You and me 4 part one

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You and me 4 part oneSo from the shore I watched my buddies surf….they were pretty good but then they have been surfing for awhile now. They asked me if I wanted to learn while back but I said no I wasn’t interested in it. As I watch them now It might be fun to do it.The next day I signed up for some one on one surfing lessons that my friends told me about. I arrived at the center and met you. You were the same age and height as me but with a lot more tanning that I had. You had a shirt with your surf school on it and a pair of lose shorts on. You asked me If I had any experience on a board and I said no. So you said to me that we were gonna have to start there…to get me to balance on a board.You grabbed a board and we went down to the beach. We got into the water and you held the board for me to get on. It took me twice to get on but there I was sitting on a surf board trying to balance on it. I got cocky a bit and then you shook the board and I fell off. You laughed as to say that I have to be aware of the board, the surf and the people around me. So you got on the board and motioned me to get on with you…so I did. You said to me to relax now and let the board find me. You put your hands on my right and left leg and held them and told me to hang on due to the waves that a boat made that were coming to shore. If it wasn’t for my body against yours and your hands on my legs I would of fell off. So bursa escort we sat there with no words…your hands still holding my legs but stroking them a bit. I could feel your breath and chest against me. I started to feel something pressing against my lower back. I started to get aroused by all of this touching. You said to me to lean back against you so you could see my form. So thinking nothing of it I leaned back as his head became across my right shoulder…his hands stroked my legs and squeezed them. Quickly my cock began to rise up and show through my shorts. I knew you could see it and was somewhat hoping your hand would accidentally touch the bulge. Anyway you said that we were done for the day and tomorrow we will do the same. But then I had to have a late session tomorrow due to a event I had to attend. I got off of the board with a bulge really showing through and then you got off the board to which I found out what was poking me. We both looked at each other’s bulge and smiled. You said,” Surfing will do that to ya…better get used to it.”The next evening we were on the board catching wave after wave…You were kissing and sucking my neck as your hands pulled my hard cock out of my shorts. Your fingers began shaking my cock and feeling it up. I then turned my head to meet yours, you looked at me and then we kissed. Lips first but then as our kisses became deeper our tongues began to bursa escort bayan flick against one another’s. Our moans began to make my cock pre-cum. I turned around on the board to face you…your cock was hard and hanging out. We kissed again and again. You moved your body against mine…our cocks were touching in a loving embrace. You pulled back a bit and you grabbed both of our cocks and began frotting them. The feeling was amazing as my eyes were closed lost in it. It wasn’t long before our cocks were twitching and shooting our cum all over each other’s cock. We kissed again as the last drops of our cum spewed out. You whispered in my ear,” lesson one over…lesson two is about to begin.”We got off of the board and you took my hand and led me to a blanket on the beach. You laid me down and got on top of me. You began to kiss my chest and tease my nipples with your mouth…you slid your tongue down my stomach and you began to deep lick my belly button. Then your mouth found my cock and slid right down my shaft. Your mouth was incredible! I watched your lips as they slid down it. Then you slid my shaft out of your mouth and took my balls in it. You began to suck my balls in and out. I was in your mouth’s grasp and the only thing I could do is moan. I didn’t want you to stop but then you did something that would change me forever. You went down and started to lick my asshole…in and out escort bursa you darted your tongue until you told me to turn over so you could eat my hot ass better. So I turned over and you stuck your face in my ass and ate me out. It was so hot as I felt you taking my ass. Then you said,” I got to fuck this ass!” So you grabbed some lube and drenched my asshole with it and your fingers. You slid one finger in and began fingering me. My moans became loud as your fingers pounded me. I couldn’t believe this feeling you were giving me…then as you slid another finger in me my ass opened for you. Before I knew it my asshole was ready for your cock. You got on top of me and slowly slid your cock in. It hurt a bit but as you did the lube took over and my ass took your whole shaft inside. I said out loud,” oh my , now I know what women feel like when they get fucked by their man!” Slowly you begin to fuck me with your cock…up and down your hips smack my ass. The sensation drives my cock wild and it begins to cum on its own. You pound deeper and louder on my ass…suddenly I feel your hard cock inside me start to spasm and in that moment I feel your cock shoot hot cum inside me. My ass was now your cock’s lover.You rolled me over on my side and began fucking me again but by now you were out of cum…so your cock slid out of my ass as we tongue kissed. By now it was late and we had to get going so nobody would catch us. So we got dressed and held each other and you grabbed my cum filled ass and said,” Great session…but you still got a lot to learn before you go it on your own!” Then I said,” tomorrow then…” You smiled and said,” Yes indeed!”

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