am the creator of all men. I bring men into the world. I give birth to a man. I make the man strong. I feed the man with my milk. I make him grow in strength. It is because of my efforts that a man is able to survive. It is I who makes a man successful in life. No man can consider himself equal to me. I am above him. he is below me. I am his Deity. he is my worshiper. I am his Goddess. he is my slave. he adores me. he worships me. he glorifies me. his life and his whole being is dependent on me. Without me, he is nothing. Without me, he is dirt. Without me, he is powerless. Without me, he is lost. Without me, he is doomed. Without me, he cannot accomplish anything in his life. I raise him up and I throw him down. I can make him or break him. It is his job to Love, Serve, Adore, and Worship and Obey me in all respects, unconditionally. he has no right to question my authority. I can give life to a man, but a man cannot give life to a Woman. If I can give life to him, then I also have the right and the authority to take his life away from him. he is born to serve me. he is born to please me. It is my right to punish him if I feel like punishing him at any time. he has no right to question me. he is a pathetic worm, who has to lick the soles of my feet. his pathetic penis and testicles belong to me. his useless sperm belongs to me. his position is under my feet. he finds his paradise under my feet. he has to praise and thank me for allowing him to be under my feet. izmir escort bayan he is a worthless piece of shit for me’.After chanting this prayer all Women seat in their chairs and are served with copious amounts of liquids like coconut water, alcohol etc. the Women drink huge quantities of liquids for an important part of the ritual.Now all the men kneel down in front of the Divine Goddess and chant the male inferiority prayer which goes like this: ‘I am a man. I am a lowly and an inferior being. I have been given life by a Woman. I am brought into this world by a Woman. And so I am a much inferior being than a Woman. The Woman is superior to all men. They are our Goddesses. we are their worshipers. A Woman gives birth to a man. A Woman feeds a man and makes him strong. A Woman shields and protects me. She is everything to me. I am dependent on a Woman for everything. I am Her inferior slave. Without Her, I am nothing. Without Her, my whole life is useless. I worship Her, I adore Her, I glorify Her, I please Her, I obey Her, I serve Her, I pray to Her for my well-being. I am lost without Her. It is my duty to worship Her in all respects. She is the owner of my whole body, my whole mind and my whole soul. I have to obey Her every wish and command. I live to please Her. I love to obey Her in all respects. She has the authority to punish me whenever She feels like punishing me. It is an honor to take Her punishments. I will take all my punishments willingly. I will speak only when She gives me the permission to speak. I want Her to control my whole being. I want to lick the soles of Her feet. My place is under Her feet. I am very happy to remain under Her feet. I am a worthless, pathetic worm and She can crush me with Her feet. My paradise, my heaven is under Her feet. I am a worthless piece of shit to Her and I will always be a worthless piece of shit to Her. I and my useless penis and testicles will always belong to Her. My useless sperm belongs to Her. My pathetic penis and testicles are for Her enjoyment. I promise to serve Her till the end of my pathetic life. She is my Savior. She is my Lord, She is my Benefactor, She is my Goddess. She owns me. I am Her property’.After this part of the ritual is over, the main part begins.On the high Priestess’ signal two Women lead the Divine Goddess on to a high stage where She is made to stand with Her legs apart. A big hollow is carved out into the stage in between Her legs and in this big hollow there is placed a huge earthen pot. The five large pots containing the liquids are now brought on to the stage by some men. Now the high Priestess chants some mantras and with every mantra, the contents of one of the pots with the liquid, is poured all over the body of the Goddess, starting from Her head and going all the way down. The liquids travel down Her body and passes over Her Holy Yoni (Vagina) and gets collected into the great huge earthen pot, which is placed in between Her legs.First, the edible oil, which represents Ether, is poured over Her body. This is followed by Yogurt, which represents Earth. This is followed by Honey which represents Fire. This is then followed by Milk which represents Air. And finally this is all washed down by Water, which represents itself.After all these libations are poured over the body of the Divine Goddess, the final and most important of libations come from body of the Divine Goddess Herself. As She had been given a lot of liquids to drink, She urinates directly into the huge pot containing the five liquids; thereby purifying and empowering the liquids with Her holy Urine, Her holy nectar. This is the most important aspect of the ritual. No ceremony is complete without this ritual. After She has urinated into the huge pot, She spits into the pot and then sits on Her high chair. There, She is given more liquids to consume, for another part of the ritual.Now the huge pot is brought down and all the other Women also urinate into the pot; starting with the high Priestess; thereby purifying and empowering the liquids further. After this ritual is completed, the huge Earthen pot is kept in a corner, for all the liquids to get fermented and imbibed into each other and mix into each other very well. Later on, this holy and purified liquid will be consumed by the men as Prasad (sacred gift), at the end of the ritual.Now the Women take their places in the chairs again, and the men take their places under the Vagina of the Women licking it and worshiping it. Once again, the Women are given copious amounts of liquids to drink. This is in preparation for another ritual in the ceremony. In the meanwhile the high Priestess begins the chanting of the mantras, which are repeated by all Women. The chanting of the mantras go on for a couple of hours.After the completion of the chanting of the mantras, it’s time for the final part of the ritual. The part where the men have to consume the holy mixture of the five liquids which have been empowered and purified by the urine of the Divine Goddess, the high Priestess, and the other Women. But before they partake of the holy Prasad (offering), the men must bathe and cleanse themselves.The Divine Goddess descends from the stage and walks along the dirty and murky floor. She comes towards the men and chooses two men randomly. She grasps their penises and testicles with both of Her hands, and squeezes them very hard, causing immense pain to the men, and causing them to scream and howl in pain. Then She pulls on their penis and testicles, and leads them to the centre of the place and commands them to lay down on the floor with their mouths open. Now She urinates into their mouths and all over their bodies, giving them a good bathing. Thus the men are cleansed and purified. The other men look on to the two men with envy and awe. They would have loved to be in the place of those two men.All men lay on the ground in a circle and the other Women likewise urinate onto the bodies and mouths and bathe and cleanse and purify the men. This was the reason why they had to consume copious amounts of liquids one more time. To give the men a cleansing and purifying bath. Now the Divine Goddess approaches the huge pot which contains the mixture of the five liquids, and the holy and purifying and empowering urine of the Divine Goddess.Two men carry Her and make Her sit at the edge of the pot, lowering Her dirty and murky feet into the pot, thereby cleaning Her feet with the liquid. All the dirt and muck mixes into the pot. The other Women, including the high Priestess, also wash their feet in the pot, in the same manner.Finally, it is ready, and it’s time for the men to drink from the pot. a large wooden rod is placed beside the huge pot. Each man approaches the pot, stirs its contents with the rod, so as to mix the liquids well, and dips into the pot with a small tumbler. he takes a little of the liquid and before proceeding to drink it, he pours a small part of it on top of his head, thereby anointing himself. Then he goes on to drink the holy mixture. All the men follow the same routine.Here, it must be mentioned that whilst performing this act, the men have to be very careful and make certain that not a single drop of the empowered and holy liquid is spilt onto the floor. If any man spills a single drop, he has to immediately go down on his knees and lick off the liquid, off the floor or else he will get a severe beating from the Goddess, the high Priestess and all the other Women present.Once the men finish this act, they have to go back once again, to licking and sucking the holy Yonis (Vaginas) of the Women. They have to keep licking and sucking as long as the Women wants them to do so. It is only after achieving several orgasms, that the Women allow the men to stop licking their holy Yonis (Vaginas).At the end of the ritual, the men recite the ‘male inferiority prayer’ again so as to remind them of their inferiority status.After that, the Women recite the ‘FEMALE SUPERIORITY PRAYER’ once again, to reiterate their superiority over men.

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