You Drank Bottled Beer

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Unlike the other girls from the office who were all drinking cosmos or white wine spritzers, you were drinking a beer. Not only that, you were drinking it straight from the bottle. It probably sounds stupid that was the first thing that attracted me to you, but it was. I’ve had my share of the high maintenance, cocktail sippers, and I’d burnt out on them. I just wanted a real person who I could make a real connection with. “What is more real than beer from the bottle,” I asked myself.

I’d noticed you around the office, of course, and thought you were cute. It wasn’t until that evening, when we had all gathered for after work drinks to celebrate the big order from that German firm, that you really caught my attention.

I was staring. You know that, of course, because you caught me. I blushed, and looked away. When I looked back up though, you were still looking at me. So I smiled. I have an awful smile when I force it. It looks creepy and unnatural. This wasn’t a forced smile, though. It came naturally across my face. “Like unbridled joy,” you would tell me later.

We held each other’s gaze for what felt like forever, though it was probably 20 seconds. Then Jim from accounting tapped me on the arm, and I looked away. When I looked back up, you were gone, off talking to someone else. “Fool,” I said to myself, “you’ve blown it. Fucking Jim.”

The next half hour it tried, surreptitiously to work my way across the room to where I saw you, spending a minute or two talking to someone before saying, “I want to catch up with so-and-so,” pointing at someone how was a few feet closer to you, and then move on. I noticed that you seemed to be moving slowly towards me as well. Romantic gravity, slowly pulling us together.

We finally meet at the centre of the room, surrounded by people, but they are wrapped up in their own conversations, so we are alone.

“Hey,” I saw. “Enjoying your Corona?” I asked. Silently, I am kicking myself. What a lame opening line. It is the way of life, when I don’t really like a girl much, I can come up with some poetry to woo her, but when I like someone I end up with cotton in my mouth and mush for brains.

You tilt the bottle towards me, “it’s okay. Does the job. And you, are you enjoying YOUR Corona?” You mocked me, but gently, with a smile on your face and a wink in your voice.

I laugh, “Well, I asked for a glass of the 1787 Chateau Lafite, but they were out, so I went with this instead. The high notes aren’t as subtle as the Lafite, but the 2009 Corona tastes a lot less like a high priced vinegar.”

You laughed, and touched my arm. It felt like the first drop on a roller-coaster, as my stomach seemed to drop and a lump developed in my throat. You held your hand there, lightly touching my arm. Our eyes met, and we held the gaze. This time you were the one to blush and look away, but I caught you as you glanced back up at me.

The conversation came fast and easy, light and airy as we made each other laugh and casually flirted. I have forgotten all the words we said that night, but the feelings and images have stayed with me. The image of you brushing your hair back over your ear, exposing the long arch of your smooth neck. The feeling of butterflies fluttering about my insides. The warmth of your breath on my ear as you leaned in close to tell me a secret. The feeling of warmth and comfort that one time you put your hand on my chest. The sound of your slight gasp when I leaned in close, my hand around your waist and my lips just inches from your ear as we shared a conspiratorially secret.

“Are you hot?” you asked. Was the çubuk escort question meant to hold the double entendre I read into it? “There is sweat on your forehead.” I felt my heart drop. My sweaty, shiny forehead a harbinger of the end of your interest? “I’m a little hot in here too. Do you want to go outside and grab some fresh air?” My heart leaps.

We left our beer bottles on the bar, and went outside, past the smokers huddled in small groups around the door and into the cool evening air. I tried to plan some way to make a move, but you took the initiative. You turned and put your hands on my chest. My heart jumped like they were paddles of a defibrillator. You moved closer, you head upturned slightly towards me. Without thinking, I bent down to meet you.

Our lips met. Compared to the kisses one sees on TV shows nowadays, our first kiss would have looked from the outside as innocent. Closed lips, meeting for no more than a second. Our eyes closed, my hands hanging pointlessly at my side, your hands placed firmly on my chest. There was none of the lip parting, tongue clashing, hand caressing, body rubbing that one sees in those “passionate” kisses in films.

From the outside, then maybe, it would have looked like an innocent, almost passionless kiss. That kiss, though, almost killed me. Emanating out from your hands, waves of spasms across my chest. The air sucked out of my chest, like my lungs had punctured and the air had spilled out into some vacuum that surrounded me. The blood drained from my brain, a grey-blackness surrounding me and making my thoughts cloudy and vague. My legs zapped of all energy, my muscles instantly atrophying and losing strength, my knees buckled under me and I almost fell to the ground.

Everything I had, every bit of energy, went into my lips in that one moment. Everything was focused on sucking every potential feeling, every possible ounce of joy out of the feeling of your lips on my lips. I almost ceased to be anything other than those lips, held in an otherwise lifeless body.

You broke the kiss, and all the energy returned to my body, and then doubled, and then doubled again. I felt alive and energetic, like I had just conquered the top of a mountain. I sucked in a huge breath of the cool evening air. The air filled my lungs, and then like an explosion, sent a burst of power and warmth throughout my body.

You stood there, just inches from my face, your hands still on my chest. You blinked, slowly, almost like you were acting in slow motion. We stood silently, almost as if saying anything about what we had just shared might erase it forever.

I couldn’t say nothing, though. I had to say what I felt. All the blood had rushed back to my brain, and one thought, so strong, so sure, filled my head. I leaned over, my lips touching your ear, and spoke the words that filled me head.

“I want you.”

You didn’t answer verbally, instead just pulling yourself closer to me and exhaling with a gasp. My lips found your neck. You tilted your head to the side, exposing a long arch of skin on your beautiful, thin neck. I kissed it lightly, letting my lips just barely touch it. My hand reached around and lightly ran over the back of your neck. My fingers felt the hairs on the back of your neck standing straight up. I lightly brushed them with the tips of my fingers as I pressed my lips against your neck. Your arms reached around me and pulled me against your body, urging me on.

I didn’t want to break the embrace, but we had to. We had to break the embrace to become even closer. The taxi ride to your demetevler escort place was torture. Even though we sat beside each other in the cab, hip to hip, our hands running over each others clothed bodies as we kissed, I felt like we were so far apart. All I wanted was to strip myself of any barriers that stood between us – the pointless shirt and tie, the binding shoes and socks, the hindrance of my trousers and underwear – and feel you naked against me.

We climbed the two flights of stairs and entered your apartment without even breaking our kiss, spinning like two dancers in a musical, moving to the rhythm that only existed in our heads. How we didn’t trip and fall or how you somehow managed to unlock your front door, I don’t know. My feet were moving on automatic pilot, having to fend for themselves as my brain could only concentrate on two things – you and your soft, sweet lips.

We fell into your bed, undressing in what would have been a comical tangle of arms and legs if the passion hadn’t been so real. As you stripped off each article of clothing, I let my hand run over your freshly exposed skin. First your naked arms as you threw off your shirt, then your shoulders, stomach and back as you pulled off your undershirt. I ran my hands up and down the soft skin of your legs after you kicked off your slacks. I could feel the goose bumps forming on them. I could feel the prickles of goose bumps forming on my own skin, as well, the anticipation of one body’s naked skin getting to feel another bodies naked skin against it.

We lay on your bed, you on your back and me above you, your legs wrapped around my waist. I had somehow managed unthinkingly to strip off everything except my boxer shorts, though perhaps you stripped off the clothes for me. My mind was too focused on you to bother to remember the trivial details of where my clothes went. We kissed, our nearly naked bodies rubbing against each other. My erect penis found its way between your legs. You closed your legs and started to slowly rotate them, massaging my cock. I longed to strip off my boxers and your panties and let the naked skin of my penis feel the naked skin of your vagina.

I pushed my hand under your back. You arched your back in the air, and I snapped open your bra. I brought my hand back around to your front, and slowly pulled the bra from between us. You pressed up against me, and I could feel your breasts pressing against my chest.

I broke our lip lock, and started to move my lips down your body. I gently kissed your chin, you turned your head and presented your neck to me. I kissed and sucked on it while you moaned with pleasure, your hips bucking up against me, rubbing yourself against my stomach through the thin fabric of your panties.

I slowly licked down towards your breasts. It was my first view of them, the beautiful, small round orbs topped with dark brown nipples. I licked your left nipple. It was thick and short, but long enough that I could wrap my lips around it and suck. You quivered beneath me and let out a gasp. I squeezed my lips around your nipple and then popped my head up, pulling it up gently but quickly. You dug your nails into my back and pressed your groin against my stomach. I started to flick your nipple with my tongue. My left hand moved under your back to press you up into my mouth. My right hand moved down and stroked your right leg.

You grabbed the hair on the back of my head and pulled my head up, pushing it down on your right breast. I opened my mouth and took it in my mouth. It wasn’t as hard and erect as your left ankara escort nipple had been, but soon grew as my lips and tongue worked on it. I could hear you mumbling and moaning, and felt the increase in the pressure and frequency of your hips grinding against my torso.

I started to kiss down the curve of your breast, moving towards your stomach. My hands roamed up and grabbed you by your sides. As I kissed down the centre line of your stomach, moving towards your belly button, my hands moved down to the band of your panties. Two fingers on each side worked their way under the elastic band, and started to slowly pull them down. You raised your hips, and your panties slid over your ass and down your legs. As my tongue found your belly button, and explored its depths, I moved from between your legs and pushed your panties as far down your legs as I could. You kicked your legs, and send your panties flying across the room.

You spread your legs. Without lifting my tongue from your belly button, I positioned myself between them. I pulled my tongue out of your navel, and ran it down towards your crotch. There was just the faintest wisp of a scent, not at all unpleasant, but a touch of musk and a touch of sweet. I lifted my tongue off your body for the slightest moment, just so I could see it. It was beautiful. Just the slightest hint of rise, the two lips closed loosely, but starting to open, a trimmed patch of dark hair at the top of the opening.

I let my tongue run along the sides of the opening, down along one lip and up the other. You moaned, and in response the lips parted a little more, giving the first glimpse of the pink inside. I positioned my tongue at the top of your pussy, and slowly ran it down between your lips. A short way in I felt my tongue pass over a small bump. You quivered and gasped. I knew I had found the right spot.

I lightly massaged your clitoris with my tongue, feeling the small bump grow slightly as I gently flicked it. You were responding happily to the tongue, so I started slowly increasing the pressure I was licking with, letting you build up to it and also making sure I stayed within the bound of what you found comfortable. My tongue continued to bring your clitoris to life. Soon your lips had parted and the clitoris was no longer hidden, instead it was open to me, a half-inch high bulge.

I opened my mouth, and wrapped my lips around your clit. You moaned loudly and pressed your hips up into my face. I started to suck on your button. You grabbed my head, grasping my hair and using it to direct my licking and sucking. Your other hand played with your nipples, massaging them as my mouth engulfed your clit.

Your breathing became erratic. Your body started to jerk and spasm. Your hips pressed up against my face and quivered as I sucked and tongued you. A gasp, a groan, a scream. You pressed yourself into me, your hips pushing my entire body up while you tried to hold me and yourself down by pressing against my head.

A final yell, an exclamation of bliss, a prayer. You fall away from me and snap your legs shut, spent and unable to take any more. Your hands still run over your body, softly massaging your skin. I join you, letting my finger tips run along the goose bump covered skin of your legs, ass and back. Your body and hips still spasm a few more times, the after shocks of the orgasm that had just gripped you. Finally, those cease, and you lay back and close your eyes.

I lay beside you and gently kiss your neck. You lie still, except for one hand that reaches out and strokes my leg, my hip and slowly works its way down to feel my hard cock through my boxer shorts. Your hand moves up to the elastic band of my shorts, and pushes them down. My cock springs free. You turn and started to kiss my neck. I stroke your hair, and you start to work your way down my torso, heading towards my penis, and a pleasure returned.

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